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hamdulillah hamdulillah the NS Allah Allah abdiel kita they will let me do Allahu

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Allah hamdulillah Isla de la mia live when I'm EULA voila meow con la Hoku phone ahead or hamdulillah number do you want to start a new one? iStockphoto and SD when are other bIllahi min surely unforeseen OurMine CFTR Madalina miyetti level for La mobila We're gonna use it as filler heard your left eye shadow en la ou la la la la Wacka who luxury color. What a shadow under Mohammed Abdullah Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam on Ali Abbas Allah, Allah Allah to Allah will keep everything moving. By there were the bIllahi min ash shaytaan the regime were in Allah Allah Who looking at all about

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the great Imam Al Ghazali, or him a whole lot about 1000 years ago, wrote a text he wrote a book that was a compilation of letters to one of his students. And when I say student, we typically imagine you know, somebody's much older and much younger. But this book was written to or these letters were written to somebody that had engaged in the study of Islam for decades, like 2030 years. Now, his student asked him a very poignant question. He wrote a letter to his teacher, email zali. And he said to him, like my teacher, I've been studying with you now for 2030 years. And at some point, when a person engages in so much research and reading and study, there comes a time in

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which you seek the essence of something as opposed to the complexity of something, right. So something can become so big and so large to understand that really, you just want to know what is the core like what is the essence? So the student writes the amount of those audiences Yeah, will starve. Oh, my teacher what we studied now for 30 years, and I've learned a lot from fifth to nakida and all these subjects, but I want to learn from you now. Like what is the core of Islam? What is the core of being Muslim?

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And again, he writes this because

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As it's true in any subject of study, there are things that are more essential than there are things that are tertiary secondary. And those things tend to be a little bit more intriguing but they can also lead to somebody becoming confused. An example of this is that if somebody were to come today, after this whole but after salata, Juma and and take their shahada, except Islam right now. All right, no pressure if you're here for that, but if you were, what would the first thing that our community, what would the first thing be that you would tell them to do? Right, there's so many different things that people think are like really critically important. Some people might say to

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them, okay, pick a new name, time to choose a Muslim name. All right, some people might say, I know you had lunch plans to go and eat after Juma, but make sure that you don't go to this place this place this place, because this place is not halal. And this place is not this or this place is not that some people might look at the person and say what you're wearing, the Prophet SAW said and recommended not to dress like this. Some people would say your hair cut is too short, you get the point. There's so many details that people might focus on. But we all know hopefully, that there are things that are more essential things that are more purposeful to the core, that you might advise

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somebody who just accepted or just began their journey into Islam. Like, congratulations. The most important thing is that you believe in Allah and His messenger as the last messenger, you believe in Him, you accept Him, and that you begin to start your journey to reading the Quran performing your five prayers. The person might ask you, Hey, I heard this ruling about Ossur time. Which one? Is it? The earlier or later? Hey, is this this is white gold? Is that how that are held up? And you might respond in your wisdom that you know what these things? Let's talk about them later. Right. Now, let's talk about the core. So the amount of times that the student is asking his teacher yesterday,

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what is the core? Right? All these things are not unimportant. But the core is by definition, critical. And he writes him a series of letters. And in that letter, or in those letters, he includes a beautiful conversation between another teacher and another student. And this is lesson number one. Your Mama loves Ali Rahim Allah is more than equipped to give the answer to his student. But instead of doing that, instead of saying, You know what, I know all the answers to everything. What he does, is he directs and he differs and he indicates and points to other sources, other stories other at other Hadith that can give the answer to the person that is asking. And this is

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lesson number one, when it comes to what he's trying to teach us. There will be many times in your life, whether it's your friends, your family, your children, that you will be asked questions about faith about Islam.

