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Episode Notes

This talk by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi highlights the lessons we can learn, imbibe and inculcate from the hijrah or Emigration.

We are acquainted with the story of Umm e Ma’bad and how her husband and she accepted Islam and what made them to do this. The Prophet ﷺ made da’wah even along his way , inviting people to Islam and thinking about saving people.

What can we learn from the Hijrah? What does it try to teach us?

  • The meticulous planning and preparation for the Hijrah as is cited in numerous instances and the sheer thought process into the detailing is something to be admired if not be mesmerised by given the dire and most trying of circumstances they were in.
  • Abu Bakr RA is the ONLY sahabi whose companionship has been testified by Allah in the Qur’an and to go against him is to go against the Word of Allah SWT.

Why did Allah choose Yathrib(Madinah) as the destination for the Hijrah over all the places in the world, say for example, Abyssinia?

  • Strategic location and proximity to Mecca.
  • Magnanimous city from a military viewpoint.
  • Indomitable spirit of the people of Madinah made it the perfect group to propagate Islam.

Many blessings have been ordained for the city of Madinah, among which are:

  • The Prophet ﷺ made Dua for Madinah – “cause us to love Madinah as much us we loved Mecca or more than this”.
  • It has the mountain of Uhud where the Prophet SAW said “this is a mountain we love and it loves us”. The Prophet ﷺ said Uhd is one of the mountains of Jannah.
  • The Prophet ﷺ also blessed the food of Madinah.
  • The Prophet ﷺ said “make Madinah double the blessings of Mecca”.
  • The Prophet ﷺ said “whoever amongst you is able to die in Madinah let him do so, because I will intercede for him on the day of Judgement” Which implies that it is a huge blessing to die in Madinah.
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Na Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah hawala, Adi. He was a woman wala ama back. So we had been talking about the actual journey of the hedgehog. And we had mentioned the story of the miraculous the amazing story of Soraka, Eben Malik, which is one of those stories that is really an Eman, lift and a man boosting story how this Bedouin from the village is told that he's going to be wearing the the bracelets of kisara the bracelets of the emperor of Persia, and that is exactly what happened. The story of the hijra has a number of small stories. And one of the significant ones is the story of Omar but small still paragraph about the story of Omen Babbitt and

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the story of Omar but is narrated from her directly, and she converted to Islam at the end. Omar Ahmed narrates the story herself and she says that she is an elderly lady, and she is a complete like Bedouin she is living in the desert in a tent, wandering from place to place finding food and water. So her husband had left to find some food. And she's in her sheepskin or go tent, she's in the tent waiting for her husband to return. And she hears the rustling outside of some travelers who asked permission to come in. And she comes in she's not as she asked them to come in because she's not worried about anything. She's an elderly lady, and she has nothing to be stolen. She's very

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poor. And it turns out it's a worker and the Profit System, but she doesn't recognize them because she doesn't know who they are. And she describes the what's significant. Amanda is one of the few Sahaba, who describes the physical looks of the profits of the lahardee, who send them most of the Sahaba did not describe him in that detail or member but is one of those who describes him as being was seen, for example, handsome and he had long hair and he was neither short nor tall. So she gives that description that I've already mentioned in the beginning, I mentioned only barbers description right when we began the sealer. I mentioned that description from ami Magneto.

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And this was, by the way outside of Medina by an hour and a half drive an hour time it's still in our time, this place is still called the same as it was called then. And it's called a deed, a deed when you're driving from Mecca to Medina or Jeddah to Medina, you will pass by a sign that says please exit and that's where this incident took place. So the Prophet system entered in Abu Bakar and they said, may we purchase any food from you we are travelers and we would like some food to purchase. And this is of course the adverb of obachan in the process and they didn't ask for free food. Even though if they had asked for free food This is also customarily acceptable when burial

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and when travelers are going they just want some water or some basic bread whatever you have, can you share but they asked food to be purchased and Omar with replied that she apologized she has absolutely nothing to give them nothing at all. Because her husband is has actually gone out in search of food. They asked for it Do you have any milk anything she said we have absolutely nothing to give. So the Prophet says sort of saw in the tent and old goat in the corner and it had long you know the the heyday of this quote the era of this golden nugget on the decline it's basically about to be slaughtered it is no longer giving milk it is no longer capable of giving birth is just an old

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goat that's basically about to be slaughtered one day when they want to have some type of meat that's what it's waiting for in the corner. It's not even grazing outside so the profits are seldom asked permission to milk the goat

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smirked and said that day has long gone you can't get an envelope from this that's gone it's like this is now no no more and so the process of once against it but do you allow me to but do you allow me to? Of course I mean, there's no question in her mind. Where's the milk gonna come out you can do what you want. The goat is beyond giving milk and so on the Bible said if you if you want to go ahead I mean if that's what you want to do, and the Prophet system made up and he mentioned the name of Allah subhana wa tada and he moved his hand under the other and the other filled up with milk right then and there. The other filled up with milk and abubaker then milked The,

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the the milk from this goat and it brimmed all the way to the top and the profitsystem drank abubaker drank and they left the remainder for Margaret and her husband when her husband returned he shocked to find the milk because they want milk for many days and they haven't had milk where'd you get this milk from from this goat? How did this God give milk? So she gave the whole story that two strange men came and this is where she described the Prophet system. She described the process of in detail. One of them you know was was taller and handsome and this and that and the other looked like his companion. She described all of this. Her husband said those are the two of the Quran are

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searching for because the news has spread. And those are the two Do you not know that one of them claims to be a nebby one of them claims to be a nebby and when she heard this, she realized this is not just a claim. He is an abbey

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He has the Navy. And so both her and her husband accepted Islam. And this is one of those small stories of women. But it is also narrated, by the way that two or three other people accepted Islam, but we don't have their stories. That's the process of them passed by them and spoke to them. And they accepted Islam. And in this even though it's so insignificant, we don't even have the names of some of them right. But still, the point is some handler when he's basically running for his life, right even though he knows Allah is going to protect him, but still, it is running for his life. He still pauses to give out to people, he's still inviting people to Islam and Subhanallah at least we

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have references of at least four or five people converting in this journey from Mecca to Medina. Yanis of Hello wherever the Prophet system is going, he's spreading good, doesn't no time no place is is basically lacking for any opportunity that the Prophet system gets, he is giving Dawa. It is also narrated once that a caravan passed them by caravan. Of course, this is the middle of the desert and caravans are going back and forth a strange caravan. In those days. If a caravan passed by in the desert, they would make way to meet each other just to, you know, pass news and find out what's happening and say Salaam or Greetings, can you imagine you're in the middle of the desert,

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you haven't seen a human for many days, you see somebody in the desert, you'll simply kind of sort of meander towards each other and talk a little while and then move on. Right? So when a caravan saw the two riders, they veered away to go and say hello or to say to give greetings to them. And lo and behold one of them recognize aboubaker from a trading expedition. This is not the courage. This is not the unsought, this is a caravan we don't know which Arab tribe it is. But at some fair or at some business transaction abubaker was a trader, they recognized Abu Bakar. And so they greeted Abu Bakar. Now this is a caravan coming from another area, they haven't heard of the bounty. They

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haven't heard the two people have fled from MK right. So they recognize Abu Bakar. And they find out some information wherever they wanted to. And then they asked a worker who is this man with you? Who is this man with you. And I will work it instantaneously responded in what is called tau d tau d as I've said many times is double meaning. And this is allowed in Islam for a reason. This is not lying. In English, we call it a white lie. It's not a lie. It doesn't give you an untruth. But it's rather a double meaning. And so Obama said he is my guide guiding me to the path. He is my guide guiding me to the path. And of course, what Abu Bakar meant was he is my guide to Salatin was stop

