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In this video series, the hosts of a video series are teaching the viewers to practice different phrases and sounds in English. They give examples of phrases like "soak," "soak," and "nails," and encourage viewers to practice these phrases and sounds. They also give tips on how to use these phrases and sounds in different situations.

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah and welcome to part four of the Arabic sounds video series. In sha Allah, God willing, Today, our focus is going to be on three letters, these three letters, they all exist. And you've all heard them before they exist in the English language, what I need you to do is get comfortable with the sound, they're going to deal with types of SS like an S, you're gonna hear different phrases and different sounds and kind of a different sense of the air running the voice running, I want you to be ready for this. So let's try it today. It's a W, with a little bit of a hook at the end. Let's try it together and say, Sir, sir, scene scene. Great. Pretty simple. It's

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like letting air out of a tire. Let's try it together. If the letting the air out of a tire or out of a pump, you'll hear so I know you can't see this sound as much but I'm sure you can hear it. Let the air out of a tire space. Got it? Let's try it together. So me I said me. I just opened your mouth. Sir me i Good. That was pretty simple. Let's try a name. Let the air of the tire us SMA as SMA SMA. Great. There are a lot of examples that we can use. Let's try a simple one like

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as my

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own or less, try some

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on some

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on simple, I think it works for you. Let's try the next letter. It's the same shape the W with the hook at the end, but it has three dots. So when you see these three dots, you're going to make the sound.

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It's an S sound but the sound is going you're going to hear it kind of spread it goes Can you say? shims say should? Should? I should practice this video. Try it with me. Sheen, Sheen. Gorgeous. Now let's try it all together. Say a sham Sue. It's got the scene at the end. Okay. Ash, Sue. A sham Sue. Good. Let's try another one. Share Jah Ra. Okay, you've got all you know all three of these letters. So let's try to get them share Jah Ra. The Sheen is spreading. The gene gene has some strength in it. And the RA I don't want you to oh your lips. It'd be better if you don't. Let's try it together. Share Jha raw shedule raw. Excellent. Now, we're going to take the last letter, it's

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going to sound like feeling air into a pump. So I would like you to and it's going to make you feel uncomfortable at home. But that's why these are videos. Grab the end of your pump and press it down.

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the air fills up just like it does in a pump. So I want you to say the word nails hammer and a slaw, slaw, nails hammer and a saw. Okay, I can't hear you at home. So what I want you to do is remember my lips aren't growing and your cheeks don't need to fill up. It's a practice tool. So let's try it together. Saw saw saw now watch this saw saw see the lips moving? You don't want them moving and at home. I can almost hear you saying sua su word a minute. Why am I moving my lips? Say nails hammer and slaw. slaw. Great. So feel the air one time saw. Now let's try the easiest and most blessed word in our day. Slowly. Slowly.

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Slowly Allah they're not sly ladder. Excellent. Let's try one more word. Put the on top and then fill the air with the pump else.

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Who else

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Who else have boo you know all the letters in that word else? Boo. But you saw at the end they're all careful not to get the Oh. Else Hubbell. Excellent. I pray that this was beneficial to you. And we're pretty much more than halfway. So I pray you have the opportunity.

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You need to watch the next few videos and benefit from them have your mirror your RE recording and make sure you watch these videos a few times I'll see you soon was salam o aleikum wa rahmatullah