The Help of Allah is Near #01 Head and Hands Raised

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Difficulty and tragedy is a part of life. Allah subhanaw. Taala tells us that he will test us in numerous ways. However, the test for each person is different. There is the person who is directly suffering in the tragedy. They have the test of being patient and resilient. Then there's the test for all the rest of us. How do we react to witnessing our brothers and sisters in tragedy? Particularly right now, as we witness our brothers and sisters suffering and husband Philistine? How do we navigate that? And how do we reflect on the situation? How do we react? So what's very important is that we go back to the Quran and we go back to the life of the Prophet salallahu Salam,

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to find guidance and direction about how we should react in these situations. Allah subhanaw taala told the prophets a lot a Salam Wakulla nakasu Alikum, Ananda Russell, that all the stories of the prophets of the past that are being revealed to you, man with a b2b, Hebrew ADEQ, that this is to give strength to your heart when you need it the most. The first moment of reflection that I wanted to share here from the Quran from the book of Allah actually goes back to one of the greatest moments in Islamic history in the history of this ummah. Allah subhanaw taala says, well look at the nasarah Kamala who be bad. Allah helped you at the place of better were unto Adela even though you

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were weak, you were weak, people overlooked you people were looking down at you, but Allah helped you in that particular moment. How did Allah help you? Allah sent down waves upon waves 1000s and 1000s of angels from the sky be Thalapathy Allah phenol Mala Kutiman Celine become Sati Allah alaafin middle Mala at Musa women, Allah sent His divine assistance and help to you and that Allah subhanaw taala says well my Jaya Allahu Allahu Allah, masha Allah calm, all of this happened to give you glad tidings and to give you the good news of the victory from Allah, and especially your status in the life of the hereafter. Woman nostru Illa Willy Tata INNOPOLIS, who couldn't be here, and so

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that your heart could find contentment and peace in experiencing the hope and the mercy of Allah, woman pneus through eliminating the law, the law says in Hakeem and help only comes from Allah subhanaw taala who is almighty and who is all wise, we have to continue in these moments to keep going back to the Promise of Allah and remembering that Allah has promised us His help. Allah subhanaw taala tells us what Accra to hipbone haha, nostril mean Allah, He will Fatone periurban that help from Allah and the victory from Allah is very near will be ushered in meaning and give this good news to the believers. Allah has promised us what kind of hug can Alena mean Allah

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subhanaw taala says that he has promised us that he will help the believers if we remain committed to our faith and our iman, even at the most difficult of times. keep remembering your brothers and sisters. Talk about what is going on with them and continue to pray for them and to pray for the home of the prophets Allah the Psalm and keep believing in the hope and the Promise of Allah subhanaw taala