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The speaker discusses the importance of love in achieving a relationship with Jesus Tada, the Prophet Muhammad fired at Adam Ron, chapter three, and the importance of following the Prophet's teachings to gain a better understanding of his love. The speaker also asks for forgiveness and offers a partnership with Kalam to secure a soda Giardia of people who have benefited from meantime.

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Today's topic is devotion. Love is something that everybody feels we all have love for people and places and things. This is an emotion that Allah Tada created us with. It's one of our strongest motivators. When we love something, love somebody, love some place, we will do a lot to achieve the actualization of that love. If I love my children, then I will make sure that I do whatever I can, to manifest that love to them to show them that I love them. If I love a certain restaurant because their food is delicious, then I'll drive a long way just to make sure that I have that food. And if I love something, I'll save up my hard earned money to so that I can buy it at some point in time.

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Allah Allah knows that we have love in our hearts. And he knows that love is such a strong motivator that he tells us through the prophet Muhammad SAW side of them, that love of Allah is the way to gain a successful relationship with Him.

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The Prophet Muhammad SAW Saddam is being instructed by Allah coil. And so it's Adam Ron, chapter number three verse 31. Call it and continue to Hebron Allah fit to be Ernie. The Prophet Mohammed Al Salam was being told by Allah to tell people that if you claim to love Allah, because this was a claim that people had when the prophets awesome came with the message of Islam, he came to people that generally believed in a deity believed in a God and they claim to love God. They claimed to have love for the deity that they worshipped. So Allah subhanaw taala responded to that claim. Because the prophets Olson would be teaching them and they would say, well, we love God, we don't

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need the message. We don't need to change our religion. We already love God, the way we are. So Allah's parents, Allah told the prophet so some of them say cool, incontrovertible, and Allah fit Tirone if you love Allah, then follow me. Your biblical Allah, as a result of your following of me, Allah will love you. See, why do we love somebody, we love somebody because we want them to love us back. We want that love to be reciprocated, right? When I tell my son I love you, I want him to say Bob, I love you to Allah is telling us that if you want Allah to say I love you, then the way to gain the love of Allah. Primarily, is through loving and following the Prophet Muhammad Salah lost

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your biblical Mala, well, you know, back home. And on top of getting the love of Allah a result of that statement. And as a result of that adherence to the Prophet SAW Salem is that Allah will forgive you from all your mistakes, all of your sins. Because the mistakes that we make are not always fixed by how we feel. You know, if I love somebody and I hurt them, I disobey them or I oppress them. Me saying to them, you know, I love you does not erase the oppression that I did. I have to seek their forgiveness, I have to say I'm sorry. And in that moment, when I say sorry, it's communicating how much I love them. If I don't love you, I won't apologize. But because I love you.

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I'm going to humble myself. And I'm going to take a moment to apologize to you and say I'm very sorry for the way that I treated you and because I love you, it pains me to know that I hurt you. So Allah Tada saying that if you love Allah, and you want to be forgiven for all the mistakes that you've ever made, fit to be Ernie follow the Prophet Muhammad SAW said no. Well, Allahu Allah will reign. And he finished the ayah by saying it doesn't matter where you've been. It doesn't matter what you've done, or what you said, or the thoughts that you have the actions that you've done. If you simply live your life trying to follow the best you can the messenger of allah sallallahu

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sallam, then you will obtain the two things that human being needs most. We need this more than food and water. We need this more than the air that we breathe. We need Allah's love. And we need to know that Allah Tala will forgive us. If we can be the recipients of Allah's love and forgiveness, then truly we will have been successful. But if we live our life in a way that is seeking anything else, but those two things, and doesn't matter how many accomplishments we have, the result is inevitably a failure. We asked what's Parramatta to give us his love, and to grant us the ability to obtain his love and to be eligible for his love. And we ask Allah Subhana Allah to forgive us for our

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shortcomings. I mean, Kalam is dedicated to the mission of making the knowledge of this beautiful religion of Islam, accessible to everyone, from the millions of people listening to the podcast, to the hundreds of 1000s of people watching these videos, to the 10s of 1000s of people that are taking online classes and so much more work that Kalam is doing. We here at Kalam are committed to continuing this good work, and this is where you come in. We're asking you to partner with us to secure your soda Giardia of all the people that have benefited from Harlem continue to learn

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From Kalam and in sha Allah in the future will continue to learn and benefit from all the work that Kalam insha Allah will continue to do, please go to support and donate generously. May Allah subhanaw taala accept from all of us was Salam alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh