Abdul Nasir Jangda – Illuminated Tarawih Khatirah Night #28

Abdul Nasir Jangda
AI: Summary © The conversation discusses the title of the book CATION number 61, which appears to be a series of disconnected sentences and phrases. The speakers discuss the spiritual status and awareness of Allah, as well as the importance of practicing actions and action plans in improving one's life. They also touch on the topic of physical fitness and the need for action and action plans in order to improve one's life. The speakers suggest practicing actions in accordance with their actions and acknowledge the importance of not acknowledging the need for perfection in Islam. The segment also mentions a new national holiday program for the weekend and the evening.
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sir I'm only going after Labor cartoon. So I misread the i at the end it's where to call him when I add him waters. How do Abdullahi Maka

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah who Allah Allah He was he Ultramarine salam Wa alaykum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh, who Shala continuing with our series here during salatu tarawih in the month of Ramadan, titled illuminated where we look at many of the ions in the Quran in which Allah subhanaw taala mentions, talks about

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the concept and the idea of a new

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light illumination. And we've been looking at many of these different ions and the majority of these references to a *, light in illumination in the Quran are actually figurative and allegorical, that in some I got it represents. It actually talks about the magnificence of Allah, Allahu Muda, Samoa to Allah. In some verses that actually represents the Quran, the revelation of the Quran. In some verses, it represents the example of the prophets Allah Lisa.

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And in many, if not most places that it is mentioned, it actually represents the emaan in the faith of a person. Martha Ludovica Miss Katherine Fiamma spa, and a few places in the Quran that were * is used more literally, to talk about like a physical light, where the moon will come around Uhura, right where it talks about the moon being a source of illumination and light, and, but even in those places where it is used, and it's more literal meaning it is still part of a greater conversation like we saw in sort of newer, a conversation about faith and about Iman. Today, we're going to be looking at CERN number 61.

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In surah, number 61, in ion number 12.

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or, excuse me in Surah, number 61. i In number eight, excuse me, I in number eight, Allah subhanaw taala talks about mentions the concept of Nua

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and I'll mention it here but then we'll we'll have our discussion Allah here there's a very interesting, dynamic where it is the there's an association of the nor the node is associated with something

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with someone, we're here Allah matches *, Allah, the light of God, the * of Allah. So there's this association here, right? This is called the lava in the Arabic language is the genitive case, it shows ownership or possession of something. So * Allah, the light of Allah, the illumination from Allah. So that's a very powerful idea.

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It's going to talk about something that we have addressed previously in another place. But I wanted us to be able to fully understand and appreciate you know, where and how and why. Allah subhanaw taala makes his mentioned renewed Allah. So when you go all the way back to the beginning of the surah it's very interesting Allah subhanaw taala says, Some bahala Hema for summer what are the what will ask you to keep everything in the heavens and the earth

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is constantly occupied has been and will be constantly occupied with the glorification of God as Allah subhanaw taala says we're immune Jain Allah you certainly have your handy. Well like a lot of Coronavirus. We have them everything praises God praises Allah you just don't understand it. You just can't fully interpret it. Right. So it says that all of Allah's creation, recognizes Allah and worships Allah and praises Allah and glorifies Allah speaks of Allah's perfection.

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But after saying that, that this is where all the creation is, this is the status. This is the spiritual status and the cognizance, the awareness of Allah that all of the Creation possesses.

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But then Allah makes an exception.

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Yeah, you have levena Armineh.

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Right human beings, and specifically amongst human beings. Allah subhanaw taala calls out the believers are you who believe, Oh, you who have proclaimed faith. You have said that you are Muslim.

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Saku Luna Mala to follow.

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Why do you not do? Why do you say that what you do not do?

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Why do you preach what you don't practice? You know, Allah times you say, why don't you practice what you preach?

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That's how the Quran says, The Quran is not asking us, why do you? Why do you not practice what you preach? Because this might seem subtle, but language is all about subtlety. When you say why don't you practice what you preach, you're objecting to the practice of the person. But it's basically implying that the problem here is not the preaching. The problem is the practicing.

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And therein lies the rub.

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Because if you keep saying the practicing is the problem, the preaching is not the problem. Then the guy will just simply say, Okay, I'm figuring it out and shall I'm a work in progress. You know, we're all a work in progress. Everything's a work in progress, you know, Inshallah, inshallah. Inshallah. Right? And in the meantime, what's the good, what's the guy going to continue to do?

