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The speakers emphasize the importance of acknowledging the oppression of Muslims and being attentive to others' preferences, while also acknowledging the negative impact of protests and highlighting the need for education on the history of Islam. They stress the importance of protecting oppressed individuals and active co acknowledge to educate others on the reality of the situation. The speakers also emphasize the need for active co acknowledge and education to ensure healthy reflection of one's actions.

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But to hear, you know, new news of what's happening,

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whether it's our brothers and sisters over there in Palestine or in other parts of the world, or what's happening here. For those of you that may not know there are something that happened in Chicago with a six year old boy.

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Apparently there was a landlord of an apartment building, knocked on the door of one of the Muslim sisters. And was was spewing hate words of hate to her and apparently stabbed her. And when she ran in her bathroom and locked herself in the bathroom, he was able to get a hold of her six year old son, and Subhan Allah, he

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commenced to stabbing him and last with Allah decided to take him at that moment. It's important for the Muslim to firstly as we always say, and it's not to be unsympathetic, but to realize the other Oh ALLAH SubhanA wa Tada. And as was even mentioned in the verses, that last $1 is the best of the he's he's a hacker. And he judges as He wills. And we may not know the reasoning behind it. But it's important that our anchors with the loss of Hannah Wattana in knowing that there is October to them with talking that there is a there is a final abode, a beautiful abode for those that have Taqwa Allah subhanaw taala. But when we ask Allah subhana wa taala, to protect all of us from and protect

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our brothers and sisters in Lhasa from particularly is the oppression that is taking place. And it's important I think, as Muslims as well, as when we talk to our employees, we talk to our neighbors, we don't talk to real talk to them and from an from an area of rage, from an area of from an from a place in our heart, of, of discontent for that person that we're speaking to. But rather we speak to them, really, from an aspect of revisionist history revisionist history, what meaning what I mean by that is to further educate to have in our minds and our hearts that we make, let's assume that the person does not know the history, for instance, Palestine, and that this didn't just start in

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October 7 with the reality and the fact that we are sympathetic for those that have been their lives have been taken unjustly. And that is, because that is an Islamic pretense, we are sympathetic with those that their lives have been taken unjustly, and we move, we continue our conversation from there. But it's important that we as Muslims with with an area of integrity in our hearts, and in our faith, that we listen attentively to those that speak, but at the same time, we understand the reality of the situation. And being that no doubt about it, that the Muslims over there are oppressed. And we cannot equate the oppressed with the oppressor. And I think that's very, very

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important for us as Muslims to understand. And also for us as Muslims here. We walk on the streets with integrity, but we are also attentive at the same time, there will be people that are Jehan, they're ignorant. And they think that anyone that is wearing a hijab, particularly our wives and our daughters, just because they are wearing that symbol of Islam, they want to send a message. And it's important as Muslims that we are attentive, when we have preferences for our wife wants to go out to the grocery store at this time. It's an important decision that you as a husband, you as a father, you as a brother have to make in regards to them going out at this particular time in an area to

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where you may have a certain level of doubt. So you may want to think twice about that because of the climate right now, is not that particularly healthy. And if you are someone that is out and someone decides to show some level of displeasure to you, it's important that you as a Muslim, know how to defend yourself against anyone that wants to show some type of oppression or any type of violence towards you. And you relay that to the authorities as well. This is important because now it is a time where people are very, very angry, including Muslims. Which leads me to the last point is with our youth, there may be some youth that are frustrated, there may be some youth that are

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mad, and they're upset, and that is from Amen. To have that level of anger and upset of what is going on with atrocities to those that are oppressed with atrocities to those that are blockaded, those that are pushed down to a border that is not accepting them. There's a there's there's no it's there's literally no escape. Okay. So that is from our imagine to have that level of that level of frustration, but not frustration with what was the last point that is predestined the frustration with the oppression, the frustration with the oppression, and this is where we make dua for them, make to offer them and do what you can what is within your power to help that situation particularly

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essentially starting with your Eman and Allah and his color. And then also with education of the history of what is going on. And lastly, to relate that to people that may not have the correct idea about that. And if you decide to go out into go on to these protests and to go and to speak on behalf of, you know the Muslims or what is going on, that you make sure that it is goal oriented and that it is well organized because it can easily lead to something that is not intended by Islam and Sharia

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And that majority, if not all of the Muslims that go there would not intend to an environment or intend to hurt anyone. So it's important to be patient with the culture of Allah subhanaw taala, but be active at the same time. And to always look at what the scholars would call them a lot to try your best to look at the end result. What is this going to lead to? How can this lead to healthy cohesion? How can this lead to coexistence? How can this lead to healthy education of the latter two are ultimately, we can live and coexist amongst each other, especially in the society in America, where there's healthy coexistence, but healthy coexistence demands respect from each side. And I

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think respect ultimately comes with knowledge of the latter, that ultimately goes back to the verse of Allah subhanaw taala that we've made you nations and tribes in order to get to know one another. So knowledge of the other cannot can result in appreciation of the latter. So may Allah Subhana Allah make us of those, that when we see this news, we related we related with this related with justice and that justice is relating the situation as it is but also showing the truth of that which may not be a form of justice or integrity for the Muslim inshallah to Allah so the last $1 protect the family of the deceased six year old, but last month Allah protect the community over there to

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protect the Muslims and protect any Muslims from doing anything that may be harmful to others. But most importantly may last month Allah protect our oppressed brothers and sisters in Palestine in the holy Vatika. sent along with sin, we're very glad to be in a Muhammad water it was that much money