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The first test that we all have is do we have the humility? Do we have the intellectual modesty to remind ourselves that anything that somebody is asking for me, is not because I am like the most intelligent person in the world. They are simply asking because they need to know and I'm going to do my best to direct them, to the knowledge not to myself, I'm going to teach them that my Prophet sallallahu sallam was the one who gave me this answer. And this, by the way is its own form of a beautiful way of giving Dawa. That when somebody comes and asks you a question, you're able to reference that person back to the original source. It's number one, it's humbling for your ego, to

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show that you know what, I'm not making this stuff up. I'm receiving this from somebody who knows much more than me. And number two, it's showing the person that it's important to be connected to the source itself. So he's including in here, a beautiful story of another teacher and another student, had them on Assam and chicken belly. And Shaquille Belsey. He asked his students how to Assam in this very beautiful conversation says you spent many years with me, what have you learned, and the man knows it is including this conversation to teach his own student that these are the core principles of what Allah wants us to know. So in today's call, but I can't cover all of them. But

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we're going to cover a few, maybe one two or three of what Imam Al Ghazali teaches us according to his knowledge of the prophets, all sudden his teachings are the core understandings of this religion. Number one, he says

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that in the Nevada to elect Hulk, so he says that if you look at people, like I observed people around me, he says, For I to liquidly

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men whom my boob and I'm not sure can, I saw that every person in life has something that they love. Every person has something that they are devoted to, that they are obsessed with. Right? For some people, it's their cars. For some people, it's their homes. For some people, it's their physique or their fashion or their clothes or whatever it might be.

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Everybody has something that they are devoted to and dedicated to. Now the things that are haram obviously, we ask a lot to protect us and to remove the love of that from our heart so that we don't have that right. But there are things that you might be obsessed with or in love with that are halal. Right. Some people might be obsessed with finding like the best biryani in Dallas, or like the best coffee shop or these things that by definition, are Hello Alhamdulillah biryani is Hello like coffee's hot Al Hamdulillah. But the obsession can become problematic to the point where he says move on. Well, I'm not sure that this person has like a level of ish for this stuff. They wake

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up thinking about it. They go to sleep thinking about it. And in between, they're thinking about it. So he says, I noticed that people have this tendency now he's not saying this as like a statement of judgment, like, oh, I noticed that everyone else has this. No, no. He's saying I noticed that as human beings. We have this vulnerability. We have a predisposition to becoming very, very attached to something when we're interested in it.

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And he says, Well, you have blue eyes while you shuffle who says that and the person loves it. And they devote themselves they become obsessed with it. And he says, Well, I do that. Lika Elma who will be you saw him who who Ilan Marathi will melty, he says and for some of these people, they're lucky that the thing that they love and that they're obsessed with, it accompanies them throughout their life all the way until their sickness, meaning the sickness that's going to end up being the one that takes their life. And then for some people, even until their actual passing itself.

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So this is an interesting picture. He says, Well back to that he says and some of some of this stuff, some of the people, they are lucky that they will have this devotional thing will come with them. I want everyone to think about the things that you love the most. What is the thing that you absolutely love the most? Now imagine that you get a phone call, may Allah protect us that you only have a week left to live by next Friday after Joomla is your Janaza May Allah protect us and give us good endings? I want you to think now how important would that thing be to you? The thing that you thought was like the most important thing, there are people who order something, and they're

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checking the tracking of it all day. Right? When is it out for delivery? Is it on my street, even Amazon now they tell you, it's 10 stops away? Why? To get your your appetite going? Right? People order a new car delivery date, they're refreshing all the time, people buy something they're looking, how can I fit that? Now imagine that in seven days, your life is done. That vacation you were planning that was consuming all of your time that you stayed up so late that you miss Federer the next morning, all of those things that we are obsessed about, what's the value now it instantly drops lower than the stock market, it drops.

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And you think to yourself, Man, the thing that I was dedicating my life to when death was brought before me all of a sudden lost all of its value.

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Right. But other things that I didn't value, now all of a sudden became very important to me. So I was ignoring the phone calls from my family. I was delaying talking to my parents or my children. But now that I know that my time is limited, it's finite, which all of our time is limited and finite, but we just don't know when. Right? But we live with this reality. Now that I know that it's become much more critical for me to call and to say, right, Mom, how are you dad? How are you son, daughter? How are you?