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him, guiding me to the path to gender, right. But what they understood was this is my hired guide that is guiding me, right, this is the double meaning that I will book it instantaneously said this also shows us by the way, that at a certain point in time, the the guide Abdullah in order it left them that finally when they got to the road that they understood, he went back in return and it was just the two of them. Because obviously when they entered Medina, the guy had had already left. So the guide basically brought them to a place where from that point onwards they knew how to get to Medina. And so this caravan intercepted them at that point in time. And that's when I will Booker

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said in the who hadn't This is my guide. Yeah de la policia is guiding me to the party he's guiding me to the salon was the theme and of course Abu Bakar and tell you one thing and another thing was understood. Now some lessons from the history before we move to the city of Medina and its strategic importance, some lessons from the hedgerow some of the look at the meticulous preparations for the hedgerow the Prophet system is telling Abu Bakar don't travel, I need a companion and inshallah it will be you. I will back instantaneously prepares to camels, fattens them up force feeds them makes that hump nice and large, so that they can travel in the desert. The profit system then comes to him

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when everybody's asleep, so that nobody can see that the Profit System is is is basically planning something. And even when he comes his face is covered more now, His face is covered. So that just in case nobody can recognize but of course Abu Bakar recognizes because that's his best friend, his his companion, and when he enters the house, he tells the people everybody leave. Now all of these preparations are coming from somebody who has ultimate tawakkol in Allah. Correct. Still, he takes precautions and this manifests the reality of our religion. Tie your camel and then put your trust in Allah. Right. What can you do everything you can look at the secrecy look at every single aspect,

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leaving it in his bed so that when somebody looks in over the window, they find the body over there tossing and turning right so much down to this detail, leaving it in his bed. So make sure that nobody gets suspicious coming to our bucket first in the middle of the day. And then in the middle of the night when they actually leave for his or her they leave in the dead center of the night covering their tracks. I made up new forehead I coming and covering their tracks. I've done live in the bunker coming every morning telling them the news finding somebody like Abdullah

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liability buckled whom they can trust and whom the courage would not suspect giving some food a smart giving them every single detail. It is just amazing that they took the best precautions. And yet what is beautiful when they're out in the desert all open? The profits are seldom is not worried. he's not. He's not grieved. He's not troubled. He's walking, reciting Quran and not even looking left to right as we saw when Soraka came. So Rocco was the one who's noticing from afar, Abu Bakar is worried of ibaka cannot concentrate aboubaker His heart is palpitating sometimes before sometimes behind. He's worried what if I go behind? Somebody comes from back let me go back behind

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when it comes behind. What if somebody comes to the front? Let me go in front, back and forth. While the Prophet says Adam, he's done everything he can. Now he puts his trust in Allah. Right? This is the essence of the work, that you do everything possible. You don't act like a fool in our religion. This is not to what could you do everything meticulously down to the last planning, but your heart is not attached to these preparations. Your heart is attached to Allah subhanho wa Taala and therefore, once you've done everything, again in the cave, right, I will bucker begins palpitating again, right. You had a sutala if they just look down, they'll see us he can't he's he's worried not

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for himself for the Profit System. And the Profit System has to calm him down. This is the Oracle they're hiding in a cave. This doesn't go against Oracle, right? This is tying the camel This is taking precautions they don't stand up and say Here we are, do what you can. Allah is going to protect me this is not to look good. This is the workload to hide in the cave so that they don't see it. Allah will then send the pigeon or Allah will then send the spider if these do authentic and there's nothing wrong with roaming them. Allah will make sure that obey have been cabin or may have been heard of Don't look down. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will protect you once you've done your

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job. And the same applies to each and every element of our lives. That when we want something, we will have a goal. Allah has told us the path to the goal. We need to make sure we undertake this path but are to what good is not in the path. It is in Allah subhanho wa Taala just like our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and there's a beautiful verse in Surah. adobo, which is one of the last suitors revealed at a time when the Muslims were at the peak of their power. After the conquest of Mecca. Allah reveals in tonzura hufa nassarawa law at the peak of Islamic power, Allah azzawajal says to the Sahaba if you're not going to help the prophets of the low sell them, don't worry, Allah

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has already helped him. In terms Rufus masala is Raja hula Dena cafaro when the Kufa expelled him from Makkah, sunniest naini and he was the second of only two people. There were only two people and an entire city was out to kill them. Chinese name right they were the he was the second of only two people is Huma Filo hottie when they were in the cave, the Cave of Seoul is whomever it is. Hulu saw havila Tyson when he said to his companion that Tyson in the law hermana Don't worry, Allah subhana wa tada is with us. And Allah subhana wa tada says, For unzer Allahu sechi netta. Who are they? At that point Allah sent his Sakina upon the Prophet system, the prophet system was not worried. He was

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not anxious, he was completely calm because Allah had sent his Sakina down, yet the who below him and Allah helped him while he had to be Junu the turtle and he helped him with an army that you didn't see, a lot of scholars say this army is basically the dove and the pigeon and the the the spider, this is the tafsir according to one interpretation, this is the army that Allah azza wa jal did not allow the machico to even think that in this crevice, there might be Abu Bakar and the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And it is amazing that Allah revealed this verse, When the Muslims were at their Pinnacle. And Allah says this strength is not gonna I don't need this

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strength. I already helped him when there was none of you. None of you were able to help him when there were only two. And I sent an army that you could not see also, by the way from this verse, an important point here.

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He only companion of our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam whose companionship has been testified for by a law is Abu Bakar.

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The rest is inferred indirectly. It's there, but it's indirect. But for aboubaker it is direct. How so? Allah says in the Hulu,

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they saw Avi,

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Allah affirmed Abu Bakar as being a Sahaba Sahabi. Right, the only Sahabi who actually Allah mentions this is his slobby.

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So if anybody denies Abu Bakar as being a Sahabi, he has gone against what Allah has said in the Quran. And again, this is no wishy washy this here, this is exactly what Allah says.

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And by unanimous consensus of all the groups of Islam, even they will admit that it was Abu Bakar in the cave and not anybody else. The physical bucket in this cave and not anybody else. And Allah says is the akula sahibi he Lata isn't in the lava man. So anybody who denies that boubakeur, he has gone against what Eliza is saying in the Koran. Now

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before we get to the arrival of the Prophet system in Medina, that will be in Charlotte next Wednesday. So right now we're basically right outside the city of Medina and the process is about to come in. Right so before we get there, that is next week, inshallah Allah, I wanted to talk about why Medina, which is out of all of the cities of the world, or of Arabia, or even even of the world, because there were Muslims in Ethiopia right now. And have you ever seen excuse me, there are Muslims in Abyssinia, right? If Allah had wanted to, he could have told the process and and look, the king of Abyssinia has already embraced your religion. Why don't you go to him? And you know, he

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can then become a public Muslim or do something like that. But why did Allah which would you choose? Medina, so a little bit about Medina. Medina, of course, is not its original name. Its original name is yesterday.

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Its original name is yesterday. And yesterday is an ancient city surrounded by volcanic rock. And it is blessed with an undercurrent of water there is I don't know the geological term but there is a river that flows basically underneath. There's an undercurrent of water not to public, we're not in another open River. But there's a river that basically from the mountains around it, it comes and there's a water source underneath the city that allows for this fertile date pumps to grow. And that's why Medina is known for its date pumps. It has always been famous for its dates. There are two places the Arabian Peninsula that had such large date palms haber and Medina yesterday these

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were the only two places that had these large date palms. And in fact, our Prophet system was shown Medina by its date pumps and had it inside Bahati when he's in Makkah, he said, A to film anime a new High German market, a lot of them behind Napoleon

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Hill yamamah alhaja for either he'll Medina two year three. The Prophet system said this is in the 11th year or 10th or 11th year of the Dawa. Two years before they hit it off. He tells the Muslims, I saw a dream that I'm going to emigrate to a land and I saw a lot of date palms. And so I thought that it might be a yamamah or hedgerow and these are two cities far away on the other side of the peninsula in Yemen. This is not in their ages. And Yemen does have some date areas but in the ages the only places are yesterday and haven. So I thought it might be the Yemen, Yemen. But it turned out to be Medina when did the process and find out it turned out to me with Nina when the husband

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embraced Islam and when they invited him to come. Social paddler in his own dream he saw the city but he couldn't recognize it. He couldn't recognize it until the sign came from the embracing of the has Raj and then the host of Islam and the prophets of Salaam said inside Buhari as well omit to the Korea tintagel Cora yaku Luna yathrib where he el Medina, I have been commanded to emigrate to a city that shall devour all other cities. talocrural Cora? Yoku Luna yathrib they call it yesterday. We're here in Medina, but it is Medina.

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From this hadith we learn that it is not allowed islamically to use the name yariv anymore. Because the Prophet system said they call it yathrib this is what mankind has called it, but its name now is going to be Medina, Yahoo Luna, yes, Reba, el Medina. And so the profitsystem changed his name from yathrib to Medina. And it is clear that the Quran itself emphasizes this point because

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the Quran mentions yes rip only from the tongues of the Manasa own.

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Only from the tongues of the moon after were called a toy for the minimum. Yeah, yes, Reba llamo Camila comfort you when the Mona Hoon when they're in the Quran when the Mona feel cooler trying to stoke up fear of the Muslims. They call out to the people and they say yeah, Allah. Yes.

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So the munaf your own used to call the city still yesterday because they didn't like the name Medina and in one Hadith, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said, Whoever says yes rebe should say istockphoto la. whoever calls Medina should say stuff for the law, because it is fallback because it is Baba. We're going to get to this name in a while. What is Baba now

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Virgil therefore always calls the city Medina a lot of calls that Medina and the prophets are sort of calls it Medina. So Allah says For example, the suta Toba, Lamia, Moon African American

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woman Arab you will not call them in Holden Medina. Allah azza wa jal calls the city, Medina and sort of the Toba and it is the munafo who called it yesterday. Also, our Prophet system said they called it yesterday and it is Medina. So what is yesterday? I mean, yesterday, some scholars say it comes from three, which means to criticize. So the use of lotta three by a chameleon, there is no criticism on you today. And others say it comes from Thoreau, which means evil and corruption. And we know that our Profit System did not like bad names. And a number of people converted to Islam with bad names. And he changed their names. And he said, No, this is not your name. This is your

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name, right?

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In one Hadith, a woman comes in converts, what's your name? Sour, you're not sour, you're sweet. Right? And then similar like this. So the Arabs had a superstition, and it is still prevalent in our culture, Indian accent as well, that they say something bad about somebody else. If somebody if somebody says something good. So if somebody says your child is handsome, the mother might say no, no, he's very ugly. Right? This is common in our culture. For those who know why. They'll say NASA, they'll say evil like, this is in fact not the Islamic way to counter evil i, this is what the Arabs would do as well. It's not the jaggedy Arabs. And our Prophet system did not like this. We don't we

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don't do this. We don't counter Ebola in this manner. But that's a separate topic. I'm not talking about that. Now. The point being bad names are avoided. So when yesterday has a bad meeting, the prophet system changed it. And he called it Almudena. What a beautiful name Almudena means it's the city, the city capital T capital Z, el Medina, and a longer name is Medina to Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, but the Prophet system primarily called it el Medina. Now el Medina also has many names. In fact, some of the scholars who wrote about the history of Medina such as summer hoody and others have actually listed over 100 names of Medina over 100 names of Medina and another scholar

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who wrote about the history of Islam early scholars said no city has more names than the city of Medina and the Arabs when they consider something grand they would give it many names. And so the city of Medina has the most names of any city known to early Islam. However, our Prophet system called it only two or three things of them is of course, Medina of them is Baba Baba is also the name of the city and Baba and labor both barber and labor. So barber and private both mean the same thing. Bob and labor mean the pure and the source of purity, right. So, in one hand it is for example, the head the thing was the the management the Profit System said Whoever says Medina filius

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del ferula for in October in October in October, and this actually shows that yesterday meant evil and corruption because the opposite of evil is in power. Right? So don't say yesterday of say Baba, Baba Baba, right and also in another Hadith he called it a favor. So October October el Medina these are all names of the city. Medina has many, many blessings associated with it. of them is that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam made that Medina become beloved to him. In a hadith in Bukhari, the prophets of cinema said Allahumma Habib Elena Medina Tikka have been a mecca to a shed, or Allah causes us to love Medina, as much as we love MK or even more than this causes us to love Medina as

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much as we love Makkah or more than this. And in advance notice that whenever the Prophet system would come back from an expedition, and he would see the silhouette of Medina in the distance, he would become excited and tell his camel or his horse to go faster. So he became excited to see the city of Medina and he would love the city of Medina. And of course, Medina has the mountain of oil and the mountain of work with the profitsystem said, that had the jawbone in your head boy now wonder, hey boo, this is a mountain we love it and it loves us. So we believe that the mountain loves the Muslims. The mountain of God is a blessing mountain. And the Prophet says to them said

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that it is one of the mountains of genda and this is in Medina and our Profit System told us that the journal will not be able to enter Medina, the jar will not be able to enter Medina he will come to Medina trying to destroy it, but he will not be able to enter it because two large angels will meet him at the door and expel him and kick him out. And so one of the cities that the jail will never be able to enter is Medina and therefore when the when one had he basically in the early traditional

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told that if we hear of the job we should go to Medina because Medina will protect you from that the judge. Also our Prophet system said that no plague shall ever infest Medina right, no plague will ever wipe off the city of Medina and SubhanAllah. In his 14 centuries, famines have come but no plagues. There have been famines in Medina, because the process of made against plague, but there has never been a plague even when the the plagues happened in the past the bubonic plague or in 1980 there was the famous Spanish influenza that killed one third of the world you should know this 100 years ago, literally one third of the world died in this in the Spanish influenza, the second

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bubonic plague. It didn't touch the city of Medina, the city of Medina was protected which is amazing because people come to Medina from all over the world, but the plague did not enter Medina also our prophet SAW Selim may do that Medina be blessed did Medina be bless it? The Prophet system said that oh Allahumma baddeck Lennar, O Allah give us Baraka in three Medina Tina in the city of ours, and he said Hadith is in Bahati that Oh Allah, your servant and Abbot and Khalid Ibrahim. But how Rama Mecca, he declared MK a harem. And I too, am your servant and your neuro suit. So I make dua to you to make Medina a harem, to make Medina a harem. And so Medina is considered the second

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Faneuil harem in the second column, in our religion, and in one heading also disciple Holly the Prophet system said, Oh Allah bless us in our weights and our measurements of Medina, what is the weight and measurement if you Medina assignor in those days when you purchased grain or barley or dates or anything, they would weigh it you know, that's how they used to do it. And so the Prophet system is saying bless us in our units of measurement. What this means is, the food that you buy in Medina will be a blessing food. ie what is Baraka means the other two higher Baraka means it will suffice more people and so the food that you purchase in Medina by the door of the Prophet system,

