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Episode Notes

In this video by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, we gather insight on the religious status of the world pre-Islam and before the advent of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. The reason behind this need is that we will appreciate the Prophet ﷺ more if we see the pre-Islamic Jahiliyyah.

When and where did paganism begin? How did idolatry come into being? Who were the exceptions to the norms of idolatry? Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers these questions impeccably and with utmost clarification.

The story of Naailah and Assaf on Mount Safa and Marwa is another interesting addition to show the extent of Jahiliyyah. Shaykh Yasir also delves into the three major strands of Christianity. The story of Salman Al Farsi makes for a very morally enriching experience – whoever is sincere will be rightly guided if their heart is pure.

We are also astonished and wonder how Waraqah bin Naufal, Uthman bin Al-Huwairith, Zayd bin ‘Amr and Ubaidullah bin Jahsh managed to keep away from paganism even in the wake of mass herd mentality of the people then. An interesting listen , so please do not miss it.

We also get answer to the question – who was the one man ummah without any Prophet ?

Get answers to all of our most pertinent questions concerning idolatry and paganism.



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Bismillah R Rahman r Rahim

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al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah he was the he will be here woman, Wilder and maberry

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will continue from what we had left off talking about the spirit of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and we are still talking about the situation of Arabia before the coming of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam and in today's lecture, inshallah tada we're going to shed some light upon the religious status of the Arab circle or the religious status of the Arabs before the advent of the Prophet system, and in fact, the religious status of the world. And the reason why we need to illustrate this the reason why we need to talk about what people believe before the coming of the process is to appreciate the blessings that the Prophet system came with. When we understand pre

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Islam. We will appreciate Islam, just like we understand opposites when we understand black we understand white when we understand night we understand date, we always look at opposites to appreciate each thing we contrast. So when we understand Jaya helia when we understand the idolatry, paganism that was prevalent in pre Islam, we will appreciate the blessings that Allah Subhana Allah gave through our prophecies that by sending our prophets of Allah Allah He was send them to the world. Now we know that every nation had prophets, Allah says in the Quran, what a min omet in La Ilaha Nadia, every oma had a prophet. So the Arabs as well had a prophet. And their Prophet was of

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course, the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis salam and his son is married. And that is why numerous times in the Quran Allah mentions mill letter V comb, Ibrahim, this is the religion of your forefather Ibrahim, and the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis. Salam had sanctioned many practices, which remained for 1000s of years until the coming of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam. So of the practices that Ibrahim alayhis salaam began was to consider Makkah sacred. What is it means sacred we call Mecca Haram, from the same word as Haram is the same word, how long, how long, and how long? How long is called how long because many things that are held outside the heroin or heroin inside the atom. This

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is what we call it the heroin. It's a sanctity. So for example, you're not allowed to hunt game in the heroin. You see a wild deer you cannot go hunt it. This is a heroin, you're not allowed to pull a tree you cannot pull a leaf from the harem and everything that is natural. It's a lust creation, you cannot touch it. Allah says in the Quran, woman de holla, who can Amina, whoever enters the harem is safe. And this is a ruling we still apply in our shediac that if a criminal if any evil person does a crime, and he runs to the head on seeking refuge, then Allah says he is safe because this is a haram and the jihadi Arabs upheld this, even Abbas said, we would see in the days of

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jahir, we would see a person would see the murder of his father during the life and he wouldn't touch your hair on his head. You can't do anything. This is the bottom right. So Ibrahim sanction the hell showing respect to the Kappa Ibrahim alayhis salam, sanction them instituting the sacred months, there are four sacred months in our shadow. In the sacred months, all hostility has to seize, you're not allowed to engage in any warfare. Everybody must be at peace. And of course, this is a boost to economy. When you have warring tribes, that Allah says no, in these four months, there must be peace doesn't matter what the excuses so this boosts the economy, it brings about peace and

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Society of the things that Ibrahim alayhis salam instituted, of course, was the hedge with all of its rites and rituals, doing tawaf doing site between Safa and Marwa.

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The the aspect of sacrificing animals around the harem, the aspect of decorating animals This is a thing that a lot of people don't know. But even in our sheds, when we assign an animal to to sacrifice, people would take it from their villages from their from their cities and travel to America with it. Those animals are decorated their garland did they put the decorations reported them so everybody knows that these animals have been dedicated to the poor of the harem. So where did this come from? From the Prophet Ibrahim alayhis. Salam, quick footnote here. Many non Muslim researchers, they say these aspects of Islam are taken from pagan culture. Because the pagans

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venerated the Kaaba as the holy sanctuary. And the pagans had the wife and the pagans did this and the pagans did that. Now this is all perspective is the glass half empty, half full, is all a matter of perspective for the non Muslims. They're not looking at the fact that this is

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Coming from Ibrahim. And they think that these are pagan rituals. So the Prophet system according to their perspective, adopted certain things from paganism, and then he added his own two cents. For us. We say No, He resurrected the original teachings of the Prophet Ibrahim alayhi salam, and He cleansed away the paganism. So, if the Arabs had a prophet, and if this prophet is Ibrahim and Ibrahim is teaching tauheed Where did paganism come from? Simple question. Ibrahim is a panto he, one God, he doesn't have idols is my one God, where does paganism come from? Our Profit System told us so then we have a historical fact because our profits associated our Profit System told us when

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and where paganism began and how it began. And it isn't Sahih Muslim he said

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I saw amor Eben Lu. Hey, Al, Hosea, he mentioned one person I'm ignorant. Oh, hey alhuda. wandering around in the fire of hell. With his end trails cut open behind him. It is a very severe punishment. I saw little hail Jose being punished in a humiliating manner. Why? The Prophet says that, um, said he was the first to bed della Deena his smile. Notice he said Dean, his smile, his smile, his religion. Ibrahim in his mind, they had a dean, they had a religion that is Islam. The first person to change it was Ahmed agnello. Hi, Jose.

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And he was also the first person to introduce superstitions. Allah says in the Quran, merge I love him, but he wrote in a lesser ability what I will say that in what a ham, these are four types of animals, and I haven't even memorized them because they're so complicated. If the seventh female of a seven female camel is born, these types of weird superstitions. In other words, if you have the second male from a third female, something like this weird permutation, that particular animal has to be killed for the gods. So you work out superstitions, you work out charms, you work out all of these paganistic stuff. He was the one who began this. And it is narrated that I'm able to know,

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hey, traveled to Syria, and the Syria they had the family of the Amalekites, their family, and the Amalekites are mentioned in the Old Testament, and they are an ancient civilization. And they are a civilization. The Old Testament calls them of giants, meaning they were tall people, and they had structures and they had a civilization. And when he visited the family, the Arabic is called the American English in western languages called the Amalekites. When he visited the Amalia, he found them worshipping idols, and he found them to be this powerful civilization. So he said, What are these idols? So they said, these are our sources of power. When we're in drought, when we're in

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hunger when the enemy attacks, we pray to these idols and miracles happen. So he said, Can you give me one of these idols, I'll bring it back home, I want to take it back. So they gave him an idol by the name of hubel.

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And so hubel became the first idol of the Arabian Peninsula, and it also became the main idol of the kurush. And that is why hundreds of years later in the Battle of code, when Abu sufian thought that they had won, he screamed out or Lubell. hoebel has won because he's fighting against the Muslims. He mentioned the idol that Ameer Abdullah Hara Jose Cobell has won. So the Prophet system said respond back to him Don't let this go by.

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respond back to him. So I said how do you respond back so the Prophet system said that say that Allah is our protector and you have no protector Allahu mowlana What are Mola lakum Now the point being that I'm very new to hate brought back to this hotel, and he put it in front of the camera and this was the first time that paganism started. It is also said that I'm going to change the title via for hedge and some people say it was changed a few generations after him. So what was that'll be what is salvia? We all know Tel Aviv we should know tel via the baker lahoma bake this is what we say when we go for Hajj. What is the bake mean? The bake means I am responding over law. I'm

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answering the call. Why? Because a law from the time of Ibrahim A law announced hedge what are the financeable hedge there's an event for hedge calling people for hedge. So there's that eternal call come do hedge. When we go do a hedge we say the bake I'm responding to the call. I hear the call the bake. So Abraham Ellison was the one who began the baker lahoma the baker luxury calacatta bake. When this guy came along, he changed it. He has to change it because part of the tilby assess the baker luxury kalloch

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Well, he's changing the religion there are shedding shedding means partner. There are *ty canal. So he changed it, he modified it. What did he say? And this hadith is assigned Muslim that the Quran had a different telomere what was their tell via the baker lahoma? bake the baker la sharika luck. So far, so good. And then they say Illa there's an Illa. Except this doesn't make sense here. What do you mean except How can you have an acceptor you have no partner except except what in Sheree can who are like family cuckoo clock, except for a partner who belongs to you.

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And you control the partner, and you control all that he controls. You have partners, but you're the big boss. That's according to them. Just like ancient Greek, ancient Rome, there's the big boss, Jupiter's or Jupiter is used use the big people. And then you have the minor gods. So the Quraysh invented this new fangled interpretation. Now, how many of new high when did he live? I tried a lot to do research about we can can we find the date or not?

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And of course, the reality is, we're not going to find the date because the Arabs did not record things in dates. The Arabs were like the ancient Chinese, they recorded things in occasions, the year when the elephant attacked amisfield. Right. This is how they record things. They didn't have a calendar. They didn't import the Roman calendar. They didn't import the Persian calendar. Of course, they didn't believe in the Jewish calendar until there would have been a halt. Bob began the Islamic calendar, the Arabs did not have a calendar, when you don't have a calendar, how are you going to demarcate dates by big events. This was the year when we had that battle. So we remember that year.

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And then a few years later, something else happened. So they remember that year in between, they can say two years after the big battle three years before the incident of the elephant. This is how they would have dates. So obviously, when it comes to translating when I'm living in Ohio, who's actually lived, it is impossible for us to fully comprehend. However, what I did was I went to back to figure out what generation did he belong to. And he belong to a generation which is basically around the generation of fear, who is the original founder of courage. So assuming that every generation is around 40 years, 45 years, rough guess I would have no hair because I was in the first century of

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the Christian era, the first century of the Christian era. And our prophet SAW Selim was born in the sixth century of the Christian era, right 570 or so this is roughly the date see when he was born, we'll talk about that next week, inshallah, the day and the year he was born, and the Christian equivalent, around 575 71, CEO of the Christian era, our processor was born. So around 500 years before the coming of our profits a certain height introduces Hoban, so it takes five centuries of pure paganism to spread to all of Arabia. Now, question arises, how could one man single handedly change the religion of Abraham in dismay? This is a question that we should ask ourselves and

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benefit from in order not to fall into this trap. One man can change the religion of their forefathers, Abraham and his main household.

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A lot more of them, but I think that we can summarize it in two factors. First and foremost, the inferiority complex that Andreevna law had towards the advanced Amalekites, America, because the Amalekites were a powerful civilization. They were a civilization that had history, writing, architecture, large buildings, they were known to be undefeated. And that's what the Old Testament also mentioned that the animal kites are the feared. This is the the the the nation that is indestructible. Everybody's scared of them. And they're described to be giants, meaning probably they're maybe six and a half, seven foot tall, the average person amongst them there are a

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generation there's a group of people whom the world looks up to. So I'm really beautiful know how I felt the complex that these are the mighty nation, we should take from them in everything. So because the Syrian society the IMO, kites were so powerful,

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I assume they must be correct in everything. And it is very important that we take from this lesson,

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things that we benefit from in our times, simply because a nation is powerful, doesn't mean it has the correct morality, the correct ethics, the correct theology, simply because a nation has technology or civilization or architecture, doesn't mean it is better in everything. Yes, it's better in some things, but not in everything. So here we have Amitabh no Hi, I was so astounded that these animal kites can never be defeated. They have this and that surely there must be a

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guidance. So he took from them their theology. Now suppose he did, Who is he to be accepted amongst his people. Here we get to the second factor. So the first factor was that the animal kites were considered to be so powerful and mighty. There's an inferiority complex. The second factor

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was not just a lay person. He was the chieftain of Hosea, who is bizarre. You remember a few weeks ago, I mentioned very briefly the history of Mecca for 500 years, very briefly, just a few paragraphs, and we mentioned that the descendants of isma eel were for a period of time kicked out of MK until Jose came and re conquered Mecca, right. So for this period of time, who was in charge of Hosea, so, in a way there's the murder of Israel here, the kurush did not introduce idolatry presided. However we say koresh followed them, so there's a negative there, but orange did not introduce idolatry was added. Hosea is another tribe, not koresh. So Hosea, I was in charge of

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Mecca, not the Polish, an album Dil Hai, was their chieftain. And this chieftain was considered to be one of the most respected chieftains of Arabia. And it is said that he had a lot of power that he won a number of victories that he defended MK against foreign invasions, that he was a generous man. So his people loved him. So when his people loved him, and he imported a theology, then the people followed. And we can add a third reason here, and that is that there must have been at least 2000 years since the time of Ibrahim to amrinder. Hey, we talked about this in the second or third lesson, how many years between Abraham and our time, at least 2000 years must have gone by between

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Abraham this marine and amphibian. Okay, so we have now there for a long time, where there's no guidance, there's no prophets, where the message of the prophets has become diluted, where ignorance prevails, and these are the three factors then, number one inferiority complex, you think that a civilization is better, everything must be right about them. Number two, the person who says it has credentials is prestigious, and number three, ignorance that will lie these three factors, we need to understand them right now as we speak in 2011, because we're lucky, our religion is being bombarded by a lot of people. And we have the exact same three factors, people are saying very

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strange things, people are wanting us to accept complete variations of our religion, why will lie the exact same three things number one is interacting complex towards another civilization, which might indeed be the most powerful technologically, militarily might have the most civilization in some aspects. But that doesn't mean that morally, theologically, ethically they are the leaders of the world we have is that through our Quran and Sunnah, and we have the truth. And simply because a nation is more powerful than us militarily, it doesn't mean that they are more closer to the truth in us. Number two, we have people with lots of credentials, people who are being promoted by others

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as being the reformers and whatnot, that these are the people we need to listen to. These are the Martin Luther is of Islam that we're being told, right. And they have Mashallah PhDs and whatnot from the fanciest universities, and they have the gift of the tongue, and they have publications, and they are famous, and they're very intelligent, just like I'm going to do that I was accepted. And number three ignorance, the average Muslim does not know his religion inside out. And then when somebody comes and speaks in generic slogans, then it's very easy to be mesmerized, it's very easy to fall prey. And while it might not be maybe as bad as shinnick, but still, we're facing an

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onslaught of changing of the faith and hamdulillah humbler other people that are talking about this and against this and correcting these misconceptions, but I think it's very pertinent to discuss these three factors of Ahmed Eben Lu. Hi, I'm Jose. So how many of noodlehead as we said, lived around four or 500 years before the coming of the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam. There are even narrations and Allah knows best these are simply found in the books of history. We're never gonna know if they're short or not.

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That shavon inspired him through a dream because shaytaan also inspires by the way shaytaan also sends why shaytaan gives why and Allah azzawajal also gives ya but the way of shavonne comes from him and it is evil and allows Why is pure and comes from Allah subhana wa Tada. Allah says in the Quran, we're in the shell Tina Lu una Isla Olia in New Jersey, that child teen inspire their people so that they can come and argue and debate with you. So she thought of himself gives why. So there are some books of history that mentioned that shavon inspired IE through a dream through spring to Amarillo high. The names of the original idols that first began idolatry on this earth. And these

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are names mentioned in the Quran. How did idolatry begin? Allah mentions in the Quran, the people of Noah

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were the first people to invent idolatry. We'll call that I don't

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know what then what a swan wha, wha wha Nasir five names. And even Ibis mentions the story. And this as you can imagine, this is at a time when there's only one village on Earth, there's only one civilization. And these five people, complicated names, but these were the original men, what swayambhu to canossa, these five people were righteous men, good people. And when they died, the people built images, statues, icons of them, to remind them of their piety. And slowly but surely, as generations kept on going, instead of just looking at the statue to be reminded of the piety, they began worshipping the statue is a stepping stone, as shavon used it. So it is said that she had

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been inspired to know how to resurrect these five idols and some handler in ways we have to explain that these five idols were, in fact worshiped in Arabia, when the Prophet system came, even though they had not been worshipped for millennia. And yet, when the Prophet system came, there was one tribe that had what one tribe that had Suba one time that he had had not said, all of these were there, how would these names are resurrected? Some books of history say it was this man, Ahmed Miller, hi, Jose.

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And he put one stone in front of the cabinet and this is the Hubble. And then from this, people began proliferating idols. How so? Well, the first thing that they did is that they began worshipping This is really interesting. They began worshipping the stones that the Garbo was built with.

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How so we learned from the traditions that whenever a caravan left Mecca, they would chip away and take a rock from the cab

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and they would take this rock as being equivalent to an idol. And wherever they went, they would then put the rock there and then worship this stone. What was the stone the building blocks of the Kava now, we as Muslims, this is something a lot of people don't think about. We don't consider the bricks of the cabinet to be sacred and holy. The bricks of the Kava are just clay and sand. It is the location that is holding. It's not the marble of the floor. It's not the the silk covering of the carrabba it's not the bricks that the cabinet is used to build with. It is the place that Allah created. And the Kava A lot of people don't know this is rebuilt every few decades. It's just like

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any structure. How long does the building last? You know the last reconstruction of the carrabba. Who can guess when it happened, the current garbage that we see now, who knows when the one was this cab have built

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the people who live in visit frequently around 10 years ago. The current cabinet is literally only 10 years old. That's it. There is nothing holy about the cab. It is the area. It is the land of Mecca that is sacred. The Kava comes and goes and after another 50 years is going to grow weak, the foundations are going to be crumbling, they're going to have to rebuild it. But the people of the of the muck at the time they didn't realize this they did they let paganism seep in. So they would take bricks of the Kaaba and then they would worship those bricks and of course, this is the stepping stone to idolatry. Another Sahaba who accepted Islam abora Jaya and recorded at Abu Rajab authority

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mentioned that before Islam came, we used to worship rocks and stones. And it is a Muslim, we used to worship rocks and stones. And if we found a rock that looked more beautiful than the rock we were worshiping. We would throw that rock away and put the other rock in his place.

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And if we were traveling in the desert, and we couldn't find a rock, listen to this, we would gather some sand, put it into a pile, bring a goat squeeze some milk out of it to make the sand firm and then do pull off around that sand.

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Now the light it is mind boggling to think intelligent people will do this but if you go to some countries on Earth, I'm not going to mention anything here because people might get offended. But if you go to some places on earth, Allah He every street corner, you go to the middle of the the jungles and you will find people have built a mausoleum or a structure a pagan temple. And you you look and you see there's a rock with red painting or yellow painting on it just a rock and you find people putting meat in front of the rock and putting butter and putting, you know sweets in front of the rock. And it's mind boggling that to this day. People can act like this, that they're gonna give

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their acts of worship, they're going to prostrate they're going to lower their heads to a wood or a rock or a stone. And when you read this, you wonder Subhanallah but then you see it with your own two eyes and you see no this

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Still here. And then we talk about those who do this in our own religion in our own culture. There are some Muslims who do the same with graves with saints with Muslims, the same thing. You see it in many Muslim countries, you go and you find Muslims, literally bowing, bowing their head down in front of the grave of a saint of a Wali of appear, doing tawaf around the grave, and you wonder, where is La ilaha illAllah? This is exactly what the jolly Arabs did. One of the most disgusting stories to be honest,

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is that of Nagila and isef. Now either NSF, now either NSF were two idols, not either was put on sofa, and our staff was put on Motorola. And so the kurush when they did pull off, they would touch not either NSF when they're going back and forth. When Islam came

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when Muslims felt hesitant, how can we do say, when it's meant to commemorate Nagila and our stuff? So Allah revealed in the Quran, the verses that we all know, in Safa, while model water minchah illa safa and marwah are holy before Nylander cipher put their Safa and Marwa are from the signs of Allah before not even SF ever came. Safa and Marwa are from the signs of Allah so whoever does hedge then let him there is no sin on you. If you do throw off IE side between them. There's no sin, meaning don't feel guilty. There's no evil in safa and marwah. What is not an SF R, it just says that since we were children, we were hearing the story of night and as of the legends that they have not in an

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ACEF May Allah forgive us for even narrating such disgusting things. But this is what the books of history say they were two lovers male and female. Now in an accept the surface, the male and the female, there were two lovers and they could not find a place to be intimate because they were not married,

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except the interior of the cap.

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So they consummated the romance inside the cup. And as a punishment, Allah destroyed them and solidified and petrified them right then in there.

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Now when the orange came across them, they actually took them as a miracle.

00:27:24--> 00:28:11

And they put these two on Safa and Marwa and that is why the Muslims and how can we do to say between Safa and Marwa so Allah said, Look, safa and marwah have nothing to do with Nikita, and isef. So this is the story of not NSF. Again, it shows you the paganism that the JD Arabs were upon. And we also know that when the Prophet system conquered Mecca, they were around 360 idols around the Kaaba 360 idols of various shapes and sizes. Some idols were in the shape of full humans, some were in the shape of animals, most of them were in the shape of half human, half animal. And, you know, to this day, the children's fairytales, half horse and half, you know, human and half lion and just

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like the Sphinx of Egypt, or, you know, the the centaurs, this type of theology, we read in the books of history, that most of these idols were humanoid, a little bit of human, a little bit of animal, and they would then put these, these statues around the gab. Also we learn that the Quraysh had the theology that Allah has doctors, and that these doctors are His angels, and they would worship the angels. They would worship the angels thinking that these are the doctors of Allah. So they would consider the angels to be the doctors of Allah. Now the Arabs did not have a specified theology, they didn't have a creed. You know, we as Muslims, we have a creed, we believe in Allah

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and the angels a day of judgment, whether we have a creed, we need to understand that societies that are idolatrous paganistic societies they don't have Creed's for example, Hindus are the are the most clear example of an idolatrous religion. Hindus don't have creeds, if you ask 10 different Hindus what their religion is, you'll get 10 different answers, right? Because there is no unified creed. There is no Akita as we call it, and one Hindu can worship one god another can worship another god, and you can have 6 million Hindus worshipping 6 million Gods different and each one has a different perception of what his God can or cannot do. This is all legit in their religion because there's no

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unified creed. The same goes for the Arabs, that there was no unified creed. Many of them believed in a day of judgment, many of them denied it. Many of them believe this, many of them did it. There is no unified creed. But the one thing that they all agreed upon is that we need to worship these idols to come closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala they have

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some form of idolatry. Does this mean that the entire society was idolatrous? No history records that there were some exceptions to this rule. And it is very interesting to look at these exceptions and to derive some benefit and wisdom from this. And the books of Syrah mentioned that they were a handful of people called Hanif Turner, plural NFR, singular Hanif and Hanif means Hanif means, turning away from So, the Hanif or Fernanda are turning away from shirk and turning to Allah subhana wa jal. This is what Hanif means that they're turning away from Schick and they're turning to Allah. We mentioned some of the stories of the NFL, one of the most interesting NFL which we only have

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literally four or five paragraphs of knowledge about

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his posts, even sadder, those insider posts insider was not from the kurush. He was from the Bernal he had a tribe that was far away. And modern day around Oman and Bahrain, that area. And those events are either

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was probably around 8090. Of course, the books generally exaggerate this 100 150. Some even say 300. But Yanni, we can imagine it was an old man, when the Prophet system saw him as a young man. So the Prophet says in a met post even sadder when he was in his 20s. And

00:31:33--> 00:31:37

first ravensara would come to America for the hedge. Remember, the hedges are universal.

