I Took Interest Based Loan For Studies, How Do I Purify My Wealth

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Shaykh Abu Eesa explains

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If someone used an interest based loan to obtain their degree, what do they need to do now to purify their wealth.

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But this person obviously got involved in Haram, there's no doubt about it to actually apply. And then to utilize an interest based loan is haram, whether it comes from a government body, whether it comes from a private institution or a bank or whatever. There's no doubt about it. This is a position that the vast majority of scholars, this is obviously applying to those folks who are following the normative position. Because yes, there are some individuals that go out to a scholar, a Mufti who specializes giving fatwa that gives them the permission to do the harm because of that particular situation. ie it is deemed by some people to be an absolute necessity for them to go and

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be educated at the university level. Because of their scenario, wherever they get the first one they believe, and they make it out to be that if they didn't go and get that degree, then they would be in a very difficult situation, supporting the family, etc, etc, etc. The theory is correct. There's no doubt that a photo can be given in extreme circumstances. The real question that needs to be asked Is that Is this an extreme circumstance? Is this as we call the Aurora? And we know that in Islamic or in, in the principles of that Aurora necessity in the Sharia does overturn a Haram in specific situations? The real question is, is that is getting a degree in our current time, a

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guaranteed job, I mean, more and more evidence is stacking up against that idea that you are more privileged for getting a degree, other than obviously, dentistry, or doctor or law or something like that the vast majority of degrees don't lead to guaranteed income or better income. So even the premise for this photo is now becoming more doubtful. But I'm not talking about such a person, if they've got a fatwa, that's their problem is their burden to bear for asking for that photo and for the scholar who gave them the effort. But for the vast majority, this is something which is impermissible a person who should normally either consider other forms of education, or taking years

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out to work, or to wait for an Islamic alternative to become available, or to borrow money from heroin sources. These are the other things that need to be done. Of course, it makes it more difficult is a bigger headache, and it might even lead to a major delay. But that, of course, will remove doubt. Now, if a person did go ahead, though, now, let's say person did use a home loan became the person that they want it to be or in the job that they're on. Now, what did they do? Well, they're not going to end up paying anything extra because they've already paid extra. Well, that's another question, should they actually pay back the interest part of the loan? Well, if they

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are legally required to then they need to because of course, if they don't, then they're going to become in greater problem, greater debt, greater interest charges, further fees further, bailiffs further, maybe even prison, whatever. So of course, if you've agreed to and the harm is going to become bigger by not paying off the harm, then you need to pay off the Hara. So is there extra to pay from an obligatory point of view? No, what are the actual actions The first is to make Toba proper tober. And that's discussed in another video. What does Toba mean? But the conditions that need to be fulfilled, it's a major sin and it needs to be repented for correctly. And then you're in

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recovery mode. So it doesn't matter what job you are or what position you're in. But recovery mode is to make sure that your good outweighs your bad. And so therefore, if you've done this kind of magnitude of sin, you've got to increase your good deeds and that could be paying extra sadaqa by doing more good deeds of any nature, maybe using your job in a good in a surgical form as well, maybe not taking payment, voluntary sector, etc, etc. So it's about recovery. The getting rid of this sin, the purification can't happen anymore. You can't purify your job or your money because it was in contract. It was a contract. It was a transaction that was Haram, not the money itself. And

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Allah subhanaw taala knows best