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it will suffice more people and our profits a little and by the way, this headset has been interpreted. So, in one headset, the Profit System said along with Alfie Medina to clear fame, geography Macedonian, Baraka, Oh Allah make Medina double the blessings you have given to Makkah. Now, this Hadeeth has proven a little bit problematic for some scholars because Does this mean that Medina is more blessed than Makkah? Because that's what is being said. And there's been a lot of discussion some of the classical scholars have them is like a madman because he was mad and he so he's a little bit biased towards his own hometown. They would consider Medina to be the holiest land

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even if Mecca has more reward for praying because Mecca prayer has 100,000 whereas Medina prayer has 1000 not 51,000 Medina prayer has 1000 and so clearly there's that difference but for Imam Malik and others they said the city of Medina has more blessings. Because of this, Heidi and other scholars have said that each city is blessed in its own way we don't compare the two no doubt Makkah has superiority in some angles of them is that Mecca was blessing. Some say from when the creation was created, and then Ibrahim announced its blessing. This is the majority opinion that moko was blessing the day Allah created the heavens and earth, and then Ibrahim announced its blessedness

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whereas Medina became blessed with the emigration of the prophets listen to it. Right, so that's clearly a security for Makkah. I noticed another superiority of MK as maca is the first Masjid on Earth. Our debating will the identity Linda de Baca the first mosque or temple or structure meant to worship Allah on this whole Earth. The first mosque was Mecca, that's a blessing of the blessings is that Mecca has 100,000 and Medina has 1000. So it's not appropriate to compare each one has its for Lila and its blessings and this is something that we experience. When we go there are the blessings of Medina our Prophet says Adam said that he man returns to Medina, like a desert animal returns to

00:29:11--> 00:29:50

its hole in the desert. And imagine we get zero el Medina and the man rushes back and goes in. It's a beautiful analogy. When the desert animal feels threatened. When there's anything attacking it immediately disappears and jumps into its hole. Right so so panelo when the people of Iran are attacked or when Islam is facing a crisis, Medina will be the place where a man will be protected. Medina will be the bastion of Islam, and this is proven as well that the jar will never enter it of them is that Medina will be protected by plot against the plots of its enemies. The Prophet system said again all of these editor Buhari is part of the blessings of Medina are so authentic. We find

00:29:50--> 00:30:00

them in Bukhari and Muslim that no one shall plot to harm Medina except that Allah will dissolve him like salt is this

00:30:00--> 00:30:13

volved in water, like salt is dissolved in water he will be disappeared. And in the same books I Bahati he says that whoever made that if he hadn't, whoever,

00:30:14--> 00:30:56

what the meaning of headed here is either a sin or an innovation. Whoever does the crime in Medina, whoever innovate something in Medina, or helps a criminal in Medina, he shall have the land of Allah and the land of the angels and the land of all of mankind. And Allah will not accept from him, any obligatory or nephew did not belong in the cell phone while either nothing will be accepted of him. This is a huge blessing of Medina and at the same time a very dangerous warning for anybody who wishes to harm Medina and of the blessings of Medina is that it is a blessing place to live in. It is a blessing place to live in the prophets as Adam said again, Hadith Is Buhari Almudena to

00:30:56--> 00:31:38

highroller home locanto Yana mon el Medina to highroller home low can we Allah moon Medina is better for them. If they only knew better for anybody if they only knew no one leaves. It's not wanting to live there, except that Allah subhanho wa Taala will replace him with someone better than that. No one leaves Medina not wanting to live there, except that Allah subhanho wa Taala replaces him with someone better than that. And no one is patient at the difficulties of Medina. Medina is a very difficult land to live in because it's very hot. Because of its extreme hot and cold. By the way, both of them are present in Medina, also before the advent of modern technology. Food was also the

00:31:38--> 00:32:19

seasonal it was seasonal. When you don't have the date season. It's difficult. So there's some problems that will Medina So the President said whoever is patient at the difficulties of Medina, I will be an intercessor for him on the Day of Judgment. And in fact, Medina is not just blessed to live in it is blessed to die in as well. How do you think Mr. Lima, Mohammed, the profit center said, Man, it's Tata I mean, come on em with filma de net affiliates. Whoever amongst you is able to die in Medina, let him die in Medina, because I shall intercede on behalf of anybody who dies their allotment and Soto can most of humanity rasulillah his little love it he was seldom will definitely

00:32:19--> 00:32:57

build a lot of blood. dying in Medina is a very big blessing in and of itself. And our Profit System said whoever is able to die in Medina let him do so. And we all know that photogra de la Thailand this hadith is in Bahati, I'm going to know how Bob would make a strange drop and his own son even Omer would scoff him and say my father, how can this ever be true? And would have no hope Bob would say Oh Allah, I want to die a Shaheed and I want to die in Medina. And his son would say that oh my father, how can you combine these two things? If you want to die as Shaheed you're gonna have to go to the borders of the Muslim Empire. Right? And if he would die in Medina, you're not gonna die

00:32:57--> 00:33:38

Shaheed, right. And Allah azza wa jal accepted that because Omar died a Shaheed in Medina, right. And so Omar didn't want to leave Medina and he wanted to die. Sure, he then Allah subhanho wa Taala gave him that and of course belterra especially has a very particular blessing the what we call an our culture agenda. To be clear, the proper name is Berkeley. Berkeley has a very blessed it is the most blessed graveyard in the world. Because even hedger says that over 10,000 Sahaba are buried in Berkeley and Oakland had over 10,000 Sahaba are buried in Berkeley. All the nine wives of the Prophet system other than Khadija all the nine wives of the system are buried in Buffy a lot of the

00:33:38--> 00:34:11

prophecies from son Ibrahim is buried in booklet a lot of the Prophet systems great grandson and great great grandson and great great great grandson are buried in books here a lot of the Prophet systems aren't Sophia is buried in books a lot of but so many of the close companions Earth might have been a fan is buried in Buckley, Al Horford. As you know, bunker and Omar are buried in the hijet along with the profitsystem and earth mine have been found is buried in Brooklyn a lot but also of the famous step your own interpretive, your own and scholars Mr. Malik and Mr. Murphy, these are famous names. They're all buried in book clear, a lot of fun. And the Prophet says I made a

00:34:11--> 00:34:33

special drop for the people of Berkeley. And in one evening, when I woke up and found that he wasn't there, he comes back and he tells her gibreel came to me in the middle of the night and told me to go and pray for the people in Berkeley and a lot of fun. And so he left his bed in the middle of the night to go to Berkeley to pray for the people in Berkeley or look

00:34:35--> 00:34:59

from a film perspective, from a film perspective, Medina is something we call a harem. And this is something we need to talk a little bit about because we need to understand what exactly is a harem. harem comes from how long and how long is forbidden. How long is an area of land that certain things which are halal outside of it become How long is

00:35:00--> 00:35:02

inside of it, that's why it's called hidden.

00:35:03--> 00:35:14

That's why the route is the same. Certain things that are headed outside of the house don't become out on inside of the huddle. For example, carrying weapons is hot I'm in the house.

