Sulaiman Moola – 6 Sinful Women Part 10 of 10

Sulaiman Moola
AI: Summary © The history of Islam is discussed, including the erasing of WhatsApp messages and the use of deeds as a excuse. Society's struggles with evil behavior and the need for forgiveness from the creator are also highlighted. A night where people are supposed to dream of returning to loved ones is used as a example of how parties can be parties in public. The importance of protecting one's identity and privacy is emphasized, and digital media and the CDs digital media company are discussed as examples of how people can be parties in public. It is emphasized that protecting one's identity and privacy is crucial and that people need to be aware of fraudulent copies of media products and to contact the digital media company.
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Hello and ask him every good unit is recorded. He will say no unless there's some good Digi ID but he's not recorded komamura DLR is the director of the hurry. Do some good deeds I did but I don't find it recorded. Allah will say Yes you are right I erased that because of your freebets

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you are right, you are correct. I erased it because of the sun. So the six woman was suffering. Now we find so often in common the scaring tales between mother in law and daughter in law, you know, instead of bringing joy and bring in Muhammad and uniting them and say things that will bring them close. We say things that will jeopardize them and cause so much fitna. We make work with Almighty Allah that He saved us he saved a woman from all these crimes. Let us sincerely repent to Allah from all these sins brothers, that has pledged to Allah tala, let us sincerely ask Allah at this juncture that we make Toba for the Salah that we have missed in our life and we become conscious of Allah

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tala. You know with regards to the future 100 submodular modern era Humala know what Allahu Mercado he used to say, today the oma is making is still far. The oma is not making Toba is still far means our love Forgive me for the wrong that I have done. And Toba means, Oh Allah I promise never to commit again.

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Today we are saying Allah forgive me for the past, but we are not pledging for the future. And that is what allow us, let us be sincere in our pledge. Let us be sincere in our pledge that ascribed to Allah Allah Allah Lucy Baghdadi has made mention of a hadith that would say in Romani under the feet of Sora. To further well, Natalia says La Nina Medina been a Haku in a means a gentle massage behind that the regret and the crying of the sinners impresses me more than the Suvarna love the pious.

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What does Allah say that regret in the remorse and the pain and the agony of the sinners impresses me more than the Suvarna love the pious.

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So this is the night Let us cry to allow the great month of Ramadan is to dawn upon us. Let us receive it with the correct spirit. Let us welcome it with the correct spirit. May Allah tala give us all the Tofig that we changed our life and we become conscious of our Salah decide to retrieve

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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa Salatu was Salam ala l mursaleen. So you know Madonna Muhammad Ali he was having open Athena cydonia Santa Susana Martinez, Abner. I love them. It's a bit gnarly man. What a meat analogy man. What's your normal to Mickey Mouse with the Pina Malema a la Marina

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Chiba marinelle Bossa Nova de la voz open St. Nava Alabama maps inaccurate enough in America

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yada yada virtual machine, Allah forgive our mind and our major sins Allah, Allah The sky is Mother Earth has seen more evil sinners then as Allah, Allah every lamb every organ of our body we have disobeyed you Allah, Allah there isn't a sinless limb in our body a lot. Even our memory faculty has fought against you. Even our intellect has been generous in your disobedience Allah allow very existence is your disobedience Allah from the morning to the night Allah we haven't yet intended obeying you When would we ever obey your love? Allah forgive our mind no resistance Allah, Allah How long are we going to live a life like this Allah, Allah Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah we

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are begging for your forgiveness Allah, Allah don't hand us over to our evils in our vices Allah, Allah we are disobedient child that has come back to his parents Allah, Allah who ran away from his parents Allah, Allah we ran away from you not for a day or for a week or for a month Allah, Allah decades if not centuries, this woman has deserted you Allah, Allah it is time we come back to you Allah Allah we are like this stubborn child that needs to be forced in compelled towards good Allah. We say to you want to be at a salon said what would be our scene it will be with taqwa Allah who does Bible foreheads. mcrc obedience Allah, Allah bring modesty in our sisters Allah Allah bring

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morality in our sisters Allah, Allah bring honesty in our businessmen Allah, Allah bring piety in our youth Allah Allah is what is happening to this room Allah Allah at this time we one side are you in Sinhala and one side are you rebelling against your other side? I will use that time for your deen Allah Allah sama 14 Allah Allah we go home to a family we we have our parents and our children Allah Samaritan into homes with no children. Some are returning to children with no homes Allah, Allah at this time Allah Muslims are going through great strain Allah, Allah in this congregation in the hundreds of law that have gathered here and the 1000s that are listening Allah We beg for your

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kindness in your mercy Allah, Allah take pity on the sama la De Luca vs Mikasa was if it can, Allah was Mikela them. We asked you through the medium of your great names Allah Allah take pity on the Summa Allah, Allah make it easy for the Summa Allah, Allah How long will the name of Iraq still bring the blood of our children Allah? Allah How long will the land of Palestine still drink the blood of our sisters Allah? Allah? How long will this

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become a victim of become a victim of abuse Allah, Allah after all it is don't matter of your Nebula take with you under sama Allah. Allah bring Quran in our homes Allah Allah takes the devil boxes out of our homes Allah Allah put Muhammad in understanding between parents and child Allah. Allah make us good businessmen Allah make us faithful and loyal Allah make us honest tradesmen Allah, Allah make us loyal Muslims Allah Allah let us die in a condition that you are pleased with us Allah let our last day be the best day Allah let our grave be the best home Allah let them Anika be the guests the best guests to come and receive us Allah legendary Our abode Allah Allah give us water from the

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from the hands of nobility Salaam Alaikum. A shade under your throne Allah Allah when Sahaba will stand up Allah some will be stand up would be what blood flowing from their bodies. Some will stand up and loud marches on the names Allah some will stand up on the side of Libya a Salatu was Salam ala How will we stand up before you will not align what condition will we stand up before you will not an attack is reality a law proper is a reality a law is a reality. unipi has said it in every draw a law we are living the life and mindful of the law. A law is opened up a law a law is opened up a law How long would this material world blindness cripple us in law take us away from your law

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that just from a band be a different one than la let this month be a different one to a different one Allah, Allah Allah, Allah, Allah We beg you hola state Allah, Allah we youngsters that are sitting in any clubs in LA bring them home Allah, Allah take them off those drugs in those pills Allah, Allah any person committing any act of sin, Allah take him out of the act of Xena, Allah, Allah any person in any difficulty remove that difficulty Allah you know every man's needs a lot and you alone can fulfill the need of every person Allah let every condition bring us closer to you a lot whether whether it is prosperity or adversity Allah whether it is well for sickness Allah to

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strengthen our bond with your lovely Nana Sidhu communicating masala camino abaco whenever you come home I don't spend a lot of money was seldom when I was becoming conditioning massage it can be more happy to go into bukhoma from within sallallahu wasallam until VISTA and radical Bella hula hula quwata illa Allah

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wa sallam, Marina will come to you.

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