Abdullah Hakim Quick – Monday Night Halaqa #2

Abdullah Hakim Quick
AI: Summary © The importance of studying the internal issues that bring about the return of Islam is discussed, including the heart and its critical role in gaining wisdom and knowledge. The speakers stress the importance of pride in achieving healthy behavior and avoiding fearful behavior. They also touch on the topic of personal development and finding one's own values. The segment emphasizes the need for a strong heart to reverse mental health problems and achieve success in life.
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Will the gambling places the pubs, the brothels or prostitution? Continue and open back up?

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Will the interest prices go up? Will the rich continue to exploit the poor?

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What is important for us is not just the initial reaction to a sickness, but to look at why the sickness has hit us, and how to really protect ourselves from the major sicknesses of our lives. And that sickness as we have learned, especially as Muslims, because I believe that the Muslim Ummah has a key role to play, after the pandemic, and as we move toward the Day of Resurrection

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and that is the internal change. And Allah subhanaw taala has told us as we have learned in Surah, to rod in the law, how are you valued Omar, Bill Coleman, what are you hate Omar be unforeseen, Allah will not change the condition of a people until they change that which is in themselves.

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And so, while we are looking for an external solution, we have to also study the internal issues

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and that inshallah would take us to the issues that would bring about the real change that we need in our lives and in the world. And in looking at the inside, we recognize that our beloved Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, did not speak from himself. And in our authentic tradition, the prophets of Salaam is reported to have said in the law, now young guru Illa, had Sami comb, while our Illa has already come, will I can you undo Illa Kullu become maliko that Verily, Allah does not look at your bodies,

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nor your appearances, but he looks at your hearts and your deeds. So we see here that the term hot is being used, which of course is the inside.

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The Prophet peace be upon him also said at the end of a long tradition, we're in the field just at the mandala. e la sala had Salah has just a Dooku

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fest at that festival, just a Dooku Allah here, that barely in the body, there is a lump of flesh, which if it is in good repair, all the body will be in good condition, and which if it is corrupt, the whole body will be corrupted. Truly, it is the heart. And so we can see this word opening up and expanding. And the Prophet peace be upon him when asked by one of the companions about beers about righteousness. He said, it's definitely a callback, ask your heart.

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When the companions would line up for salaat, he would tell them shoulder to shoulder come close, so your hearts will not be divided.

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So if it was only the lump of flesh, it was only the physical thing. Then how would shoulder to shoulder be dividing up your hearts? How would a person ask guidance from something which is a mere physical organ?

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For more information on this more understanding, we turn to the book in the 22nd chapter. Very interesting. There's many places in the court and where the concept of cold or cold lube, the hearts is being mentioned. This is a very, very interesting idea in the 22nd chapter, and Allah is telling us

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follow me a seer who fill out today not travel through the land

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for takuna lavon Lubin Yaki Luna Bihar

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so their hearts made us learn wisdom. So now you get this concept of a person traveling through the land and their heart is going to gain wisdom. Now if the heart is only pumping flesh, then how can the heart be gaining wisdom when you're traveling to the to the land, then it continues on than on your smartphone or via

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and there is made us learn to hear now you can see that you're traveling in the land and hearing different things and experiencing so of course your hearing abilities are going to get better you'll be able to, to tune in, you know to the right issue in the right frequency. But then it ends in an amazing way and it tells us but in the holiday time absorbed while I can talk multiple lube allottee Festival. Truly, it is not their eyes that are blind, but as their hearts which are in the chests. So if the heart is just pumping flesh, how then can it be connected to gaining wisdom and knowledge? How then can can the heart actually be given this question?

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Quality of sight and spiritual sight, of course, obviously,

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because Allah saying that it's not the eyes that are blind. So So even though the person may actually be physically blind, but it is the hearts, which are in the chest, this is the key part of the body, which needs to be,

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have basura it needs to have the sight and the wisdom to continue on. So when we look at the heart, and we are looking at the internal Muslim, to find solutions to our ultimate problems of gaining the help of Allah subhanaw taala. Let's look physically at the heart, the heart has certain special qualities that we learned, number one, your cardiac cardiovascular system, in that one of the first two form as the child is forming in the embryo, it's the hot. So this is one of the crucial parts of being a human. And the heart cells form and the heart, it begins to pulsate. So they're literally moving. This is unlike any other part of the body. So that there is a motion that is going on, in

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the hottest Second Life to itself. No other cells have this life force, not even the brain. So the heart then, is literally pumping out life force to the rest of the body.