00:35:15--> 00:36:01

You cannot carry weapons, except for a necessity for the oma. For example the armed guards that are protecting the Imams and what this is an exception, right. But armies do not come in. Even the Prophet says when he conquered Mecca, said Allah has given me special permission sway at him in and out for a little bit of time in the day to come in with an army otherwise it is not allowed to enter and march into Makkah with an army it is not allowed to to instigate any type of bloodshed in Makkah is not allowed to pluck the leaves and the fruits of maca is not allowed. It's such a hot item that you cannot even pluck the grass that you see that that much of a heaven, right? It's so sacred, any

00:36:01--> 00:36:07

living object is protected. That's how even a leaf even even a

00:36:08--> 00:36:54

leaf on the tree, you cannot pluck it. This is a how long and how long means everything is safe. And Allah says no put on woman don't find out who can Amina, whoever enters the harem shall be safe. And therefore even abus says even Omar says that in the days of Mahalia, a man would see the murder of his father doing the walk around the Kaaba, and he wouldn't do anything to harm him. This is even in the days of jania Cogito, he would see but he wouldn't harm it. Why? Because moko was a heroin Ibrahim's time. So the Arabs knew it is wrong, and Islam came and affirmed that heroin means everyone is protected there. And therefore if you find the last object in the harem, for example,

00:36:54--> 00:37:34

you're not allowed to pick it up. You're not allowed to do that. Whereas you are allowed to pick it up in other places, and then advert in Macau, you leave it, you leave it you're not even allowed to pick up a last item. All of this is how it's protection of Allah subhana wa Tada. And whoever intends any harm in the harem, his punishment will be manifold. Woman, you did a fee Bill had the middleman newcomen idebenone. Allah says, whoever desires to cause facade and harm, whoever desires it, forget doing it, if you desire to cause harm to the atoms, Allah says, I'm going to cause you to punish the severe penalty. And so the how atoms of our religion Now pay attention. I don't want

00:37:34--> 00:37:56

people to get angry at this because it's going to cause a little bit of an issue now so listen carefully. There are only two outcomes of our religion, Makkah and Medina. There are only two outcomes and how domain a Shetty Fein Mecca and Medina now everybody's gonna say Hold on a sec, how about

00:37:57--> 00:38:50

baytril doctors? How about the response. It is a blessing land. And it is the first pillar and it is something that we should visit and pray in. And whoever prays there gets extra reward according to the most authentic generation 250 times. So maca is 100,000 Medina is 1000 much of the ox or 250. And all of these blessings are there. But it is not a harem. from a standpoint, it's not a harem, even if the people call it and haram al Sharif, the people of Jerusalem call that area al haram al Sharif right the Philistine is notice right. It is known in the popular vernacular as an atom. But from a physics standpoint, it is not allowed on. Because these rulings don't apply over there. You

00:38:50--> 00:39:30

may hunt the animals of Jerusalem, you cannot hunt the animals of Mecca and Medina, right. You may pluck the trees of Jerusalem, you cannot pluck the trees of Mecca and Medina. And by the way, this is not something I'm saying. None of our scholars none of them have died. None of them ever said that. Jerusalem is a Haram. It is other than mocha this it is a blessing line. So don't get confused between blessings and harem. Every atom is blessing but there's only two handles Mecca and Medina. But not every blessing place is a hell of them. Right and Jerusalem is the best example for this to do Jerusalem is blessing but it is not a harem. So this is something about Medina, another three,

00:39:30--> 00:39:58

four minutes about why Medina was chosen and then inshallah next week we'll start from the Prophet system entering Medina Why? Why was Medina chosen? Now obviously when we answer this question, we need to put the disclaimer. This is from what we understand and Allah knows the real reasons if they are more or less than this. This is what our scholars have derived and in reality, Allah knows there might be many reasons we'll never understand and figure out of those reasons the most obvious reason its strategic location.

00:39:59--> 00:40:00

It is

00:40:00--> 00:40:41

reasonably close to Makkah without being too close. It's not too far and too close, right? from Mecca to Medina, an average caravan would take seven to eight days. And a very fast rider could do it in three, three and a half days. Right. So from that stamp from those standards, this is a distance that is not threateningly close. An army could not just surprise you. Right? But it's also not on the other side of the world, such as let's say that Brasilia. You see, the point here is that it's a reasonable distance from the center of where that that will begin and that is Mecca, the the place where there needs to be concrete in order to subdue all of Arabia also. So basically, the

00:40:41--> 00:41:16

strategic location, the central locality of the Arabian Peninsula of the ages, Medina is right dead in the middle of the ages and Hejaz in the middle of the Arabian Peninsula. So it's very strategic. Also, another reason is the natural protection of Medina. And this is clearly manifested in the Battle of the trench. Medina is an amazing city from a military standpoint, household in his house points out that it is protected from three sides naturally, an army cannot attack it from three sides naturally, on the two sides, South and

00:41:17--> 00:42:05

sorry, east and west, east and west and how to shut up we'll have a little bit of beer, and they're still called exactly to this day, how to shelter and how to how to be the profitsystem said that maybe that hadn't been a lab but a a, that Medina is a heroin between its two lab, a Hara lab, we said a few weeks ago is lava. lava is lava, and lab but it's to lava foundations. And Medina there was a volcanic activity maybe a few 1000 years ago alone knows when. And so this volcanic activity spread outside the city of Medina and formed a type of material that is neither sand nor rock nor gravel, it's very you don't you're under you've seen volcanic rock, semi porous up and down. It's

00:42:05--> 00:42:41

not something you can walk on easily. So two areas of Medina, the the east and the west are surrounded by these large lab, how raw and the profitsystem said between these two is the bottom of Medina. So no army can walk in because you cannot walk with 1000 2000 people, you cannot ride camels on this area, it's just naturally protected. A third side of Medina and this is the southern side, which is the side closest to Mexico when you come the southern side of Medina is generally a very luscious cultivation of date pumps.

00:42:42--> 00:43:25

And it was densely populated with date pumps. And you cannot take an army through all those the date pumps either it's not going to be possible, you know, one person can wander through but you can't bring an army through this, this dense cultivation and small little plantations everywhere. So there's only one area one stretch of land left. And it was that stretch that the profitsystem had to protect when he dug the the trench. Right The eyes of the handle that the the conduct that he dug, it was a few miles long. So Subhanallah this natural military strategic location, it actually clearly was the Divine Wisdom of Allah subhanho wa Taala that was used in that was used in the

00:43:25--> 00:44:06

Battle of the Honda hadn't been any other city, this would not have been possible. You can't dig a moat around the entire city in a week. But they're able to dig a moat a few miles long. That's all that was the open area that an army could attack in and they successfully did this. Another benefit of Medina was that the people of Medina had never been conquered before they had always been an independent principality. And this gave them a sense of his and a fighting spirit. Because when a nation has been conquered, generally their spirit has been broken. And it is easy to reconquer and reconquer and reconquer. But the people of Medina had never been subservient to any other fiefdom

00:44:06--> 00:44:24

any other tribe, they had always been independent from its inception. And so they had this independence that was necessary for the beginning of Islam, they had an ERISA that was necessary to translate into the early portion of Islam. Also, I should point out one of the blessings of Medina was the Wars of

00:44:25--> 00:45:00

the civil war that took place. We mentioned this many times before the Civil War that took place. Some scholars say it had been going on for 100 years before the digital and some say 4050 years we never know exactly, but more than a generation of civil war, more than a generation of fighting, right. And this fighting had done many things. Our issue says this was a gift that Allah gave to the processor. As I said before, it was a gift coming out of nowhere because the people of MK are not monitoring the words of wife, but Allah has the plan. And when everything finishes, you can

00:45:00--> 00:45:43

Connect the dots. But when the dots are being drawn out, we don't know what's happening. The wars of blast did many things. Most importantly, it eliminated the senior leadership of the city. The leadership, that's the older generation, the power hungry, the ones stubborn in their ways, and it gave fresh blood a chance to come up. And fresh blood. Many things happen with younger blood. They're open minded. They're not as stuck in the old traditional ways. They're willing to experiment with other ideas, other religions such as Islam, they're also tired of the bloodshed. They're just tired of having been raised in a whole generation of blood. Everybody's died, their fathers, their

