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In this video by Shaykh Yasir Qadhi, we gather insight on the religious status of the world pre-Islam and before the advent of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ. The reason behind this need is that we will appreciate the Prophet ﷺ more if we see the pre-Islamic Jahiliyyah.

When and where did paganism begin? How did idolatry come into being? Who were the exceptions to the norms of idolatry? Shaykh Yasir Qadhi answers these questions impeccably and with utmost clarification.

The story of Naailah and Assaf on Mount Safa and Marwa is another interesting addition to show the extent of Jahiliyyah. Shaykh Yasir also delves into the three major strands of Christianity. The story of Salman Al Farsi makes for a very morally enriching experience - whoever is sincere will be rightly guided if their heart is pure.

We are also astonished and wonder how Waraqah bin Naufal, Uthman bin Al-Huwairith, Zayd bin ‘Amr and Ubaidullah bin Jahsh managed to keep away from paganism even in the wake of mass herd mentality of the people then. An interesting listen , so please do not miss it.

We also get answer to the question - who was the one man ummah without any Prophet ?

Get answers to all of our most pertinent questions concerning idolatry and paganism.


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