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The importance of guidance from Allah for men is discussed, with personal needs and needs being the focal points. The speaker emphasizes the need for personal guidance, including seeking guidance from others. The speaker also highlights the connection between Islam and morality, citing the Prophet's teachings as a gateway to learning. The need for knowledge is emphasized as a necessity for every Muslim, and examples of how it can be a deterrent are given.

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What's up hello cinema back I'm gonna beat him Hamid one early he was already here and you might need him about almost center for Rahim Allah to Allah if he gets every other song he interviewed me for the UN at Anita Illumina with Halima Nila. Yeah Hey Michelle for Noah, he says in his book entitled the gardens of the righteous in the chapter of the virtues of the virtues of knowledge

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for the sake of Allah, the virtues of knowledge,

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learning and teaching for the sake of Allah subhanaw taala.

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And certainly me decide and certainly one side or the other heart and humor I notice all lights and lightness I don't call barley or leagan for Allah He the yogi Allahu because women were hidden quite on a minute me and you're gonna get humbled and Nam

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Salim and Sami Allah be pleased with the narrative that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said to Ali, may Allah be pleased with him, by Allah, if a single person is guided by Allah through you, it will be better for you then a whole lot of red camels. And this is narrated on Behati and Muslim

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Behati in the book of military expeditions, and Muslim in the virtues of the companions. So in this beautiful Hadith of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he told Ali Radi Allahu anhu, something that was virtuous in regards to guiding people. But it's very interesting and important on how the prophets of Allah Azza wa sallam disclosed to him this in the way that he told him.

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When he said for Allah, He the AfD Allahu beaker, or Julian Wyden, he says, and by Allah if a single person is guided by a law through you, why is this important in regards to guiding people

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or guidance of people? The way that Paulson said it, he said, he said again, he said, For lucky the A ye D Allahu Vika Raju Lenoir Haider.

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For by Allah if a single person is guided by Allah through you.

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What's something that we may usually say, if we call someone to Islam, or someone came back to the gene with, you know, from our family or things of that nature, we would say what

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guidance is from Allah, and he just was, where's the Connect? Where are we in this whole equation?

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Just the vehicle

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the guide is ultimately comes from Allah subhanho wa taala. You are the vehicle, you're whom Allah subhanaw taala has used. But that doesn't mean that you just used you and you didn't have a choice, there's still a window for you to make a choice. Because you will find there are Muslims of the past that say that our muscles we are forced to do all of our actions. And there are some that say that the total opposite, that our actions are totally in our hands, they call them Gibreel. I say that much boring, Matt, that we are forced to do our actions. And he had the career that say that. No, everything that we do is with our own decision and our own fate, Allah is found out that has no

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place particularly in the actions that we do. But as Muslims, we are almost in Washington, that we take the middle of course, we say that Allah subhanaw taala, you've got the rochet that Allah has, ultimately ultimate authority, and predestination. And he is the one that can ultimately guides. But within that process, we have a decision. We have a decision, we have a choice to make. And that choice of you talking to that person about Islam, or talking to their family member about Islam or talking to them or about about doing about praying or about being honest. And they listened to you because of who you are your position or whatever the case may be, or you said something that really

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hit them at that particular point at that particular time in their life. That is the manifestation of Allah's guidance. So sometimes you may be surprised that you were the one that Allah used to call that person to good, but to call that person to guidance, and sometimes you never would have thought I didn't think that it would be me. But I decided to speak to this person. Sometimes you think that Oh, I am the person to talk to

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this individual. The I am their favorite cousin their favorite family.

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number so on and so forth. But then you'll be surprised how they won't even listen to you. Sometimes you may talk to someone, and you may say the right words as far as you are concerned, but it doesn't affect that person at all.

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So you're surprised that that doesn't affect that person? Allah subhanaw taala is the one that ultimately guides and the Prophet sallahu wa sallam said here, and the way that he said it is very, very important because the way that he said it ties into obviously, our aqidah in our belief system, he says,

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By Allah if a single person is guided by Allah through you, and this is important because when something that we do we are successful with calling someone or convincing someone for lack of better words, to come back to prayer so on and so forth. We all we ultimately should do what

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praise Allah subhanaw taala always remember that we are not the repository of guidance. Were not the ultimate means of guidance rather, it is a law that uses you in different ways in different ways to guide people and then he says here it is.

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Hired on Leca me a Hakuna Lika humbler now he said it is better for you than a whole lot of red camels. And why do you think he said right? camels.

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Right camels are expensive. So in our day, it would be what?

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Red Lamborghini?

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The Lamborghini, you should not the bitly no Homura net and there's something that was very, very valuable, very, very, very, very valuable to them, home renown the red camels and he said, plural as well, to show that it is better than this. And this is also another important point because Humberto Nam is it from this dunya is it from this life.