00:45:43--> 00:46:26

uncles, their grandfathers all so they want change. They're embracing change. And so they want a new leader from outside of the bloodied tribes, because everybody else is going to be tainted, right? They're wanting a fresh neutral leader, and they found this in the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. And so this is, as you said, gift to the Prophet. So some of the miracles that Allah azzawajal chose Medina for and this is clearly a divine wisdom that's handled out of all of the tribes of Arabia, out of all of the places in the peninsula. The Prophet system had a direct blood connection with the people of Medina, clearly this is ruled by Allah. And he had no blood connection

00:46:26--> 00:47:07

with the people of Habesha, he had no blood connection with the people of Yemen, with the people of the niche, there's no connection, but a lot of chooses his place immigration to a land that he is actually related to, in fact, he is the second cousin of some of them. second cousin is not that far off, right? second cousin is not that far off how so go back to one of the early lectures that we gave. And we talked about the Prophet isms great grandfather, Hashem, the bundle Hashem, he is the bundle Hashem, right. The Prophet is a great grandfather was Hashem. And Hashem was a trader, a traveler, and he would go through Medina on his way to Syria. And one time when he went through

00:47:08--> 00:47:35

yesterday, of course, it was called yesterday about the time, he saw a very energetic, dynamic, beautiful lady called Salma, who was a business lady. And she was a very strong personality lady as well. In fact, it is said she would marry and divorced men of her choice, not the other way around. Right. That's how strong personality she was. And she was the daughter of the chieftain, so that gave her that independence. She was the daughter of the chieftain. And so

00:47:36--> 00:48:13

when he was in the marketplace, he was attracted to this lady. And he found out that she's single, she has been divorced a number of times, she's now single. So he sends a proposal through her father, she lays the condition down, because she is the she is the Mashallah that type of lady. She's like, I'm going to stay here. And any children we have, we're going to be with me. And I'm not gonna give any of my business, entrepreneurship up, I'm still going to remain who I am, right, I'm going to be who I am, I'm not going to become a housewife, I'm going to become a, I'm going to remain a business lady, right. And so Hashem agreed to this. And it is said that he they were only

00:48:13--> 00:48:49

able to be together for a short period of time, because then he died and actually died in the hospital, believe it or not, and fell asleep. He died. And, of course, but at that time was there was Roman Empire. He was traveling and trading over there. So Selma is pregnant with his son. And she didn't tell the courage that she's pregnant, because she wants to keep the child. The son is born. He has a white streak on his head. So he called he is called shaybah. He is called shaybah. And he grows up in the forests have no idea that there's a sun that belongs to them, because she didn't tell she's again, independent minded. Finally, when somebody finds out, they're going

00:48:49--> 00:49:23

through, and they look at this guy, and this, this is not his features are all crushy his features are all and they can tell this right? So he asks this, this boy who is your Father, and the Father, of course, he knows who his father is. He's proud because his father is Hashem the leader of the college, whatnot. So he said, My father is Hashem, you know, have the courage instantaneously, he goes back and tells the police do you know, you have a son over there you have somebody. So immediately, I'll move. The brother of Hashem secretly goes in, finds the kid and convinces him to come back with him. Basically, you can say the type of kidnapping but it's a voluntary kidnapping,

00:49:23--> 00:49:58

because he bribes the kid, that you're the son of a chieftain, you're going to come back, this is going to happen, that's going to happen, you can stay here and you know, give up a future. And the kid was probably 1213 years old at the time of their mobile, of course, had a shaver and so he is seduced by these talk of grandeur and majesty, which would all come true By the way, which would all come true. And so Hashem sorry omotola puts them on his on his camel and quickly rides away without telling someone because there are as you know, what would have happened if the mother found out so they go back to the garage and when they enter the garage, ask Who is this kid? Is he or slave that

00:49:58--> 00:49:59

you purchased and he doesn't want to say anything?

00:50:00--> 00:50:07

He's worried about the news spreading back. So he remains quiet. So shava is called Abdullah metallic. And who is

00:50:08--> 00:50:35

the grandfather of the Prophet? So So? Is this not a divine miracle that the grandfather of the Prophet system is raised and yesterday, right, the very streets, they're very houses that the profitsystem is going to be living in basically, right? His grandfather has seen them live and live there. I mean, is this out of all the cities in Arabian peninsula? Allah is planning and he loves plan is working through history, right? There's no question about it. So I'm done with buddy was raised in Medina until he's a teenager.

00:50:36--> 00:51:19

And his relatives are still there. And of course, Selma is from the tribe of new ideas in the jar from the Hudson Raj, from the has Raj, and therefore, the prophet system is a second cousin to the husband, because his grandfather, his grandfather's mother, is 100 Raji, right, his great grandmother, his grandfather's mother, and you need to understand the Arabs memorize their lineage inside out, they knew every ancestor for 20 generations, this was how they work. And the Prophet system to them was not a stranger. He was a second cousin. He was somebody related. Now, to be frank here, somebody related to a female is not the same as a male for that culture, even in Islamic law,

00:51:19--> 00:51:22

right? nonetheless, it is a relation.

00:51:23--> 00:51:47

So they considered it to be a while, the relation to the mother, right? Not like the Imam which is a much stronger bond, but it's not as if so this is why somebody might say, why would the husband choose the Prophet system when he's a stranger? Well, he's not quite a stranger. He is blood in the end of the day, he is blood and they know this. And in fact, when the process of did migrate to Medina, it's not a coincidence. He stayed in the house of who this house did you stay in?

00:51:48--> 00:52:34

Whose house did he stay in? Have you been sorry, who is from the bunny it been a job of what you thought he is his closest relative of the unsolved it's not a coincidence. I mean, that's exactly the point that he is staying in a relative's house. It is his relative also of the reasons that Allah subhana wa Tada. Again, we we can assume and Allah knows best chose the city of yesterday was that the the people of yesterday, the people of yesterday, the Arabs of ye through the ocean, the hozelock the Arabs have yet to live with the US and the Hassan and they were descendants of Baton and Katana go back all the way to my second lecture. Of course, everyone has remembered everything

00:52:34--> 00:53:12

about the genealogies the Arabs, and I don't need to quiz you right? You all have completely memorized this right? And so, let me actually quiz you who are the two main progenitors of the Arabs that Mashallah see some of the sisters do remember? Mashallah. And none of the brothers or any. Do you remember Marshall? Okay. One brother also remembers him did Pathan and Adnan Vaughn and Adnan Bhutan are the Yemeni Arabs and Adnan are the Hejazi Arabs, very simplistic, right? These were the two main tribes and there was still tension between them. There was still, you know, a little bit of civil issues and whatnot, skirmishes. Now, again, it's not a coincidence, you know, clearly,

00:53:13--> 00:53:17

Tani and adnani are merging together to form the new Islamic State.

00:53:18--> 00:53:36

So paddled out of all of the local tribes, they were all at none other than the US and the hostage. Again, it's not a lot has plan. Allah has a plan that he is putting in place, right? The surrounding tribes of the orange were all identical, except for the ostrich. They were caught on.

00:53:38--> 00:53:48

And so in the early Islamic State, for the nanny and the katanas to come together, nobody could oppose them on nationalistic grounds anymore.

