‘I Am Doubting Allah’s Existence’

Abdul Wahab Saleem


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Panel Discussion Bilal Philips & Abdul Wahab Saleem

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tvr network presents

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inspired 2015.

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To Bilal, this is very important question. And I believe many of our youth youngsters are falling into this

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trap nowadays. The question says, I don't know why I have these certain doubts about Allah subhanho wa Taala. Even though I know that I shouldn't have these doubts as a Mormon and as a Muslim, it is really? Is it really what I thought for me? Or is it only from shaitan? What should I do when I have these doubts?

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How to prevent myself from falling into doubting Alice Clinton.

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No doubt,

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the doubt is from shaper.

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We don't have any

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idea, you don't want to develop the idea that it's from any other source, which will give it a reality.

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shaytaan doesn't want you to believe that his commitment to misguide you, so he will be busy.

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Either as whisperings that come into your head,

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or through your friends, through the media, it's coming from many, many different angles.

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Those who end up studying in the sciences, university, etc, they will get a full head on attack

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with doubts about the law.

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So where do we go? What do we do to remove these doubts?

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On one hand,

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you need to increase your own knowledge about a law.

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so that it becomes clear to you

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that believing in a law

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is the natural way,

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all of the world

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from one end to the other, believes in God. Those who don't believe in God, are a very small minority. They may be very vocal. And that's why doubts circulate. But the reality is that the majority of people on the face of the earth and as far back as we know, in history, all research shows everybody believed in God.

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And actually, that from a an anthropological perspective, where anthropologists and psychologists and others debate about what is natural, and what is learned of us and our ideas and are

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what is learned, is what we learned from the society we are in

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were told how to sleep, how to eat, how to walk,

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society teaches us that

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they need to eat this is natural, the need to walk is natural.

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Similarly, so what they said was

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what is from society varies from culture to culture, you go around the different cultures, you'll find some people do it, some people don't do it, so and so. Whereas what is natural, meaning you're born with it is what is everywhere, everywhere people sleep. Now, they may sleep in different ways. But everybody sleeps.

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So, when we look at the issue of belief in God, and we see it everywhere, then this is telling us it is natural. We are born with it.

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shaitan shaytaan may distort how we apply that natural belief and so we ended up worshipping a variety of different things. But the basic belief in God is natural because God has placed it within us. And this is what the prophet SAW Solomon said kulu ma luden EULA do lol fitrah every child is born with that natural belief in God. So that which you have

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Which doubts are being raised about is from Allah.

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That basic belief is correct. And that's why everybody everywhere believes.

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So if you reflect on that, I think that can help to

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remove your doubts. And

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what you can do also, is be around those people whose

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faith is firm.

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If your friends are those who have shaky faith,

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they're always talking and questioning and so on. So then that's not good for you. And apart from Solomon said, choose your friends well, because you will be raised on the Day of Judgment with your friends. So if they're doubtful about God,

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you will share you will do you know, Allah, Allah, Dini Khalili, as the prophet SAW, Selim also said, a person will be following the religion of his best friends.

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So if that's what your friends are about, you need to change your friends.

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If the places that you hang out in the clubs, or the whatever, that's a lot of talk, you need to leave those and go to ones where they're talking about a law. So your environment can be the tool by which shaytaan puts doubts in your mind. So be careful about who you spend your time with, what you are reading, who are your best friends, etc. But no, believe in God is true. And that's why everybody everywhere, at every time, believes in God.

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I just like to add to what she was saying.

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A Hadith that comes to mind in this particular regard.

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And it's a hadith graded hesson by the scholars of the sciences of Hadith

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is where the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam he said, the effect guru, Fie Allah Allah, while at the factory Villa that think about the bounties of Allah subhanahu wa taala. And do not necessarily sit there and try to ponder and conceptualize Allah subhana wa Tada, because this one will leave you at times to disbelieve, because shavon comes to a man. And he says, this was created by this person, and that person came into existence on this date, and that person came into existence on this date, and the creation was created. And then who created a loss of data. And hence, this belief occurs within the person's heart. But as I said, Before, I will go back to that,

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again, we are living in a time, where we are used to empirical evidence, everything needs to be tried and tested. And for us to believe we need to try and test. And this is not necessarily the accurate way of going about things. Because if we be real with ourselves, there's many, many things we just know, and take for granted, even within what we know today is modern science. Not every single person that goes to a science school tries and tests everything. That's the reality. We take many facts as just facts and move on with life, right? So not everything will you be able to try and test and definitely not something that is above the human capacity above the human mind. So we have

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to then go to the source, we have to then go to divine guidance to figure out how we can treat this. And this treatment is fine found within the Quran again and again, this tendency of doubt, Allah has given us the treatment of this in the Koran many, many times. And the treatment of that is that we look at the creation of Allah subhana wa tada we look at the creation of Allah subhanho wa Taala and ponder this creation. And when we see the perfection at times, and the imperfection at times, all of these will slowly but surely become reasons for us to accept the fact that there must be someone behind all of this and this to some is known as the idea of the intelligent designer, right, some

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who like to disbelieve in a law as a lot they will say, There's someone behind this, but we have no idea who is the one that is orchestrating all of this. So if you are at times falling within doubt, I tell you one of the beautiful keys that we find within the Quran is to look at the existence around you and think about this existence and ponder this existence and how this is distance could have never ever come into existence. Except if there was someone behind all of this. It can't be a chance

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Factor oshi Allah Illa think about the bounties and the perfection of those bounties of Allah subhana wa Tada. And that's why whenever allow us to remind you of himself, what does he say? Enough? He helped us somehow it was, indeed in the creation of the heavens and the earth.

