Allah is the Greatest, I’m Just the Greatest Boxer

Hasan Ali


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The speaker discusses the struggles of celebrities like Muhammad Ali with their mental health and how they use phrases like "slacky mom" to describe their behavior. They also mention Ali's success with boxing and how his mental health has affected his body. The speaker suggests that Ali's success is due to his ability to balance his body and his ability to be flexible.

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ah, I read a whole book on mama daddy. Because I like to, you know, when you when you have these people, and they they're making a lot of fame and the getting a lot of money wherever you want to start to follow what actually happens to them and you want to start saying that you know what, this celebrity this happened that celebrity that happened that celebrity that happened and you can go and look like look at Muhammad Ali. Muhammad Ali was he said I am the greatest, the one of his famous phrase phrases are what? I am the greatest.

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And today Muhammad Ali, we know, has got Parkinson's. And I'm not again in any way. I'm not saying that he was given that for some reason. But what I'm saying is Muhammad Ali has been humble enough in this at this age to say that I reached the top of the world. I said I'm the greatest and then he added on in recent times, he said I am not the greatest.

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I am not the greatest. Because who is the greatest guys?

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Who's the greatest guys? Allah mom that is humble enough to say that. And may Allah accept that as a kind of a Toba? from him. I mean, he's a Muslim, may Allah accept his Toba and so on because making that phrase, I am the greatest, which is fine as a young man you're gonna make you're 22 years old, you're on top of the world. Nobody else has done what you've done, you know that you're so fast, you're so fast your legwork is so fast and you punch in, you know, he seems to say you can't hit what your eyes can see. And you still have these phrases that used to make you feel mesmerized and he used to bully his his opponents. I read a whole book on him and you know his his mind because

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what I'm interested is in the mind what happens the mind when a lot gives you a gift like that. And after a while you don't want to happen is that obviously in boxing you're going to get your head smashed a lot of times and that starts to kill off your cells inside your your head. And after time, you know how the 30 year old or mid 30 year old can carry on being as agile he is in a boxing match. You know in the boxing ring with young guys that are coming who are 22 or 25 as young as Muhammad Ali was when he first tried to to fight or become the world champion.

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There's no way he can match them. But so anyway, he won the world championship three times the world title three times after he retired and then he got Parkinson's and slowly, slowly, his whole life starts to become slow.

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His whole life his whole body starts to slow down.

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And his hands are shaking the same hand was so fast. Those hands are shaking right now.

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We don't wish that on anyone but what we're saying to you is that look at the look at what the what life does to you. Hey,