Guidance and Mercy for the Doers of Good

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Successful now, so no one says Alif Lam Meem was bozo Luqman. tilaka tokita. Will Hakeem the those are the two those are the signs of the wise book. And a Hakeem means wisdom and also means hokum something that is definitive, it tells us how to live our lives. It says houden wa rahmatullah Lil mazzini. The first one in Surah Baqarah was hudl lil Mata Finn here it is, who downwash rock metal machine which one is more who then or a Buddha, Rama, which was more

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just in quantity, who then Buddha, Buddha and Rama which was more

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Hoda and Rama together are more right. So there's two there. And Hoda is this one, isn't it? Okay. So now when he says

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houda, he says is from attacking Mr. Buddha and Rama he says that is for Al mosinee. Okay. Within a taqwa we mentioned this before is to protect, to protect, from what harms protect from what harms and taqwa is to protect ourselves from sins from sinful situations. So that Allah subhanaw taala does not get angry, he does not get upset from us. We don't

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we don't earn his punishment, protecting ourselves from sins so that we don't in the punishment of Allah.

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San Joaquin comes from first and first means beauty. Okay? So it's to do something with beauty in an absolutely beautiful manner.

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So what happens is that a person who's having tough work is great. But they're like, you know, a level below them, the person who's doing

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who's most in, who's the person, he's a level below that person. He's just protecting himself, isn't he? The person is not just protecting himself. He's going above and beyond. He's doing everything with such beauty is with such excellence. That it's like an example. It's exemplary, the way he is doing things. It's so beautiful, how he prays that when the prophets also told us what the sun means what it means to be a Merson, from Sun comes from Austin, right?

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He said to worship Allah as if you can see him for a lamp takuna Tara who, for inner who Iraq

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and if you can't worship Him, as if you can see him, then you should know that he is seeing you, he is watching you. That is the person who lives this. And I hope Allah makes us all myrcene

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that person is not just protecting themselves from harm. He's not just leaving, since he's not just avoiding bad things. He this person is on a different level. He is you know, he's, he's going, he's doing things with such beauty. So he is a level above. So when Allah mentions mosinee, he says Hoda, Rama, just like komazawa Machina dounia just like they are doing more in the dunya

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last one, the level that Allahu la home, or rush Macedonia for Allah added Rama for them.

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The motto interview Great job, Allah, Allah says they got guidance, the mosinee are going above and beyond they're doing more than what's required. So Allah swaddler adds for them what Rama tell us to motivate us that this is what we need to do. And as an being a moccasin is in our the way we worship Allah in ritualistic things in the way we treat others are cool in nasty,

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safe, beautiful things, good things to people. Well, also in the incentive UID that he shows now also in Santa vy, he Santa's treating parents in a beautiful manner in a manner that's exemplary.

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It's so amazing. So taqwa is basically for ourselves, right? And sun is not just for ourselves, it's also For others, it extends to others so panela so

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this is why Allah added here, Buddha and Rama

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really beautiful how the Quran is so eloquent. And

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that's why he also adds

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a home bill, karate home Ukrainian in Soraka. It's not a humble effort you mucuna and Surah Baqarah is

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been a hero to me often, because they have a son. Their faith in the Hereafter is a little bit more. Their certainty of Hereafter is more than the people who have justified their certainty is that a higher

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level. So this is really beautiful panel.