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There's not the good kind, where you tell somebody preach? No, no.

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Right? That guy is gonna keep on flapping his gums.

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He's gonna keep on, you know, just talking.

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Just jibber jabber nonsense.

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And meanwhile, there's no

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spiritual weight. There's no commitment, there's not even thought being put into what are you even saying? What are you even talking about at this point?

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Right. It's like me starting to give a lecture about physical fitness. I'm being very honest here. I'm, I'm being honest, for a reason, though. Because this is the kind of, you know, this is the kind of a genuineness we need about this kind of conversation. You understand?

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Like, at some point, you know, you wouldn't take a rocket scientist, like anybody sitting here would kind of be like,

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baby Stop.

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Right? What are you doing? You're lecturing people about physical fitness. You look like your ad. Okay. So, what are you doing?

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And seriously, right, like imagine like, I don't have a single word of the Quran memorize not because of like some disability. I don't have a single word of the Quran memorized, because I ain't got time. I'm busy. I have lots of things to do. Places to be people to see.

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And so I don't even treat it as a priority. And then I get up here on Friday tomorrow, Jamar football, the virtues of memorizing the Quran,

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you know, and I'm lecturing everybody about it. Oh, like you need to memorize the Quran and how do you memorize the Quran? Why don't I Why don't you know more Quran? Why don't What am I talking about here?

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This is the problem. So that's why Allah did not say

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you Lima Latifah, Luna Matakohe Luna, Abaddon, Lima taco Luna Mala to follow on? Why are you saying that what you are doing?

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And if you'll allow me if I may, kind of just translate it into common speak. Allah is basically saying Shut up.

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Be quiet. Stop talking.

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The kid is like, yeah. So I apologize. But Allah is saying stop talking.

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Yeah, in son. You have an item.

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Why are you still speaking?

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Put the work in put the time in, put the effort in.

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Stop talking for a moment. Lima Taku. Luna, you're still talking here. malata falloon. So there's a very interesting the SUTA starts off very powerfully by connecting the idea of what comes out of your mouth and connecting that to how you live your life.

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And then covered on McDonough in De La Jolla and Taco Luminato follow,

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it is very displeasing and one can even translate it as MCIT. It is greatly angering

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to Allah subhanaw taala. For you to continue to say that what you are not doing. See the emphasis is still on but you're talking because Allah never demanded perfection from us. Understand this, Allah has not demanded perfection from us. Allah the Quran nowhere is telling us to be perfect. In fact, the prophets Allah the salam says, Good Alumini are the MaHA. Everybody makes mistakes. Right? ohata Ignatova Moon, the thing that you're supposed to do is when you make a mistake, then repent for it make up for it. So the problem is not that you mess up. The problem is that you insist on talking because there's no obligation in Islam for you to lecture other people. Contrary

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Due to popular belief, that is not an obligation in Assam.

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Oh brother but what about Dawa? What about Dawa?

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What about Dawa

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Dawa is called Dawa means to call people to Allah to connect people to Allah. You can do that by handing somebody a translation of the Quran.

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You can do that by supporting Dawa work and initiatives you are so calling people to Allah. You can do that through your character and your behavior, your honesty, your integrity, your decency.

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Right. But nobody, there's no obligation in Islam for you to become you know, some preacher.

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That's not an obligation but the obligation in Islam is keep working on bettering yourself so again, the emphasis is there. And I know that this sounds all very bizarre coming from somebody talking into a mic May Allah forgive me. I mean it may Allah forgive me May Allah forgive all of us.

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In the Latina, your hip buena in Allah, your humble Latina, you Artie Luna feasability he suffer under humbly and Omar Sue's you know, who didn't just talk,

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you know, who wasn't just all talk, but they backed it up with action. In fact, they did a lot more than they said.

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It was the Sahaba

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and that's who Allah talks about. Allah loves those people who fight in the way of Allah sufen lined up in rows,

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right, like immovable objects. They're like boulders, their faith, and the humble Myanmar Seuss. They're like, not like a mountain range, but not physically in terms of faith spiritually.

