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Miss Mill Hill Rahima new Mahi

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setup Alikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh Al hamdu Lillahi wa Salatu was Salam ala Milani be a bad Am I back around July in the year 842 ce which is around 227 Hijra. And this is of course very early in Islam before the era of any of the major books of Hadith of Sierra have been compiled, the famous Ambassade Khalifa al wa theatre Billa, he saw a dream that greatly disturbed him. He saw in his dream that the great wall that was built by a vote got a name to block yet George and George had been opened up. This dream caused him so much distress and of course, he was the Khalifa. And he had the entire army and the entire, you know, teams that his disposal and so he decided to send an

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expedition to the ends of the earth, and to see how true his dream was. After asking his advisers who to send, they said they had the right man for the job. And they told him about this traveler, whom history has recorded as salam Attell Jumaane salaam, the polyglot the one who spoke many languages thought as your man means he spoke many languages. Frankly, we don't have much information about salaam other than this particular story. So the Khalifa calls salam to His palace, and he gives him a mini army of 100 top notch soldiers and horses and Calvary and equipment, lots of money. He gives him you know, multiple types of passes and letters to guarantee his safety to the ends of

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the earth. And he tells him, your job is to go and find the wall of the carnation and to tell me whether it has cracked open or not. So Salem took on this assignment with great gusto. And he spent the next two to three years traveling province after province working his way eastwards, until finally, according to his own account, he did reach the fabled gates of Georgia, Georgia. There, he verified that the gate was indeed in intact condition, fully fortified, no holes in the gate. And to prove his point, he carved out a small piece of the wall, and he brought it back to the palace in Samarra or Surah Mara. He brought it back to the Khalifa. And he said to him, I saw the gate with my

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own eyes, and it is fully intact. The Khalifa was so happy and impressed with him that he promptly awarded him and all of the remaining crew massive treasures and ordered set down to dictate his Chronicles to a minor historian at the time, who eventually became a politician, and in the later generation became a vizier for the next Khalifa and this historian is called Ibn Hora does bear or according to another, transliteration, even Hora does and so even horror does bit or even Hora does but he wrote a book which is still extend to this day, it is called el mosaddek al mosaddek. Well, my Malik, the book of routes and the book of kingdoms and mosaddek, you will mimetic the book of

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routes, how you get to place and the book of kingdoms, and through even how does this work this legend or this tale or this story was preserved, and it was then further adapted and developed by many later historians of later generations. And from there works we get this the story. So for example, at the DC who wrote his famous geography under the Norman King Roger, he wrote this, his famous work on geography Kitab Raja, he preserved the story, and Miss Rudy, the famous historian, he preserved the story as well. Al Biruni as well he wrote it on MOCA, Dizzy, Ebner, Josie and on and on so many of the famous historians whose books are popular in the libraries. They took it from Ibn

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Hora does bear now this entire chronicle this entire narration has actually been translated into English and you will find it in various academic articles and publications. And it is actually of great interest to many modern historians because Salama tell German in his dictation that he said he gives a very detailed city by city description of his itinerary. And it does seem that where he went it corresponds to what we know of the world at the time. And so he describes the cities he describes the cultures and so people in our times they're taking great interest because it was very rare for a traveler to travel these long distances you know, it had been built as well known. Marco Polo was

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well known why because it was very rare to travel and so Salama tell German in his travel. He was one of the few who actually traveled so many countries and cities and distances and then he dictated when he came back and that has been recorded.

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Now, what's of interest to us and in this particular library chat is the claim of his to have actually come across the wall built by zoo or name. And according to him, inscribed on the gates of that wall, we're in Arabic with a Quranic verse that that had to Ada, a white dog Beija Allah Who declared our can work, what kind of wardrobe you have. This is of course the suit that I have that when the commander of your Lord is going to come, then the walls are going to break and indeed, the wardrobe be hardcore, and indeed, the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala is true. Now he takes it as a given, meaning Salem and even Hadassah, he takes it as a given that that little coordinate is

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actually Alexander and that's why even Hadassah calls the wall. He calls it the the Rajamouli scandal, the wall of Alexander. And this was actually the common belief of many historians and Mufasa rune and scholars of Hadith as well that Dale Carnegie was Alexander and it been heard as we record in a lot of detail, the construction of the wall, the materials of the wall, the gates of the wall, the designs of the wall, in fact, you know, even horadada says of course mo does business, the historian who heard it from salaam, it will hold us back records that Salam says that he met people who were guarding the gate, and were well aware that behind the wall war, yeah, George and George,

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and that they had seen Yeah, George and George, and according to Salem, yeah, Genma George were small creatures, you know, three foot tall, and other people add here. Authority, for example, mentions that Julian met George, they procreate profusely, and that for every one amongst them more than 1000 You know, children are born. And in fact this is recorded in many books have it been hijacked, even notices, and it's through the body and others they record this from some of the earliest authorities of our faith tradition, meaning of the first generation by name and of the second generation. They mentioned stories about Yajima, Georgia that no one amongst them dies until

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he has left 1000 children for every one that dies, they leave 1000 and other books mentioned again, all of these early books in the first four or five centuries of Islam. Other books mentioned that yeah, Jen modules they constantly their children are constantly engaged in public Zina, oh, the biller and so they're just procreating, like, like beasts and creatures, and they are semi humanoid creatures living in the furthest regions of this world, and on and on. In fact, even Hashem the author of the zero in his other history book, Ibn Hisham, actually, again, quite factually writes that is scandal Alexander was the one who blocked Gemma George and he blocked them in the nether

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regions of the world. And idrisi writes in his famous work on geography and again, quite factually, that yeah, Gemma George live in the furthest regions of the east and idrisi, in his famous book that you weren't freaking Roger of Sicily, the Norman king of Sicily, and idrisi. Following Ptolemy, and before him, Aristotle, following these ancient Greek geographers, I read recently divided the world into seven claim. A claim is the Arabic word for claim, which is the Greek word claims. Ptolemy divided the world into seven zones or seven claim. And each of these acronyms was further divided into 10 latitudes, if you like. And so of course, the furthest of the claim is the seventh Tokoname.

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And the furthest of the furthest is the 10th latitude within the seventh acclaim, or the DC says that, yeah, juju, Juju live in the ninth latitude of the seventh acclaim, because the 10th latitude is inhospitable, there is nothing there except barren land and whatnot. And so did the DC in his and he said this quite factually in his book, you can still read it to this day, that he basically says that the furthest most eastern region of the world in the ninth latitude of the seventh eClaim This is where George and George live trap behind the wall of Iskander and again, he quite factually writes that the descendants of Yeah, George are three feet tall, and their ears hang all the way

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down to their necks and their heads are completely circular. They're completely like, you know, round globes, and they can leap amazing distances, and they constantly fornicated and they have each of them has 1000 children, and he goes on and on and on. Now, the point being, it is quite clear that a lot of our early authorities, historians, and even mainstream scholars had understandings of Judah and Judah that frankly as we are now very clear, we can say or not based upon the Quran and Sunnah. So the question arises, therefore, what are we to make of the reality of Julian George and how

