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I believe that technology

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has a good side to it and a very bad side to it as well.

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They are people earning Jenner through tick tock and they are others earning Jahannam through the same means.

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Imagine when you die, what would you like there to be? Many of our brothers and sisters, perhaps more so the sisters, they get a lot of excitement by showing themselves

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on some of these applications without realizing the Prophet Muhammad wa sallam told us that there will come a time when women will want to expose themselves and they will want to turn heads of people in order to

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quench the

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the word

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May Allah grant us goodness, Allah protect us from harm the in order to quench the attention that they are seeking. So when you seek attention, you do some silly things

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you sent me remove your clothes and you keep shaking your body. And you want everyone to say Wow, great, show me more. Let's see You are leaving a legacy when you die, that video will remain for generations. And where are you You are with Allah How did it help you my sister? How did it help you my brother

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Subhan Allah. The Prophet SAW Selim says

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that from the categories of those who will be burning in hellfire and we it's important we mentioned this Hadith

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from among the women, those who are clothed with the intention of revealing Oh, have you heard that? I covered myself with the intention of showing something What are you showing your shape? What else are you showing?

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Subhanallah they the young boys are speaking look.

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What else are you showing?

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This is a Hadith I'm not talking of my words from my pocket. You are either wearing something too tight or too thin. It is already a prophecy of the Prophet Muhammad Salah and you are going to leave a legacy people are going to look at you and follow you never mind your sin might be forgiven. But what about those who kept on following you after your death?

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We show cleavage as though it's okay. And we say

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thank you so much when a young man who's not supposed to be looking and by the way, you shouldn't be lowering your gaze. People say Masha Allah La La Quwata illa biLlah what legacy Are you leaving, and I'm not trying to attack the sisters because the brothers are equally guilty for adding fuel to fire by commenting in a negative way thinking it's positive mashallah somehow beautiful, I love it. Excellent, etc. We know what's going on in the world.

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Our objective with this series is to cover various aspects of a Muslim home. So we can all have a blessed home in sha Allah, starting from who to get married to and how, what are the roles and responsibilities of a husband and wife towards each other, and their children how and when to complement each other and lastly, your parents and how best to serve them. For the first time ever, we are going to enable every one of you to learn all about how to achieve a blessed home from Quran and Sunnah with a single click in your own language in state of the art courses insha Allah. The series will consist of 2000 episodes covering in detail in three to seven minute videos using state

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of the art animations paired with ground breaking detailed work. The series is a collaboration with free Quran education, the series will be made available in all major languages of the world in sha Allah. Now who will benefit from this? Every single person with internet connection will be able to benefit from the series as long as the internet lasts in sha Allah,

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becoming a source of everlasting constant sadaqa jariya for everyone who contributes and makes the series a reality by the will of Allah