Nouman Ali Khan – Greed vs Contentment – The Way to a Fulfilling Life

Nouman Ali Khan
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If you're waiting for people to stick their hand out and say, Can you please give me I haven't eaten or I have a baby in my arms and we haven't we don't have food etc, that that's you waited too long, you know, and taxable who will die? Hello, USA boomba who have me administer iPhone or iPhone BC my home? You know when people don't beg and we assume they don't need there's a problem. The giant thinks that they have no need Quran says the ignorant the ignoramus thinks that this person is doing okay because they didn't beg. That's not how we're supposed to be daddy for whom we see my home, you'll recognize them by the marks on their faces. In other words, you're going to look look at

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people so You look stressed out Is everything okay? Yeah, 100 No, no, no, let's sit down and talk. And that's how you get to know this compassion is being talked about? Why would somebody do that? Why would somebody be so caring about somebody else when they're not lost in themselves? When the only thing you and I are thinking about is ourselves? When all we're thinking about is, you know, an AKA Rama who Allah Allah who are Katara Allah he does call that's all that's going on in our mind. We're so lost in our own world, how are you ever going to even have time to look at the face of the person next to you? Well, how's that going to happen? And so Allah says, No, you're too lost in

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yourself. You don't honor the orphan. You don't encourage the food of the Miskin what that kulula terasse and forget the strangers that you meet the team and the miskeen maybe from your community, but in your own family, when somebody passes away with that coluna Torah, you eat the the inheritance and the idea of eating you know, actually ignore our shoes. And this is this is an Quranic invention, this expression of eating inheritance was not used in Arabic literature anywhere. In other words, Quran X used this expression to describe something, you know, when you eat something, there's nothing left. When you eat something, it's gone to waste now it's was consumed

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entirely by you, and it has no other benefit left. That's the idea of eating as opposed to taking if you take something you might give it back also, what's Quran is commenting on here is you people when it comes to the inheritance distribution, the strong among you, which is which was what the Arab Jahai culture was the strong among them, the older brothers, or the son as opposed to the mother or the sister or whatever, whoever was stronger, would quickly come take everything and put it away or invest it or use it up. They would eat it, so you can't even touch it anymore. It's gone now. Or they take the horse and they already sold the horse and use the money to get something else

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and it's gone. Everybody can't be touched anymore. They lock it up. This is Kelowna Taurus you quickly consumed take over the the the inherited money or clan you eat it and this is what's called them the fool mutlak but what it does is you eat it viciously. I mean you just devour whatever it comes in front of you. And if that wasn't enough, hola commented with another pretty scathing criticism word. He said llama, duck, Luna, terracotta UCLan, llama, female Hassan min Medea till Achill when Madonna kita ultimately he doing another Illa word, he will muster the heat. They say it's actually this is an observation by Allah that the person is eating. They don't care where this

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money came from. They don't care who else needs it or wants it. They just want it. That's it. They're done. And Lundmark comes from lamb in the Arabic language. And llama means to quickly gather something, even something small, like a lock of hair when you make a ponytail or whatever. That's also called La Masha. Okay, Hola, Maya, small group of people gathering small things together. When he says UCLA alumni, it's like, you know, like, if somebody's so hungry, that they're eating, and then there's crumbs, and they're like,

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I don't want anybody to touch even a single crumb. And you want to get all of it. This is llama. They don't want to let any of it go. Any of it go any not even a small thing. You know, just consume all of it. This is how greedy people are. You know what that coluna Terrassa, Aquila, llama, no, these ayat are actually well before any revelation about inheritance law was given certain DisArt came so till Bukhara came talked about what family members are owed. But before you talk about what percentage goes to who, first you have to deal with the problem of greed. You see what happens even in Muslim families. Now, when inheritance issues come up, we we decide to quote the Sharia way later

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on. But first and foremost, what is at the what is the first consideration? What am I going to get? What am I going to get? What am I going to get? You know, and even the interpretation of the law of the Sharia is twisted and turned in so that somebody can get more and somebody gets to get less. Like you know what happens in many countries nowadays, you have brothers, some Brothers live in one country, some Brothers live in another country, the parent passes away, there's a house, there's a property, there's a farm, There's whatever else and now there's this big mess, who's gonna get what, and the ones that are in the home countries? No, no, no, we're the ones that are here. We're gonna

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keep it you guys do your thing. You'll come to LA you're doing okay. You're doing fine. Or somebody comes from the abroad and says, Well, we can afford better lawyers or whatever. We're going to take all of it or whatever else, you know, and everybody's involved and their wives are involved.

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their churches are involved. Everybody's involved and they're just fighting over this is and then they have the audacity to argue this is Allah's book or the Sunnah of the prophets Allah without coluna Kurata UCLA if your consideration all of it is just to eat, consume, get more, get more, get more. And that's the that's the ultimate expression of selfishness you don't even care about who needs in your family. Hey guys, you just watched a small clip of me explaining the Quran in depth as part of the deeper look series. Studying the Quran in depth can seem like a really intimidating thing that's only meant for scholars Our job is to make deeper study of the Quran accessible and

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easy for all of you. So take us up on that challenge. Join us for this study the deeper look of the Quran for this surah and many other sources on Vienna under the deeper look section

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