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The heart is 5000 times stronger than the brain.

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This is a very important concept. Because we used to think that the brain was the key issue, that the mind is like the hard drive, it is the computer, which is helping the body to function which is telling the heart what to do telling the hands, the abs, everything your computer controls, you know,

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the heart is 5000 times stronger than the brain.

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We also learn that the heart actually governs the body,

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that the heart has a brain of its own, an organized network of nerves and Plexi. Think about this, that the heart itself has got a brain. So the heart literally is a life organ pumping life. And it also has a type of intelligence. Because remember, there is IQ and there is EQ.

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IQ is your intelligence, that your hard drive EQ is your emotional intelligence. And so if a human being has lost the function of the brain, death, they can still be alive. Because what's pumping the life is the heart. And we have learned from the scholars that the heart is literally the door to the soul.

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So the heart is still pumping, the soul is still alive within that body. And then death comes about when the heart is giving up. And then the soul leaves. So every cell in the body is permeated with lifeforce from the heart. So it is the pumping of the heart. That is the engine that is really pushing the human being and what is important now that it's not just pumping the blood, like maybe the engine in a vehicle. But no, it has a brain.

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It is giving direction. It has wisdom, it has spiritual and physical sight.

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Another amazing finding by the scientist is that the electromagnetic field of the heart has been measured to be three to four feet from the body. So literally, there is a field surrounding us. And this type of light based energy is surrounding all individuals. And in a sense, emotions can affect the field. So somebody might come in your presence, and you might feel a type of fear. And you're not sure why just the human being, you look at the person, but you're feeling something negative.

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That is the energy, negative energy coming out of that individual to you. And people are in different levels of sensitivity. As far as that energy is concerned, or knowing the energy in the same way we're in. We're in different senses, it says levels in terms of use using our brains. And so the brain was so important that the ancient Egyptians actually knew about the brain. And remember that Allah has said prophets and messengers to all nations at all trapped. I was shocked when I found this information in ancient Egypt. It was that based upon my understanding from Islam, that the province will send them said in the mouth mouth

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Binette your deeds are based on your intentions, and everybody will get what they intend. And he said that the place of your intention is the heart against See, it's not just a physical thing pumping blood. You know, the the ancient Egyptian said, they said that when a person dies, there is a type of judgment that is going on. This is an ancient Sharia. This is knowledge coming from a prophet and showing them about the next life. And they said that, if the judgment if the heart is in one part of the scale, and it's heavier than a feather in sin, then that person is going to suffer in the next slide. So they're saying that you must have a clean heart when you are leaving this

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world. That's a very important concept. Remember it is that you must have a clean sound heart when you are leaving the world. But the heart itself, as the scholars have shown us, and referring to the great scholars the moment of azali for him or her la shirtless man, Dan fodio Rahim Allah was the great chef of the desert region of Africa, of northern Nigeria and the Sahara. And one of the great Maliki scholars in that part of the world.

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They looked at the heart, they looked at the internal person. And this is crucial for us, because, again, this is the spiritual plague on the inside, this is what we need to look at. It's very vital in the same way that we're trying to understand all of the issues, all of the ways to remain pure and clean sort of virus, which is a poison, this toxic vice virus doesn't enter into our body. Similarly, we need to look at what's happening inside of ourselves, so that the toxic virus spiritual virus does not come out of us. So this is a different concept now. But really, ultimately, especially for Muslims, this is the one which will make the difference. Because Allah said he will

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not change the condition of a people until they change that which is in themselves. And so the scholars and I found chuckles man Dan fodio Rahim Allah and His Kitab tuff Lika. In one of the many books that he wrote, he spoke about a murottal alcohol, what are the diseases of the heart and the scholars would look at the heart at you know, as this center, this spiritual center inside of every human being, and it has like a wall around it. It is protected

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by certain qualities that the person picks up and we learned about tawakkol depending on Allah, and taqwa. And we learned about RDA, being pleased with Allah subhanaw taala. We learned about Sabbath, there are so many good qualities that we are learning, which will strengthen the person from the inside. But there are also diseases of the heart.