00:31:38--> 00:32:23

It's a universal, right people from all over Arabia are coming. So positive inside they came from the venue he had, and he was preaching against idolatry. And it is mentioned that he was one of the most eloquent of the poets and his poetry or his Rogers, which is not quite poetry, it's a manner of speaking. Some people have said it, it is the most resembling of the language of the Quran. And this shows us that he was upon the fifth floor and the closest to the religion of Islam. So for example, he has a quote some Arabic here. Yeah, yohannes is smell whoo means to understand this smell Wu Wei, that's a mirror to Infanta Pharaoh in menasha matte woman. Matter of fact, we're called Luma Hua art

00:32:23--> 00:33:06

in art. And it goes on, oh, people listen to me and understand. And when you hear then benefit, because whoever lives of a shorty will die. And whoever dies has finished there's nothing more for him to do. And everything that Allah has decreed will indeed come about and he has. Yeah, Mashallah yada yada. Is his tribe? Yeah, I'm not sure he had anything to add. What about when he died? Well, Angel marufuji de la musiker. Well, woman exam unicorn, XL, UC Santa Cruz de la he in the de la Hera, Dean and Obama and Dini. caminhada are people of era? Where is the mood? Where is ad? Where are your fathers? And where are your grandfather's? And who will reward the one who does good, but

00:33:06--> 00:33:44

he was never rewarded? And who will punish the one who does injustice, but he was never punished? In other words, do you think this is it? Do you think there's no hereafter who's going to reward the one who does good, but he was never thanked, and who's going to punish the one who does evil but he was never punished. He's referencing the Day of Judgment. I swear by a law that there must be a religion better than the religion you are upon. He doesn't know it because there's no prophecy. He doesn't know it because the Prophet system has not yet been sent. And it is said many, many years later in the ninth year of the Hydra, this is 50 or 40 years after the process. And the first myth

00:33:44--> 00:34:26

was that when the Bernal era came to accept Islam, the prophet system said, Where is even he had who amongst you knows him? So they said he tied a long time ago, four decades or something ago. So the Prophet system said, I remember him on a camel, a red camel, and I remember that he had mesmerizing speech. Can anybody amongst you remind me of it? So they reminded him of that speech and this is some of what I narrated to you right now. So they reminded him of what he said. And the Prophet says, he liked what was had said, and this shows that there was some remnants of Joe hate. The most important turneffe were four posters, one of them but the for the more the most important will form

00:34:26--> 00:35:00

and we have a number of details about them. In his Sham narrates a very beautiful story. He says that before the coming of the Prophet salallahu alayhi wasallam. The chorus held a huge festival outside of Mecca. And they invited the entire city to celebrate with their idols. And they exalted their idols they sacrificed they did the walk around their idols. When the entire village the entire city of Mecca left, four people found themselves remaining behind and they realized when they found themselves remaining behind that

00:35:00--> 00:35:42

They are all on the same wavelength. They're too embarrassed to tell people about this. So they didn't want to go when they let the whole society leave the cities empty for a few days. Lo and behold, they thought they're going to be alone. Four people were there. So when the four people realize that we're all on the same wavelength here, they said, Let us be friend one another. And let us not tell our people about our affair that we disagree with this idolatry. These four people were number one. What are our Eben nofal, Eben said who is one of our even know Phillip and I said, Well, if we mentioned one more person Khadija been to Hawaii lead acid, Khadija booty Hawaii lead acid,

00:35:42--> 00:36:25

what are Caribbean no philippin acid. So what are Khadija are? cousins? What are Khadija are cousins. But what was around 50 or 40 years older because his father was the eldest and Khadija his father was the youngest of the brothers. So he is around 40 years older than Khadija. So number one What have they been nofal number two obey the law even Josh obey the law even Josh is the profit systems cousin through his mother. So the Profit System is on his or awaited me Josh mother automating optimal thought of his daughter so Abdulmutallab his daughter the profit systems aren't is awaited me Josh smothers so he's the process of his cousin number two arithmetic.

00:36:27--> 00:37:11

And number three, Zaid Ibn Ahmed Eben no fail. And he is the cousin of Roma deadnettle haka even newfane Emiliano called bobbins a diviner Amber, Amber and a kebab are brothers. So rumor is that first cousin of Zaid a banana but once again Zaid is like 4050 years older than aroma. So these are the four once again, what have I been nofal Obaidullah have been judged with my deployment awaited and dated now moving to New frame. So these four said, let us befriend one another and not tell anybody about our affair. We all know that our people are upon misguidance that they had left the Pure religion of Ibrahim, are we going to do a walk around the stone? Are we going to sacrifice to a

00:37:11--> 00:38:04

stone that can neither benefit us nor harm us? Let us search for the original religion of Ibrahim alayhis salam Let us search for the Hani fee. And that's why Allah calls Ibrahim Hanif throughout the Quran. Allah says that millet Ibrahima hanifa in over eight verses a law called Abraham Hanif and the Arabs knew that Abraham was Hanif. And therefore these people are saying, Let's search for the Henny fee of Ibrahim. So they all split up and they all left mecca for a while searching for the truth. As for what aka even nofal he eventually chose Christianity. And he studied his books. And he learned Hebrew and Aramaic. And he rejected the religion of the people of the kurush. And he was a

00:38:04--> 00:38:45

convert to Christianity work. Of course, we know his story that he was an old blind man in his 80s when the Prophet system at the age of 40 heard Arabic lady Halak. And everybody knew that this was a learned scholar, he's a eccentric academic for the Mexican standards. He reads and writes he's a genius. If you can read and write in Makkah, your your tenured professor, you're you're a big shot there. Okay. He reads and writes, and he speaks Hebrew and Aramaic. So when it came down, Khadija held on to the hand of the president said, Let's go to water, because he knows what's going on here. He knows this stuff where this is not a part of our civilization. We've never seen this before.

00:38:45--> 00:39:24

Let's go to one after. And so what was the one who recognized? Yes, this is what we've been waiting for. And Pamela is very interesting. If you ask the average Muslim who's the first convert, they say Abu Bakar people jump over and over the first convert is what aka after Khadija weekend. So the first male convert is what aka before aboubaker. Because even before that, what began even before the process and realize he's a prophet what often understood What's going on? Because the President did not understand what did I see what was this entity that came to me? And so what aka said, this is the same entity who came to Moosa came to Jesus, this is God. This is the novel's he called them.