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Do we understand these types of statements that are found in mainstream books, as I said, I've seen, nobody has some of these types of reports. Most of the books have tafsir. Most of the books of the narrations of Hadith, the interpretations the shadow of the Hadith, Ibn Hajr, as well, and others, they have these types of reports, and sometimes they don't comment, they just leave them there. And again, I mean, a simple reality is that if every one of them had 1000, children, obviously, very, very, very basic algebra will tell you that in two generations, if 1000 have 1000, each one of them has 1000, in two generations, that's 60 years, you're going to have 1 million. And basically, in

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three generations, you're going to have a billion. And just in four generations, if we were to follow this math, which is four generations is 120 years, less than 120 years in four generations. If this is true, you will have more members of yet George and George, then the entire cumulative number of mankind that has ever existed in all of recorded history. So again, all and that's just for generations, if you're gonna say that, yeah, Jay, mergers are from the time of, you know, whenever they were, we're talking about 200 generations or so 150 generations or so, do the math, if every generation has 1000, what is going to happen? Now, again, as I said, one can easily say, oh,

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but you know what these great scholars say it's not the Quran and Sunnah. We don't have to believe them. And of course, I completely agree with this. And the responses, nobody seemed to believe them. However, what is being pointed out is that there's an immense amount of folkloric tradition, that even respectable authorities who otherwise are reputable in their fields they have fallen prey to, and perhaps some of that folkloric content, even affected some of our most reputable scholars in some of the most mainstream discourses of our tradition, and there's nothing you know, to find strange about this, in the end of the day, all of us are human beings, and all of us, we take from

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the knowledge that we have based upon what we have access to, and if people have a certain time and place took the knowledge of their peoples and considered it to be, you know, the best of what they knew. That is, that is exactly what we expect. So the point being, what exactly are we to make, therefore, of this notion of George and George, and this is going to be the topic of our library chat today, and it's going to be a relatively basic one, it's not one of those really super advanced ones that I give in other cases. Inshallah, if you're just interested in in, you know, the topic of juja modules, then inshallah you will be able to benefit even though there's going to be some

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academic discourse here. But overall, the the specific question that I'm interested in, in this library chat, is whether it is a part of our faith tradition, whether it is something that we must believe that yeah, Julian, Matt George are literally trapped behind a wall right now, like celebratory German said that he saw the wall with his own eyes. And behind the wall, we are judged by Judge and that there are billions upon billions upon billions of them. Because again, as I said, if you do the simple math, from what we find of the earliest generations that one of them gives 1000 and whatnot, we're talking about a number that is astronomical, that is the beyond credibility, if

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you like, is that something that our Shediac requires us to believe or not, this is going to be the summary of my research in this library chat. And we will not be discussing other related topics which inshallah may be a future library chat when we might be talking about, for example, who was dual coordinate, and what exactly happened, you know, back in the past, that's a very good story, a very good interpretation of Sita and Hadith. I'm not interested in today's library. Chatting is a very interesting topic, who was dual coordinate was the Alexander or not, and that's an interesting topic. For the record. By the way, I don't believe he was Alexander, but it should be pointed out,

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by the way, again, FYI, because again, we want to raise the bar of awareness amongst English speaking students of knowledge and inquiry or creating an aura of tolerance and respect even as we disagree with our classical odema at certain occasions. The fact of the matter is the vast majority I mean, the vast majority of pre modern authors considered Alexander the Great to be liberal or nine, they'll coordinate accord it was like a given it wasn't even up for discussion. Now, the vast majority Yes, Alhamdulillah. There were strong dissenting voices. Amongst them even I'll pay him Ebola human his irata de la Vaughn, for example. He strongly discredit this notion that local domain

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was Alexandria for the correct reasons. He says it is well known that Alexander the Mecca, Donnie Alexander was a pagan, who took you know, Aristotle as his advisor, there is no way that He is the righteous king that Allah mentions

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He was an idol worshiper, and it is well known that he had nothing to do with religiosity of Tawheed and whatnot. So it cannot be Alexander the Great. And of course, I also believe that will coordinate is not Alexander the Great work, but that's not today's library chat. Today's library chat is also not about if you're aware of this or not, it's not today's the topic, the Syriac Legend of Alexander and his alleged relationship with the Quranic story of dual coordinate that perhaps is another library chat. It's not today's one. I'm also not interested today, in a detailed analysis of all of the Hadith about Yogen by George and their past and their future, I'm not interested in the past and

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the future, I am literally interested in one small sub topic and that is their current existence. What does if anything, the Quran and Sunnah say about the current existence of God and merge as and is it something that we are obliged to believe in? In accordance with the Sharia? What does the Sharia tell us about this now, by the way, so that's gonna be our library chat. By the way, before we move on, just an interesting footnote here. Salam atop Germans narrative, where he went from, from from city to city on to the rich, the Great Wall, it has been analyzed by pretty top notch researchers and our times were aware of the world in 230 Hijiri. And they have pretty meticulously

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tried to match up the cities. He says he has visited with the cities that were existent at the time. And by and large, they have found him to be relatively accurate. And if this is the case, then this means that unless he was blatantly lying, he actually saw something that he thought was the wall. And in fact, many researchers in our times have concluded quite convincingly that yes, Allama, third, Yeoman did see a magnificent gate and a very fancy wall. And this was the Jade gate built by the Chinese emperor ornately decorated, and it was one of the primary gates of the Silk Road highway. And of course, you know, given that celebratory German is in a strange land, he's probably

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the only Muslim, you know, for many, many, you know, lands around and whatnot. And he's in a culture that's unknown to him. And he wants to find this, you know, it's just human nature. It's not as if it's the formula, he's lying. We don't know too much about him. But everything else seems to be matching up. And it seems as if you follow his his route, if you follow where he went, it seems pretty clear that he ended up in the particular city, and researchers have named the city and shown where it was that he actually did see that particular gate. And he interpreted in his understanding that this must be the famous gate that is blocking George and George. And of course, in reality, he

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didn't reach the end of the worlds beyond which there is no mankind. Again, that was the perception of the timeframe. Again, remember, the people of that timeframe, including the DDC, who was the most knowledgeable authority in the world, and geography, the way that they view the world now, it's not as if it was flat, but they did view the world that there are going to be nether regions that you cannot go to that there is a massive wall behind the wall is yet George and George behind them is that said the end of World or humanity as we know it, that was the perception they had. And this is the notion that we find in almost all of the works written about geography, about history, about the

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interpretation of the current place of big modules across the literature's that we that we find. Now again, it is true to point out this is their interpretation, and they're humans and we are not obliged to follow or believe them. So the question therefore arises, what does the Quran or sunnah say about the current existence of God and Matt, Jude, I, myself have given a number of lectures about the science of the Day of Judgment. And when I first taught a detailed class about the science, the Day of Judgment, this was perhaps around 10 years ago, when I was in the city of Memphis, I accepted a particular Hadith that some scholars such as Sheikh Khaled many have been

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authentic, in which it is mentioned that huge unmet Jews are trapped behind the wall and they're digging every single day until they are about to reach the end. And then they're told to go back until finally a day will come when they will break free. There's one Hadith like this. That's it. And back in the you know, that that era, when I did my preliminary research, I did not look at the chain of this hadith and I simply followed a great scholar of Hadith by name of shahada, Barney, and he said it was authentic. I said, How was it is authentic or not. And so I followed him and I said, we believe in it because the prophets have said so because if the hadith is authentic, we believe in

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it. I gave a recent series A few years ago after having moved to Dallas, and in in that series, I did a bit of a deeper dive about this particular Hadith. And I realized that in fact, this hadith has quite a number of problems in it, and many of our mainstream odema including Ibn can