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Alright, so the guidance of you calling someone is better because it will deal with something that has an effect on your akhira

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right, because that person does something good because you call them to Islam, the good deeds that they do, inshallah you will receive, and you'll see Boone minha, you will receive the award as well or portion of that reward. Also, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam mentioned something very valuable to them, knowing something that they value, he made the comparison to something that they value. And how is this a technique in dour? How?

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How's the technique in Tao? Who can tell us?

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So this is an example of hikma the process on day one, because the way you talk to people about Islam, whether it's a Muslim or non Muslim, is it the same way?

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No. So the conversation that you may have with this person may have certain interests other other than this person. So it's important to know, as they say, harlots and Maduro,

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the situation of the one being called to.

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So knowing their interests can help facilitate your message or your messaging, right. And this is why dallah is an art when telling people about Islam, it is an art. And when I say telling people about Islam, it doesn't exclude the person that's working a nine to five job and talking to his coworker. This is probably even easier, because if you're working in the same place, you have the same interest generally, or the same task, whatever the case may be, you'll know what subject matters to open. So for instance, there may be someone that's very interested in politics.

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When you have small talk with them in conversation, you will talk to them about politics. If it's someone that's interested in a certain science, you will know what subject matter to talk to them about and you will know within that subject matter what they value. And based on what they value, you can tie in Islam, or tie in morality and ethics and that which deals with Islam as a gateway to talk to them about God as a gateway to talk to them about God. So again, the prophets of Allah why they would sell them? How does this tie into knowledge?

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How does this hadith tie into knowledge? What is the connection?

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The Prophet SAW sent him he said,

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well, for Allah He had the Allahu Vika La Jolla and why he then came on like me, I couldn't like a camera now. He said, By Allah, if a single person is guided by Allah through you, it will be better for you than the whole of a whole lot of camels. What's the connection with this and

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to be

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to be a vehicle you have to have knowledge to call someone to Islam you have to what have what knowledge of the religion, it is.

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Knowledge and Wisdom, None. None. But the knowledge is what's important as well because the wisdom Shalaka come with experience was sometimes you'd have any knowledge of the deen of Islam and the implementation of that crowd

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Like knowledge will grant you the wisdom inshallah Tada. So what are some cases where we see some people that do not have knowledge and they call to Islam, you have to mention names or anything like that you mentioned situations scenarios

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somebody was talking to the man at the time, interested in Islam, coming to the masjid. And one time he came during Juma prayers, and somebody met him at the door and told him what are you doing here? Instead of here to meet the man, he figured out since he knows that this drummer that doesn't matter Muslim, you can be here. This is Muslim time only. Please stay outside and the man

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and the ship that I remember that

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the time said that, from that point on he trained some people to be at the doors during during the main busy times.

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You can't do that anybody can just talk to anybody without knowledge

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of that situation.

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Subhanallah I've seen that happen a couple of times one brother actually, Mashallah. How many like a Muslim but that happened to him at one Masjid in Houston. But he didn't. He didn't give up.

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He ended up he ended up going to another Masjid he became Muslim and started an organization with Sharla. And Michelle was successful, but very, very important to have knowledge of the religion, especially if we're talking about the deen of Islam. If you're talking about non Muslims, and certain subject matters, that you don't know about, and you don't know it's okay to say I don't know, last month I said, as if people have knowledge if you do not know. So that is the showerhead where he said to guide people, if Allah uses you to guide people, so to be that vehicle, one must have knowledge about Allah. And as in the end of the day, all of us here by the way, this hadith of

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Ali Rabelo, I know generally is telling people about Allah subhanho wa taala. It is incumbent, it is as they say, my alumina demons Baroda It is known that every individual should know this, it's a necessity for every Muslim,

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for the AME for every Muslim, to know to hate, the Oneness of Allah subhanho wa Taala to understand what that means that's upon every single Muslim. And if that's the case, it should be

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the Muslims should be able to articulate that creed, that understanding to any human being now languages and words and things that we mentioned certain sizes, whatever, that can be a deterrent, or that can be something that may hinder the effectiveness of the marriage, the marriage effectiveness of the message.

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Vector message, right. But definitely the crux of it. If someone was to ask you, what do you believe as a Muslim we should be able to tell them in sha Allah. So may Allah subhanaw taala bless us with knowledge of the religion. I mean, he blessed us with knowledge of Allah subhanho wa Taala knowledge of Him and always increase our knowledge and that and know whether you Delica Robinette and effing dunya herself in Africa has been not alone MacFarlane Illumina Rockefeller Anessa yet you know what too often but a lot more suited one and then most of that finishes soon yeah, and you know beyond I mean, almost sort of wandering monster laughing if you slow down you know, but I mean, a lot of us

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sort of wandering most of that finishes so then, if we if we miss a year of anatomy with his Soria if he took a year of anatomy, we agree or overall I mean, if he failed to stay in your anatomy, manual him yeah, they're generally with a crumb. What made him the mother demeanor indicator as easy Young, Young 18 year old Mohamed Salah was going to be in a Muhammad water and he was