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here in Groton yesterday, very nice video with the further reminder but

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it got rejected by his geekiness

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Dean. And that rejection was awarded by his ultimate geekiness Mr. Ahmed Omar Ahmed and of course I'm very happy about the fact that they feel free to reject my stuff on grounds of quality and their problem was that there was too much of wind sound in the mic when it was a windy day I froze my butt off trying to record this video and then had it rejected by these guys are hungry that this shows that quality consciousness comes

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quality before comfort as we say

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so here again until Allah subhanaw taala had mercy on me and today the wind has died down to it's not so indeed subsidies are sitting out here

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with inlet from Long Island Sound behind me As you can see, and absolutely beautiful

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views so how water adds to the quality of have a picture of the scenery and last night that I said you're not even though nothing

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so gentle gardens beneath vegetables flow

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for them and make us some of them who will be there inshallah

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just just

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by myself when you have a very important thing, and a very dangerous thing, and that thing is it's called the parable of the boiled frog. And the parable of the boiled frog goes something like this, it says that if you take a frog and put it into a pot of water,

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which is hot, then what will the frog do? Obviously frog will jump out or try to jump out because the water is too hot. But you take the same frog and you put it into a pot of warm water at room temperature. Let the frog get used to that. And then you light a small fire under the under the pot and gently heat the porch The idea is to gently hit the pot not

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then what happens is over a period of time, the water gets hotter and hotter and hotter. But the frog gets used to this water which is now getting hotter and hotter. until it reaches a point where the frog now knows that this water is lethal, it's now become extremely hot, and it needs to get out but by then the frog has become placid the frog capable of moving and you have done a boiled frog, which you then take it out and a dash of salt a couple of drops of lime and

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that's your Dave's for the evening.

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I'm not getting into whether eating frogs and frog legs is halal or haram. The point I want to make here is that this is called the syndrome or the case of the boiled frog.

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Now why this further matter, of course, is not about frogs. It's about this syndrome itself. And that is our tendency to gradually get used to sin to get gradually to get used to the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala around us. That happens in the same way as it happened to the frog when we are immersed, immersed in it. The first reaction for anyone

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you know, it's like bread, you cut the first slice, it's instantly visible, because the crust is gone. And there you see this bread has been sliced. But once the first slice has been taken off the second slice the third slice the four slice you will not know until the whole bread is gone. You will not how many slices have been taken off that bread because only the first slice shows. After that. It's all looks the same.

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Once the trust is gone, the protection is gone. That's it. Now

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this is what happens to us. When we get immersed in an atmosphere of sin. We get desensitized, get desensitized. You know in either law, many times I hear this

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comment from many of our dear brothers sisters who say well why must we sacrifice this animal sauce? It's so bad. It's so sad to to slaughter the animal.

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I know all about how the animal doesn't feel pain and so on. When was the last time that you were slaughtered? How do you know that? Yes, it probably doesn't feel as much pain as it would feel

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It was slaughtered with a blunt knife or something. But you can't say with certainty that will doesn't feel pain because you don't know that yet we do it to praise Allah Subhana Allah.

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So all of these things, they point to a soft heart in words to our heart, which is move by seeing suffering by seeing

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something which is wrong. But then Believe me a time comes, go to a butcher shop, go to an apple draw the people slaughtering animals left, right and center without absolutely any feeling at all for the animal.

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Take another case, I don't know how many of you have

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watched a an operation in, in progress inside an operation theater, I did, because my father was a surgeon. And he would he was very interested in teaching. And if you couldn't find anybody else, he would grab me many times we

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he made me stand there while he was operating someone. And initially I know I felt very nauseous, but I see blood coming out of the bed

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feeling nauseous after you get used to it. So I said some people sometimes that if you are big, strapping five, six feet six inches tall, four feet wide, huge, big person, but you've noticed the blood robberies in theater, the first incision, the surgeon makes blood comes out, you probably will fall down, you will you will become nauseous, you become dizzy, and you will.

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When in the same operation theater, they will be the theater nurse who is probably for nothing in perfect health. And she's passing on the scalpels and the all the tools of the trade to the surgeon. And when the operation is over, she will wash up and you go to the cafeteria and have a nice meal. Whereas you probably will have food for a day or two because of the feeling of the after effects of that operation that you saw all of the examples that I'm giving you they point to one thing, which is the desensitization to something that we have, when we see it again and again and again.

