Umrah Series – Episode 04 – After Fajr Salah

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses a prophecy that says, man, tetown OData, will be called the Greatest, and that the people who pray in the holy eye will receive a reward of their actions. They encourage people to use the website for resources and print out the same sup spine for praying in the holy eye. The speaker also mentions that people who are going for Umrah and Hajj can get a large reward for their actions.
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Salam aleikum daily reminder, zebra halogen. We're continuing with our series on things to do after you've completed the rites. And this is by the way, for people who are doing aamra are doing a hunch, or even if they're, you know, at home, they're not going from high school. Okay, but particularly for the ones who are going for Umrah and Hajj, this is something really interesting. My recommendation is try to get the reward of lots of hugs and Amara while you're there, too. What do I mean by this? Well, there's a hadith a very beautiful, authentic hadith of the prophets, Allah Salam. Where he says, Man, sundown OData fija Ma,

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some par The Escuela de la ships, the person who prays fudger in congregation then he sits and he remembers the last pot of hot that was chumps until the sun rises to masala rock it then he prays to rock stars. The Salah is called Serato,

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Ghana who actually hijacked in our Amara dam, Martin dam at the time of typography repeated three times.

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What is his reward? his reward is like the reward of hygiene Amara completely the complete Panama City beautiful.

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Let's recap what he said. He said, The person who prays fudger in congregation. So that refers to point number one, making sure that we're praying all of our prayers in congregation in the harem, making sure none of them are missed. Once we prayed fragile in the congregation, then what's next to my car, they have grown a lot. And this person doesn't get up and go. He sits he remembers a lot. There are certain things that the prophets of Salaam would say, after every Salah, like he would say, Hola, hola, como la stuff with a lot of stuff. Lola, Allah is the Greatest, I asked a lot of I asked for forgiveness three times, then he would read it, of course, he would say some handler 333

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times Alhamdulillah 32 times Allahu Akbar 32 times, there are certain supplications that he would make after every Salah. Likewise, there were certain words of remembrance, that the prophets also that would say, after fudger, and after asked, in the mornings, and in the evenings, and certain supplications that he would make after fudger, you know, in the mornings, and after us or in the evenings, this, these were something that is, this was a habit of the prophets also that he would do this very, very frequently. And there are books written, you know, the fortress of the Muslim is a really good one, make is a good free resource that compile all these remembrances the words

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of remembrance, supplications in a very nice, you know, package. So what I encourage is that if you don't know these words, we don't know these applications. We take the printout of these words from the website, we take the book for the Muslim with US, UK, fresher in Jamaica, then we sit there and we open this book, and we start reading the same supplications the prophet SAW salon read, probably in that same place in the huddle. So Pamela What a beautiful You know, such a beautiful image there. They were praying in the huddle with the Prophet used to pray, and we're making those same doors to same Amendment says the prophets are slowly made in the huddle as well. And then we continue until

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the sunrises sit there member last pantalla read those doors. We're done with those who are being asked a lot smarter for whatever we want. We read quote, and we keep ourselves busy until the sun rises, then about 15 minutes after the sun has risen 15 to 20 minutes, when you can feel the warmth of the sun for two rockets to rock rock as sculpture Doha and completing upon completion of this, the reward of this action is as if he performed

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Hajj and anomala so immense. It is so immense. Anybody can do this. You could do this tomorrow, right? But particularly for the ones who are going for Umrah and Hajj, this is an opportunity that can help you. Because as you're so great as part of a lot of give us the opportunity to pray the Salah in jamara, particularly fudger and then to sit there and remember him and until the sun rises, and then leave after praying to cause so you can get this immense pleasure every day. I mean Europe is up one of air pollution. So our eco Mark de la he