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I used to tell myself that I would read Quran more often every Ramadan I made that promise to myself. But then the months and the days and the weeks eventually passed by and I lost that him that dedication, that devotion. Six months later, the Quran is as dusty as anything else in my house. But now I'm told that I have a week to live. So all of a sudden, I go and I reach and I dusted off and I start reading it again. Right? So he's saying here that everybody has something they love, but not everything that you love will stay with you. Very few things will stay with you. Up until your sickness even think of your friends. How many of you Subhanallah if you just attend one Muslim

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wedding, you will see how many friends we think we have. Right? Like the wedding list. 600 700 people crazy Subhan Allah, may Allah bless everyone for feeding everybody.

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Right? But then how many of those people when you get sick, and there's like a weird lump in your body and you need to go get tests done, and you're unsure about your situation. The doctor is telling you that there's some concern how many of those people are calling you?

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How many of those people are texting or calling or visiting dropping off food sitting in your living room for 30 minutes just to give you some data on salon, how many? I'm not trying to make us leave here with no friends. What I'm trying to get us to think about is

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are the things that we devote ourselves to? Are they devoted back to us? Right? So he's saying here that from your circle of Beloved, the circle gets smaller when you get sick, and then eventually when you die? How many of those people are the ones that are lowering you into the burial place? And how many of them are praying at your janazah? And how many of them are waiting for you? And they're waiting, and they're sitting in there making their art before the angels come to ask those questions.

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What imamo is out he's trying to illustrate here is that that circle shrinks, shrinks, shrinks and get small, eventually, it almost turns into nothing. And then he says, subhanAllah

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he says, some of you are Kulu, who were to ruku Fareed, Anwar hidden everything when you were in that state. Everything when you were there by yourself, it leaves you. You're by yourself completely alone. He says, Well, I have called Omar who feel called Rahim in whom I had done nothing is going to enter that grave with you. You're by yourself. Fits like he says fit to fat cattle to were called to I thought to myself, and I said, off Daruma, boobie, Al Murray mired Hulu Madhu, photograhy. He said, This isn't right. Said the things that I love so much, you would think that when you're lonely, they would be the ones to keep you company. Like the definition of a true friend, is that

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when you are at your worst, when you're at your greatest point of need, who is the shoulder that you can cry on, who's the one that you can call? Those are the closest friends you have. So he's saying it's so interesting, I lived my life decades, 5060 years of my life, and I gave so much of the love that I had in my heart for something. And now I'm sitting in the buttock my soul is alive. And I'm wondering, who even remembers my name, who even others meet in their dua.

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And he said, I realized very little. So I gave myself to my colleagues, my co workers and everybody around me and nobody thought of me.

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He says the best friend would be the one that would be with you in that state.

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So he says federal budget to il Atmel of salida

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says I realized that my best friend, my companion, that's going to be the deeds that I did that were good in this life. Those are the ones that are going to come with me. So he says,

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to her, maboob and Lee, so I may doing good deeds, my most beloved thing, like I love going out and having food with my friends, I love vacationing, with my family on the beach, I love all of this. This is all natural, we love it. But he said there was nothing sweeter to me in my life, than when my forehead touched the ground and worship of Allah subhanaw taala. Because that moment, as short and brief as it might be compared to the dinner parties and the vacations and all of that, as short as it might be, that's going to be the one that's going to be with me in the darkest point of my existence, when I need some illumination. That's the one. So instead of rushing through prayer, to

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get back to the party, I'm going to rush through the conversation at the party so I can get to my salah because my priorities have changed. So he says, that's a liter Coomassie Rajan fee, carbery

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it will become my light in my grave. What? What's next any fee? Well, I'd have to look any further than that. It will be there to give me that hope that I need that motivation that I will need it will never abandon me there. And So lesson number one, when this student asked his teacher like what's the what's the core of all this Islam that we practice the core, the core number one is to fall in love with worshiping Allah subhanaw taala that the good deeds that you do are the sweetest things that you can think of. Like out of every moment now this doesn't mean again, that when our friends call us or our family is you know, My Baba, do you want to go play outside? I said no, no, I

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have to pray only that's it. Why because we have an example in the Prophet Muhammad SAW salah. We have an example in his life that what that he was able Subhanallah with his spirituality, his spirituality never contested with his responsibilities to his family. In fact, he was able to Salallahu Salam make his day to day something that was invested into his spiritual state. So he would spend time with his family with the intention of pleasing Allah subhanaw taala even the Hadith of the Prophet SAW Selim says that spending money on your family is considered sadaqa. I'm sorry to give that one to your children. Right, just set you up for the post Juma toy shopping. He said that