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And those diseases include, as we understood keba, which is pride, and pride generally is dealing with something that is external, I'm proud of my color, I'm proud of my language, I'm proud of my people, my passport.

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It's something on the you know, on the outside. And the great scholars showed us that we need to deal with this pride because if you don't, we will fall into the category of a police to shake you out of the lab, who was so arrogant in front of Allah subhanaw taala, that he is cursed right straight to the Day of Judgment, and would be punished in the next life. So pride is a dangerous quality. And I believe in looking at the Muslim world. This is one of the key issues that we will have to face as an oma as a nation as we go on. Because pride when the person starts feeling that they're better than anybody else, it can lead to tribalism. My tribe is better than others, my race

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is better than others. And this is one of the big problems that we are facing. So in order to deal with this, there is a spiritual way

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to recognize that ultimately, Allah subhanaw taala is the one that controls life and death. And we start very simple as a simple piece of liquid. And we go to a clock, and we are very humble in the beginning. And we will leave this world in a humble way. And we will go back down into the ground in a humble way. So why are we proud?

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You can also fake pride in a in a physical way, by doing hard labor by not being so proud of our physical self and proud about our reputations. Another one of the diseases of the heart and these are all very important subjects that we need to look at in details. Is this caught up is the anger the anger emotions,

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Come out and when there's too much anger, then the person is in trouble. Because with too much anger, they lose control and they foam at the mouth and they strike and then they hit. If you have too little emotions, you can also be in trouble. Because Muslims will see their brothers and sisters suffering in the world and not feel any emotion.

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So what we need is arity down, we need a balanced form of emotion inside of us. And the scholars have shown us if you feeling this anger bubbling up, have you standing up, sit down. If you're sitting down, lay down. If that doesn't work, pour water on yourself. So there's many different solutions to this problem. The third is Hassan. And that is envy or jealousy. It's a terrible thing. Not that we would want something that somebody else has, if you want something that somebody has, that's okay. But when you hate the fact that they have it, that is the husband and the province are seldom said that the house has said it will burn up the good deeds of the person who has, so it will

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destroy the person who was hassid more than the Massoud. So the person who has it will get worse than the one that he's actually jealous of. The fourth one we want to look at, in very simple terminology, it's well known as react, and that is doing acts of worship, to be seen by people showing off in worship. This is a terrible thing. It's even classified as a, a minor form of shirk.

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The fifth one we want to look at tonight is our job and that is conceit. And that is a real disease of the heart. When the person feels that it's either my way or the highway.

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They are so conceited about themselves. They think that their opinion is the only right opinion, or their way is the only right way. This is a sickness

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in the heart of the individual, it can cloud up the decisions that they make, it can actually turn them from a humble good person into a really dangerous person. Because of their narrow mindedness and their stubbornness in dealing with other individuals. There is another category I wanted to enter into. And hopefully inshallah, going through the works of the scholars and looking at our lives, we can return at some point and look at these diseases in details. And if you have any text that can take you to it, then try to look at these diseases in detail. But there is something else which is extremely important for us to understand. And the the heart itself is being shown as this

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beautiful gem, which is inside of the individual, not just the physical heart, but the spiritual heart. Around this beautiful castle is a wall.

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And that wall is our protections of taqwa and tawakkol a law and patience, and ridurre being pleased with Allah, all these different good qualities that we have. But there is what is called modafinil, a police. There are entrances into the wall.

