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“We have sent you only as a mercy for all of mankind”.

The Prophet (S) is misconstrued as someone who was vengeful and violent. To the contrary, he was the most forgiving and most compassionate of people.

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The speaker discusses the history of Islam's stance on mercy and bravery, including the use of the messenger of loss of philosophy as a mercy. They emphasize the importance of following the Prophet system and being a mercy worker, as well as the use of diversity in community and the importance of following the Prophet's teachings. The speaker also touches on the actions of the Prophet's followers, including a woman who threatened to slap people on their feet and a woman who threatened to slap people on their feet. The message of forgiveness and fulfilling a bond is emphasized, and the speaker notes that the messenger's actions have led to a message of forgiveness and a desire to fulfill a bond.

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interval loss often is described in Surah ambia as a mercy for all mankind of mothers from out of Southern Africa Illa Rahmatullah al Ameen. This construction is what's called deconstruction of an hospital. There is a negation. And then there is an exception,

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in naramata, rather mean, which tells you that the entirety of the matter is contained within what follows. What follows this, you are sent only as a mercy to all the men without exception, and that's the entirety of the matter when it comes to the messenger of Allaah saga. This is a, this is an ayah, where there is no difference of opinion in the interpretation of the messenger of a loss of philosophy was sent as a university. And that was the defining characteristic of his philosophy.

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And what I want to do today is share some of the instances of what the messengers also has faced in his life in his Dawa from the animosity from his enemies that are open enemies, and the animosity that he faced for people who claim to be his followers, hidden enemies, enemies from within, and an Eastern, we'll see, the awesome, the, the default of the messenger of a loss of them was mercy, and kindness, and gentleness. And I hope that after talking about these, and, and pondering over these instances, we as followers of the processes, can start to think about our characteristics and our rather our character, we can start to think about our character and start to evaluate how much of

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our character is comprised of mercy and kindness towards others, especially considering the fact that none of us face the kind of animosity the prophets also has faced in Islam.

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And if he was so kind and merciful, in those circumstances, how much more Is it a comment upon us to be kind and merciful in our circumstances. That's my hope. That's the goal, we hit the light on this reminder.

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The very first year in case he says about this ayah that you have been sent only as a mercy to all of mankind. He says that you he was sent as a mercy for everybody, everybody.

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This includes those who follow Him, of course, but even those who are not his followers, he was sent as a mercy to them, they rejected him. That's their prerogative, and they will pay for it. But he's also treated them as if he was set as a mercy. The biggest among the most beautiful examples of this is what happened to him at five, after being rejected by the people of Makkah, after spending close to a decade, calling these people to Islam, to very little reveal.

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philosopher chose to step out and go call the city of bife to Islam. This was after the death of his wife

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after the death of his uncle.

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So he steps out, and he goes and invites these people to Islam. And

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they were even even worse than polish. In their response, they were even worse, and to the point that they not only rejected him, but physically attacked him. And

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he him by getting kids to stone him, it's a mark of humiliation that you're not even worth our abuse. We're gonna send these little kids to abuse. And it was so difficult when the Messenger of Allah says he had to be out of the city while he was bleeding. And in some narrations described that the blood was so much that his, his shoes, his shoes were leaving behind footprints of his blood.

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And then he rests for a minute outside the city. And as He's resting saucer, gibreel, comes to him and says that, a lot of see and heard what these people have done to you. They've heard what they have said, and he's the scene what they have done to you. So here is the, the angel of the mountain,

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the mountains, the two mountains that surround the city of bife. Here is the angel, if you want it done wrong, the machine. It's your choice. What do you want to do? The Angel of the mountain comes to the Messenger of Allah

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and says, whatever you want, I'll do if you want me to slap the to smash these mountains upon the city to collapse the city upon itself, I will do that. Your command, you say the word and I'll do it.

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Here is the person who has been hurt and harmed physically

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used humiliated. And here is the opportunity for revenge.

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But instead of taking the opportunity for revenge, the messenger will also says, nope, well, aren't you and you can just log them into slavery him, Maria, wha hoo, what are you She

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said, I hope that even if these people are not accepting the message, that their kids will accept the message.

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And they will be the ones who will worship a lot, and not associated partners.

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This is what it means to be a mercy to all mankind while being abused, hurt. and in this situation of extreme pain,

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the natural desire or the natural reaction would be to get revenge.

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That will be the case for almost everybody. The messenger will also have the desire to an end option. But he overcame that desire.

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He overcame that desire for revenge for a greater cause, which is the cause of Islam, the cause of that.

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And he chose to say, to not punish these people, despite having the option to do so this is a beautiful example of how he was sent also as a mercy to all mankind. How much more so brothers and sisters for us, who are

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people, where people consult us, or people say something to us, that is inappropriate.

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Our reaction shouldn't be to say something just as inappropriate or insulting right back. That shouldn't be the way we do things. The student of the messengers also should be, treat them with kindness,

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just like he did with his enemies.

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Even in Alaska, Ronnie says that this statement of the Prophet that I wished, or I hope, rather, that

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from these people, the progeny of these these people, they will be, they will be those who worship Allah alone. He says, this show the gentleness of the prophets of Allah, it shows how he's also alone was extremely patient, in the face of difficulties.

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We have somebody who does something to us or looks at us the wrong way, and we hold our grudge forever. So Pamela, here is the messenger of velocity and showing us how to be patient in the face of the most difficult of circumstances,

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in the most difficult of situations, where he's been hurt and harmed.

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It shows also that he had his false alarm is translated generally as forbearance, but explanation of it is to be able to control yourself, when you have the option to lash out.

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If a person has no option to lash out, you will just have to be patient, you have no option, but you have the option to punish, you have the option to do something, but you choose not.

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That isn't.

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And this incident highlights how much him the message of a loss of love,

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and how we are those who want to follow him.

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And we want to follow him in every way. He is our

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local heroes, Buddha, he was spot on hustler, he's the best role model for us. But that starts that conversation starts at the character of the prophecies. And how much of his character do we espouse. You can argue,

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and that's at the top of that list is mercy and kindness, patience, and holding our emotions in check. When someone says something that's inappropriate, this is very easy to say, all of us are guilty of it. But this is why we need this reminder of the life of the Prophet system to be able to come towards this higher ideal.

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The provinces almost asked by

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his last narrative, but

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he was asked to make two are against submission of data who who do

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make up against the positives. These are not just any random people. These policies specifically are those who he was waging a war against.

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They had expelled him from his family. They had taken his property that killed many of his followers and disciples. And he was asked now a big war against these people and messengers response was in the land over at Leon. We're in the mercury school. So I wasn't sent as a as a damnation to people. I wasn't sent to them to the fire of hell. I was sent a mercy to bring people to

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the Papa to solemn, on location had made the law against people. Okay. There's a very famous story of the Oregonian, the people who were bandits into the pocket, pretended to

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Need help eat and drink from the wealth of saga that took the chair, the Campbells of South Africa and the companions of the Prophet to their place, under the guise of, you know, learning Islam, he'll the companions of the Prophet and looted his new to the the the candles and then on the way these bandits the profits from May to August and he asked, he sought revenge out against them, okay, but those are exceptional circumstances, that specific people, okay, and you can count those instances on the fingers of your hand. The general rule, though the way the prophecy operated for his entire life as a die was in the Lambo birth Liana. In other words, Ramadan, I'm not saying as

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someone to dam people to the fire of hell, I'm sent as a mercy to invite people to paradise. And that's why you see, even his staunchest enemies, many of them accepted Islam. Towards the end of their lives, Abu sufian fought in for 20 years, except at this time, I didn't worry for him for 15 years, by accepting Islam, I became one of the greatest generals, the son of a Buddha,

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who fought him tooth and nail for 22 years, only accepting slam in the very last year over the second last year of the pulse of life.

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These are because the parser was not sent to just shut people down the pipe that takes them to the fire of help when he was sent to invite them. You sent invite them to mercy and kindness. And this is how he operated with his enemies who were fighting. How much again, brothers and sisters bringing it back to our situation, how much more important it is for us treat our fellow brothers and sisters with the same level of diversity in

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our own family members, our own kids,

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people in the community, people who are praying next to us.

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It is critical that if we are to be followers, the prophets of Allah, that we demonstrate these,

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if I can just ask the brothers to make a little bit of space in the back to allow our the people who are standing just to allow the space to come inside.

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If you can fill in the gaps that you see in front of

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the messenger philosophy is described via as

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you are sent only as a mercy to all of them.

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And this was the case, this was the way he dealt with his enemies.

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And this was the the ones who were open and fighting him had drawn the swords against him. And that's how he dealt with his enemies that were hidden, which is even more dangerous type of enemy, someone who doesn't, you know, explicitly and openly

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show their animosity towards you. It's hidden, it's in like, between the lines, it's in the way they oppose you. It's in the way they talk to you. It's in the tone, what are the fundamentals, the lightning

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sort of hammer, you will recognize them from the way they talk to you.

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These people are classified as the monastic only hypocrites in our tradition, and the person was the leader of this, this movement. His name was a lot of innovative in saloon. This person has many, many run ins with the prophets of Allah, many, many things we could talk about his situation, and how the Prophet dealt with him for many hours, in fact, but I wanted to share

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two instances that highlight how the prophets of Salaam was sent as a mercy. And as we dealt with these people as how he dealt with these people with so much kindness, and gentleness, it's so much softness. He's also

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had been, there was a conflict that he had with

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a new clean car. This was a Jewish truck. There was a neighboring tribe, the city of Medina, and there was a conflict, that there was a scuffle. And it escalated into killings. And then eventually it became a

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it became a siege. The Muslims laid siege to these people because they broke the treaty, and there was killing happening, they initiated it, and so on and so forth. Now the messenger will also follow as he's leaving seeds to these people, he's trying to figure out what to do, and here comes to love in the way even saloon who used to be back in the day.