00:53:49--> 00:54:33

Nobody could oppose the Muslims on nationalistic ethnic grounds because they're both Adnan and katan. And this is a sign of what's going to happen that Islam will come to obliterate these ethnic differences. Islam will come to get rid of this tribalism. And, of course, the Pathan is the there's also benefits of this as well. And I mentioned this before the Prophet system praise the people of Yemen. And also hundreds are Yemenite and the Prophet system said al hikma to Yemen in will Emanuel Yama nia. Wisdom is Germany and Eman is Yemeni beautiful Hadith and hikma to your man in what amount of money that the Yemeni people are good people. They MMA people are wise people. They're faithful

00:54:33--> 00:55:00

people. They're loyal people and will lie This is so true that our Yemeni brothers Mashallah they really are humble, nice, gentle brothers. We all know this and the process of them praise them, you know, 14 centuries ago, and these are the unsung because they are Yemeni in their blood. They are originally Yemeni. One final point I know I'm getting a little bit late. We cannot really talk about this in detail, but the the unique combination of the Yahoo

00:55:00--> 00:55:19

And the Arabs in the strip was very necessary as well. And it has, of course, some cons came out of it, as you know, of the presence of the hood. But there were also many benefits that came out as well. And of the greatest benefits. And we mentioned this two, three weeks ago, the house and the hustle Raj

00:55:21--> 00:55:50

had rubbed shoulders with a monotheistic people for two centuries. And they're familiar with the concept of profits, the concept of a book, the concept of a shared era. And the who would have always been flouting it in their face that we're better than you, because we have all of these things, right. And the table was flipped against them. Because this arrogance served to empower the unsolved the most and the hustlers to embrace the truth when they saw it.

00:55:51--> 00:56:26

That they were flouting their arrogance. And the also the hustlers realized that it does make sense to have a shediac it does make sense that Allah says profit. But as you know, that religion doesn't want converts, right? It's not a it's not a University of religion, it is a localized it is an ethnic religion. So the ocean hazard cannot convert to the faith. But they know the truths of the faith for two centuries has been being robbed in their faces, basically. Right? And so when the truth comes, the people who are waiting for it rejected and the people who weren't expecting it, no, it's the truth and accepted you understand this point, right? They all send the hundreds, therefore

00:56:26--> 00:56:56

accepted, and the interactions of the hood as well have a lot of positives. And also some negatives came out of it as well. We'll talk in Charlotte next week about where did these Jewish tribes come from? It's a very, very important question, which has many different theories. Question is very interesting. In the middle of the Arabian Peninsula, where did these Jewish tribes come from? Where are they? What is their origin? What were they doing there? I mean, the centers of Judaism are, you know, the Babylon and

00:56:57--> 00:57:24

Jerusalem before the expulsion after the expulsion, they go to so many different places. They were in Baghdad, in Iraq, what are they doing here, in the center of the Arabian Peninsula. There are a number of theories out there. And we'll talk about the Michelle law next week, along with the relationship of the ocean hostage and the hood. And then we'll talk about the entering of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam into Medina, and start the new phase the Madani phase. Shallow, we have a few minutes left for questions. So there are any questions now. We can take the Michelle.

00:57:27--> 00:57:29

first hand, second hand, yes.

00:57:39--> 00:58:02

It is said that, because shaybah or Abdulmutallab have now become a young man, there's nothing much you could do. Because remember, you're independent when you reach puberty, and he had already reached puberty. Right. And he, basically now we don't know too much. But what we do know is that he reassured his mother that this is his choice. What can be done now is a man.

00:58:03--> 00:58:04


00:58:06--> 00:58:30

Basically, we assured his mother that this is now my choice. Now. I want to be here, basically, right? Now, when he's a young man, what are you going to do? Now? This is just the reality of life in our times when a 25 year old wants to do something, what is the father going to do? Some of us face that problem already, right? It's just the reality of life. So in those days, he's now a young man, he can make his choice. And he did make his choice and he remained where he was this structure

00:58:32--> 00:58:33

that he knew about

00:58:37--> 00:58:39

as far as the leader is concerned, he did not

00:58:46--> 00:59:25

he did travel to Medina, we said as he was shown the date for free. So this is something he was five years old when he went to Medina. He was five years old. And he only visited at once, perhaps for a few weeks. And again, why did Amina take him to Medina to visit his second cousins to visit the extended a while because the Arabs did have this concept of family extended family. So the only reason Amina travelled all the way to yesterday is to allow the process and to see some of his you know, fellow, you know, second, third cousins if you like. And then on the way back, I'm in a passed away. So when the Prophet system was showing the city he clearly did not recognize it. This is not

00:59:25--> 00:59:26

then part of the the

00:59:28--> 01:00:00

Prophet was a traitor. No, Medina was not either favorite. She thought it was safe. Medina was a stopping point when they would go to Syria. He traveled as a trader, that's what he did. He traveled this route as a trader, if you remember back when we talked about the incident of behavior of the monk, we said that there is very problematic and it is very likely that the process have never traveled as a trader. Right? So if the story is not authentic, the only time therefore he might he would have gone to Medina is one

01:00:00--> 01:00:04

He was five years old. Okay. Question from the sisters. Yes, good

01:00:11--> 01:00:12


01:00:16--> 01:00:22

So, obviously, there are a number of exceptions of the exceptions is allowable for the process that have said

01:00:24--> 01:01:08

it is not allowed to pluck any leaves are busted Yasuda make an exception for it allow us this one tree, at least an invalid because it has so many benefits. And they use it for a number of things. So the profitsystem said it Okay, well allow you to plug in. Also the scholars say this does not apply to trees planted by humans for cultivation, this applies to natural trees. Right? So farmers are not prevented from plucking their crops. Again, I mean, I'm not giving the fifth class so I just glazed over these rules, farmers are not prevented from plucking their own fruits, because how else are you going to live, right, but natural vegetation is protected. Also, when there is a need or a

01:01:08--> 01:01:45

necessity to do it, then the scholars allow it to be done. So for example, the prophet system when he was building the mosque, he had to cut the date pumps to build it. So anytime you need to construct something, there's a legitimate reason to do it. So this is considered to be a necessity in order to cut it off. So the point being that when there is a need, then you may carry weapons. So the guards of the house don't carry weapons, they have guns, you know, and for good reason they have guns because there have been attempts to you know, do strange things in America, we want them to be protecting the garden, you know, so they're allowed to carry weapons, this is an exception to the

01:01:45--> 01:02:06

rule. So the same applies when you need to construct something, that for legitimate reasons you may pluck you may destroy the trees, you may cut it off, as I said the profitsystem himself had trees cut off when he was building his own Masjid, even though he calls Medina Haram. So construction is a necessity that allows trees to be blocked and other reasons as well. Yes.

01:02:07--> 01:02:08

At least

01:02:10--> 01:02:11

for the United States,

01:02:18--> 01:02:57

there is a tradition that is close to being fabricated. It's one level above fabric. The question is this notion of praying 40 prayers, Chinese namazi for eight days, where does this come from? And the response is there is a tradition reported in the Muslim devil Bazaar, which is a very obscure word relatively speaking, meaning it's one of the more tertiary books of Hadith. And it is almost fabricated, if not fabricated, it is almost fabricated. And it mentions this tradition of whoever prays 40 Salawat with duckbill to the heroine in Medina will be saved from the fact having said this.

01:02:58--> 01:03:02

There's nothing wrong with praying 40 prayers in Medina, which was very good.

