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I missed Isha. Taraweh started. What should I do?

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu this avinasi Jenga from Columbia Institute, coming to you with another session of the column hangout 30 days, 30 questions. We're trying to answer as many questions as possible about the month of Ramadan. The question that we got today we actually got from multiple people, multiple places, was, can I pray my Isha prayer behind the Imam while he is leading taraweeh? So let me set the question of, I got to Isha prayer, I went, I got to the masjid a little late, his show was already over. The Imam is now offering the Torah with prayer. And I know that I understand that I was able to ask somebody, and they clearly informed me that the mom is now

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offering the tarawih prayer. What should I do now? Should I join in behind the Imam and pray to the gods with him? And then when he's done, stand back up, add two more to that, therefore completing my four for a shot? Or should I go off to the side, pray my Isha by myself for maybe if there were a few other people that were also late to the show prayer, and then go join the tarawih prayers once I'm done with a show? Or should I just go ahead and join the tarawih prayers, and then pray my ish afterwards? What should I do? So to explain this question, this is a place of difference of opinion. The issue of somebody who is offering an obligatory form of the prayer such as so often a Saudi

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Arabia followed the ratio for a cause of prayer, praying and obligatory prayer behind any mom who is leading a voluntary prayer, such as the Torah we there's a difference of opinion on this issue. The majority of the scholars classical behind the scholars are of the opinion, they are of the position that this is not permissible, nor recommended, obviously. But and this is based upon a Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam which is narrated in the saving on Bukhari, where the Prophet talathi salaam says in the majority that emammal lu tema believe that the mom was made to be followed for that Dr. de la he so do not differ from the Imam. And of course, that means don't differ from him,

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meaning go and record with him going to do with him. But because of the generality of the words of the prophets a lot of the time, this also means don't differ from the intention of the Imam as well. So this is the majority position. However, there is a minority of scholars that do that do allow for someone who is offering an obligatory prayer that they can pray behind somebody who is leading a voluntary form of prayer, even though some of those scholars that do allow for that still say that it is disliked and not preferable. Therefore, my own personal recommendation, that if you come late for the Isha prayer, you get to the masjid late in the ratio prayer is already over tarawih has

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started, my recommendation to you is go off to the side, go to the back, go to the other room, and enjoy life, a few other brothers and a few other people have arrived late, then you can pray a shot with them. Otherwise, go ahead and pray, see your selected area by yourself. And then go join your mom for the tarawih prayer. The third scenario that I mentioned was, should I just go ahead and pray taraweeh with my mom and then pretty much afterwards, that would not be recommended at all Why? Because that's what our prayers follow the Isha prayer. So you first got to perform your a shot, then to be able to engage into tarawih prayers up Leon prayers. So again, to recap, if you arrive at

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the masjid late it shows over to Tara, we have started. The best course of action is to go and offer your prayers. And then once you are complete with that, then go join the Imam. There's another school of thought some scholars do allow for you to join in with the Imam and the tarawih prayers. Pray to the cosmic team stand up complete your form and that will be your shot. But as I said, That's not the recommended course of action. But some scholars do allow it. The third scenario where you would just pray your sorrow and worry about your Isha later should not be done at all. That is definitely not a course of action. So that's the summary of the issue of arriving to the machine

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late. I haven't prayed a shot. Everyone is praying to lobby What should I do? I hope and pray that this was a benefit to everyone. Try to get to the show on time. You know usually when you're at a really nice if star party slamming down all that juicy star then what ends up happening you end up getting laid for Isha prayer. Let's not do that. A personal recommendation. You know of course just like everybody else has been printed on me for a long time. But handle I've had the opportunity to lead to how we for about 20 years. personal recommendation. Keep istar very nice and light. That way you're not late. You feel not too heavy. In order to be able to print at all We praise

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properly, so you'll be on time you'll feel nice and light, offer your thoughts and prayers, and inshallah it'll be a very blessed and enjoyable and spiritually beneficial experience to come along later on for checking out the Kalam Hangout. inshallah I want to recommend and request everyone to send in your questions, you can tweet them to us, you can leave them on the column Facebook page, you can leave them in the comments of this video, or you can even email them to us. Just remember to tag your question with hashtag column hangout until next time, does not allow hate on but Salaam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh