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hamdulillahi Rabbil aalameen or

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salat wa salam ala

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Sayyidina, Muhammad, wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa.

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We begin always by praising and thanking Allah God, the Lord, the creator of the Sustainer, the caretaker,

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the Merciful, the Compassionate, we thank him for all of his blessings, which we cannot count. Those which we see in those which we don't see, those we consciously experience and those that we unconsciously experience those which are happening now those which will happen in the future, and those which have happened before. And we ask Allah, Allah to send his peace and blessings upon the Beloved Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam, who was a perfect shining example for all of us for the rest of time, someone who didn't just talk the talk, but walk the walk, and someone who left that example for us to follow

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until the end of time.

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You know, nowadays, if you have this question, in your mind, why should I believe in God?

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The first thing that I want to really quickly just kind of talk about is that we shouldn't be critical of people when they have this question. We shouldn't go crazy at them.

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If I could tell you the amount of times that in my office, people were, people would ask me this question. Why should I believe in God? How can I believe in a God that I can't see? Is God even there? Is he real? Is she real? as some people will say?

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We shouldn't go crazy at them and shows us an adverse reaction. Because in reality, sometimes when people are trying to make a point that they don't believe in God, that's what they're looking for. And so the purpose behind this event, the reason why I'm saying this is because a lot of people came up to me, said, Brother, why are you wasting our time?

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We all know we believe in God.

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We all know that Allah exists exists care of us, why are you wasting an entire every month you do one huge event in you're wasting one whole month, one whole event on leaving and God? Seriously, brother.

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And that brother didn't know that it was his kids who actually were the one asking me for proof in God's existence.

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It was it was actually his children, were the ones who would come to me and say, I don't really know if I believe in God or not.

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And he's coming to me and telling me that we're wasting time. And so before we get started, let's let's renew our intention. And let's let's make our intention to reaffirm our amen and a lot.

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A lot. He said, every day when I wake up, I accept Islam. Every day, when I wake up, I become a Muslim. Again, I say that

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he takes a Shahada every day, because having a man is not something that you can guarantee. And so we don't want to sit here and say that this is this event is superfluids. It's a waste of time, it's pointless. No. Sometimes we have to go back to basics.

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Unfortunately, the way that some of us go back to basics is through Google, right? google.com type in the question, Does God Exist?

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Any of you who have done this? Or any of you who think about doing this? Or who knows someone who does it? You know that this is probably the worst way to find the answer that you're looking for?

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Why? Because Google is the place where anyone can write anything they want.

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So instead of going to other sources, which might actually be beneficial, a very common way which people search out the answer to their questions of existence of faith have purpose in life. The reason they're the way that we exist, people will go to the internet.

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The first place people go to is Google, Google. Right?

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And if you type this question in, you find that the answers that are given to you notice how I didn't say answer given to you, the answers that are given to you are many from different kinds of perspectives, faith, belief systems, non belief systems, different kinds of ideas, and some of them are crazy, some that are reasonable. You're never going to go to Google, you're never going to go to any of these websites, or any of these search engines and find the answer, the one answer is going to shine out right? The number one response is not going to be yes, we've got a lot he's a creator, right?

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So my advice to those who want to find the answer,

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or even if we found the answer, or we believe in the answer, but like we said, we're looking for reaffirmation, we're looking for something that's going to read, fortify our foundation

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is not to go to the records of the internet, the records the endless records of Google and look for the answer to this question. But it's the go to the one and only speech of a lot

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if I was going to tell you a claim

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If I was gonna say, You know what? I'm the best basketball player that ever lived in Dallas, Texas, Dirk Nowitzki? Who's that? Right? I'm a big white guy. Right?

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You would say, you know what, show me your proof.

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Give me some credentials.

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Give me Give me a list of

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signs that you are the best person that you were that you were the best basketball player that has ever lived in Dallas, Texas, not a very hard feat to achieve. I'll be honest,

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coming from Chicago, Derrick Rose, beloved Derrick Rose.

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But you still ask for this kind of, you know, proof.

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And so there's no better way for sisters to find this proof. And for my talk tonight until mugger we have about 1015 more minutes. We're going to talk about this truth and our relationship with this proof which is

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you know, Dr. Ahmed, who is one of you know, brother Noman, one of his teachers, a very, very famous scholar of Quran he recently in the past year he passed away We ask Allah to have mercy on his soul in sha Allah and to make all of the people that he taught proof for him and not against inshallah me.

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Dr. Ahmed, he once said something very interesting about chronic terminology.

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He says that, what is the word that Allah subhanaw taala uses to call or what is the name or the terminology for the actual verses in the book?

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What is

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plural? Right? Right. So

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the analyst says, He talks about things that we should reflect on things that we should think about things that should spark our creativity, and our connection with God that surround us creation that he has made. What does he call those things?

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What is right, so he calls one thing in the book, The verse in the book is called AI, but also the things around us that he says are also a act right? becoming right for all these people who think are different kinds of people. He says they reflect on these things. Now, when I lost my father and brother in Oman, who's here, he can elaborate on this because he's more versed in the study of colonic tafsir, when a last one was either when he uses one word for something, but he uses that same word for something else, and they don't have the same meaning. It means that those things have a relationship.

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Those things have a relationship. For example, in the Quran, he uses the word Rama Rama means what?

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said Allah means mercy. He also used it to describe rain. What does that mean about rain?

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It's merciful, right? Can you imagine living in an earth without rain? Many of us who come from Saudi Arabia were like, yes, been there done that. Right or Pakistan.

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So we see that rain, one of the characteristics of rain in the beauty of his language is that inherently in rain built into the fact that it comes on the clouds is at its mercy. The same thing with this word AI. And Dr. Serrano, Lucky said that when we read the is in the book, The is of the verse are supposed to remind us of the outside. And when we experience the outside, right? When we go out, when we see the photo,

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we see the branches in the sky.

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saw that,

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we see the bird that spreads its wings. When we see the app around this alum mentions in his book, we're also supposed to think back to the book, this our life in relationship with this God who were thinking about this God who were wondering, why should we believe in Him? Our life is always a circle of reflecting upon the AI.

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And so we see that when people go online instead of in the Koran, you get caught up in an endless circle of debate. Can God create a rock so heavy that even he cannot live?

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Like, did you brush your teeth this morning? Like, you know, like? We asked all these random questions that are absurd. And you go online and Google and you find Can God make a four sided triangle?

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Do you know what the word triangle means?

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Can you take an English class, right?

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We go online and we get caught in the endless cycle of pointless, absurd questions. But when you open the book, instead of opening the browser, you get caught up in the endless cycle of beautiful reflection.

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And so the first tip I can give to anyone who is interested in diving into this question, why should I believe in God is to close your laptop is to close the Google search window is to turn off your iPhone and instead go and open up a Koran.

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If you really want to believe in God, if you really want to believe that God exists, if you want to see if he does or if he doesn't go and look at what he says about himself. Go and look at the credentials that he that he presents, the qualifications that he talks about and really I

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We hear this week after week we hear from our parents did you put on a baseball? Put on the pot? Right?

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We get these questions a lot, right from our parents. And maybe we're reading in Arabic, but ask yourself the question, especially my kids, my youth, how many of us without our parents telling us have gone in our room, have taken a translation and have sat down and read before on translation with the purpose, the intention of trying to understand without the dunda overhead, right? Without the chapel ready to head? We're just trying to open it ourselves.

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And so a lot of us are coming to me, brother Murphy, I don't know if I believe in God. But my question is, Have you even ever tried to find them?

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And where have you tried to find?

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And so a lot of our method of finding him is much different than the one that we find today. And we shouldn't use that inshallah. One of the examples I use, and I'm going to give a couple examples. So Allah, Allah, He talks a lot in the Quran a lot about nature, about creation, right? And he says that all these things are signed.