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Was he in forsaken? And in your souls? Do you not think as well in your bodies, you see signs, if you have a vein running within your body that's miles long, and you're not even a few feet? What do you think this is a sign of, and the signs will continue and continue and continue? And I have tried this, by the way, in many, many gatherings I have went to I would say that look, if you go to that area, which is 400 kilometers away from you, have you ever pondered at the beauty of this particular area? And many would say, Yes, we have. Did you at not, at that point not not truly understand that this perfection couldn't have come? Except because there was someone perfect and make it? And

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naturally, almost everyone would response? Yes. But I said when you move away from there, you don't feel that same feeling. Why? Because the Allah subhanho wa Taala has put the key of belief within his creation and for us to ponder this beauty and nature and for us to ponder the existence of everything around us, I asked Allah subhanho wa Taala, to strengthen our belief, and I'll tell you one more thing. And that is a loss of Hannah with Allah says to us in the Quran, a dino Serato mustafi guidance to the straight path. This is a guidance that is asked by me, this is a guidance that is asked by everyone on this panel, this is a guidance that is asked by all of us in this in

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this stadium over here, this is a guidance that is asked by people before after Muslim non Muslim. So this is a guidance that all of us need. All of us need this guidance. And when Allah subhana wa Taala was asked of his guidance on the very, very next page, he says that he Calcutta that is the book, this is the book.

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It has no doubts within it. So if you're having a doubt, then Believe me, your key to correcting those doubts is looking within the looking within yourself. Now you Buffy who de Lille moutain. It is a guidance for those who adopt piety, but one may say well, when I look into the Koran, okay, when I look to the Koran, I find within it a problem over here, or some orientalist had said that there's a problem in this particular Ayah or that one or the other, and then now she will come. And He will give His responses to each one of them and everything has been responded to already. It's done in over. But still, this doubt is costed within a person's mind. Right? So what do we do? What

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do we do?

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What we do is the following. When Allah subhana wa Tada. He had told us in the Koran to ponder this book, he told us two things very, very important and very crucial. Allah subhanho wa Taala. First and foremost, he said, Leah, who is it? It's a book I've revealed, so that they may ponder its verses. And when he said it, he, what he did is he brought us the plural form, number one, and then he attached it to a pronoun, which is going back to him. And this is how we derive generality within a word. So if this particular word is general, what it's rendering to us in meaning is that so that they may ponder every single one of its worst verses, and not just one verse by itself. If you pick

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things out of context, you'll find what you think to be a bit, apparently an error, but it's not. But if you look at the Koran from one cover to another cover, you will come up to a conclusion that there is no problems within it. And just yesterday, she was telling us a beautiful story of a man who once was a missionary when he started reading the Koran. By the end of the read of the Quran, he accepted Islam and then he became a color to the deen of Allah subhana wa Tada. So if you read the Koran, from a coverage to another cover, you'll find that the belief will become strengthen if you ponder all of that. Number two, the other thing Allah subhanho wa Taala says in this verse, Allah

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says, Well, he attended cara, Alba, and also so that those people who have a look, so those people who have an intellect, they may come to an understanding with this book, they may be able to gain guidance from this book, they may be able to do that code, which basically comes out to me gain guidance from this book. Now, the question is, what is a loop?

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What is a loop, you see a loss of data. He uses the word occult in the Quran, but only in a verbal form. But Allah subhanho wa Taala doesn't use the word open in the Quran in a noun form. But Allah uses the word loop in the Quran, in a noun form, and the reason for that is because there's a difference between Aachen and Luke even though both of them come out to mean intellect and aka is at times and intellect which has been tainted with preconceptions you have an ideology already, and then you're coming into the Quran and looking at it with that particular mindset already proposed within your mind already established within

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Your mind as for a loop, it's a type of mind which has been purified and cleansed of any preconceptions and any ideas beforehand. So when you go into the Koran do two things. You look at the Quran cover to cover and don't pick out verses alone and then you will find that this book has no doubts within it. Number two, you look at the Quran without any preconceptions, anything you would have been heard in terms of belief or disbelief or this or that or the other you throw that out. You start reading the Koran but isn't it light Allah very swiftly and softly you will come into belief. I asked Allah subhana wa tada to strengthen mine and yours and I asked Allah subhana wa tada

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to help us die on belief. Amin.

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