Gratefulness – Example of Prophet Ibrahim

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Sh. Yahya Ibrahim

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The host of the show discusses the importance of consoleing oneself and others to make sure they are centered and focused on what is right. The host also talks about the story of the story of the story of the life of the Propheteting and how it is a gift given to them by the chef. The host also mentions a book he is preparing for his schooling class and how it is a resource for his children.

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Now, you know this is something

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I'm just gonna say

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Salaam Alaikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato. I have a special guest with me here today, Mashallah, as you can see, we're in Kuala Lumpur the beautiful Kuala Lumpur hamdulillah. And one of the beautiful sights in Kuala Lumpur is she does not have to do a hub, Saleem having the whole load archive.

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Of all the copper. Look, one of the blessings of Allah subhanho wa Taala is that whenever you meet people of knowledge, you get to talk about different things. And we were talking over breakfast,

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about some of the prophets of Allah. I know it's a weird conversation over breakfast, but that's just how it is. And we were speaking about Ibrahim, Ibrahim.

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And, you know, so Pamela, sometimes we need to console ourselves and one of the best way to console ourselves from some of the difficulties and some of the successes that we have in life. And yes, you need to console yourself from success as well, just to make sure that you're centered and that you're focused on what's right. And what it is that's an obligation between you and Allah subhanaw taala and the shuffle, you know, he was mentioning some really wonderful and powerful points, and we were going back and forth about that even in some of the greatest triumphs that we have, there's always temperament with us with Allah subhanho wa Taala. There will always be something to humble us

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and to bring us back to a centered position. What are your thoughts? Yeah, one of the things that's kind of like, notice in the life of Ibrahim already set up is that he was always grateful in every single scenario, the volume it saddam is always grateful. And we know that Ibrahim is the father of all of the prophets in that from his project, he happened to be many prophets and messengers now, and one of the reasons why Allah gave him this gift was because of his gratefulness. Now, someone, Allahu Allah, he was sitting on this and Allah says Shakira, and Rumi, each noun and it's unique that Allah says, And not only that, it's as if Allah is saying that Ibrahim understood the many

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virtues and the many blessings. While Allah speaks about much of humanity, that we aren't able to be thankful for the oneness of Allah subhana wa The Imam. So he was checking in on the army, he was able to fulfill that thankfulness to ally in many, many different ways and levels. And when he was grateful, a lot of soldiers ended up choosing him and when he chose him, he gave him a gift. And one of the greatest gifts that a person can be given is, he can be guided to the straight path, Allah.

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Allah Subhana, Allah says, Allah, Allah guided him to the straight path path, I ask Allah to guide us also in sha Allah through gratefulness to the straight path. I mean, now, you know, this is something

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I'm just gonna say. Sure I do have is, is quite an expert in many things. But he's just finished a book

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that he's translated about the life story of Prophet Ibrahim. And what's unique about this book is that it gives you the Arabic text, and it's a sentence and immediately under it is a translation. So it's something that's an Arabic guide, I found that really unique, it's something that I want to use in my schooling chochmah for some of our students, but the story of Ibrahim is told in a very uplifting way. It's something that contains the words of Allah and the description of what they are to be utilized in our personal life. So just like a look at for the fulfillment of this obligation, I know it's volume, one of how many twelves along with Allah, Allah, Mohammed, I think there's four

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already coming out in print for already ready out of the 12 look out for it in sha Allah. This wasn't purposeful, by the way, but you know, it's an opportunity, we were speaking about Ibrahim, and the chef does Allah, He gifted me the book, so I appreciate it. Allah, him abetik we're lucky. But I'm just going to add a little bit of something there. I shouldn't take the credit for the book, because my wife put a lot of time in Laughlin, Nevada, Allah bless her a lot. I mean, I mean, she did a lot of the translation work, and I also did a lot of the work. Um, so she's also deserving of the credit, but the way the book was done, was we were teaching a class to children. And as the

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class was being taught, the translation was being done at the same time. So this book, you know, we tested it onto children, and asked Allah subhanaw taala other bless our children, we actually did it for our children to begin with.

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Allah grant us on, may Allah continue to use you for the omap both here in KL and abroad. And this is an untapped resource in some parts. He's recognized about by those who know but those who don't know should know. In sha Allah, Allah that account was said I won't even want to come with a lot of other countries.