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here, and in our times as well, a whole host of Roma have problematized this hadith, and that, in fact, I do not agree with our esteemed chef, Chef Al Bundy that it is has an Hadith actually it is a brief Hadith. So if you remove this Hadith from the picture, then there is nothing explicit that yeah, Jujin modules are currently in existence and trapped behind the wall. And therefore, we don't have to believe this now as a part of so I gave this lecture a few years ago as a part of that lecture. And so I said that, you know, this is the opinion of many aroma. You know, for example, Chef Rashid Rida Anwar Shah, Kashmiri chef Andromeda, with Saudi, many of the scholars of our times,

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they have claimed that yeah, George and George were a tribe that was trapped by the bermain. And that they shall they, their descendants, somebody like them shall come at some point in time. And that would be one of the signs of the Day of Judgment. But we are not obliged to believe that they're currently trapped behind a wall as a part of that lecture. And on a very humorous note, because again, you're teaching a live audience. And when you're teaching a live audience, sometimes you say something to, you know, make them giggle or laugh or whatnot. You know, I mentioned in passing a theory that was meant to lighten the mood, and it was very clearly meant as a facetious

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joke. And if you watch the lecture, and you know, my style of talking and you listen, even, you know, to the disclaimers in that very lecture, it is very clear that what I'm saying is meant to bring some levity to a very serious topic, which is actually a method and mechanism that all good teachers employ, when their teaching crack a little bit of a slight joke and a funny anecdote, and you know, to make somebody smile or laugh during a lecture, it always allows them to interact and to concentrate better, no one in my community misunderstood that I was seriously positing such an opinion. And it was clear, very clear that it was said in some light hearted humor. And in the

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lecture, I explicitly said that my own opinion is that of the famous ruler, who made the Hadith weak, and therefore, yeah, Judea modules are not trapped behind a wall. However, you know, as is typically the case, you know, some people online, they jumped on the levity and the semi humorous joke and interpretation, and they took it as a serious claim and started accusing me of holding, you know, obviously bizarre and ludicrous opinions, I have never dignified them with the response. And even today, I shall not actually dignify them with an extra sort of response. Because honestly, anybody who listens to that lecture, you know, I'm a human being, sometimes they make a mistake,

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I'll admit, a mistake was made, a wording was used as should not be used. However, this particular issue, there is nothing to clarify, you listen to the lecture, and it is 110% crystal clear, honestly, the people who spread that misinterpretation about me, I see gold as a refuge, but either they don't speak English, or there's a disease in the heart one of the two, there is no third alternative because my disclaimers, and the entire context is explicitly clear. The opinion that I hold, is that the Sharia does not require us to believe. And yet Jujin modules are currently being trapped behind the wall at this point in time, and that they release is going to be one of the signs

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of the Day of Judgment. And Allah will send a group like them, not necessarily them, obviously, but like them, just like our Prophet sallallahu. It he was setting them said in the famous Hadith in Sahih, Muslim that the Day of Judgment will not occur, except when the Romans are at the pinnacle of civilization, except that the Romans have dominated the world, pretty much everybody understands that. This is a reference to Western civilization that the Prophet says was talking about current if you like Western civilization, and that's a valid extrapolation. Now, modern Western civilization are neither the biological right, nor even the technical inheritors, ie they don't say they are

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Romans, right, so they neither call themselves Romans, nor are they the biological descendants, each and every one of them. And yet there is a heritage that they've inherited. And they do view themselves as being in the tradition, even if they're not using the term Roman. So in the same way, if the prophets ism can call Western civilization Romans, so to a group of people that are acting like the original huge amount of Jews, a group of people that are just as barbaric and just as evil as the original Yajima Jews, they shall come at what point in time, or they might even have come according to one interpretation. And that group is George and George, it doesn't have to be their

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actual biological descendants trapped behind a wall. It doesn't have to be the exact same civilization, just like Western civilization is not the exact same as the Romans. So this is my understanding of your Judo marriage. Now, let's get to the evidences in the Quran. Yeah. juja modules are mentioned twice.

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The first of them is

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Of course will tell gaff and turritella care have mentioned the story of Bill Coronae. And mentions that doe coordinate came across a tribe of people who wanted to pay him some money to protect him from the barbaric tribe of Judah modules move, Sedona fell out there causing a lot wreaking havoc in this land. So though Cornyn built a wall or a dam, built a wall or a dam in a particular valley, and he blocked the access of Jamba Juice to this particular tribe. Notice here the Quran does not mention that yeah, Jojen modules were trapped from all of humanity. Nor does the Quran mention that yeah, Jim Jude were locked up and denied access to anywhere else in the region. In fact, common

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sense and basic knowledge dictates that if you build a barrier in a valley, you have blocked one route or one road or one access, and a group can always find other routes and other accesses to other places in the world. What though Carnegie did explicitly in the Quran was to block the main road between two distinct civilizations, two distinct groups of people, thus protecting the one group from an immediate attack from the other group, nowhere in the Quran and Sunnah. Nowhere does it mention that yeah, Judah and George were trapped up from all of mankind. It's simply not in the Quran. As for the second verse about your Judah, Mount George, is Surah Al Anbiya, verse 96. And it

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reads as follows, had the 40 idea, juju, juju, while hoomin Cooley had been in saloon until after George and George are let loose footie hat, they're allowed to go forward, and they are swarming down from every valley, every hill, or sharing in the true promise. So this verse has been interpreted in a number of ways. I'm summarizing three of them, there's actually more than three, the first interpretation is the interpretation that is standard in the minds of many people. And it is found in a number of early references, nothing, you know, it's there, you can see it. And that is that foot, you have to open up is a reference to the closed gates of Alexander, and even Jurij, for

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example, says that this is the wall of Alexander and that when the walls of Alexander opened up, then yeah, geometries are going to swarm down. And they're going to be the ones that are going to be there, the they're going to be running down from every single Valley and Hill and they will usher in the date of judgment. So this is the first opinion that had the ADA foot tahap means the walls of Alexander or you want to call them to coordinate are going to be broken or the gates are going to be flung open. And yeah, geometries are going to come pouring down. And that will be signaling the date of judgment. That is opinion. Number one, opinion number two, which is found from Mujahid, and many

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of the early authorities. And a number of students have an ibis and the topic, he mentions it and Josie mentions it, that the pronoun here that they shall swarm down from every valley is not a reference to Judah module. Rather, it is a reference to mankind being gathered for the date of judgment. So they will translate the verse. So when Yeah, George and George are let loose, the people are going to rush from every location towards the gathering of the Day of Judgment. Therefore, the notion is that, yeah, Genma Juju is coming is going to signal is going to be one step ahead before the actual day of judgment, and people shall be gathered on the day of judgment in the

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final gathering. And of course, a number of a hadith might seem to reflect that sentiment as well. So the second interpretation is that wahome And Cooley had opinion soon, and they shall be swarming from every single location is not even a reference to Judah module. It is actually referenced to the rest of mankind. And you know, it's a valid interpretation. In fact, it makes sense and there's Hadith II narrations that would add to this as well. The third interpretation, which is found and supported by a number of great scholars, founded in a Razzie abou hyaena. Andalusi. And Nisa pootie have poor Toby mentioned this and says it's very plausible and many others. They believed that yeah,