01:03:03--> 01:03:23

So this is one of those things that we should be a little bit wise about. There's nothing from the Sunnah to stay for eight days and pray all 40 prayers, but if somebody is doing it, yeah, and what are we going to say? I mean, you know, okay, hamdulillah he's in Medina doing this, but our scholars do point out that if you have

01:03:24--> 01:04:10

so many days to spend, do realize that a prayer in Makkah is worth 100,000 whereas in Medina is 1000. Our scholars have said this very clearly that Mecca is 100,000 and Medina is 1000 so the emphasis should be on maca for this reason. And visiting Medina is a very big blessing. And it's a very, you know, important thing, but it is not a token of our religion. Unlike maca it is a pillar of our religion if you can afford to correct right, visiting Makkah is a pillar if you're able to do it, you cannot do Hajj without visiting Mk. Now we will say it is not proper that you go all the way to Makkah and then don't go to Medina. Nonetheless, if somebody were to do this, there is no sin.

01:04:10--> 01:04:36

And there are people who can only let's say go for eight days for Hajj six days for Hajj right. There are people that many people like this and if they can only get this package that okay we can only go for Mecca do the five day hygiene come back they have done the 30th of Hajj we will all agree to this right not very good that they didn't go to Medina but there's no sin at the same time. So visiting Mecca is a pillar of our religion if we can afford it, and visiting Medina is very strongly encouraged and recommended. Okay, yes squid.

01:04:44--> 01:04:47

The boundary of maca is more difficult.

01:04:48--> 01:04:59

And it's something that bad In fact, to be honest, both boundaries, realize that geographical surveys are a modern phenomenon. Right and to have you know, sad

01:05:00--> 01:05:41

Like maps or Google Earth where we could draw a line. So with such precision, it's a modern notion in the time of the process of it was vague areas. Right? And therefore, even if you go for to hedge, for example, there's a sign that says was Delica stops here, a minute begins here, right? And our scholars say that even if you're within visual sight of that sign on the other side of the sign, this is something overlooked, because these are generic regions, right? So if the sign is right here, and then you're two feet away, it's not as if you're outside of Mina, because this is a generic region, right? Now, if you're, you know, half a mile away, oh, no, that's not good. But if

01:05:41--> 01:06:17

you're 510 feet away, and that this is not, this is not a theoretical scenario. In was Delhi, for example, many times you try to find a place to sleep, you know, this personally, maybe first night, I have many times this has happened, you don't find a place. And as soon as you get to the sign, it's dead empty. Right? There is no sin at all for you to sit right outside the sign of the sign is right here and you're sitting here, not at all because the process of didn't draw a line in the sand. You see my point here, right, so that's one point. The same applies for the atom. So the madonie huddle is demarcated clearly more clearly than the mucky heroin and the madonie heroin, the

01:06:17--> 01:06:18

provinces that have said

01:06:20--> 01:07:06

Medina to heroin, Medina, Eden Isla Sol, and another headed for heroin been a lab data. So lab data means the two volcanic plains of Eastern West and I thought our north and south small mountains, and I it is a mountain behind offered and fold is a mountain on the other side, small mountains. So the profits are some clearly demarcated four points, the two labas east and west and Idaho north and south. Right. And so, from this modern scholars, in fact, there was a survey done in the previous generation amongst my teachers in Medina, in the 1970s, in the 1970s. And I read their survey myself, when I was in Medina, they did a survey where they tried to form a type of more precise

01:07:06--> 01:07:31

boundary. And they have they have their conclusion, which is then the official Saudi government position. Now, based on this, but again, imagine the process of gave you four points, how are you going to connect the dots right. So there is an element of vagueness. And then there is you have a general limit. So behind the hood is not Medina, from Ohio to the Harlem is Medina, between the two planes is Medina like this. Okay.

01:07:36--> 01:07:38

One mile away

01:07:39--> 01:07:40

from the

01:07:41--> 01:07:41


01:07:43--> 01:07:44


01:07:49--> 01:07:53

You are asking very deep questions. You don't realize the profundity of them I think,

01:07:55--> 01:07:57

very well. This is the final question. This is a deep question.

01:07:58--> 01:08:01

Medina so let's start with Medina. Medina.

01:08:03--> 01:08:09

in Medina, the reward of 1000 prayers is restricted to the masjid.

01:08:11--> 01:08:32

The reward of 1000 is restricted to the masjid not donalda A lot of people think only the robot has 1000 notes, the entire message will be 1000 right. And if the message is expanded beyond what it is now, it will be in that expansion. When the rumor was the first person to expand the messenger was or would have been hooked up.

01:08:33--> 01:08:36

And he saw some people hesitate to pray in the extension.

01:08:38--> 01:08:44

He saw some people hesitate to pray the extension and he said well law he it will be the masjid even if it goes to

01:08:46--> 01:09:23

labor to deliver is the mill court if I expand it that is the message. So from this the scholars say whatever is the physical message of the Prophet system at the current time that will be the 1000 reward. So if you pray in the furthermost corner of the masjid, you will get 1000 and if you pray and soften over you will get 1000 but you will get more for being in suffering a word but the 1000 will be this correct. Rhoda has blessings separate from this now, your question about MK is a profound one Why? Because there is a classical data from the time of the Sahaba regarding

01:09:24--> 01:09:28

what is it mean to say a haram al McKee?

01:09:30--> 01:09:40

Does it mean the masjid only or does it mean the Haram ie the Haram Haram. Do you understand this point? The 50 haram right

01:09:41--> 01:09:59

within within the boundaries within the boundaries, right? This is an initiative that goes back to the taboo taboo taboo goes back to the earliest of times. And they both have their evidences, they both have the evidences. So for example, we just talked about our marriage right

01:10:00--> 01:10:20

Sahih Bukhari tells us that the Prophet system was in his house because in his house, his house was outside the masjid. Correct. Allah says in the Quran to handle it as Robbie Abdi he Laila minal masjidul how long he then Masjid. So Allah called his house masjidul. How long?

01:10:22--> 01:10:32

And that's one of the evidence that the slightly the majority, it's a 5050 split, maybe one of the evidences that is used to say that all of Mecca is the blessing.

01:10:34--> 01:11:03

And it's not just the masjid around the Kaaba, right? That's one opinion. And another opinion is that no, it is the masjid and the congregation of the masjid. Right. And to be honest, he lived there for 10 years and I was not able to find an opinion that made sense to me both have very strong evidences, but it happened to do that when I went to Morocco was printing the home so I never had to worry about this issue is like you know, who would go to MCC and then go a mile away to pray. You say it's

01:11:06--> 01:11:47

our will in the Hajj time. If the congregation is connected to the hotel places, then it will count as the congregation of the cabin. So we don't have to worry about this. We're asking about the other massages in Makkah, will you get the 100,000 reward or not? And many scholars say yes, all of the harem of maca is the 1000 100,000 and many say it is only that Masjid but for us and hamdulillah when we go there we don't have to worry about this the people of Mecca can debate and of course they prefer the other opinion obviously right but for us we don't have to worry about this because we always pray inshallah in the the center held on which is the most shallow we will continue next

01:11:47--> 01:11:49

Wednesday any announcements Dinesh

01:11:51--> 01:11:54

what one final question go ahead

01:12:03--> 01:12:03

and cover

01:12:05--> 01:12:11

the profit systems due to in front of the Grey's was very authentically reported.

01:12:12--> 01:12:44

I sent out why the alma mater Muslim woman shall become law upon us Hola, hola, Hola, como, La Jolla. And other two as are mentioned, the prophets are symptoms drawers are numerous in front of the grave. And we mentioned before two weeks ago was it about the issue of reading Koran and whatnot? It has never been narrated that the Prophet says him would read Fatiha in front of the grave or do anything like this. So we should stick to the sooner it is better and make the draws of the prophets of Allah azza wa jal knows best inshallah with this we will conclude and continue next Wednesday chauvinist