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He talks about like we said, he says, I will love him, and I believe

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I will let me know

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if you guys ever gone outside, and seen those beautiful birds with a long wings,

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and they're just like soaring. Have you guys ever seen the documentary called Planet Earth?

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or anything like Planet Earth? No. It's a place where we live on planet Earth.

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And these birds, they show sometimes a lot, watch Planet Earth, by it, and a lot will give you rewards for buying and they show these beautiful birds with their wings spread.

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And there's a song to the sky. And the first thing that you think is if I tried that I would die. Right?

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Especially right after you get married, you put on that Wait, I would definitely die. Right? gravity is my worst enemy.

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And you just can't help but wonder Subhanallah How is this bird? That if I caught it in my hands,

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and if I took its wing and I cracked it,

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or if I took the bird and I did something terrible to it,

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the wing of the bird would snap. so fragile, so weak, but yet it has this strength and this capability to do this.

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And so Allah Allah He talks about he says lm euro, have you seen lm euro

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he says this bird that you're in all that you can't take your eyes off of that you're like, Wow, he would not be able to do this unless it was unless it was because of, or unless it was due to the Most Merciful.

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That's the sign that we're reflecting on becomes a reminder of our purpose in life of the one who created us.

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Alas masala, also in the Quran, he talks about the mountains.

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He talks about the mountains that exist on the earth. And he describes them as pegs many of us have gone online, and we've written or in Google, Islamic scientific proofs of Islam, right? And we've seen this one, but go actually to the verse itself and read the verse and you'll see that the way I was called Allah talks about the peg and even the word itself as no manage Allah can elaborate on the Arabic word itself actually means something the connotation is something which is deep in the ground.

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So when I lost my father says that the the mountains serve as a peg for the earth for the landscape. It's not just the way that he's saying it but he's also even in the language that saying that the word itself means that this object a double the mountain has to be deep into the ground when you put a tent in the ground if any of you guys been camping before Texas camping, no.

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Don't you rifle when you're camping? Okay, please, I don't want to.

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Have you guys ever tried to put it attempted?

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Can you put like a toothpick? It'd be like they're done.

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Right? Sleep safely tonight? My children? In the toothpicks? No.

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No, what do you have to do? How long does the pay gap to be?

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preloaded, right.

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As long as a skewer kababs right? So you take that all the way in? Can you can you put it halfway in, you gotta go further. You gotta wait for the like almost 90% in all the way to the ground as much as you can. Why? Because it has to hold the 10th in.

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And so Allah, Allah when he talks about this nature, and obviously later on, they found that the mountains what we see of the mountain is actually only one third or one fourth.

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The other two thirds or three fourths are underground. And these scientific proofs came when how many years after the 1400 1300 50 so many years after Thompson passed away,

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but they were found first in the book before they were found anywhere else.

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And a lot of other uses another example. This is the fun

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example I'm gonna give you How many of you guys when you get really tired like right now during brother Murphy's speech and you just want to fall asleep so bad

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or you come home from work or you just got done working out are working out

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what's the one thing you want to do to revive yourself to like make yourself feel good again?

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I want to watch jersey shore.

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So hey, what's that? What's Dennis? All right?

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Water very good. What do you want to do with water like water? to shower right? Like wash up when you're really really tired? Or when you're really really exhausted in class? What do you do I go wash my face with cold water right? Or when you had a long day and you're about to go meet your Lord and pray to him so often. inshallah, in five minutes, we go and we make we'll do it right?

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Why water? It has this reviving quality, this quality that just gives you life, right? When you're really really thirsty, and you drink soda, you're still thirsty, but when you drink two glasses of water like

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right coma.

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Water has the ability to give a like a last lesson on which are nominal kulesza in which are which are the conditions which are nominal condition.

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And from water we have given every single thing like and another verse that says that we created everything, every dive mat in we created everything with water.

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And so Allah subhanaw taala again, so far back in time, forget like, forget like 100 years 1400 years ago, man,

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Allah subhanaw taala is explained to us that water is the object that will rejuvenate your life.