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And Brandon says that this is what is happening to the world today. Globally, it's not I there was a time when when we used to say these things, or at least our elders is to say these things with specific reference to the west. Today, the West is not a direction, it's not a destination. It's not geography, the West is a way of life, the Western philosophy, the West is where we are, and the whole world is so called the West. And that is

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that we have got used to seeing the disobedience of Allah subhanaw taala routinely in our lives in every place and every form. I am not going to list here the number of ways in which we disobey the Spirit. And I'm going to do that, not because I'm afraid of saying what needs to be said. I'm not doing it. Because

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I want

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that thing was taking off. I'm looking at as I said,

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the UMass airfield which is behind me.

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Lots of small planes taking off.

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So I want you to do this, I want you to take an average day. And list the number of times you see the disobedience of another panatela in your environment. Everywhere. Look at the TV, look at the shows you watch. Look at social media, look at Facebook, look at conversations. Look at where you go, what you buy, why you buy, just just start from, from Gansey who can't see start from wake up to to go to bed and say, how many times a day do I see the disobedience of Allah Subhana Allah happening in my life in my presence before me? And then ask yourself, in what way am I affected by that?

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Am I shocked at my horrified by losing sleep over that? Is it something that really paid about? Or is it something which is just happening? Yeah, this happens. This happens that also happened that also happens. And it is routine. Which one is it?

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After the sisters, it is routine. If it is something that is not bothering you, believe me, you are that boiled frog, and the water is now at a temperature which is probably a little I won't say lethal because it means that you can't do anything I

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frogs are cold blooded, you are not. So you can still do something about it and that something is to do about something is to turn towards Allah Subhana Allah with repentance and with seeking His protection and by taking a stand against what we see.

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That is very critical. So it left us with no options for like the famous Hadassah was I will say the quality of Delano

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said that

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For a Muslim, when you see something wrong, stop it with your hand. And if you are unable to do that, if you feel that you are not strong enough to do that, then he said, speak out against it, stop it with your tongue. And if you are still unable to do that, then he said,

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feel a hatred for that in your heart. And this last one, he said, is a sign of the weakness of your faith.

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that we said something didn't give us the alternative he gave us only to the third one is a diagnostic tool that he gave us. He said that this is the fact that you are neither able to stop the disobedience of Allah with your hand, neither nor are you able to speak out against it. But you hate it in your hand, in your heart, this hatred is a side. And this is not hatred of people. It's a hatred of the thing of the action because it is so it is disobedience of Allah.

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This hatred is a sign of the weakness of your Eman. My brothers sisters, therefore what must be do if I am given a sign off of a cardiac problem? What am I expected to do are expected to cure it I'm expected to do what it takes to get rid of this problem. I'm not expected to live happily with that problem. And I'm most definitely not expected to go and do what led to that problem in the first place. Which means that if I claim to hate something which was happening, if I was sitting at a gathering, that I knew something was wrong with this gathering, I'm hating what's happening here, then what must I do continue to sit there engage, socialize, be nice and so on. Or the fact that I

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should have stopped this gathering from happening? The fact is that I should have spoken out against this gathering of what was happening, the gathering in the gathering. I did not do either of that. I hate it in my heart, then what must I do? I must leave, I must get out of that place. I must not be sitting there any longer. Because if I don't know that, that I'm lying, I'm like that, because I'm saying that I'm eating this yet. I'm sitting there. The question is you're hating it, why are you sitting there? This is the whole issue of becoming desensitized. So the issue here is that we are not we don't hate it. Even those of us who may not like it, we have got used to it, you got used to

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it and therefore, we are in it. Because this as far as the hobbies and the items, as far as these kinds of disobedience are concerned is Allah subhanaw taala said that if you are with them, you and do you are from them. If you are with them, then you are from them, may Allah protect us from being clubbed with people who are disobeying Allah subhanaw taala completely shamelessly completely,

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without any

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hindrance without any problem whatsoever. And we who claim not prudence of Allah are just sitting there because of our false ideas of,

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of social mores and social norms and social behavior and so on so forth. And Allah knows why we continue to sit there, but we will get clubbed with them and if on that on the Day of Judgment, if you are with those people who disobeyed Allah subhanaw taala deliberately that what happens to us, I remind myself when you let us not get used to sin, because that is a very, very dangerous situation to be in Salalah harana bill came along. He was happy