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George and George and the invasion and this opening that is referenced is in fact the Mongol invasion of Ganges Khan. And, for example, some of them said that yeah, George are the Turks and Jews are the Dayla, mites and other civilization. And of course, remember that the Turkic peoples are actually the cousins of the Mongols, right? So the Mongolian people and the Turkic people 1000 years ago, they're actually from the same region and the same tribe. They're literally biological cousins in the larger scale of things. And a number of early our earlier map said that this reference is actually to the Mongol invasion. And if you claim that you

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Do Jamba Juice or the Mongol invasion, then ipso facto, you are claiming there was never a wall that they were trapped behind. And the notion of the wall being broken is not in the Quran for Taha means let loose, not that the door open fortify can also mean to allow to go. And so at Adafruit Hadiya Juju module one yet Jujin module is the hordes of the mongos ganglions Hans invasion is let loose. And this is the interpretation of many odema, as I said, including even our shewed, one of the most famous scholars have seen it when I showed the famous professor in his car, he actually says he comments on this verse and he says, This verse is of the miracles of the Quran, because it predicted

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the invasion of the Mongols centuries before it occurred, and their invasion signals the end of times. In other words, what if, and I should, I will Hayyan Razi, others are saying is that one Allah is saying that the Mongol invasion is going to lead to the Day of Judgment, it doesn't mean it's going to happen in a day, it simply means relative to the grand scale of things, the Mongol invasion is going to signal, the Day of Judgment being very, very close now. Every No, there's at least a dozen famous mainstream authorities historians included in it, I think it might have also we can kind of save another theory, but I did not wanted to present that he also felt this view. But

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many of the early scholars I mentioned, you know, six of them, they felt that this reference in the Quran had the the Fotolia JoJo Jude is actually a reference to the Mongol invasion. Now, if that is the case, then anybody who holds that opinion, will automatically believe that yeah, Jim George, or civilizations that acted like the previous ones, and they weren't trapped behind the wall, because again, these con was not trapped behind the wall. Everybody knows his history, he was the one who rallied up the Bedouin tribes of the Mongols, and he made them into one nation. And He then started, you know, attacking the Muslim world, one after the other, there was no wall that he was trapped

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behind, there was no little coordination issue, there was nothing so anybody who owes this view automatically, therefore would not have held the view that the codename trapped a civilization until the end of times. Rather, what we extract from the Quranic narrative is, once upon a time in the past, a righteous king by the name of the codename trapped a barbaric tribe, not from all of humanity, but rather one route between the civilization that was being attacked. And then that's it, the rest of the world was open, and that at some point in time, either in the heart already happened in the past or going to happen. Another group will come that have similar characteristics, and maybe

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even some of them are the biological descendants of the original Judean module, and they're going to wreak havoc and that will be a signaling of the end of times. This is what the Quran tells us now.

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What does the Hadith tell us? What does the Hadith tell us for that inshallah Allah, I'm going to take a quick break and then come back and talk about some of the main a hadith about what we believe about. Yeah, George and George. So stay with me in shallow data.

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See me when

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I said I want to live and go to welcome back. So in the previous section, what I have done is to summarize for you two main things, number one, that the Quran does not mention anything about the reality of your Jujitsu, Judo, currently, rather, it has a verse about the past, and it has a prediction that might have already taken place or it shall take place later on in time nowhere in the Quran does it tell us anything about what we need to believe currently about your Jewish and my Jewish? I also mentioned in the previous section or half of the lecture, that it is undeniable that there is way too much folkloric content regarding the legends of Yeah, Julian met George and that

00:33:59--> 00:34:35

many of our earlier generations with again, respect to them, it is what it is, this is not meant to disparage they believed this was given the knowledge of the time, various things that understandable, everybody would have believed them. Had we been alive at that time, we would have believed them as well, that many people believe that yeah, George and George are like elves are like dwarves, you know, living in some nether regions of this world and that they have ears that go down here and they procreate, you know, to the level of one times you know, 1000 every single generation and on an on all of these folkloric legends and unfortunately, we need to be very critical in this

00:34:35--> 00:34:59

regard and point out, just because great Roma have said it doesn't make it factually correct. We need to be very clear what is in the Quran and what is in the authentic sunnah. Now with regards to the Hadith about your agenda, George one library chat is not enough to cover all of the ahaadeeth I have done extensive research to the best of my capabilities, and there are around

00:35:00--> 00:35:39

14 or 15, unique ahaadeeth about judging by Judge to the best of my knowledge unique again, if you want to include reiterations, you might get 25 or so. But that's the iterations. And in terms of bringing a unique information and in terms of your unique is not an unique change, there's probably around 12 or 1314, at max, if you like. And these are in the six books and the most of the above Muhammad and I have gone over in although they're from my own research and my own understanding, maybe another library chat for that. I'm not interested in this library chat about what do the Hadith mentioned about a Jamba Juice, most of the Hadith, actually, there's not a single Hadith that

00:35:39--> 00:36:16

mentions them in the past, we don't have a single Hadith about the historical, huge image that will contain trapped, not one narration about what happened in the past, the bulk of the narrations are about what's going to happen in the future. And that's something that again, no problem whatsoever, we affirm that there's going to be judging by George, we affirm that there's going to come Now me personally, I do not agree with the interpretation that says that. Yeah, Jim, George word, the Qataris were the Mongol invasion. We're getting these con I don't agree with this. But we respect our own amount who did and you know, famous are gonna believe this, but I believe that they're going

00:36:16--> 00:36:57

to come towards the end of times. So again, in this library chat, we're not interested in the end of times that Julian about George, we're not interested in Jesus Christ, you know, killing them or make sorry, making dua to Allah to kill them. That's all mentioned in the ahaadeeth. That's something for another library check for another discussion. Today in this library chat. As I said, we're interested in one specific topic and that is, what are we required to believe about the current existence of Jewish and Jewish with regards to their current existence? There are only at max three potential narrations of which only one is explicit. I repeat, there are three potential narrations

00:36:57--> 00:37:28

that when I say potential, I mean, potentially, they could be extrapolated that are they suggesting they currently are around or not, there's three that are potentially we can put in the chapter. And of those three, two of them are not explicit in the first place. Rather, they talk about the wall, and not too big mergers, as I'll discuss, and only one of them only one out of all of the ahaadeeth actually mentions the current existence of Jews and Jews. So

00:37:29--> 00:38:10

as for the three that we're going to bring to this chapter to talk about. One of them is pretty much by unanimous consensus, weak there's no afterlife, there's no issue here. And that is the one that Imam Al Bukhari mentions in the chapter heading where I look, every student of knowledge knows that Imam Al Bahati did not condition authenticity in the chapter headings. And so in the chapter headings he has a more I love narration that somebody said he has seen the wall of hydrogen modules the wall of the locker name, the process and asked him to describe the wall of the Saudi allegedly described it, and then the process that you have seen it, this narration, and what everybody says

00:38:10--> 00:38:48

it's weak, there's a missing link, we don't have an authentic chain, so we will discard it from the get go. Imam Al Bukhari put it in more analog form, even he knew it was weak, it is not in the actual so here, it is reported in the chapter headings and every student of knowledge knows that Imam Al Bukhari did not condition the chapter headings to be authentic. And that's why hardly anybody mentioned this narration because it is known to be weak and it's not. So that one is off the table. We have therefore, only two that are potentially or have been claimed to be authentic, only one of which is actually authentic, and it is not explicit, and one of which I will argue is

00:38:48--> 00:39:35

explicit, but it is not authentic. I hope that is clear. As for the one that is authentic, but not explicit, it is authentic, it is in Bukhari and Muslim. It is whatever it it is the famous Hadith in which one of our mothers is woken up by the Prophet sallallahu it was sent him he is perturbed, and he says that La ilaha illallah Wanelo lil Arab men Sharon, earlier Katara whoa to the Arabs from a evil that has come close to them, that today, the wall of Judah, George has been opened this much and he made a symbol with his hand and Zane had been charged our mother said, the out of school Allah will we be destroyed while there is righteous people amongst us? And our Prophet system said

00:39:35--> 00:39:54

yes. If however, if evil becomes prevalent, then yes, even this will not save the community. Now, this hadith does not mention Yogen module, it simply mentioned a wall and it says that the wall has been opened this much. Now. Question What does this mean?

