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In this short talk, Abdul Wahab Saleem shares some advice for Muslim Academics.

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To know how to know slot to sit on while so you know, welcome your viewers to this short video brought to you by Sonic Academy in part with hip hop

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is a small book, small manual written by an amendment that have you learned, he speaks about the positives and negatives for the scholars of every single sign. So he speaks about the nicoline, the police about the scholars of different sciences and speaks about the different bugs I have as well he speaks about the head albida, the chapter he had the medica speaking of every single positive, or a lot of positive aspects of every one of the sciences, in the scholars in the sciences, and also some of their negatives, that's why he called it battle is explaining the problems in knowledge. Now with that in mind, I want to discuss today the problems that can occur to people that are academics.

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And of course, you know, in the amount of diabetes didn't necessarily discuss this in this book, but we're discussing it now right here. problems that can occur with academics, one of the major problems that can occur with academics is the fact that they get too into the actual academics forgetting the fact that who we're really doing this for I'm talking now, specifically about Muslim academics dealing with Islamic academia.

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What happens is we get to indulge in the debates in the details in all of this, these sorts of concerns that we ask, we forget the bigger picture that we're doing all of this to please Allah subhana wa tada we have all of these books, libraries, this

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intricate details, information that possibly will never even benefit Philips in the hereafter. So people that are in the academic field and people that are pursuing this career, they should keep in mind the fact that have lots of panels, Allah has obliged upon us along with all of this information to again, also be also to act upon this knowledge and lots of parallel dialysis in Nepal. And within that in a $2 million

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cameras I did marry me was the example of those that had been given the teller and then they never really lived up to the dollar is like the people

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is like a mule, or a donkey that has had books put on his back because all of these books and doors you know, it's all knowledge. But if you don't act by it, it's almost like your donkey that has books on the back and that's my message do you want to go hop sitting here on this little video brought to you by Sally Academy and as I said in part with it caught Islamic research. And with that being said, we'll come to a close with a little mad sad, no human being learning a lot.