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Allah subhanaw taala, talks about Musa alayhis salam, he talks about our isa Alayhis Salam. And then that is when Allah subhanaw taala in IE number seven says on other lemma, Amin manifattura, Allah Allah will keep

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that who is more oppressive and who is more evil and who is more wrong than somebody who attributes falsehood to Allah.

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Like they attribute their own falsehood to Allah will will you die ill Islam. Whenever they are called to Allah whenever they are called to Islam. They lie they make up things they fabricate things, what Allah who like acted upon Madani mean Allah will never guide people, so long as they practice this kind of wrongdoing and falsehood and darkness. And then Allah and I remember at UT doing a YouTube ood, Allah He FYE

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and all of this is in an effort to extinguish the light of Allah with their bounds. And I explained previously that this is not in the Arabic language. It Allah did not say be elsina to him with their tongues, that would mean their words, hear Allah says fly him with their mouths. That is an expression in the Arabic language that means they are literally trying to blow it out to extinguish it by blowing air on it like you how you blow out a candle.

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They're trying to do that. And the analogy of this is with the sun, can you imagine somebody going outside like the day to day when the sun was out? Beautiful and brilliant. Somebody goes outside and tries to blow out the sun with their mouth by blowing air on it.

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Nothing think about how silly and

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like ludicrous status. Well Allah subhanaw taala says it is even more ridiculous for someone to try to put out the light of Allah. For someone to try to do whatever they think is in their power in their capacity to do whatever they can to try to extinguish the light of the Quran the light of Eman, the light of Islam, they cannot do it. While looking with him renewed he He Allah will complete his light. Well, okay Hulk if you don't, even if the disbelievers they just they they disliked this who I let the other Salah Rasulullah who will who die where dental Hawk He Allah is the One who sent His messenger Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam with guidance and

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with the true religion, Leo the hero who Aladeen equally so that this religion would become clearly superior dominance over all the other religions that people make up and fabricate. Well, okay, Helen was she going? No matter how distasteful this may be to the polytheist to those who would dare to associate partners to Allah, the beginning of the surah that talked about

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that preaching, or practicing what you preach or preaching what you practice. Right? How that connects here with this conversation about the light of Allah? Is that the law

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aid of Allah will only be manifest for people. It can only be seen by people. It can only be shared by people. It can only be, you know, spread by people whose actions are their words or in accordance with their actions and vice versa.

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That they preach what they practice, when they talk, that is in accordance with their action. It requires that kind of synchronization of the interior and the external exterior, the VA hidden the exterior and the internal, the bottom, when there's a synchronization of those two things. The ball hit in the bottom. Now you have the example of Islam. Now that person becomes a lamp, that person becomes a beacon of light.

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And then that's how Islam has spread.

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But when you don't have that

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Islam was still spread in spite of its practitioners, not because of and that's why it spreads slowly but surely.

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But look what happened at the time of the Prophet Sasa.

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Within 100 years of the passing of the prophets, Allah the Surah,

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two thirds of the civilized world had entered into the fold of Islam.

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It's astounding.

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Within 80 years of the passing of the process on the Mozilla Cordova, the Mozilla didn't Cordova, was founded 80 years after the passing of the process, can you fathom that?

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It's unbelievable. Because he Islam spreads like that.

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When that internal and that external is synchronized.

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When that when people are talking about what they are actually living, then the light the newer of Islam, the newer of Allah radiates, and then that will bring the people to it automatically. May Allah subhanaw taala make us all examples of that light. May Allah subhanaw taala allow us to synchronize our internal states along with our external practices. And may Allah subhanaw taala accept us all as representatives of his Deen? I mean, yeah, Rabbil Alameen Subhanallah who we come to he's from Hana. Colombia Hambrick Nash Hello Allah Allah Allah Azza, the Southfield governor to Blue Lake. Inshallah, you know, as we've been announcing every day, that the nightly program for the

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last 10 nights of Ramadan is going to be continuing inshallah we'll start the program again tonight at midnight. Obviously, tomorrow is the day of Friday on was July so we will have the Friday, goodbye inshallah at 2pm. And tomorrow night's Pm is a little bit more of a special program. It's the big annual club that we do, where you'll get to hear from a lot of the different teachers and scholars of color and sha Allah and we'll have a program that will go for most of the night, if not the entirety of the nights and sha Allah. So we look forward to seeing you then. Baraka Luffy from Somalia, gonna have to leave it

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