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Umrah Series – #05 – A Complete Hajj

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Aarij Anwer

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Welcome to the daily reminder network.

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live baby lebay Kayla Sherry Calacanis killaby

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gotten in

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and complete the harsh and hombre for Allah

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said I want to lay out Houdini reminder about the highlights and we're continuing with the series on

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the things to do after you've completed ombre. I'm going to conclude this is the last the series. When you're there, after you've completed your overall, you're still on your trip, I recommend that you try to attend a lecture.

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The reason for this is the profits of my Nevada LLC. Now you read in

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our UI lemo who

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the one who goes to a Masjid. And he does not want anything except to learn something good, or to teach something. What does he get Ghana as the hodgin.

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His reward is as if he's done a complete Hutch.

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Right. And HUD is ritualistically the largest, most difficult action that we do Kerala. So the Prophet is saying the reward is so great, it is the largest thing that we do ritualistically it's like that.

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So this is a very beautiful opportunity during the Haram. Even if the lecture is in Arabic, and you don't really understand Arabic or you don't speak Arabic, even if that's the case, I will still encourage you to go and attend that lecture. To see what that environments like once like to see 200 people sitting in front of a chef, and the chef is giving a lecture. Most of the times they don't have notes in front of them. It's a really beautiful glimpse into our academic legacy. It's kind of like looking in the past as well. Because in the harem, that's where even above start in the middle of the profits or salon. That's where, you know, Mr. Malik used to teach. This is like, you know, a

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great glimpse at our academic legacy, scholars legacy. So there's multiple reasons that you can go for and attend the lecture, Joe, and I asked us to accept everybody's camera who's going for camera,

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except from the daily reminder that the team that's working for the reminder and from all of us in Sharla does that ceremony

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