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The use of ham shoulder parking and La Jolla madness in the United States is discussed, emphasizing the importance of finding a path to achieve a peaceful life. The structure of the Jana message is also discussed, including rewarding achieving peace and creating a path for individuals to pursue their dreams. The message is used to motivate people to pursue their dreams and create a path for achieving peace.

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All right, so

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with that

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said, I'm Ali Khan. Rahmatullah with regard to

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small label hamdu lillah wa salatu. salam ala Rasulillah, who are there early, he was having it right. And just a quick announcement.

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So we have hamdulillah the overflow parking system set up here.

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The parking across the street at the church is not part of that. So we have the both

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what's what's it called?

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establishments on either side of us. We have the the corporate buildings, but we don't have the church across the street. We don't have that relationship. And so for those of you who parked at the I think it's called Ventry mentary church, I would go and probably move your car to another area that is allowed insha Allah just so that you don't, you know, have your car get towed in sha Allah so just a heads up, no parking across the street being the law. Okay. Tonight's reflection on the path to peace is a beautiful idea from the Quran from South unis in which Allah subhanaw taala shares with us not just one of the indications of the path to peace, but one of the names of our in

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sha Allah be at Nila our eventual abode, Allah to Allah in the Quran, he says, well, La Jolla rue de la dotta Salam way de Mejia SHA UE la serata Mr. Clean but Allah subhanho wa Taala says that he is the one who is inviting everybody. Allah to Allah has placed a proclamation, an invitation to anyone who's interested to come to daata salaam Dar Salam is the is one of the names one of the representations as all of the mfah Caelian have alluded to, based on the context of a Jana May Allah Tala Grant says gentlemen paradise yada. What are the reasons why daata Salam, Al Jana is referred to as the house or the abode of peace is because this life, part and parcel of this life is that we

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always assume a role of engaging with difficulty. Allah Allah says, look for the HELOC on in Santa Fe Cabot that human beings were always created in a position of difficulty of work, you're never going to have in this life, any moment where you are free from a responsibility or free from a task or free from any sort of burden. This is part of the nature of this dunya. And I know a lot of people think that Well, you know what, maybe if I make my financial goals, or if I reach my certain status that I'm aiming for, then what is this guy know, I'm going to be able to get to a point where I'm not going to have to answer to anybody. The reality is that with every provision that Allah

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gives, there is a responsibility. And there is a burden that comes with even every blessing in this dunya is the nature of the dunya. When you are given more, you have to be asked for more as a person's privilege increases, their responsibilities increase. And so the nature of this life of this dunya is that a person will always be anticipating what is the next thing that they have to transcend go across what is the next obstacle that they have to conquer? When a person pays their bills, within a couple of weeks, they get another bill, when a person submits a project for work. Within a few days, there is another proposal in their inbox or on their desk. This is the nature of

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this life, Allah Tada promised us this. And it seems like we are constantly searching for the absence of difficulty. But Allah tells us in the Quran, that when you're looking for the absence of difficulty, you can't look here. Because this is part of the definition. This is the definition of this life is that you're not going to be able to find the absence of difficulty. Where will you find a place that is defined by its very element of peace, extending to all of its inhabitants, every citizen, every person who lives there it is in the next life, may Allah Allah grant us that. So when he says will law who ye Deru Isla daata Salam, Allah is inviting everyone to daata Salam, every

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person in this life should feel attracted to this. I'm tired of working, I'm tired of cleaning. I'm tired of the chores and the responsibly I'm tired. I'm tired of having to it's almost April 15. I'm tired of the IRS. I'm tired of these things, right? We get exhausted. This is part of our nature. So Allah is saying, if you're tired if you find yourself exhausted, doing all of these tasks, well focus your time here in a way that will give you entrance into data setup. Because what a tragedy what a colossal travesty it would be if a person spent their entire life working in this life.