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the sadaqa of a person on their family or the I'm sorry, the spending of a person on their family is sadaqa. I used to sign this hadith

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authentic hadith. So why is the Prophet Solomon teaching us this because there is a intention and a modality that a person exists in, in which everything they do can become a good deed. Even sleeping, even eating, even getting dressed in the morning, even taking a shower or even using the bathroom. All of this stuff, if a person comes at it with the intention, of Shaco and a bad to Allah, everything can engage in this reality. We ask Allah to Allah to give us that. The next that he gives, and we'll finish here Subhanallah there's eight, I can only do two, he says with a family. That's a fanny to number two, he says, in the middle, I told her that I looked around at people. And

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he says,

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you have to do

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that these people, they follow their desires. They they have desires and they are just attached to those desires. Well, you bet the donor Isla Murad,

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Maura Dotty and foresee him that these people, they basically follow their desires and those desires become the actual like, reasons for their existence. Okay, and they become completely and totally absorbed by that. So he says, I realized and I remembered that even though all of us have desires, it's natural. He says that Subhan Allah Allah says no Quran was a madman ha from a farmer Robbie, he went to her neffs en el Hawa for inner Jana to heal network that he says Allah gave us this very beautiful challenge. Where he told us as though a gel that for the person that has reverence and awe of Allah has power to add a status in their life, like if a person recognizes who Allah is. And they

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hold themselves back when I had neffs on an hour, and they're able as a result of that recognition, they're able to hold themselves back in the agenda to heal Matt, where he says that that person, Allah Tala will give them Jana as their abode. And he says, I realized the Quran was true. So what did he say? He said, I rush and I raced to go against my desire. And my inclination

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is interesting. Everyone, he says, Has inclinations. But then he said, Allah put an interesting condition in the Quran a challenge. If you can fight, always indulging yourself, and you can hold back about what your neffs wants, then Jana is going to be easy for you. It's going to be right there in your reach. So he says, I began to go against my desires. And I began to go against what I wanted. And he says, and I worked really hard at that. And I became eventually somebody that my desires ended up being only pleasing Allah subhanaw taala. What does this mean? Every single person has the desire for sleep, especially if you have children. Every single person has a desire to eat.

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Every single person has a desire to buy, to shop, to acquire to get money, right, what to have Bula Herban JAMA, Allah says no Quran you love money. Nobody, when they're offered wealth, turns it down. Look at the stimulus checks that people got. Nobody turns that stuff down. SubhanAllah.

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But there is a limit for every person in what we want. Becoming a distraction against what we need to do.

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That the sleep that we have, Allah says Go ahead, sleep.

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We made the night as a cover we made the night as a place of rest. But when it's time to wake up and pray, it's time to wake up and pray. Go ahead and eat, but just don't eat these certain things. And when it's time to fast and Ramadan, don't eat during these certain times. Right? Go ahead and spend. But every year you have what is that you have to make sure that you don't only spend on yourself but you gives a captain give sadaqa this is part of your responsibility. So it's our job as Muslims that when our desires bump up against what the Sharia says Allah says that we have to do, that we're able to fight against ourselves in those moments, that we're able to fight against ourselves. And were

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able to say, You know what, I'm not going to be a person that uses my desires against the one who gave me the blessings in the first place. So he fought against himself and he really went against himself and he said eventually what happens at the end of that long road? Is that your heart the desire you have is to please Allah subhanaw taala but Ramadan is a great example of this. In Ramadan, we fast. Instead of eat, we stay awake instead of sleep. We give charity instead of shop. Your entire life is like flipped backwards compared to what you're used to doing right? So all day you don't eat or drink all night. You either get very little sleep, if any at all or you're in the

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masjid or whatnot. You're reading Quran at home, and then all day as you're thinking about

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Do you see constant ads for charity in South Africa because it's one of the best times to give.