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Now this is a deep study that was done check with Amanda and folio, you'll follow him because Ali and others did an amazing study by Dr. Elise, what are the ways that the shaytaan can come into our heart. Now this is a person who was living

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hundreds of years ago. It is a person living in the 14th century. And but it's amazing how the words that he is saying how the scholars can maintain this prophetic tradition. And it is as though they're taking on that same prophetic knowledge that can talk to us, even though it is in the past. And so some of the issues here, I want you to think about these issues. Hopefully, inshallah, we can go into details into some of these issues, because it is really important. There are certain entrances, that the shaytaan where he had the villa has into our house. Number one,

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jealousy, and COVID pneus. Here's, and this is when we are jealous, we learn it's also a disease. But it's so important to deal with this, that he also considered it to be an entrance into the hots because how much does jealousy affect us and have an impact upon our lives when we are dealing with each other. Another one of these medallion is not only uncontrolled anger, but it is desirous so is the desires that people have in this world. We have physical desires. We have emotional desires. It's like a whole lot

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And if we don't control our desires, then literally we can be trapped by them. And the desires will make more of a decision than our hearts and our minds. And that's why there's some dangerous posters that have been given to the younger generation. I remember even years ago, and up until now, the Nike year when they said, just do it,

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just do it.

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And another one, they said, obey your thirst. Instead of saying obey a law, saying obey your thirst, and then drink this sprite, or drink this Coca Cola. So desires when they're uncontrolled. And of course, the anger there actually entrances into the heart. It's not just the disease, but it is an entrance with the shade toggle. Yeah, the villa can come into the heart of the individuals. Another one is greed, and ambition.

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And the greed, which is a Tama, look at the world today, the rich are getting smaller in number. It is it is the greed for materials, which is now making a major change. And we see the poor people and what is happening to them and a few individuals controlling billions and billions of dollars. This greed is taking over this whole world. But ambition is something to think about. It's one thing if we have the feeling to get up in the morning and to do work and to study, and we have good healthy ambition. But it's that ambition, when you continue to want to be better than your brother and sister. And where you want to go to the top and you will do anything to be president, you will do

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anything to be the leader, or be or to be the one who gets the price. So when this ambition gets distorted, that this is an entrance, literally, that the shape time Will he ever be law can have to enter into our hearts and cause confusion.

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The fourth one is excessive love, of food, and drink.

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It's natural for us to love food and drink in the sense that this is our sustenance in this life, but excessive love, where the person doesn't just Eat to Live, he lives to eat. And there's a difference between it. And Chateau Ramadan coming to us close, inshallah is the time when we should gain control over our desire, our love for food and drink. But for some people, and this is the cultural people, this is where this year is going to be different. Because there's not going to be any major if tasks. There's not going to be restaurants crowded here with people getting the most sumptuous foods. This time, we need to be controlled and with our families. And so this will help us

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to regulate ourselves. And this is one of the beauties in the month of Ramadan

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to give us that balance that we need. So when it goes out of control, this is literally where the devil can come into our hearts and destroy our lives. Another is haste. Now look at these points. This is like he's talking to us.

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The shack said haste, a la jolla

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accepting necessary acts of worship. And the prophet SAW Selim actually said allegedly administrator that haste is from the devil.

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And so we need to think about issues before we jump into young people, especially males, they want to get married, and they just rush into the marriage. They don't think about it. The young sister wants to get married to the young brother, or older. And then she says I love him. He's got a nice curl in his hair. He's got beautiful eyes, but then the father steps in the world he steps in and he says to the Brother, do you have a job? Because how you gonna be calm? How are you going to provide and and that's critical you need to think of all the different qualities is that individual suitable for the marriage. But the shakra Hema hola you said this there is one case where you can be in haste

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and that is in worship, unnecessary acts of worship. For instance, if you have Azad Baba healer, you have the ability to make hedge that make that hard. Don't wait until you're 50 6070 years old. Make it when you if you hear the other than if select comes in, make this a lot.