00:39:55--> 00:39:59

But the DNL ayeni who commented on this hadith and even Kathy who commented that

00:40:00--> 00:40:47

On this hadith and others who comment on it? They say whether he did it says Al Murad at Dockery will be 10 theory la halfacre to deed, what is meant is to convey via imagery, how close it is or what is happening and not to be precise that exactly this is what is being talked about. The Quran explicitly mentions the Quran mentions that the wall of zonal quarantine that feminists thought oh, and yield Haruhiko Mustafa, Allah Who Nakaba neither could they come over the wall, nor could they break a hole through the wall this is in the Quran. So that wall that though Carnegie built Yeah, Jamba Juice can never actually break it is the wall that the codename built, as I said, By the way,

00:40:47--> 00:41:26

that wall does not trap them from all of humanity. They can go elsewhere, they can go here and there, that wall, Allah azza wa jal says those tribes have yet to do Gemma George, neither could they overcome it, nor could they bore a hole through it right from a salehoo Nakaba. Nakaba is a whole list to make up a channel through it. So the notion therefore, that the Prophet system is actually intending a literal hole doesn't make sense. And that is why even cathedra and dinner irony and others, they comment on this hadith and they say this is men Babington Thiele, this is like the Prophet system saying that I had been sent with the Day of Judgment like this, and he put his two

00:41:26--> 00:42:09

fingers like this, it's a it's a, it's a knowledge, you're drawing a chart, you're trying to make the symbolism here, it's not that there's an actual wall, that there's a hole this big, he's saying that the coming of Judea modules are now much closer, and it's now getting imminent. And he's giving a symbolism it's actually now you know, we see it now we're going to be coming close by so this is what the interpretation of, but that he did it and even cathedra and others are. And as I said, there is no explicit mention of actually a huge amount of Jews being there, it's simply saying the wall is now inevitably closer to us or the the shorter of the out of the money the the evil that is

00:42:09--> 00:42:58

coming to the Arabs is now going to be closer. So this is authentic, but it is not explicit about the current existence of George and George. Now, what is then the one Hadith that is explicit, there is only one Hadith in the entire corpus of the six books and the Muslim Muhammad is the motto motto, Mr. Malik, all of these mainstream books of Hadith, there is only one Hadith with one is not that mentions the current existence of yet George and Matt, Jude. And because there is nothing that is so explicit, there is nothing that is multilateral, because this one Hadith has been the subject of dispute as we shall come to. There is no undisputed authentic hadith about the current existence of

00:42:58--> 00:43:37

Yeah, Gemma George, because of this, no early book of al Qaeda, written to the best of my knowledge in the first 1000 years of Islam, ever lists amongst the credo points that and we believe, like, for example, many texts of arcane dimension, and we believe in the Messiah at the jazz gonna come, we believe in the return of Jesus, I have a whole lecture given about the return of Jesus, I quoted like a dozen authorities that affirm the coming of Jesus, it's a part of our app data, it's mentioned explicitly, right? We believe so many things about the end of times that are mentioned in our cradle books, to the best to my research and knowledge. And please, if you find something in the

00:43:37--> 00:44:15

first 1000 years, this is a recent phenomenon. I'm going to argue that people make this issue such a big deal. It wasn't a big deal. In the past, people understood that the current existence of judo Judo is not a part of our appeal to believe that they're trapped behind a wall or not. So to the best of my knowledge, I have not found a single archaea, that textbook that lists this doctrine explicitly and says, and of the things that I had assumed to believe is that yeah, GMO Jews are trapped behind a wall, you know, in our times, on the contrary, we find other things mentioned, but not this one. So for example, as to how we mentioned that we believe in the coming of the job and

00:44:15--> 00:44:56

87, Imodium coming down and that Juju Juju will come out towards the end of times, right, that towards Jesus Christ times. Yeah, Jewish marches are going to come. Everybody believes the true believers in the Sunnah. I also believe this obviously, what we're asking here, do we believe that they are currently trapped at a wall? This is the question and as I said, None of the classical textbooks say this even for them and mark this he says that we believe in all that the prophets have said about elemental waves such as the hydrotherapy starting Mirage and the coming of the job and the coming of reasonable Imodium and the coming of Georgian modules. All of this is firm and but he

00:44:56--> 00:44:59

did not say and we believe that yeah, Georgia modules are currently alive.

00:45:00--> 00:45:36

and trapped behind a wall. It's not found in the classical textbooks. So where did this ocean come from? That they are currently in the billions and trapped behind the wall? Where does this come from? It does exist as we're aware, there are authors and again, could quote them as well. You know, for example, it's a fad in images and stuff it needs like, what 300 years or something. So, there are authors that mentioned that, you know, we we should believe in the existence that they are currently there. And it is something that we find many historians and many popular folkloric culture. This is what people believe are the are historians, obviously, where does it come from? It

00:45:36--> 00:46:19

is all stemming from one isnaad one Hadith that is reported in the Jama of ERISA Timothy and it had been Marja and in the Muslim ummah, Muhammad now and in other books, Toblerone as well. Now you can mention 10 books, it's one it's not, it's literally one chain, so it doesn't matter how many later authorities are reporting it, it all goes back to one chain from a Tada from Abuja affair from Abu Huraira memorize this point, but Tada, a war affair, Abu Huraira that, allegedly, you know, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has told us that every single day, yeah, Jews are digging through the hole, the wall, they're digging through the wall, until when they get close to the one

00:46:19--> 00:46:59

who is in charge of them. The one who's in charge of them says that, go back, and you shall continue digging tomorrow. And when they come back tomorrow, they shall find that the wall has been returned to normal, it is even stronger than when they left it. Until finally when Allah wants to release them. The one that is in charge over them shall say, go back for you shall dig it tomorrow in sha Allah. And then the next day when they will find it, they will find that what they have done, the previous day has not been changed, so they will be able to dig through. So this is the one narration that explicitly mentions Yeah, Georgia modules are behind the wall, and they're digging every single

00:46:59--> 00:47:38

day and miraculously, whatever they dig is destroyed. And then they go back again until they keep on digging. This is one is not, but either a warfare, Abu Hurayrah. Now, as I said 10 years ago, she kind of it makes this hadith authentic. So I made a colleague and I said it is authentic. And if the process of says it, then we must believe in it. However, it is quite clear to me at this stage now that this narration has problems in it's not multiple problems, and it's not. And it's mattone is also problematic. Now here, I'm going to ask the reader a bit of an indulgence, I'll have to go into a little bit of technical detail. If this bores you, then fast forward until I get to the end of

00:47:38--> 00:48:23

this. But I do need to go into this technical detail. So as for the internet, it is from Qatada from a profit from Abu Huraira. There are multiple problems. I'm going to go over them quickly. Number one, the first issue and I've gone over this in more detail the first issue in my lecture series about the Stories of the Prophets when I talked about Adam it has set up and the story or the Hadith that is found that were it not for Hawa deceiving Adam, no wife would deceive her husband. I went into a mini summary of some of the aspects of this hadith. And I mentioned that every single narration that we find Abu Hurayrah Rahim Allah Radi Allahu taala. And talking about the stories

00:48:23--> 00:48:43

that some of our own scholars have said we need to be a little bit more careful. And that is because it is well known in our tradition that there has been contamination of the reports of Abu Hurayrah with the main storyteller of early Islam, and that is the rabbi ka bar, the rabbi Kava Kava bar.