00:39:24--> 00:39:59

So it's the the secret companion. He is the one whom Allah sends to the prophets. And what was the one who said to him? How I wish I were a young man, I've been searching my whole life for the truth. Can you imagine? Can you imagine he must have spent 6070 years waiting for the truth. And now when he's just about to die, he hears the process of them. So he regrets he said, How I wish I were a young man now so that I could support you when your people persecute you and expel you. And this was the first shock to the Prophet system. My people will expel me

00:40:00--> 00:40:45

People are going to oppose me. And because what are called at this time knew the history of the previous nations. He said, Yes, never has any prophet come with the truth except that his own people opposed him. So this is what I've been no fun. And Khadija says former levita, just a little while after this conversation, he passed away. The first Muslim who died in Mecca was one of the Urban nofit obey the life and Josh has the saddest story. Everybody that lives near Josh converted to Christianity, and he was the cousin of the process of them. So when the Prophet system began preaching, he accepted Islam, and he married oma Salama, and they then migrated to Abyssinia. So he

00:40:45--> 00:41:29

was a Muslim, but he became a motet when he reached Abyssinia. And he reverted back to Christianity. And that was when, of course Mr. Them had to leave him. And he died shortly after that. And then the Prophet system proposed and almost suddenly became his wife. And there's a whole story there about her with it and rejection, which we don't have time for. But one simple benefit that we can derive from this, and it's a very important benefit. If you become more rooted in a land that is not ruled by the Sharia, this is your freedom doesn't you cannot do anything. So the whole question I'm saying this now because our religion is being attacked, you guys have a blasphemy law. If somebody leaves a

00:41:29--> 00:42:06

religion, you have to cut his head off. That's what we're told. The response is very simple. No. Our study tells us that in lands that are not ruled by Islam, probate 11, a judge converted back to Christianity. Nobody harmed a hair on his head. There's this is the land of negus, the land of Najafi Do as you please It's not the land where the shooting is going to be implemented. So in lands other than the land of Islam, there's no question that surely I would say that we don't implement that and of course, whether we implement or not even in Islamic lands or his whole long conditions, whether this is the second person or whether leverage the third Earth mandibular Hadith, or with 90

00:42:06--> 00:42:07

of non

00:42:08--> 00:42:18

key to accepted Christianity so out of these four three accepted Christianity what eventually accepted Islam or within the accepted Islam that went back to Christianity with man remained a Christian till he died.

00:42:20--> 00:42:24

And we don't know whether he ever heard the Prophet systems message because

00:42:25--> 00:42:28

we're waiting awaited, left MCE, never to return.

00:42:29--> 00:43:10

He left MCE. Now when did this incident take place? Probably probably before the birth of the Prophet system, or if it took place, when he was alive, he would have been a little child because you do the math, what is in his 80s when the Prophet system is 40. So when did this took place, maybe when Walker was in his 20s. So the Prophet most likely again, this is all assumptions. Most likely this scattering took place before the process and was even born now. Earth man who waited traveled to Rome, and he eventually made his way up into Caesar's Palace, and it is said he became an interpreter because they needed Arab interpreters. So he accepted Christianity. And so he was

00:43:10--> 00:43:48

given a lot of money, a lot of prestige, and he became a Christian and he died a Christian. So these are the three out of the four, the last one they they've been admirably to fail has the most interesting story. And the Profit System had a number of encounters with him. They they've been limited or failed, did not accept Christianity or Judaism, because he was not impressed with either of them. And it is narrative that he told both the Jewish rabbis and the Christian priest that he met that this is not the religion of Ibrahim and you know it, this is not the religion of around him and you know it, so they have been ama returned back to Mecca. And he told the people once he had

00:43:48--> 00:44:17

now become mature and respected, or people of Quraysh there is no one left upon the religion of Ibrahim in this whole city other than me, all of you have rejected the religion of Ibrahim and a smart Binti Abu Bakar, the older sister of Artesia as much as around 20 years older than ISIS. He's way older than Ayesha, a smart Binti Abu Bakar. I should remember she was a very young girl. So as my big tip banker says that she remembers as a young child seeing

00:44:18--> 00:45:00

as a dip now due to no fail. rebuking the courage for worshipping idols forgiving me to the idols for trying to bury their daughters alive. And in fact, and somehow How beautiful is this? When any quarter she wanted to kill his daughter, Zaid would say give her over to me, I will take care of her and I will bring her up, she will become my daughter. So he would adopt all of the daughters that the koresh wanted to kill. And this shows us his generosity and his kind heart and He forbade any doctor to be killed and said Give them to me and I will raise them in my household and he refused to participate in any of their idolatry. It is authentically

00:45:00--> 00:45:38

Ensure that the prophecies are met, they did not fail when he was a young man when the process was a young man before the prophecy began, and he asked him, What is my shot? Look? What is the matter between you and your people? Why is there Why is there this animosity? SIRs have handled the shows as the process and even as a young man he wants to study wants to know his inquisitive mind, probably as a teenager, we don't have an age here, we can imagine maybe 1718 The profitsystem is asking Zetas this young child, what is the matter? What do you believe? What do they believe? And so they did now what would explain to him that I cannot worship idols, I cannot do what these people

00:45:38--> 00:46:24

are doing and the process and have found a kindred spirit because as we know, the prophet system himself never worshipped an idol. He never bowed his head in front of an idol. He never sacrifice me to an idol. All of these things he himself did not do. So they they've been ambivalent to fail. As we said, he continued upon this religion, and he died five years before the Prophet says and began preaching to hate five years. His Son, sorry Eben Zaid is one of the companions that unfortunately we don't we, as Muslims don't know much about even though we should because, say the Bronze Age is one of the 10 who were promised gender. This is one of the big names but unfortunately, we don't

00:46:24--> 00:47:03

know much about him, meaning we meaning this society, not that we don't know from the books, say the Bronze Age was one of the 10 who are Ashura. mubasher. This is his son. So one day he said, O Messenger of Allah. I know my father, you remember my father, and you remember what he was upon? What will be his fate in the archaea? You can tell me he's loving it, and he wants to know, yeah, that's really what's gonna be the fate of my father in the hero. So the Prophet system said, He will be resurrected on the Day of Judgment, his own Alma, he's a one man oma without any profit, because he was such a pious person. And when he went back from Israel and Mirage, you know, the famous

00:47:03--> 00:47:48

journey we're going to talk about that. He said to say that bin Zayed I entered Jenna and I saw your father, Allah had blessed him with not one but two gardens. So this shows us that even before the coming of Islam, people managed to enter agenda because they rejected idolatry because their fifth or their innate nature told them that something is wrong. So they binominal newfane is a one man oma, this is a trivia question which oma is there without any profit? And we say the oma have they been admitted into fame? Okay, this is an oma which is a one man oma without any profit. Now, this shows us the status of the Arabs, how about the status outside of Arabia? We already mentioned that

00:47:48--> 00:47:56

the Roman Empire was upon Christianity and the, the the sassanid Empire or the Persian Empire was upon

00:47:58--> 00:48:03

because there was treat ism and Zoroastrians Of course, they have the concept of the god of fire and the God of

00:48:04--> 00:48:24

darkness, a hoorah mazdan a demon, so they have a perpetual fire that is lit and they worship that so the Zoroastrians are, from the Islamic perspective, a type of idolatry a type of paganism. How about the Christianity of Rome? Well, again, to make a long story short, this is a whole interesting thing in and of itself.

00:48:26--> 00:48:59

After Allah xojo raised the Prophet sallallahu sallam, we can say that there were within 3040 years, there were three major strands of Christianity, three major understandings of Christianity. The first type is called Gnosticism, which we're not going to talk about, it's a completely philosophic philosophized. Understanding Gnosticism is a very mystical understanding, and they pretty much eliminated there's really no gnostic Christians anymore. The two major groups of Christians.

00:49:01--> 00:49:41

The first of them are called Jewish Christians. This is the name that academics give Jewish Christians. And the second, some people call them Pauline Christians falling following Paul, right. So they were Jewish Christians, and they were Pauline Christians, Jewish Christians. They believed, amongst other things, that they are Jews. That they have to follow the law of Moosa that they have a *ty, kosher and kosher route and all of these laws that they have to be circumcised and either be how or are kosher meat and basically be practicing Jews, and that Jesus Christ was sent to the Jews

00:49:42--> 00:50:00

and that he was the Promised Messiah, ie This is exactly what we believe. It's exactly what we believe. Right now, Paul, who was never an actual disciple, he claimed to be a disciple he claimed to see Jesus Christ in His vision. Paul was the one who began a whole

00:50:00--> 00:50:38

New theology. What is this theology? Jesus Christ has elements of divinity. He's not just a man, he's a super man, some type of divinity, Jesus Christ came to destroy the law or to obliterate law or not destroy is not a good word. They wouldn't agree with that Jesus Christ came to make the law unfunctional He says, He came to replace the law. If you believe in Jesus Christ, there is no shediac. And there the whole question of circumcision is discussed in the New Testament. So he said, You don't have to circumcised and you don't have to do the Sharia anymore. And then he began some elements of the Trinity he began this and that. So this is called Pauline Christianity. for 300

00:50:38--> 00:51:16

years, Christians debated over what is the meaning of Christianity? What is Jesus Christ? Is he a prophet? Is he a god is His Son of God? What are the Bible? What is this and not until finally, and the Romans initially you know, the Romans were a pagan religion, right? They had the god Jupiter in they had this, the Romans were the worst enemies of the Christians. And they're the stories that they would find Christians and throw them to the lion pits, and they would, you know, the the Emperor Nero burned Christians alive, he, he, he made the whole city of Rome burning alight by Christian bodies, he would light a Christian for the light bulb of the city. So he was the these

00:51:16--> 00:51:56

were evil people and Christians were martyrs, and they were persecuted. So for two 300 years, Christians were martyrs, until a miracle happen. There were probably around three 4% Christians of the Roman Empire until a miracle happened from their perspective, and that is, the Emperor converted to Christianity. Now, the iqoo equivalent would be in our times if the President of the United States converted to Islam, because we are around five 6% and Christians were around five, well, some say he's already a Muslim, but we're not getting into that theory. Okay, Mr. Hussein sahab we're not gonna talk about him. But the equivalent would literally be you're a minority religion, you're a 5%

00:51:56--> 00:52:31

religion, and then the Emperor converts to your religion. This is what happened with Christianity. Right. Constantine was the first convert of the Roman Empire to Christian, the first emperor, sorry, to convert to Christianity. Now, Constantine isn't just some Joe on the street, he's the Emperor. So he's not going to have these big things going on. So he convinced the whole council all you Christians were fighting Come, let's have a let's have a dialogue. And let's figure out what Christianity is. And then he wanted a certain version of Christianity, which is zooming this quickly through because he's a pagan, from before, so he wants a little bit of a paganistic

00:52:32--> 00:53:13

element of Christianity. And so from that, we get the 25th of December we get the concept of halos, we get the concept of of a trinity, we get this we get the Son of God because they had a son of God and mithraic. All of this is, you know, we all of this comes from from Constantine's decision in 325. In the city of Nicea, which is now in Turkey, he held a council called the Council of Nicea in 325, ce, constancy decrees official Christianity is basically Pauline Christianity. All other Christians, were going to do to you what our ancestors did to other Christians, we're going to burn you persecute you, kill you. So there was a massive out flux and immigration I hid Europe, of

00:53:13--> 00:53:34

original Christians to other lands. Right. And this is why it is said that some of them came to the najat cheese kingdom. And so then the joshy Kingdom had more Jewish Christians and others, others went to Iran and so Sandman and Farsi, so we're going to come to is there but the Roman Empire officially banished Jewish Christianity.

00:53:35--> 00:54:17

And there was no such thing as Jewish Christianity officially in the Roman Empire. So Pauline, Christianity then became the standard from Pauline, we got the Orthodox, the Catholic, the Protestant, and that's basically 99.9% of Christians, the original others are completely gone now. This isn't 325 The process was born 570 250 years before. So we have remnants little bit of references that some of the original Christianity was saved. And the most interesting story we have is that of Solomon and Pharisees submodel fallacy history is a very long story is narrated in Muslim Imam Ahmed, and it is authentic will summarize it. And I want all of you to read his story in the

00:54:17--> 00:54:45

books of Sierra in more detail because it's simple. It's It's It's you don't need you know, you can understand it as it is. I'll summarize the main points. Sandman Farsi was the son of the priest in Iran in Persia. And his father was the one who kept the fire. The restaurants they have to keep the fire lit 24 seven, it's not allowed for the fire to be turned off. And even when they build a new temple, they have to import

00:54:46--> 00:54:59

an ever lit fire. They cannot just light a match and put it there. No, they have to take the fire because they believe it's eternal. They have they believe it's an eternal fire. So any new temple that they build, they have to take a fire from

00:55:00--> 00:55:33

Another temple that's already been burning, and then they bring it to the new temple. So I asked what would you do in America when you build your first temple? I mean, where'd you get the fire from? They said, We got a special plane, we commissioned a fire to be brought from one of our temples in the plane, because we're not allowed to just light a match and put the and go into my tangent. Let me stop here. Get back to the story. Okay, so in minor fantasy, so Madden fantasy, what was his story, salamander and fantasy was the son of the fire keeper. So his father taught him how to keep the fire going and whatnot. So he would go and take care of the fire and come back home.

00:55:33--> 00:56:12

That's his job, that's that they are priests of the fire the priests of the Zoroastrian or the Medusa as we call them, and they're called an Urdu Parsis. Because when Islam came and conquered them, they ran away to India. And because they were from Persia, they were called policies. So policy means from Persia, but anyway, I again digress, let me get back here. So someone in Farsi would go to the fire and keep on lighting it up. He said, and he's narrating the story, his himself, he said, on the way there on the road there, there was a monk who had his small monastery, you know, the monks had a little cave, they have a monastery, and he would be worshiping, singing his hymns

00:56:12--> 00:56:57

praying all day, and all night. And it intrigued me that this person has a different religion. And I pass by everyday and I listened to his hymns. I listened to his chantings. So and it was mesmerizing, and it attracted me. So one day, I had the guts, the guts to basically go and ask him, can you tell me about your religion? And so the monk began to preach Christianity to Solomon and Pharisees. And slowly but surely, semana Farsi realize that what he's doing is idolatry. And what the monk has is a version of tawheed and worship Allah and whatnot. So he became attracted to Christianity, he secretly converted, he secretly converted. When his father found out his father

00:56:58--> 00:57:40

locked him up with chains, prevented him from leaving the house tortured him, because he's the priest, how can your own son convert to so it's a big matter of shame, and attempted to exterminate him. So Sandman and Farsi managed to escape from his own house and run away to Syria, which is the land of Christianity. And the monk had already taught the market and executed because he converted the son of the priest, so they killed the monk, but the monk had told him that go to such and such a monastery, and you will find people of my thought, My inclination, don't go to any other monastery. So we know that this monk was not upon Pauline Christianity, because he's telling him don't go to

00:57:40--> 00:58:16

the capital, don't go to Rome, go to this particular, you know, monastery, I'll tell you which one, this is where I come from, and you go there, so so the manifest, you went there. And then to make a long story short, every time he went, he became the disciple, the main disciple of the monk. And the monk taught him how to worship, he remained a Christian, when each one died, he would tell him to go to another one. And this happened four times, when each one died. Who was he, okay, now you go to this guy. So you went to that, and he went, when he came to the fourth one, you can imagine he's probably around 7080 years old now. So in mind, as far as he has these legends that he lived for 300

00:58:16--> 00:58:32

years, once again, we understand this a little bit of legends, maybe he lived up to 100 115, something he was the longest, the oldest of the Sahaba in Medina. And he was a very old man when he accepted Islam. So when the fourth one, when the fourth one is about to die, listen to what he says. He says,

00:58:33--> 00:59:20

that my companions who sent you eventually all over to me, my group of people, I don't know anybody remaining upon that understanding of Christianity. They're all gone. Now. This was the group that we had. But I don't know anybody left upon our understanding of Christianity. But you have come to a time when the promised one is about to come. We know this. Now. This is a version of Christianity, which is not Pauline. So they have knowledge that is not found in the New Testament, because one thing Constantine did, and this was really sad, but it destroyed his Christian history. He chose the four books that are a part of the New Testament. And he burned all the other books that opposed his

00:59:20--> 00:59:57

theology, all the Jewish Christian books, you know, the books of the Bible that we have, right? There's the four famous books, Constantine chose them, because they affirmed his belief, and all the other works and writings were burnt in front of his presence. So we don't have references inadequate and that's why again, let me just tell you, when the Dead Sea Scrolls were discovered, some of these people were actually Jewish Christians, and that's why it was such a big find that some groups were they were hiding in the caves of Qumran in in, in Jordan, the Dead Sea Scrolls, you've heard of them, maybe like when they were discovered. These were some remnants of Messianic Jews, which people

00:59:57--> 00:59:59

thought were never there and they were living

01:00:00--> 01:00:41

Free Jesus Christ. So they still have, they're waiting for Jesus Christ to come. So they have some knowledge and some of them, it is said they accepted. So again, all of that is theory in our people are deciphering it through point being. We don't have access to what beliefs they had. But Sandman and Farsi tells us in authentic ID, that they told him three things. What did they tell him? They said, you're just about to come to the time when the man that Jesus Christ predicted is about to come, we know it, the signs have been met. What are the signs we don't know? But these people knew. So they're telling sell man, the signs have all come, and his time is just around the corner. So he

01:00:41--> 01:01:05

told said, Man, my advice to you is you go seek this man out. Go seek this prophet out. How where am I going to go, I will tell you three signs. I will tell you three signs. Number one, he shall appear in a land that is full of dates. First sign go to the land that is known for dates. Number two,

01:01:06--> 01:01:47

he will have a physical mark on his back in Arabic we call hot demand, you know, the heart and with the seal the prophecy. I'll talk about this in Sharla later on, but it's a physical mound of hair, they say and some say it's even a little bit of a protrusion of the skin. The size of a pigeon is like this small, very small, even smaller than this right? It's a physical protrusion with with beautiful colored hair, multicolored hair. We've been described not just black, multicolored hair coming from between the shoulder blades of the profits of the LaGuardia center. It's a physical seal on his back. This is the second sign number three, he said that this man will accept gifts, but he's

01:01:47--> 01:02:08

never going to accept charity. You will accept gifts but you will never accept charity to this day in our film, you cannot give charity to Al Mohammed, you cannot give charity to the centers of the process. And to this day is not allowed. So Sandman asked his shift died, his teacher died. This is the fourth shift now from his eyes. So we can imagine, you know, he's already probably around 50 years old at this time.

01:02:09--> 01:02:17

So he asked what is the land that is the most well known for producing dates. He asks in Syria, he is told the land of

01:02:20--> 01:02:24

there is no Saudi Arabia at that time. Saudi Arabia is 1931

01:02:25--> 01:02:26


01:02:27--> 01:03:08

hyper hyper, which is close to yesterday. So he asks around, who amongst you is going to hyper How can I go to hyper so he is told there are Arab caravans that trade in Damascus here, get one of the caravans and go to hyper. Now. salmaan is a monk he's a priest, he has no money. He has no prestige. He has no clan. He has no society. And so he says to a group of arrow traders, are you going to hyper they said yes, we're going to hyper come with us. When they came when he joined their caravan. They kidnapped him meaning they they took him as a slave. Because he has again, this is a lawless society, there is no 911 you can call there is no government and sell man and sell man is not a

01:03:08--> 01:03:43

member of Rome. He's not a member of Persia anymore. He's an exile. He doesn't have people who would come and fight for him. This is a lawless society. So sell man is taken as a slave. And instead of ending up in high bar, he is sold to a group of you who who happen to live in yesterday, which is later to be called Medina because he had that sincerity. And so for decades, he toiled in Medina, as a slave as a 17 year old man's panela. As a slave, he was toiling in Medina, and rumors began to spread of a man claiming to be a prophet.

01:03:44--> 01:04:22

And rumors began to spread that he's immigrating to Medina. And they began to be worried in trepidation because they thought this is the king of the Arabs who's coming. And when the king of the Arabs come, then we're in trouble. And Sal man, he tells us a story that he was collecting dates from the top of the tree. And he heard his master speak with his brother, the master and his brother, that the king of the Arabs has arrived. This is the first digital, the first day of the history of the king of the herbs has arrived. This has been waiting for for the last 20 years. He literally jumps down and he runs to his master and says, What happened to the community come and the

01:04:22--> 01:05:00

master slaps him across the head and says, Go back to your work. What are you worried about? You're a slave. Get back to your work. So Sandman goes back finishes what he's doing, when he finishes the chores that are assigned to him. He takes some of his dates, which was his own food. And he comes to the process and this is on the second third day that he's in Medina. And he says that I heard that you're a stranger in this town. Here is some charity for you. puts it in front. So the Prophet system tells us to have a kulu eat, but he doesn't eat anything. The second day after his chores are over

01:05:00--> 01:05:03

He brings another plate and he says,

01:05:04--> 01:05:49

today I have come with you with some dates and this is a gift to you. So the Prophet system tells us to have a kulu but he eats as well. So Selma, now his heart is racing, this is a land of dates. He's You know, one sign has been met. Now, what do I do to get to the third sign? So, he stands up, and he goes behind the process and trying to take a peek, if he can look into his shirt to see what he can do. And when this old man goes behind the profits instead of and starts peering and peeking the process of understood, so he unbuttoned his shirt, and he lowered it, lowered it behind his back to literally show him the the the pigeon mark the the the hotton and when Sandman saw this, he began

01:05:49--> 01:06:09

crying and he began wailing and screaming he came in he kissed the hands and the feet of the profitsystem and he told him his whole story and the processes and said we must help you for your freedom. And the the the people put in a ridiculous price on him when they knew the process and wanted him they said you must give us I forgot knows that 150

01:06:11--> 01:06:55

dates 150 day trees, de trees, Simon says Where can I get 150 day trees from so the process of said next time is the season to plant the seeds call me. So the Prophet system came with his own hands. He planted 100 150 of those, those trees and within a year there was full tree. So here's your here's your ransom Sandman, you're free. And Simon became a free Muslim by because the prophets have been paid for his ransom through that Baraka. Now, the point being here, that Sandman story indicates what how few real Christians were left. Very few real Christians were left. And we only have time for one more and then we'll have to conclude one more story that shows that there were

01:06:55--> 01:06:57

only a few Christians left.

01:06:59--> 01:07:25

Because the story that is mentioned in Sahih al Bukhari and that is the story of the Emperor heraclius. The Emperor heraclius. The Emperor heraclius was the Emperor at the time of the Prophet salallahu idea he was setting them. And unlike most politicians in the world, he was an intelligent and educated man. And he was a scholar, and he was trained in Christianity.

