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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil alameen wa malami Bella Marina

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for Subhana Allah He led the Hikmah to who balikatan wild movers he wanyama who was reluctant Illa coulis of the remarkable when a shadow Allah ilaha illallah wa de la sharika lahu finity riwaka to me when a shadow Anissa Donna Juan Alana Mohammed Abu who was sudo Allah de Adana, Viki Tabby Mooney wa Illallah he bill in Tbilisi, sallallahu alayhi wa early he was Ashby Hema dermatol kawaki Buta See, I'm about to forgot about Allahu tabarka wa Taala filco early majority will forgotten Hamid to build him in a shape on rajim Bismillahi Rahmani Raheem. Whenever you can be sure we will highly fit into what Elena sokolova lawin.

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We continue with our series discussing the final moments in the blessed life of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and yesterday we touched on some very pertinent issues and sensitive matters as well. I say sensitive because the Hadith pass people take it out of context and baseless allegations are leveled against the noble personality of say either now Omar whether your love with Allah Allahu Akbar, and I trust that everybody understood the matter in its clear context, and appreciated the the events that unfolded on that particular day. That was four days prior to the demise of Nabi sallallahu wasallam. We then progressed into the was senior there, we'll see the

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final advices from the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and today we move on in that regard. And the next was the and the next advice of his sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in those last moments was his son of one Nebula to have good thoughts about Allah subhanho wa Taala. This is so pertinent This is so important. This is so imperative, one of the first avenues of devilish infiltration and indoctrination. When a person finds himself or herself self in a crisis, is the devil exploits that moment of confusion to indoctrinate negative thoughts against your Allah. So this is the typical way the devil will get in. But you obeyed Allah, you performed your prayer, you discharged you as the

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god you did your optional actions. The Hadith promise that this would not happen, but sadly it has still happened. So the devil now starts creating these whispers within you. I wonder if my prayer availed me, I wonder if my Salah availed me.

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I, I know Allah has promised this but then again, it did not happen as Allah had promised. And the devil now creates a host of negative thoughts in your heart and mind against your Allah. And that is why he sallallahu alayhi wa sallam has taught us and amongst his final advisors amongst his final advisors was if someone new biLlahi tala that a believer should only think good, positive and wholesome things about Allah subhanho wa Taala. At the time of an affliction, when a person is somewhat vulnerable, prone, susceptible, and he might not have his or her balance momentarily, then it would be best to either read some in analyzing or in a larger room, or the verses of the Quran

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kulu cebuana illa marketable love moulana who am hula molana say nothing afflicts us but what Allah has decreed for us, or the verse of the Quran, which I say to many people allow us

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to use alone. Now use alone.

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Alone, Allah will not be questioned regarding what he does, and besides a lot everyone else will be subjected to interrogation. So Jabberwocky Allahu anhu says semiotic Rasul Allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam a yaku tabula Moti he be the last three days, the past four days, this is now three days so you can understand we are moving forward, and it's now becoming hours hours, three days 72 hours before the most tragic moment in the annals of history.

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Three days prior to the demise of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he said Laia mutanda look at the emphasis lajja Mouton. arducam in lava you've seen one Nebula has the agenda. None of you should ever die in any stage.

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Other than the state wherein he entertains positive thoughts about Allah subhanho wa Taala, this emphasis lajja mutanda it should never occur otherwise, but that you leave this world thinking positive about Allah subhanho wa Taala one of the easiest ways to continuously have positive thoughts is to surround yourself by people who constantly you know, have positive thoughts about Allah subhanho wa Taala and who look at things in a positive way and if you surround yourself by people who have little or no faith, who are who perhaps suffer intellectual apostasy, who are agnostic in their mindset, who are atheists in their thinking pattern, then these things are going

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to you know what give of negative energy to you law either assata Yama faqad a sort of Islam and it really was a big one. So in in Rebecca Ola bill Jamie Lee went through yet to battle who yesterday in Waco law he has to follow another Robo letter superest con la con el mundo and that will Roku de la either assata Yama don't moan and grown if things get bad one day forgot a sort of exam and it really you enjoyed extended prosperity while you're a big cabin so in and don't harbor negative thoughts against your Allah in Arabic Ola bill Jimmy Lee, you should only have beautiful thoughts and hopes and aspirations regarding your a lot while also yet to battle who you're sorry. And

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adversity is followed by prosperity and preceded by prosperity. So if you are in difficulty, you are preceded by ease and it will be followed by ease. And that's the reality of life.

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So we need to constantly think positive about Allah subhanho wa Taala and that was amongst the advisors of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, in his final words, the next advise of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also yet to be salatu wa Malik at ala nukem. So one of the amazing attributes of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was that he was you know, he had Jawaharlal kelim comprehensive speech. He could say, in two words, something that was voluminous but it could be contained and condensed into words. This was the miraculous nature of the speech of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. So Anasazi Allah animal says Gannett was Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi

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wa sallam he in a horrible mode. A salata Hama malakut a man Newcombe. He sallallahu alayhi wa sallam in the fatal illness three days prior to his demise, He impressed upon us the importance of to a prayer and be kindness to your subject subordinates and your slaves. So if we just look at this into a broader context, when it comes to prayer, then it is the most important aspect in our view and our obligation to Allah subhanho wa Taala and say the noun or the Allahu anhu said man aka Maha can accommodate woman by Yahuwah Lima see

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that if you have established prayer, then you very much established Deen you have very much established Dean. And if you are negligent in this regard, then you would be so much more negligent in other aspects of Dean. So when it comes to prayer, the fundamental the core the essence of our obligation, and due to Allah subhanho wa Taala. If prayer is in order, then hopefully that is moving in the right direction. Reflect for a moment over the different nations. There was variation in the shape and form of prayer. But in principle prayer remained you know very much in other nations as well. Say the NA Isa alayhis salaam is an infant. There is allegations leveled against the integrity

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of his mother, Dr. Harun maka Abu Kimura so in omaka tomoki Baba, oh, the sister of Harun, your dad was not an evil man, and neither was your mom and chaste. So you come from a noble family and how do you conceive this child, Shara Li, she pointed to the child as she was stolen, okay lemon Leona insignia that I will not communicate with anyone. At this moment. The speaking of this child was miraculous. Like I always say, a newborn baby even if that baby has to blurt nonsense, it's still a miracle, because it's not the period of the child to speak. So even if it's not coherent, even if it's not constructive, even if the speech is obscure the fact that the child is forming sentences,

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even if it is meaningless, and it's few times it's still somewhat strange, peculiar and miraculous in a particular perspective, because it's not the age of the child to speak. It only enhances the miraculous nature when it's constructive. Its objective, its meaningful and

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gives guidance. In the context of this particular scenario one would think it would suffice it would suffice if he saw his salon exonerated. The position of his mother refuted the allegations because that was the discussion nothing more. But yet is Elisa Lam spoke for a shout out la karluk a friend who can limo man can I film it sabia Khalid Abdullah attorney Al Kitab, La Nina BIA, rajani MOBA rockin aina Makoto Sani be Salatu was psychotic madam to hyah.

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So he gives a detailed description and I don't want to go into all the details. He says that I am the servant of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Allah has impressed upon me prayer, Allah has impressed upon me is that God? Can we understand the importance and the merit of this injunction? That alarm makes a child in his crib, gave him to calm and can feel mad, feel mad in his cradle and his crib, at that time in his infancy speak out. And he also addresses the aspect of prayer. And honestly, we need to do some serious soul searching in terms of our prayer for weight, you know, lean muscle lean. So to my own my own literally means trivial kindness. Many scholars say it refers to the cart, because the

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cart is trivial. It's insignificant in relation to the world that Allah has given us. Allah has divided this chapter into a portion that speaks about the monastic and the portion that speaks about the hypocrites. So just a cursory glance over it and to bring it into the context of the final advice of the messenger Salaam and that is prayer and kindness to our subjects. And in our context here, that will be kindness to our employee.

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Allah says our eight and letting you get the big deal. So the first three verses speak about the disbeliever Oh, Mohammed says him, Have you seen the person who belies Tiamat. He denies he refutes it. It doesn't believe in accountability.

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family can. Only a team is the very one who rebukes the orphan. In other words, the tie between the two. rebuking the orphan can only be done by a person who denies qiyamah a man who believes in Tiana will never be harsh and hostile to an orphan. It takes the denial of accountability that can make you so hostile and aggressive towards and often by the one who believes in karma know, a person who believes in karma, he will never indulge in fraud. That is what Allah said, we will do the fraudster and levena is an alumnus he has to fall away.

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Soon, they demand they do in full but they net ready to give people in full. What does Allah say after that? He forgot about the day he has an interview with Allah, Allah, Allah.

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Do min of him. In other words, the correlation and the time the context of the IRC arc and sybok to simplify the academic language here is that it is the person who denies the AMA that can indulge in these type of fraudulent deals. So we'll be to the one who denies the AMA. And he's the same one who rebuked often in fact, let me just mention the next idea and then I'll tie it up for that Nicholas Negroponte a team, what are you hope to Allah Tamil miskeen and again, the negative consequences of his denial of kiama he does not exhort people towards the spending on the poor. So Allah does not only frown on people who do not spend on the poor. Allah also frowns on people who do not support

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the cause of of spending on poor. You Allah doesn't say he doesn't spend Allah says Allah. Allah Tamil miskeen he does not encourage, motivate and inspire people color Bella to Cremona, Leah team, wala Taha, Verona Anna Tamil miskeen name you do not honor the orphan and you mutually do not support the cause. So it's an evil not to help support and aid but it's also a type of an evil vise and wrong that you do not promote this type of practices amongst us. So for any candidate, you don't really matter.

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To me miskeen first three verses Allah speaks about the disbeliever then Allah switches the discussion to the monastic For ye lilmar Saleen won't be to those who pray. Now Waylon could either mean a valley in hell, a pet in hell, a whale could mean Whoa, right. For way to Linda, Deena Yakubu Nikita be a de him for waving at him. Way too little McKenzie been way too many verses of the Quran whale whale will be to those who pray which type of people who pray Allah

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No whom Ancelotti himself Hoon, those who are negligent regarding their prayer. Allah Shabbir Ahmed earthman. He writes in his Tafseer so beautifully, he says, If allow me to say and levena home feasts on our teams, our own, none of us would have been rescued. We all are guilty of negligence in prayer. So the usage of the expression alladhina, whom and Salatin somewhat rescues a segment amongst us May Allah guide and protect one in all living those who are negligent with regards to prayer. They're not prompt on the time. It's our you know the related details of Salah etc. And if Allah were to say those that are negligent in Salah in prayer, then which one of us could have been

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rescued and letting you know whom Ancelotti himself Hoon, and levena, whom your own way I'm known as my own. And let me know who your own whenever they do pray they do it more to impress people, and they withhold even trivial act of kindness. So sadly, if you look at this surah three verses speak of the disbeliever three speak of the monastic, I often say it's one pain that we are devoid of the attributes of a believer, but it's a second pain, that we embody the attributes of disbelievers. So it's two separate things. It's It's you, you don't look like a believer. That's one thing, but you clearly look like a disbeliever You don't look like a student of Dean. That's bad enough. But then

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you look clearly like a delinquent. A disobedient a flamboyant, a rebel a transgressor. So we not familiar with Islamic history, that's painful. But then on the other side, we have every other history on on on, you know what, on the tip of our fingers. So we know our, our, you know, history of the country, and it's important, I'm not refuting that. I'm saying, how ironical if perhaps I didn't have time to study the seed of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam then probably it would be right across you know what this man is not clued up, he's not skilled, he's not competent. He's not a brand he doesn't know that happens. But touch any other topic. And you know what, he will rattle

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it off to you go into sports, he'll give you the 100 yards and give you all the details. Speak of any new car anything you tell you all the whistles and the bells that will tell you everything about it. He knows the finer details of everything, but ask him the date of hegira asked him the date and aviary Sam came to Medina asked him when he didn't bother and her name to place and hunt duck and you know what he's scratching his head. So that's the sad reality. May Allah give us the ability to improve in salah and listen are respected listeners Honestly speaking, prayer is such a thing. You need to up it constantly. There's no level that you stagnate at that I've done it. See when when

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when Makkah was conquered, and I'm just having the flesh of another verse. So Allah said that we've given you victory. And why have we given you victory to perfect the bounty of Allah upon you?

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Enough. Amina Leah Veronica la Mata Padma means MB como

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la jolla, da cassata, Mr. tema and to further guide you on the straight path. So the scholars have to say the conquest of Mecca to perfect the bounty of Allah and the favor of Allah upon the Vla Salama to guide him on the straight path. Surely, we're in Nicoletta de la Serato. Stephane, you are the one guiding the entire world to the straight path. What is the meaning of where you're headed cassata must Athena to guide you on the straight path. And the reconcile between the two, that the straight path has different levels and a person continues to ascend it, you never reach the ultimate. So Muhammad Sallallahu wasallam was the guide and the reformer for mankind in its

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entirety. Allah says, de la Mr. keema. And to further guide you hence I added that word in and it's mentioned in the Tafseer, that on this path of straight the straight path that you are on, to take you to higher to greater heights and so on and so forth. May Allah grant us the true understanding of prayer. So when we look at Salah it, it's symbolic to all the obligations we have to Allah subhanho wa Taala or malakut, a monocle, and kindness to your servants. This is symbolic to the relationship we have with those that are under our somewhat of authority. Now, if a person can be diligent in this regard, where he enjoys marginal or significant respect and authority, and he

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doesn't exploit that relationship, then it is a hope that such an individual will discharge the rights of his neighbors, his parents, his siblings, his congregation, humans etc. I keep on saying this in my talks, the only religion in the world that impresses upon us and legislates our relationship with a fellow passenger, someone who occupies a common piece of land next to us for one minute and the Quran speaks about

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It was sahibi bill Giambi was sahibabad Look at the beautiful expression of the plan. Babu De La Hoya to see Kobe Ronnie Dania Santa and be kind and then Allah says all and then Allah says Be kind to the one next to you, metaphorically your spouse, metaphorically your sibling because they are there with your extended literally anyone standing in the queue next to you verbatim translation was soft, your companion bill jumping on your side. So someone's standing in sometimes you look at people in the queue in a coach getting onto a flight you know what getting luggage, people can be uncultured in those instances as well. It's five minutes of interaction. Someone can either lighten

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your day or you know what make it unpleasant. And then you see how beautiful our faith is that it governs the interaction with a fellow human that commonly occupies the same piece of land for two minutes. Wow. So ohana love, how beautiful how wholesome our Deen is. So if we can be kind to those whom Allah has given us some degree of authority over now authority respected listeners is a thing that very few have been rescued from the evil of authority. Very few color in an in Santa la voz de la verily man rebels when he feels his independent, self sufficient. I don't need you. You just see it breeds a different language. You see pre election post election, the whole language attitude

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demeanor changes drastically. So I needed to secure and procure your vote. So it's a begging bowl. Once I got it, four years later, we talk now I got to get in touch with the spokesman of the spokesman and so on. Take for example, the teachings of the messenger sallallahu wasallam Sufi are the 11 ha you look at hyper hyper sphere, the olana was amongst the spoils of the war that came in right. And he sallallahu wasallam had the choice which is known as you know, soft he could select from the spoils without prior to the general distribution.

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he selects Sofia Viola and her for himself. He could well keep her She's the daughter of a pup he could well keep her as a slave girl in his custody. And you know, let it be so he said a lot is and takes her then liberates her empowers her and then Wednesday, and then you want to accuse Islam of misogyny, of being biased and having a prejudice against Islam. Use a woman in the case of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, he has perfect access and rights by the happenings of war. She comes into the shape of the Prophet sallallahu wasallam. He liberates her, he empowers her, he frees her and then he went to her and he privileges her to make her the mother of the entire ummah.

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My word my word that could only be the teachings of the messenger sallallahu alayhi wasallam As salam wa Melaka aima Newcomb Hata jala johari Ruby Javi sodre he whether you feel to be hardy Sandhu, he sallallahu Sallam continued reciting these words until he could it could no longer flow. And he continued them with a gargling sound from his chest. You can continue to repeat in this in other words, now, he said Allison could not articulate it very explicitly because of his terminal condition. But with a gargling sound from his blesser chest, he sallallahu Sallam continued, impressing the importance of these two injunctions.

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We will mention one more Hadith and conclude today's session lamea becoming more of a Shabbat in Nevada in a row. Nothing remains from profit would other than from the glad tidings of profit with other than through dreams nothing remains from the glad tidings of profit with other than true dreams. So that summarizes the was the year and the advisors of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. Abdullah the Allahumma says kashia Rasulullah sallallahu wasallam etc. Well, who am I so born female over here lady Murphy for call aloha mahalo Bella to salata Mahajan in

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yellow Hill Abu Saleh Allahu Allah in

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karate for Rocco. He was to God for His arakata Lima la

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fit for

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the job welcome.

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Oh, come on call after that. Now best of luck and who says gonna be awesome, then move the curtain. And who am I assuming FEMA will be here.

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As we mentioned previously, that we saw that in the SMA there was a black cloth that was tied around the blezard, head of the messenger sallallahu sallam. He then said Allahu Mahal, beloved to Allah.

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I have conveyed the message Oh my Lord, have I discharged my obligation? He said it three times and we know he said he didn't have to do that as well Allahu Allah to Allah Allah, Allah to Allah Allah love to. And the noble companions responded by saying beloved Teresa, Allah data A man and a softer oma. Yes, indeed My Habib sallallahu wasallam you have aptly fulfill the duty and duty upon you. And then he sallallahu Sallam said in the hula Mia becoming MOBA Shabbat in Nobu. Illa Roja, that nothing remains from the glad tidings of profit would other than a true dream. That is why we learn in the Hadith, that to speak a lion is sinful is wicked, is evil.

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And it's really not becoming of a believer, but to speak a lie about a dream makes the crime more intense, because a true dream has a tie and a correlation with the glad tidings of profit would. So to taint your vision is to attain something which is much more pure and wholesome. You know, if you if you tend to water it's bad, but if you contaminate Zamzam water, it makes the crime more severe. So some people have the habit of just speaking a lie about a dream last night I had this dream and I've seen this and I've seen that it only intensifies and compounds the crime May Allah protect us all. So that is what remains a good dream. Either you see it or someone sees it on your behalf. And

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then he sallallahu wasallam said allow it in accordance to annual karate for Roku. I have been prohibited from reciting Quran in the bowing posture and in the prostration for either a cat or dog when you go in ruku and if you look into this year, then ruku I just have this verse of the Quran that comes to mind now ruku was one of the special realities of this oma So in the previous oma in Bani Israel is Salam Salah in principle was found but there wasn't recording it. That is why Allah subhanho wa Taala makes mentioned about this in the first verse of the Quran

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while at the corner of Allah coffee may be it salmon and kalila

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when I tell you about really what's up

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lemon tea masala aka worker Omar Joaquin, and this is the reason the scholars have made mention of working masala and established prayer latte masala to Sokka and the stags the co worker Omar Hakim intuitive seals bar with those that bow or perform congregational prayer and both give us a message that in the previous oma the head prayer in principle, but there was no bowing posture, this is the salient feature of our Salah that we have prostration and we have bowing as well. And the other reference or the other interpretation worker in collective congregational. This again is the speciality of this oma so for

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the Mullah when you are in the ruku posture then glorify Allah, what he does suggest to him and when you go into prostration Vegeta he do withdraw, then exert yourself into our for in who camino de Bella con, then it is very likely that your prayer will be answered and your application will be granted. We ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to make us amongst those fortunate people that we hold on to these final was the year of the messenger sallallahu wasallam. And we improve in the performance of our prayer. And we display good kindness and character and good mannerism to those who are in our employment. Those whom Allah subhanahu wa taala has put as an Amana in our care. Remember when Satan

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lokman told his son yamaneika dot koco dot Toka Allah will mean us for the koko de la honey. Oh my son when your authority provokes you to exploit people that remind yourself that Allah has much more authority over you than you have over people. May Allah grant us understanding or suddenly Allahumma salli ala nabina Muhammad Ali, he was happy he will hamdu Lillahi Rabbil aalameen