00:48:45--> 00:49:25

Every student of knowledge knowledge should know that he was from a rabbinical family in Yemen, he converted to Islam, he was with the Sahaba he converted after the death of the process, and he came back around with with man, he was in that timeframe. So he's of the senior senior tab your own age wise, he could be a companion but he didn't see the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and he would spread many stories from his rabbinical tradition. And these stories had a profound impact on Tafseer everybody knows this even TV Everybody points this out. GABA about is the main source of what is called Israel Ed yet now. Kava bar, and Abu Hurayrah spent much time together and Abu

00:49:25--> 00:49:59

Hurayrah studied from kava bar for many, many years. So much so that GABA would remark that Abu Huraira has studied with me the Torah so much he can tell me the Torah without speaking Hebrew. He would say this that the Abu Huraira can narrate to you the stories of the Torah without even knowing Hebrew and Imam Muslim in his Kitab Tamizh Imam Muslim has a authentic narration from one of the students have a will Hurayrah who says that, be careful. I have seen myself that I will read I would narrate a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

00:50:00--> 00:50:37

And then he would never eat from Capitol bar and then he would leave and the people in the audience his students would mix up what is a boo Herrera saying from the Prophet system? And what is he saying from kava bar, this is from Muslims get out with to meet him I'm Muslim, the famous Imam Muslim. So again, what I'm saying here and this is something that should apply to only those that hadith that are Narrated by Abu Hurayrah that deal with the stories, the stories of either the previous prophets or the people to come in the future because that's what God was talking about cabs not talking about fifth cabinet. So one cab is is mainly about the stories when we find the

00:50:37--> 00:51:22

narration that is only found in Abu Hurayrah and no other person narrates it then the least that we can do, I'm not saying we reject it, but I'm saying this is found in our own tradition that it is it is okay to be skeptical that okay, is this something we bring up bring up an issue a hookah? Is it from God? Or is it from the Prophets Allah Allahu Allah he was sending. So this is point number one, point number two, directly from that Subhanallah lo and behold, we find the exact same narration of Georgian Jew digging through and being told to go back we find it not from Abu Huraira not from the Prophet system directly from the tongue of gab, Allah Akbar. Guys one plus one equals two GABA the

00:51:22--> 00:51:59

bar has this entire narration and we find it from other chains nothing to do with Abu Huraira you find this in Abdullah results of see you find it in not even how much guitar would fit in you find it in a poverty stuff see it from cabinet bar directly from cabinet or cabinet voters saying that yeah Judo Judo behind the wall and they're digging every single day and they're going to be turned back. And lo and behold, in Sahih Muslim we find a sorry, not only Muslim, in Tirmidhi we find Abu Hurayrah saying the same thing and Gabriella Barr saying the same thing, guys, we just said that there has been cross contamination. To me, this is clear cut evidence that this story is coming

00:51:59--> 00:52:45

straight from that cross contamination as well. And that is why listen to this. This isn't the so called the problematizing of Buhari his narration Ibn cathedra himself he says that this report of the agenda George will have the code Louie and kava bar what I love about Hurayrah terra cotta human cab for inner who Kanika here on Mojo this Who were your Hadith who for had that baby rider feta wahama Bhagwati and who under homophone Farah Farah who will Allahu Alem, and quotation anybody who understands Arabic can translate hola so to call the summary, Ibn cathedra himself says, it's clear to me that, that this is not from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam This is from kava bar, Abu

00:52:45--> 00:53:27

Huraira heard it from him, and some people assumed that it is from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and story QED in my humble opinion, these two points are enough of a devastating critique to this narration because it goes against every other because it doesn't even make sense as we're going to come to because it is from the Israeli yard because it is from Capitola bar and from Abu Hurayrah. And so there has been a mistake. And as has occurred in multiple narrations, this story is not from the tongue of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam it is from God Allah about because we have authentic narrations that in fact, gab is saying the exact same thing that we find in an ISNA

00:53:27--> 00:53:54

to Abu Huraira and we already know that cross contamination has occurred. Now we can add three other points here very quickly, they're more technical and you can you know, the scholars or the students of knowledge of how do you can understand this point number three, a Tada is a Moodle list of the third category as Imam Allah mentioned, I had in my shoe renovated lease and Qatada makes eyeliner in this narration, he does not make the city in the most authentic narrations and so Qatada and veer off here.

00:53:56--> 00:54:41

Katahdin, you're off in Abu Hurayrah. So there's at least an environment over here. Fourth point, in fact, but the meeting of worauf here is itself explicitly negated by the giants of Hadith shown by them and had judge mentions that lamjao cortada about raffia we're in Qatar bank Phoolan and unfold and and who that Qatada did not meet abou raffia and Ibn Rajab, in his Shudehill ll also mentioned that shorba affirmed that Qatada never met a bra fair. And sure Abba was Qatar does main student so for sure, I'm about to say that my dad never met a raffia means he never met him. And he met Muhammad mentions from Airbnb Hatem that, sorry even if we had to mention something about Muhammad,

00:54:41--> 00:55:00

that limb yes Malka them and Abby raffia portada never heard from abou raffia and yeah, haibun domain also mentions LEM yes Malka, diadem abhi raffia. So we have giants of Hadith saying but then Abu raffia never met. Now for the advanced students. I'm aware there is a counter argument there's an assumption

00:55:00--> 00:55:26

Shouldn't there is an assumption that bodies believed that Adam and I would offer this is an assumption, it is not explicit. And we have explicit narrations from the giants of Hadith, that Qatada did not make a broad offer. So this is another point. And the fifth point here is that, in fact, we actually have it at all or confusions and conflicting narrations within the chain, because there are tertiary books of Hadith such as abdomen homemade Muslim. And

00:55:27--> 00:56:04

this is also mentioned by about 100 and multibit idea that sometimes Abu Hurayrah would narrate it from himself and not from the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So it's more often W Hurayrah. And this actually adds to what we're saying that it's not from the process of its scabbard bar. So clearly, there are five is not criticisms of this hadith, any one of them is enough to bring a little bit of doubt. But in reality, all five together, to me, it is crystal clear. And not just me, even cathedra and many other giants have Hadith they considered this solitary chain to be weak, and therefore they said, This hadith is not authentic. As for the mutton itself. Now, we don't generally