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The other point is wealth. And this is something very important issue. If wealth exceeds the basics, we need a certain amount of wealth to survive to live comfortably in this world. There's nothing wrong with that. We need a certain amount of

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In order to protect us, but when it exceeds the basics when we start hoarding, wealth hoarding, so we have so much more than we actually need to live a decent life in this world, then the wealth allow can actually be a killer to us. And the parents are seldom said in the legal likoma fitna, while fitna to Almighty amount, every nation has a trial and test and the trial and test of my nation as well. And we can see it happening with some nations that have the strongest economies. They are more wealthy than any other people in the world, per capita. And then there are other Muslim countries that are the poorest. And this is a big test. Remember, when that wealth exceeds,

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it becomes a medical entrance for the evil one into our hearts. The next point is, and this is interesting point. And I was shocked when I read this of a person in the 14th century. He said fanaticism in the mouth hab the school of thought and following whims. And what was happening is that there was a book of al Qaeda in the Sahel region. And this book of al Qaeda was the Arpita, a sentencia. It was done by the senussi movement. And it was a book of Islamic beliefs. And people were taking this and they were becoming fanatical with it. And they wouldn't accept other Muslims. On their basic it's not they start questioning their concept, whereas a lot

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what is your concept of the Hereafter, they will start questioning even though the person might be humble and simple and need direction. And they would judge the person based upon the answer, and it caused extremism. We are facing the same today.

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We are some of our scholars and young people, students of knowledge, are more involved in Joshua tideal. They are more involved in criticizing other people, then they are in using their Islamic knowledge to better themselves and to better the world around it. So our tasks sub fanaticism, keep that in your mind. That can be an entrance of the shaytaan into our hearts. And we see what fanaticism has done in our communities over the last few years. Another one which comes out of this is hatred and contempt. For those who disagree.

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This is like it's talking to us directly. Because some Muslims will find that another group of Muslims are 90% the same? Well, 95 they basically pray the same. They believe in Allah. They fast and Ramadan that gives a cat they go to Hajj. But because there is some slight difference in their philosophy, or slight difference in some of their movements in prayer, a slight difference in their orientation to Islam. The other group hates them, and looks down upon them just because of the disagreement. And this is a major mistake, because the companions of Prophet Muhammad so seldom have disagreements, but yet they were able to stay together as one SFX. One line, the great orlimar of

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Islam disagreed with each other, but they still loved each other. It is reported that he mama Shafi Rahim Allah, the great Imam who gave one of the most beautiful schools of thought he was traveling in Baghdad. And he went to the masjid of Abu hanifa Rahim Allah, the great email of that area. And one of the four Grady mops, it was fudger prayer. And normally the Sharpies will do drop a note in fashion, and they asked the mama Shafi naturally, can you lead a lot? So he led a lot and he did not read to Auckland. And afterwards the people, especially that the Shafi you don't follow is the extreme ones. They said Imam, why didn't you read the afternoon, he said, because I respect him Abu

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hanifa his position.

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I love him and I respect him. So I didn't do it. So in other words, they agreed to disagree. And sometimes that can be more than one solution to a problem. And that's really important for Muslims today. But even if we disagree with each other, we still maintain love in our hearts. And we try to solve these problems, especially minor problems, so that they don't become major problems. And remember the mud, that the shape time will not enter into our hearts. The next one, and again, this is an issue that happened in the desert, but it's the same thing happening to us today. burdening the common people with pondering about the essence of

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descriptions of Allah subhanaw taala more than necessary. And again, this is Al Qaeda, going into the subject of al Qaeda, and burdening people with this, literally burdening our common people who are not studying books of our key there. And books are philosophy. Why burden the common people teach the common people with love. This is important because when we start to do this, to say toggle, he has to be level enter into our hearts will corrupt us, and will literally cause a confusion. Remember what the prophet said, if your heart is corrupted, your whole body is corrupted, everything that you do, is corrupted. Remember what the prophet Muhammad SAW seldom said that Allah

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is looking at our hearts, it is crucial, a lot told us he will not change the condition of a people until they change which is in themselves. But I want to take you back to the understanding of the ancient Egyptians. And again, prophets came to all nations and all tribes. The last message is not the first one. But it is the Hutton it is the seal of all the messages. The last Testament is here to supersede all the previous books. last prophet Muhammad SAW Selim has come with the guidance and the way and the Sunnah to supersede all other prophets who came before. And so Allah subhanaw taala, in this final book has shown us. And it's very important. And maybe before I do that, I want to