01:07:26--> 01:08:07

And when the Prophet system wrote a letter to the Emperor's in the eighth and ninth year of the hijra, he wrote letters to the Emperor's, he wrote one to heraclius. or to be more precise, he wrote one to the governor of Bahrain, who was the governor of heraclius. And so it reached heraclius. And iraklis, at that time was visiting elior, which is Jerusalem, he was visiting Jerusalem. And so it was not supposed to get to him that fast. It was supposed to go to the governor, but he was in Jerusalem at the time. So when he read the letter, and the letter says that this is from Mohammed Rasulullah, Emperor of Rome, as slim to slim, accept Islam, you'll be safe. As slim you take a lot

01:08:07--> 01:08:16

more extra Komodo to accept Islam, Allah will give you a double reward. And if you reject Islam, then you shall bear the penalty of your whole people because you are their leader. So it was a

01:08:17--> 01:08:55

given take a carrot and stick I mean incentive and threat in the lecture that you have to accept Islam and what is Islam. So the Prophet heraclius said, as long story as I broke it again, inshallah, maybe one day we'll talk about in more detail heraclius quizzed his visitors, are there any Arabs in town? They said, yes, it just so happens that the caravan from the letter shooter it was safe the caravan from is in Jerusalem now. Call them right now to the palace. Now, this is a trading caravan. You can imagine the silk and the Emperor's palace. There, they're not thinking they're going to come to the palace. Immediately the Roman guards come to the smoke, and they march

01:08:55--> 01:09:38

with the courage to the palace. They're trembling, what did we do what happened? And lo and behold, it is none other than Abu sufian. So Abu sufian gets to meet the emperor of Rome. And heraclius and Abu sufian have a long conversation which was recorded in Bahati. Maybe, maybe inshallah we'll talk about it maybe next week or the week after that. And at the end, heraclius, after quizzing him, tells him that, if what you tell me is true, then this is the Prophet that our scriptures have predicted pause here, there is no prediction in the current New Testament. So there must have been scriptures that are hidden from the public. And you know, there's theories in the Vatican and the

01:09:38--> 01:09:59

Gospel of Barnabas, Allah knows all of this stuff, you know, but clearly heraclius has access to scriptures that the rest of the Christians don't have. And of course, this makes complete sense because he's the emperor of Rome. And to this day, by the way, the Vatican library has books that are unpublished and in you know, secret in or whatnot. And so here actually, it says, This is the profit that has been predicted and I know

01:10:00--> 01:10:35

He was coming, but it never occurred that he would be from your race. I thought he would come from the Jews. It never occurred that he will be from your race. I didn't think he come from the Arabs. And heraclius wrote to his confidant, who was a bishop, one of the highest bishops, but we don't know his name, unfortunately, I wish we could look him up. We don't know his name. It just says he wrote to one of the bishops of Rome who was on the same wavelength as him. And the bishop confirmed Yes, he meets all of the signs. Yet iraklis did not accept Islam because he realized if he accepted Islam, then he'd have to give up being the Emperor. And when you're the most powerful man on earth,

01:10:36--> 01:11:25

then it's too tempting. And heraclea has refused to accept Islam because he could not give a being the emperor of Rome in order to submit himself to Allah subhanho wa Taala and therefore he died upon his faith. Now we conclude by mentioning that in this dismal darkness, our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sent and that is exactly what Allah says in the Quran that the processing says in a hadith that Allah in Nairobi, Mr. Ronnie Anwar Lima Kumar, gehalten mimma Alemany Yomi hada My Lord has commanded me to teach you that which you're ignorant of. And then he says, and before his coming we're in Allaha tada Nava either out of the family home out of the home, why Gemma home in

01:11:27--> 01:11:31

Kitab the hell it is and Muslims Muslim, Allah looked at the whole world

01:11:32--> 01:12:21

and he despised everyone. Nakata home is more than carry home. It's the shed that Kara hides the most harshest, he despised them because of idolatry because of jaha because of paganism from Nakata home Illa. Except for Buckeye, some remnants of the People of the Book, the teachers of Selma, right? These are the only people in labor I am an educator. So the Profit System is describing how the world was. And that is why we call it Jackie Lee, Archer Jackie Leah. And with the coming of the Profit System, they will never be another Jackie Leah. And that is why Allah calls the professor something new. And a lot of calls him but I'ma tell alameen because after the coming of the process

01:12:21--> 01:12:50

in him, there is never going to be that type of Je li. And this shows us that a number of benefits and essential Shall we conclude, number one, the first really major benefit from all of this. And I want you to understand this point because will love it. It is so essential, living in the current climate where our religion is being bombarded by foreign ideas by alien concepts we're being told we have to reform completely and change our tradition. Number one,

01:12:51--> 01:12:53

guidance only comes from Allah.

01:12:54--> 01:13:16

Not from our intellect, not from our philosophy, not from our rationalization. The world did not have a prophet or messenger for hundreds of years from the time of Isa till the time of the process of what happened. No philosopher could conceive of the truth, no theologian, no intellectual could guide mankind.

01:13:17--> 01:14:00

Allah revealed or onto the Prophet system and then he Daya came. The Quran is the hedaya. The Profit System is the new rule. The Quran is the Shiva. Without Allah's guidance, there is no guidance. And why is this important? Because modern mankind believes that guidance is the cumulative experience of what we've done. We keep on modifying we keep on adopting, we keep on changing what is how long today will become Hillel tomorrow. What is he allowed to become how long tomorrow? our grandfathers thought this was not cool. We think it is cool. So be it it is cool. We're progressive. We need to understand very firmly here. Our guidance is the Quran and Sunnah and that is the ultimate guidance.

01:14:00--> 01:14:42

We're not going to change the Quran and Sunnah according to the whims of a society according to the tastes and the culture of a generation, no eternal truth. If mankind could not achieve guidance until Allah revealed it, then how can we and if our Prophet system Allah says in the Quran, what was born and Sahaja he could not be guided until Allah gave him the Hidayat. And Allah says in the Quran, ma Quinta de mal kita buena de man, you didn't know this is addressed to the process and what was the book what was a man until we gave you the Quran? our resources and I'm sitting in vida Hara as we're going to come to next week, he did not know ultimate truth until jabril came down. Is

01:14:42--> 01:15:00

anybody going to claim that modern philosophers are better than our Prophet system, that modern ethicists and more or less theologians and whatnot can just sit there in a room and contemplate and then come forward with how men should live know? Allah says, I settled in southern India, Africa, Sudan. We're the ones we're going to tell you how to

01:15:00--> 01:15:45

To live your life. The second point of benefit, we'll just mention through you have to finish up the second point of benefit. We really understand panela that most of mankind are like sheep, and that they follow whatever the leaders say, look at the kurush they knew that this is not the religion of Ibrahim, but because everybody's doing it. It's just too difficult to break away. Deep down inside, they know something is wrong. But when all of society is doing a sin and advice, it's easy to follow. Allah says in the Quran, when a thorough Nazi will harass them mean in most of mankind, even if you want them they're not going to be believers. And Allah says in the Quran, if you follow the

01:15:45--> 01:16:19

majority of mankind, they will lead you astray. Majority wants to follow desires, we have to be very frank here. The majority of mankind wants to be animalistic, hedonistic. They don't want Shetty, they don't want law. They just want to follow their desires. And Allah says, No, we have a law. And that law will tell you how to be a better human. And the final point that will benefit and inshallah will conclude for this week, the story of Solomon tells us and they didn't fail tells us a beautiful fact. Whoever is sincere, will be guided.

01:16:21--> 01:17:02

If there's good and there's sincerity, it doesn't matter if you're living in jeconiah. It doesn't matter if you're in a pagan society in Iran. It doesn't matter if you're surrounded by idols. If your heart is pure, and you have truth and you want to know the truth, Allah will guide you to the truth. A lot took submodel Farsi out of the depths of Jah Hillier in a land which was not even a Christian land. And one by one he came closer to the truth until Allah subhana wa tada brought him right in front of the feet of the Prophet Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam when we show sincerity to Allah, Allah shows Rama and guidance to us and with this inshallah tada we conclude for

01:17:02--> 01:17:30

today unfortunately, because I went so long we don't have time for q&a inshallah we'll continue next Wednesday then in LA he tada and by the way, we're going to be stopping these halaqaat for the month of July. But Doctor we shall be doing something else for that month miniseries and then Ramadan inshallah we have to stop for this. So then we will be resuming after Ramadan, so we have another three, Haddock was with me of Sierra, and then we'll pause for a while and then resume after Ramadan, which is Kamala Harris said I'm willing to lie on a couch