00:56:04--> 00:56:41

as we're aware, Sunni scholars, really shied away from mutton criticism, they're very cautious about it, because they didn't want to make Milton criticism, the main issue, they want it to be different from the more Tesla, the more Tesla prioritize methane criticism over. It's not they didn't want to go down that route. And so they kind of sort of shied away, which, again, I'm upon this methodology. Well, I am Sunni. And I understand this, that you don't want to open the door for too much more than criticism. That having been said, it doesn't mean that we neglect methane criticism altogether. And in this particular case, really, it does not make sense because once again, a number of things. The

00:56:41--> 00:57:12

Quran says they're not going to bore a hole through the wall from a star on your throne Masada Allahu Nakaba. And this hadith is allegedly saying they're going to bore a hole right through the wall that goes against the Quran. Also, who is this person in charge of them? That is? Is he an angel? Or is he another creation of Allah that's telling them to come back tomorrow, and then when they come back tomorrow, they're going to dig through, but then they come back, they they're not going to dig through. So who is this this strange person that's in charge of them? Again, it's just one of those really bizarre things that doesn't really make sense in this regard. In any case,

00:57:12--> 00:57:53

forget to mention criticism is not a criticism is enough. This is the only explicit narration that unequivocally indicates that Judo managers are currently alive and present. And this is not is weak, the mutton is also problematic. And therefore Ibn katheer says, This narration is from Cavalia about, it's not from the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them and one of the main students have even heard they mean a scholar by the name of Hakim Emoto. It has written the treaties about this hadith. You can find this I have the treaties you can find this where he goes over so many points, also one of my teachers in Gemma's Tamia, Chef monsoon, a summary. He also made this hadith

00:57:53--> 00:58:30

week one of the teachers in the College of Hadith as well, by the way, Chef monsoon one time I visited him in his office. And I don't know why but for some reason, we started talking about yoga teaching modules. This was when I was what 2020 2223 years old and I just start talking about Joomla dude and Chef monsoon was the first chef that I heard directly the whole notion of their current existence for me growing up I thought the same thing as you might do to behind the wall. So my own teacher one of the my teachers he actually was the one to bring this up and say no, no, they're not currently they don't they don't currently they're not trapped behind a wall. His position was that

00:58:30--> 00:59:05

yeah, Jim Jews are a reference to the dominant civilizations of that region, the Russians or you know, the Mongolians or whatever the Chinese it doesn't matter what the point is that they're not behind a wall, these people are going to rebel and these people are their descendants are going to be fighting the Muslims and II 70 Medina is going to be you know dealing with them that that is the ocean that shock monsoon was the first time he told me this hadith is not authentic and you know, I believe such and such and I didn't know about at the time. This is of course the position of many Roma as we will as we will come to now. And by though it was chef monsoon by the way, he also said

00:59:05--> 00:59:42

to me that you know, we know the world it has been mapped out there are no billions of people hiding anywhere, millions of people that this hadith is weak, it's not and it's met and also doesn't make any sense. So he was the one who first brought this up to my mind. And of course, I knew that some people held this view for many years I thought it was you know, an incorrect view. Now I think it is the correct view because he's not the only one to say this. Most famous for most of our student body here who are of this other if you persuasion is Shahab Rahman did not set aside the, the teacher of our teacher mentor thymine. Chef Eben Sadie wrote two treatises on this to treatise these two little

00:59:42--> 00:59:59

booklets on this, denying that there's anything in our Shediac that says that we have to believe that Georgia motors are currently trapped behind a wall and of the points you brought up is that not only is this hadith weak, but it makes no sense and our Shediac tells us to take facts that are

01:00:00--> 01:00:40

A indomitable that are beyond doubt into account our Shetty AI does not tell us to be irrational when we know something that is factually correct then unless the Quran and Sunnah is explicitly clear, and we have to submit Yes, but when the Quran and Sunnah is not clear, and we have a fact from science or a fact from anything that we know your cleaning is a fact and the Quran and Sunnah is not clear, then we take the fact at face value. And by and large, it is an undeniable reality that we know this globe and that there are no millions of people or billions of people that are still undiscovered behind some walls and whatnot. And the Quran and Sunnah does not tell us to

01:00:40--> 01:00:45

believe something of this nature. So shall Habermann aside he held this view as well.

01:00:46--> 01:01:21

The scholars of his time criticized this, and they actually wrote a letter to the King King AbdulAziz that he is a deviant, erratic because he denies at juja My juge and so the king called a chef Assadi to result so chef Assadi went to Riyadh and the king called the other man said, Hey, you guys deal with it. I don't know this is too much for me, and not my forte. So chef sadly defended similar to what I'm saying the hadith is not authentic. I'm not going against authentic hadith in the first place, such that you accuse me a deviation number one, and number two, we have your cleaning knowledge that there are no billions of people to millions of people so put together I'm

01:01:21--> 01:01:55

not obliged to believe in something that the Quran sunnah is not asking me to believe in and it is, in fact, you know, perhaps irrational to do so. And when he defended himself, you know, the king agreed with this and the odema couldn't really say anything because again, will Saul is sound again, Yanni, the problem comes those who are accused of deviation and it's always awkward for me to say this, but frankly, they haven't studied the sciences to the level of them to make them qualified to make this accusation. There is no deviation when you think the hadith is weak for legitimate reasons, so you don't believe in it. On the contrary, it would be deviation to believe in it if you

01:01:55--> 01:02:34

think it is weak. When the hadith is weak. We don't take it in Apt either. So this is the position of society as well as well. Anwar Chaka Schmidty, the famous Indian scholar held the same opinion that yeah, Judo modules are, you know, the current people of those places. Abul Kalam, Azad also held this view, share Qaradawi, by the way, also has this view holds this view as well, she have Qaradawi has a video online, in which he also says that, yeah, juja modules, they are those races of that region. And there is no wall that they're trapped behind. And he makes the Hadith that we mentioned also weak. So the point being, that the the notion, therefore, that there are millions or

01:02:34--> 01:03:05

billions of people that are trapped behind the wall, we have to believe that their existence, no, there is no such a belief. Now, before I conclude very quickly, I remember again, because I've had to discuss this with so many people. So the notion immediately comes up. So somebody said to me, you're saying something nobody's ever said before. I said that's factually incorrect. I mentioned five authorities so they all say this. So then he immediately said, Okay, fine. Some people might have said it, but then why can't you believe that they're hiding in caves? Why can't you leave that there under the ocean? Allah is Allah Krishna and Claudia. And the response to this is start Allah

01:03:05--> 01:03:48

nobody's denying a lot of pollution Kadir nobody's denying the power of Allah subhana wa Tada. This is incorrect tangent to go down. What we are saying is, you are I said to my friend, here, you are bending over backwards to prove something that is not found in the Quran and Sunnah. You're trying to find an excuse to believe in something that we don't have to believe in. So for you to say my opinion is non existent. Firstly, is not true. Many people said it. But secondly, who said before you and your generation that they're under caves, if you look at our traditional textbooks, if you look at our geographical books and historical books, the notion as a literacy said very explicitly,

01:03:48--> 01:04:27

that they are in the seventh claim in the ninth latitude, the very end of civilization, they're living there, like normal people, just behind a wall. This was the cultural connotation for you to come and say, Oh, they're hiding in caves, and there's gazillions and billions of people hiding in caves. You're the one bringing a new opinion that nobody ever, ever held in the past, for you to say the hiding underneath the oceans under you know, some alternative, you know, caves over there. Again, you're the one bending over backwards to prove something that the Quran and Sunnah is not asking us to prove. So which one is more rational or believable? That kava bar stories ended up in a