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Before his suppose in Islam, he used to be an ally of these people, he comes to the message of a loss of others. And he says, Yeah, Muhammad

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Ali, Mohammed, treat my allies well.

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Again, by the tune, you can tell, this is no friend of the prophets of Allah. Because the Sahaba would not address the Prophet by his name, they will say yada,

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yada. They will address him by his title, or the love and respect. But he comes this man and starts to address the Prophet by his name. And that's a way to put him down from this status. The Messenger of Alaska sort of ignored him for about eight years once again, this man said the same thing. Yeah, Mohammed Asante, Mojave, the messengers of the messenger, chat, ignore, try to de escalate the situation. He didn't de escalate. He comes by v. j. v. de la subida. He's awesome. he stuck his head and grab the collar of the prophets of Allah and started to yank it. And he said, Absolutely my

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treat my, my Allah as well. The messenger said of Sydney said, Let

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the magnet and do it. Now the messenger is getting a little angry. He said,

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Robert de la, you can see it on his face. He's getting upset. dhammapada we have our Sydney, he said to him again, you know what's wrong with you? Let me go.

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And this man continued to say no, until you promise me you will treat my allies Well, the prophet said we'll treat them accordingly and justly.

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So pile on the point of the story, but no sisters is here is the person who comes and starts to tug and pull at your shirt and your color. Imagine that someone does that to you. What is the first reaction?

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The first reaction is probably to shove the hand away, and maybe push to the side or something. There's some physical confrontation happening. The messenger will also some was not some meek person. He was a very strong man. There were things of physical feats of physical,

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physical nature that he performed that no other Sahaba had ever done. For example, there was a difficult rock that needed to be broken. Nobody could broke the breaking in the digging of the trench. The Messenger of Allah was broken. There was a man who came was a very powerful wrestler, the messenger will awesome, Patti, you know, the messenger pros refuse that I don't wrestle with people. That's not what I'm sent for. But he challenged and the messenger defeated him telling him that I had been given the strength of 30 minutes to the messengers. Awesome was a strong person, it was a poll figure. But he didn't use that as a way to slap people down. Despite the fact this man is

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pulling on this color, and making things very difficult for him. The Messenger of Allah, Islam continue to be as kind and as gentle as possible, even in that situation. They didn't punish him afterwards for this situation, let it be.

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Because sometimes you just have to let it go. That's the only solution. And here he was also, in this situation, where people will say, Oh, you get publicly humiliated. Why would you retaliate? The Messenger of awesome, choose the messenger, the losses have chosen not to retaliate.

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This is how he will suffer. Because letting people be giving people their space, taking some, you know, other, taking some pain from them and burying it. That is the hallmark of what mercy and kindness means.

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Here is also doing this to love in the way so do this man continued to harm the messenger, the entirety of his life in Medina, and then he passed away. And as he passed away, the messenger will also was about to stand. And he is,

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in fact, in moderation. He is asked,

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he gives his cloak. The messenger gives his own cloak, so that can be used as the coffin of this man. And now he's standing to pray for the forgiveness of this person.

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And the robot who's narrating the Hadith says that I couldn't, I couldn't bear it. I couldn't bear it.

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So I said, I stood in front of the messenger. And I said, Yasser,

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Allah ma Wei boycott Paloma katha waka waka de

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He said, Yes.

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He said this on this day, he did this on that day. He did this and he did that I was reminded of all the hurt that of Lula even obey me salute all the profits.

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All the times he insulted him all the times you've harmed him, every single thing, but the best some of

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the Messenger of Allah smiled. And he said, Romney Yama

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For that matter, except while I continue is that I kept on going and kept on reminding him or message the robot, what do you do it for that in need for us to

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set I was given a choice.

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I was given a choice. And I have chosen to pray for

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I was given a choice to not pray for him and shun him

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or to pray for him. And I've chosen to pray.

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So part of that here is the person who hurt the messenger harmed him, insulted him, embarrassed him, compromised, the the dour, for as long as he lived, not one single contribution that he ever made.

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But the Messenger of Allah Islam, at the end of this man's life, still chose to forgive.

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That's why he is described as

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for us, brothers and sisters, who are trying to be followers of the prophets of Southern try to live up to the idea of the prophets of Allah. It starts with following the sinner in all aspects of our lives, particularly in our character,

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as well as wanting to give us the ability to fulfill to understand the phenomena to be implemented in our lives. In Southern Nevada we

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did a lot of our Hinata name

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Sarah Sarah

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