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Dawa has to be given I need to invite and Blood Ties shouldn't be broken and I'm saying this very clearly why? Because we will always have arguments with one another now and again. You have to resolve that you have to be man enough woman enough to resolve that. Doesn't matter what it is doesn't matter how bad you sister has been doesn't matter how bad you brothers be. It doesn't matter how bad they've been, you have to amend that Baraka will come and blessings of Allah will come angels will be there if you follow the Sharia. So Salah is done in this house. Quran has been trained in this house, sin has to be eliminated from the house. My friends, look over family members

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and try your best to remove sin from the house. Why sin attracts Lulu mat it attracts darkness, sin, attract problems, sin attract family members hating one another isn't the Quran in the Quran. You look in Surah ma either. Allah azza wa jal has said when you deal with Hamid when you deal with intoxicants when you deal with gambling, when you deal with dealing with this, Allah says that the shaytan now has found his way to through to you

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nama you read the shaper and you care about Enoch mlada, above or below humbly, well Mason, Allah said due to the fact that you're dealing with sin, you are now in in you're selling alcohol or you are in and you are, you're committing the sin of of drinking alcohol, you are gambling, if you're doing those things, Allah says, Now the shaytan has found his way to you, and this is what he's going to do to Allah says in the Quran, he's gonna He's gonna make you hate one another. He's gonna make you enemies with one another because now I'm gonna Allah, what is Allah saying? Allah says, I want to move to Baraka, I want to move to angels. I'm not going to have frequent angels come to your

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house shouted are going to be inside your house, they're gonna have a field inside your house.

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When you're sued, and shaytan, will now be able to stop you and prevent you. And

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from prayer and from the care of Allah Azza Shakedowns why Allah is saying, I don't want to do anything with you. And I'm gonna allow the show team to get to now. They gotta understand, if you now stop the sins. Then once you stop the sins, you are now calling the angels again. Now you're inviting the baraka insane. Now you have Allah on your side again, and then this is going to reverse. So in the house, sin and sinful things have to remove for the extra angels and the baraka and the blessings coming from Allah azza wa jal now, in the in the house, in the house, we need to increase our armor, our actions, not only for ourselves, but increasing with the children increasing

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with the siblings increasing with others. Once you do that, you will see one thing

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you will see that you're in you're out Allah azza wa jal will put a Baraka in many different things of yours. This is now I'm telling you from I've spoken to people I've spoken to people I've spoken to people I know who are practicing, I have observed houses and homes that are practicing and observed observed homes that are not practicing. What will happen is Allah will give you Baraka in your monies, your financial assets, Allah will put back what Allah was better kinda Subhanallah you will see, small little amounts of money will last little amounts of money will ask. Allah will for Baraka in your travels, Allah will put Baraka lessons in your time. Allah will Baraka in your lives,

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Allah will Baraka in the things that he's giving you. Whatever, let's give him

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Allah is gonna make sure that your children inshallah be they don't go through as many trials as others go through those trials. Allah is gonna make all that happen. Why? Because you people who are now don't get me wrong, people who practice Islam they also have problems. But what Allah does is Allah is going to do a massive thing, massive thing, and this thing I've seen, which is Allah azza wa jal will remove the stress and distress from the lives of your house.

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