01:04:27--> 01:04:59

solitary chain, which is already weak, which is falsely attributed to Abu Huraira to the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, or that we have to believe in the current existence behind the wall, which of the two is more rational? So my point my gentle pushback is that no, you're the one asking us to believe something nobody before you ever said which is their hiding under the caves are there what not there is no such notion as this. So to conclude, two simple points, brothers and sisters. Number one, the Quran is explicit that there was a previous nation

01:05:00--> 01:05:44

called big German Jews. They existed they caused much they wreak much havoc and fitna and facade, a pious king Volker name blocked them from attacking that particular civilization that paid him money to do so. We believe this the Quran is clear about this. The Quran does not say that yeah, God and Jude were trapped, trapped from all of humanity. And in fact, simple logic and common sense. You don't trap somebody by building one wall in one valley. No civilization is trapped that way. It's simply trapping the main door the main highway, there cannot be a surprise attack. That's it. The Quran also alludes to the fact that at some point in time, they shall be let loose some aroma said

01:05:44--> 01:06:21

that has already occurred with the Mongol invasion. I don't agree with this but Metrodome I said this other other said this is going to happen towards the end of times and their biological descendants or people that have their characteristics, which it makes more sense so that we can call them Yeah, George and George like we can call the Western civilization Romans, we can call the same group. Yeah, George and Matt, Jude, they shall come towards the end of time, and they shall wreak havoc again, this is what the Quran asks us to believe. And this is what the Sunnah, the authentic sunnah also mentions there is nothing authentic about the past generations of Judah managers and the

01:06:21--> 01:06:59

Sunnah, we don't know anything about them, there is nothing authentic about their current existence, the max that we can say, there might be an illusion that they're imminent coming, and that the process has said, even about the Day of Judgment I've been sent like this is very close by there is nothing authentic about their current existence. And therefore, therefore, it is not a part of our theology to believe in the current existence of God images that are trapped behind the wall. Now somebody believes this, I'm not saying they're heretical, good for them. It's their business to believe, but he should not make this a part of the religion, he should not make this a part of the

01:06:59--> 01:07:42

Arcada. If he believes the hadith is authentic, then he should believe in it, no problem. But if somebody disagrees that the hadith is not authentic, then there should be no accusation of rejection of sunnah much less rejection of appeal. It is for this reason that the notion that the Judea modules are behind a wall is not something that made its way to our theological treatises of the past. And it is therefore a mistake on the person who makes it an issue of arcade. And this leads me to my second point, why am I giving this library chat? It's not a response to the critics because I'm giving this library tried years after the lecture I gave no, actually, the main reason to make

01:07:42--> 01:08:29

this this video is to teach the people the reality of the dangers of fanaticism. Because what we have is a truly perceivable phenomenon. Amongst the religious folks, whether it is from the selfies in particular, or from the deobandis, or from any other mainstream religious folks, this is one of our biggest problems. It's not the biggest problem, the Imam and everything it is, we have many problems in the OMA. But one of the biggest problems of religious minded folks is narrow minded, bigoted sectarianism, that if you don't agree with my interpretation, then you are automatically ipso facto, a deviant hermetic motor there, in fact, Cofer tech field Subhanallah, multiple people

01:08:29--> 01:09:15

online have sent me videos of other two level and none of them are Allama, who have made tech fear of me because of my interpretation of Julian Matthews. And I swear to you making duck feet of another Muslim on this issue, not just shows a complete jacala and betrayal of the basics of it is a type of fanaticism that is infinitely more dangerous than a solitary interpretation about Yeah, juja Murdered. So in order to educate the masses, and all of you that are listening about the reality of the dangers of extremism, this is why I'm making this video simply to push back the reality when you understand that the dangers of tick feed into deer are far bigger than an interpretation that many

01:09:15--> 01:10:00

of them have held, and Subhanallah how quickly people fall prone to exaggeration to making an opinion into a deviant one making the deviancy into heresy, making the heresy into tech fear. And so the question we have to ask ourselves, where is all of this overzealousness coming from? Why do we have this this this culture of obsessing over opinions of other people aggrandizing them, exaggerating them releasing videos and PDFs about them? Wallahi it is a problem. And the main issue comes frankly, from pseudo students of knowledge, not even real students of knowledge. None of them have formally studied, maybe a few of them have a very cursory introductory level knowledge of

01:10:00--> 01:10:39

Some aspects of Islam. And those are, frankly some of the most difficult to deal with because they've studied for 234 years, and they think they are pretty much Obama, and they cannot understand there are people that might have more knowledge of them have an opinion different than theirs that is grounded in the soul of Islam and the sort of sunnah. Why do we have such a drama obsessed culture? I don't have all of the answers to that question. But it needs to be asked, and we need to have a push back. And we need to educate the general masses as well to understand the difference between social media influencers between drama queens, who love to create videos and refutations and

01:10:39--> 01:10:51

what's not, and between Roma and Talavera, and do art that have studied, and they have to separate between the two. And it is true to point out that unfortunately, these social media influencers,

01:10:52--> 01:11:33

they can create drama so easily, and their hits and their likes, you know, earn the money as well. And the sheer quantity of their, you know, views is also something that Subhanallah we there is an audience for this type of stuff. So we do have to counter this widespread problem of wanting to create drama and seeing this drama online. I don't think it is healthy for the ummah. And I think that it actually causes great amounts of damage. One of the things that saddens me the most about all of this refutation culture will lie. It's not that they lie against students of knowledge or, or, or drama or whatnot. That's, of course problematic. But worse than this, in my opinion, that

01:11:33--> 01:12:11

causes damage to the OMA is innocent Muslims who don't know any better. And they find a preacher or teacher they like they start listening to all of his lectures, and then all of a sudden, they come across one of these Oh, so and so is a deviant is that conflict ism up there, and they don't know any better. And they have nobody else to turn to. And now they're doubtful, oh my God, should I listen? Should I not listen. And sometimes crises of faith are created. Many times people just leave the entire religiosity spectrum because they see how dirty how filthy how evil it is, and SubhanAllah. You know, the fact is, and I do not exonerate myself in this regard. But many teachers

01:12:11--> 01:12:54

and clerics have a hard phased mentality, teach their students to be hard faced as well. Perhaps 20 years ago, I don't exonerate that overdrew enough, see, maybe I myself was guilty of feeding into that level of fanaticism, that is either this or else you are upon, you know, a banana and whatnot, and this narrow mindedness where every single issue becomes black and white, it is not found in the actual self of our Ummah, is not found in the great scholars, the more knowledge one gains, the more broader minded one one becomes. So in the end, with regards to this issue, of course truly ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada knows best. And I conclude by stating, that I unconditionally affirm whatever is

01:12:54--> 01:13:20

found in the book of Allah and whatever emanated from the tongue of the Prophet sallallahu ala he was sending him whatever he said, Samir and now will alter now and I seek refuge in Allah from ever having to discover the reality of yet Julian Jude when they actually come I pray that I'm not alive when they actually come and in the end will love who to Allah. I hope this wasn't shallow to have some benefit until our next library chat. I said I'm

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