00:25:06--> 00:25:24

We do all of those things at much higher levels than the rest of the year. And at the end of the month, what happens on the last night of Ramadan the last 10 Nights, as the days are concluding, we started to get emotional. People start to say our beloved guest is leaving us even talking about it now is giving me goosebumps

00:25:25--> 00:25:38

because you don't want Ramadan to leave you love the month of Ramadan. But that's interesting because Ramadan includes everything that doesn't please your knifes Ramadan literally includes everything that goes against your neffs don't eat, don't sleep and give your money away.

00:25:39--> 00:26:00

Who would think that at the end of that list of ingredients, there would be love of Allah subhana wa Tada. But this is an example of what it means when you conquer yourself. And he said here that at the core of Islam, at the core of this deen is being able to look at yourself, look at your knifes and see what it's what it wants. And to say no.

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To see to hear the alarm professional in the morning, and to have your hand reach for the snooze button. And then you pull it back. That's the core of what it means to fight yourself. To want to eat more or to want to not fast and to say no, I'm doing this for Allah to look at something that's haram and to avert your eyes away because why this is for Allah. Nobody knows that I'm doing this but I'm looking because Allah Allah knows that I'm doing this. And he says at the end of this road of struggle and Mujahidin, you find what you find contentment and being a servant of Allah We ask Allah to audit to give us that contentment and more. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to allow us to have

00:26:39--> 00:26:51

all of the characteristics that we've heard we asked Allah to audit to give us obedience to him and to his messenger I thought was so damn cool to call you how that was stuck for Allah He would have been really silent Muslim in a Muslim manifesto photo in the horrors of war Roy.

00:26:59--> 00:27:38

hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen wa salatu salam ala extrafill mbi, almost Amin Cigna, Mohamed Salah Salem were either early he was hobby he had Marine, brothers and sisters to conclude this hope but today, there is a there is a deep moment in the life of every person where they have to ask themselves what the quality of their faith is. You know, as children, our job for our children is to teach and train to worship and to obey and to follow Islam to the best of their ability. But there comes a point in the life of even every child and it seems like that age is getting earlier and earlier. It used to be college. I think now maybe it's Middle School Subhanallah where every young

00:27:38--> 00:27:48

person has to understand that this faith and this deen is ultimately what's best for their existence, not at hinderance but something that is a blessing.

00:27:50--> 00:28:35

If we can't have conversations like the one that the Imam Al Ghazali is giving us in this conversation today, with our young people to teach them about the beauty and the devotion of Islam and Eman for Allah. And we make it all about the exterior tertiary items, we end up falling into a really difficult state later on in life, where everybody knows all the different nuances of how to slaughter a cow, or what they can or can't eat, or what is a valid or invalid will do. But we don't have people who truly love to worship Allah subhanaw taala and truly love to read the Quran and truly love to engage with their faiths. My advice to myself and everybody here is to think deeply

00:28:35--> 00:29:08

about the core principles of why we practice this faith and to try your best to hand those over to those people in your life particularly your family and your friends. We ask Allah Tada to make us successful in this endeavor. We ask Allah subhanaw taala to bless everybody in this gathering, we ask Allah to Allah to bless everybody who's not here we ask Allah to Allah to give the fat to those who are sick. To forgive those who have passed away we ask Allah Tada to put Bataclan our families in our homes. We ask Allah to Allah to bless all of our endeavors. We ask Allah to Allah to uplift us from any difficulty that we are in. We ask Allah, his parents audit to uplift the Ummah from

00:29:08--> 00:29:42

those that are oppressing them. We ask Allah to audit to give us victory against those who tried to cause us harm. We ask Allah s parents audit to instill faith within our hearts and the hearts of those that we love. We asked parents to make him and his messenger and his book and the Sunnah of His Messenger, the most beloved things to us in the law. Who am I let it get to who you saw Luna Allah Nebby. Yeah, you're listening to amadores Salim Ali. He was a limitless Nima. Allahumma Salli. Ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Muhammad came out so later I love Rahim, Allah Ebrahim for Alameen in Nikka Hamid Majeed Allahumma barik ala Muhammad Anwar Ali Muhammad come about Okta, I love Rahim Allah al

00:29:42--> 00:29:51

Ibrahim for Alameen in Nikka Homina Majeed in Allahu Yetman a bit it will send what you say that quote about when Khalifa che will monka you will love it. You're in the company another company that came

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Trump Hola Hola, como la

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