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but they didn't dedicate any time to attaining entrance into the garden in the next life, and then they're going to be doubled down with more work than they ever imagined so much so that the people of Jahannam say, Oh Allah send us back. Give us another chance, because the time that they spend in Jahannam, even a moment is worth is a million times worse than any burden they had in this life all put together, may Allah protect us. So Allah Allah invites everyone to data setup. Now, at the end of the verse, and it's interesting because in the Quran, the way in which the sentence is structured, the way in which the is structured, it is showing us what we should focus on Allah Tada

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begins with the reward that Allah is calling you to what the house or the abode of peace of Salaam. And then he says, Well, yeah, the mega shot, we lost the ultimate stalking.

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And the one who wants to attain this place of paradise of peace, Allah has given them the steps to get there, Allah has laid out the path and this is from the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala, that Allah to Allah did not have to, he did not have to give us such a clear indication. So it's clear messaging, such clear role modeling by the example of the Prophet Muhammad Sallallahu sallam. This was not a requirement. Of course, Allah has no requirements. But out of His mercy and His generosity and his gentleness with us. He gave us clear understandings, clear rubrics. And not only that, he gave us the best of examples to show us how to do it. And not only that, he gave us a method, a

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method of recourse when we're not perfect, which is part of our definition, as being imperfect. All a person has to do is strive towards the straight path. All they have to do is stay on that straight path. All they have to do is try their best to stay moving on that straight path. Well, yeah, the menu shot last year autonomous truck team, then Allah Tada. And the next verse, he describes who those people are, and let the Senate personnel, they are those people who do good. Allah will give them the most beautiful rewards was Yeah, that's one that Allah to Allah will give them even more than they can imagine. Because when you read the verse, when Allah says he's gonna give you the most

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beautiful reward, you start thinking of things, right? There's a Ferrari dealership nearby, nearby here, by the way, you start thinking of things, you start to place objects, oh, maybe I'll have this maybe I'll have that. Right? Pakistani mangoes every day. I'll have this every day was yeah, that's when Allah then he corrects your mind. He corrects your consciousness and says, No, it's going to be even more than what you can imagine. Don't get caught up tripping over yourself trying to build out your shopping list for Jana. Because when you get there, all the things you imagined are going to be pointless because there's going to be such incredible opportunities there that the Prophet SAW sent

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him said that the eye has never seen, the ear has never hear heard, or the heart has never even conceived. So Jana is a place that again, it's not even we're not even able to fully grasp exactly what the experience will be like. Well, your hookah would you help them? Platoon? What are they? On hula? It was horrible. Jannetty comfy, have holiday May Allah Allah grant us this. He says they will never ever feel this is amazing. They will never ever feel any sadness. They will never feel sadness.

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Nothing will ever cause their heart to feel far or lonely or cold or small. There will never be a moment where their heart will feel anything but joy

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and they will never have a moment where their faces Allah Tada says your haka, would you have them hotter on their faces will never become

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overwhelmed with despair and grief. You get a letter from some company that you are making payments to or you get a phone call or you get a text message, please call us right away and your entire facial expression changes. Allah Tada says in Jana, your heart will never feel distant from happiness and your face will never show anything but relaxation and relief. And then Allah Tada says hula is hobbled Jana. Who are those people? Those are the people of paradise. Home fee half hottie dune and don't worry because once you're in, you're never leaving May Allah Allah grant us that position. May Allah Allah forgive us of all of our shortcomings in our sins. May Allah Tala make us

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people that are going to be inshallah entered to paradise with no haste out we have so many mistakes and so many shortcomings and Allah to ALLAH his forgiveness is greater than our mistakes. We ask Allah Tala to forgive us and grant us permanent residents with our family, our friends, our loved ones, and of course all of us in the company of the best of creation Muhammad Sallallahu Sallam We ask Allah to Allah to accept from us Amira Bill elements of Chanukah, homie Hamrick. Now shadow en la ilaha illa and sinister Fuuka wanted to be like was salam ala Korcula