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mention there's another point here, which is really important as well. And that is the last medical, and that is holding suspicion against other Muslims to suspect other people. That's a really important one. So I don't want to skip over this. sooner than that you will judge a person and I remember, I would come walking along and they would they would look at me and say Salaam Alaikum. Brother, Which country do you come from? Because they want to figure me out? What's your method. And the problem is for many of the new Muslims, like myself, and that's many years ago, by the way, is 1970. So that's a long time. But many people who are finding their Islam, they break out of these

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cultural ways that people have. And so in Medina, and Mecca and big gatherings, we could judge everybody by their clothing, and the hats are the same, every nation has got a uniform, like a police or, or the military, or the Navy or the fireman.

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And so a brother comes walking along with a Nigerian hat

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with a Moroccan top with Pakistani pants, and Sudan, he shoes, he's getting the best of all worlds, right. And so they say that's an American, that must be somebody from the west. Right? They can't judge the person so they don't know what to do. But actually, we should all be benefiting from each other's culture. And we should not suspect each other had to make judgments based upon these issues. prejudges called prejudice prejudging a person. So this issue that the ancient Egyptians had remember, and which is finalized in Australia, is that when you leave this world, you have to have a solid heart, your conscience or this inside,

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beautiful vessel of the heart, which is not just a physical thing pumping the blood which is you know, that spiritual side that spiritual conscience of ourself, the door to the soul, it's got to be sound when we're leaving the world. And a lot tells us very clearly and sort of show how to reverse ADHD. A lot tells us your manaia In fact, all modern weather balloon is men at aloha be Kelvin, saline.

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Almighty Allah says the day on which neither wealth nor children will be of benefit, except he who comes to Allah with a sound heart

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free of evil right koban Saleem, remember it. So it's the beginning your Nia places in the heart is the end. It's the inside it is it is the basis of whether we will gain the change from Allah subhanaw taala. And so, this is crucial for us that the month of Ramadan comes on us inshallah, we take this this time, do some studying of the great scholars look into the internal Muslim, not just the external

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because there may be some slight differences in the way we carry out Ramadan.

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There may be some slight differences because this is new for our community. Being

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stuck inside of our homes we can't go to the mosque. If there are differences between us, there should not be hatred in our heart. We should make our understanding clear, but our hearts need to stay clean. It needs to stay pure. This is crucial for us to come out of this month and gain the true change from Allah azza wa jal. So I leave you with these thoughts looking at medical nibblies what are the entrances, shut the doors with all of these issues, shut the doors with the diseases, cure the heart. cure it with taqwa, the consciousness of Allah. cure the hearts with taco lalala depending upon Allah subhanaw taala cure the hearts with patience Subbu with RDA with with having

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that real love of the Creator of the heavens and the earth and purify our hearts with these good qualities and pray that Allah subhanaw taala would accept us and would enable us to meet him with Alban Salim with sound hearts. I pray that Allah would bless all of those in our listening audience, and the Muslims that we leave this world with a sound heart and we meet Allah subhanaw taala with sound hearts. I leave you with these thoughts. And I asked a lot to have mercy on me and you will acara da Juana and 111 not belong to me. Or Salaam wa Alaykum warahmatullahi or better cat

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article officially just like Allah knucklehead mallozzi god bless you in Charlotte except of you. Before you leave, I'd like to ask all of the attendees in sha Allah tala to go ahead and subscribe to our YouTube channel. That's the only way that you can actually get our notifications if we go live. We intend on going live every day shallowed Allah during this month of Ramadan, maybe like Allah, so to get more and to be in connection with the rest of the community in sha Allah. Our plans is for us to do a lot of a lot of live streaming and a lot of programming and that has to come through our YouTube and our Facebook or Instagram and our Twitter. So if you're not on any of if

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you're on any of those four streams inshallah, please do subscribe. Check out our website Islam that ca does the best website URL you'll ever hear in sha Allah islam.ca to get more of what it has, providing Sharla his lack of alignment Look at him Allah will bless you in sha Allah. salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.

April 20th, 2020

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