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These examples are not meant to be this isn't supposed to be a science in Islam lecture. It's not supposed to meant to be like in Islam in science, you know, speech. But what it's meant to show us that this book is more than just the fairy tale book. This book has more guidance in it than we may have thought first. And so when we have this question that comes to our mind, which, by the way, by the way, and sort of Baccarat lasala, he challenges humanity, not just non Muslims, he says, If you have trouble believing in this book, that is true, that to be sort of submissive, he create a book like it, make a chapter like it. And he says, Call your witnesses and bring your witnesses and have

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your witnesses read each book and tell them which one is better.

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So Allah, Allah, he doesn't discourage asking the question of Is this real? Or Does God Exist? No, he doesn't discourage it. Allah isn't scared that someone's gonna say ha, I thought it doesn't exist. Why? Because if you look with truth and certainty, and philosophy, sincerity, you will find that you have no choice. And if you read the statements of many atheists, many people who didn't believe in God, and then they later accepted Allah, they said that the reason why they didn't believe in God, the reason why they debated against people who believe in God was because they had a secret desire in their heart that maybe these people will be able to convince.

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And if you go back to the time you have major scientists like Newton, like Galileo, like Copernicus, they were hardcore theists, they believed in God. And atheists have extremely difficult times, you know, reconciling this fact.

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And so as you were surrounded by this narrative, in high school, or in college or in society, that believing in God, or that having a faith is something stupid, like how they portray Ned Flanders is Ned Flanders cooler stupid.

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Guys, come on be real. Stupid, right? Why? Because he's like churchy going like how do we do labor? Right?

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He's like some like really religious churchy guy, right? So he's portrayed as like, he's dumb. I want to remind you, I want to tell you that some of the smartest people in the world believe in God. And it's just the agenda of certain people. So I have three things to finish up. I have two minutes left. So I have three points that I want you guys to reflect on before the No man comes after my group.

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The first point, three things to reflect on. If you really have this question about believing in God, the first thing is reflect on yourself. reflect on yourself. Why do I exist? How do I exist? Why five fingers? Why not one finger Chow will be so hard to eat with one finger. Right? I wouldn't be able to exist one finger I just be able to point at people. Why Why? Why two feet, why hair, all these things? Sit and reflect on yourself. The second thing is sit and reflect on society. You know, way back when? Way back when you know when I tell people this no reflect on society. They're like, how do I reflect on society? I just got a gap. And then I go to you know, Jamba Juice and I go home,

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play ps3, right? I don't find God in there. You know, back then dude, back then. They used to be like living in the desert. They had no choice but to reflect on nature. Then they would take one or two weeks to go on vacation to the city to

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Since now we live in the city and buy stuff. And when we want to go on vacation, we go out to the desert, right?

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It's like the exact opposite. So people are asking why it's so hard to believe in God as time goes on was because we're disconnecting ourselves from the creation of God.

00:20:18--> 00:20:27

He, myself included, my wife and I have this rule now no iPhone near the bed. Because every time I try to fall asleep, I stay up till 3am looking at my phone,

00:20:28--> 00:20:47

we have to disconnect ourselves from these manmade things. They're not evil, they're not bad. But remember, in sometimes in immerse yourself in the last part of this creation, if you want to find a law, you have to take yourself back to the roots, right? That's why it's a lot easier to go on camps and things. And the third thing you want to reflect on before we go to his death

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is death. As morbid as it might sound, Muslims we don't have this idea of death that a lot of people do. Death for us is not the end. Death for us is the passageway to forever the fastest way to genda. inshallah, ask the Lord to give us agenda. I mean, your

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death for us, is the reason why we are here. People who don't believe in an afterlife or don't believe in God, they have a lot of trouble understanding why we die, and they search their entire life trying to extend their life. But as Muslims, if we reflect on death for three or four minutes every day, we'll see that our purpose in this life is for a test. And that day of test is going to be the day that we die. So sit and reflect upon your death in sha Allah and we will inshallah go Primavera. Now Zack aloka. We're gonna have brother Noman and q&a after him over prayer we'll set them while they can log in