Best Practices for the Last Ten Nights of Ramadan

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The speaker discusses various popular holiday celebrations and recommendations for the last 10 nights. They mention the importance of making a lot of work and praying in a nice environment. The speaker also discusses the importance of making a donation for charity and emphasizes the need for everyone to make a donation in exchange for a gift.

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Gotta like Allah says, Hey Roman, as Misha was gonna comment a little bit on this part. So you don't mean, it's got more goodness than in 1000 months.

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I'll hope to be as nice as this 1000 is a figure of speech is not actually 1000. It says that 1000 here, it's not 1000 exactly, it could be a million, it could be an eternity.

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And the truth is never to

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one of these people that a lot is walking around

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chastising in the era, he wishes that he would lived

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1000 years in, he wishes to live forever, for eternity.

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So he says I live here doesn't really mean 1000 year me eternity. So they will call that has more a more goodness than we can comprehend.

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That's the point of this, sort of this, that's the point of this is, it's got more goodness than can comprehend. And it's unknown.

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So here's a few recommendations from yours truly, on what to do in the last 10 nights. And I'm going to start telo not gonna get into alignment and virtues. We all know that this is a few recommendations inshallah, and you're free to add your own reading point 03. And further in germar, in congregation, this was for the sisters to

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the Sahaba, to pray in jamara, just as much valor and vigor as Sahabi, as the hub of

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the female Sahaba will also bring in Gemma, so it goes for both genders. The reason why this is important is because the prophets also said

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that the one who prays Asia, in the congregation in JAMA

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has the reward of praying.

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And the one who creates pleasure in congregation has the reward of praying half the night. So put two and two together, you pray.

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You pray,

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and you get the whole night's work of reward right then in there.

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This is why I called it point zero. If you're not going to do anything, this is the period minimum just do this, then you're guaranteed a full night's reward every single night. Okay, point zero is pleasure, Asia and culture and coverage. And also, by the way, it doesn't make sense to say that I do this or do that.

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That just doesn't make any sense.

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Number one is to make a lot of work.

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So make a lot of work.

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I shall on the long line when she was conversing with the rest of us. She said that, if I love wanting to I use a Latin label mokulua society if I knew which night was when

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I knew

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which column she says a full movie, what should I say in it?

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She's already in she already knows that the best thing to do at this time is to make.

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So she's asking for advice specific to this the bride, the dog is allowing my phone to heckle after that one. You can google it if you don't know it. The first tip will be this blog, I guarantee you, you'll get

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along with the guy who wants

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to briefly about this one, who is an incredible Name of Allah, who generally needs to what?

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Forget, we all know that. In fact, it needs to eradicate, the gods will say I flicked the Yahoo, I thought, the winds have blown away the footprints in the sand, you can't even know that you can't realize that they were there. They're gone. So who is somebody who forgives in this manner, but who is also what's left over? alone.

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Only after they asked you what we should spend from Allah says spend

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what is left over, you've taken care of your needs, everything is good. Whatever is left over, that's what should be spent from. So sometimes Allah, Allah who is

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who is also having more than what you need. So understanding a little mind that God who would receive a lot You are the one who forgives and eradicates the sins completely. And also You're the one who gives the such grace and such bounty, that everything you need is covered and more barbed wire.

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Is there anything else that he didn't like, since forgiven? nixing care of and extra stuff. That's an incredible 1.0. Pleasure. And Asia 1.1.

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Particularly, by the way to get grab, you know, Bonnie Muslim was that book and just read it cover to cover. And that is one of the greatest spiritual experiences that you will have. It's unbelievable. That was a prophecy for me. Anyway, point two is to be clearly

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obvious is important.

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We can do it in the congregation hamdulillah. Over here, we have parallel in many massages, family, if you can't make it to a massive because there's work next day, then try to pray something before so hope. I think all of us wake up was to hold on a second, right? So just please something that will come

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becomes established to, but just anything extra, even for a class extra. That's fantastic. 100. So points will be

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pointing is to record.

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Pretty straightforward, because this is the amount of fun, but particularly when Allah introduces this night, he says in la de la v. They are the right answer. He revealed it. It's been the right. So it's got a very deep connection with the Quran this night.

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So it's got to be read, we have to think about it. We have to ponder over it. This is the time to make some connections between what the Quran is seeing and what's going on in life connecting scripture to reality. This is that night. And so now movie later.

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And the last thing is to give charity.

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Charity is okay, here's my recommendation, okay, you're free to follow, once you can do is you can take something like $20. And every single night you put $20 in a donation box for a gift, somebody who's leaving every day you're getting 21 Okay, now you're guaranteed on label coverage of giving $20 in charity, that $20 of label

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has more higher than what

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has more goodness than 1000 months of charity. So think about that you guaranteed to capture, you're not gonna miss it. Also, by the way, the prophet said that I have put our money in Allah, as one of the most consistent leads are the ones that Allah loves the most. So we do something consistently and small. That's more beloved to Allah. So let's recap. point zero was

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pressure and pleasure and congregation has to be done. If you don't do anything else. This is the baseline. Number one.

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job loss and loss of work, particularly the one the profit sells. Point number two was

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Ellen, thank you point to the MLM, making sure people pay attention

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around rate, lots and lots of as much as we can point for charity and saliva and the goal is to mix all of these into a nice

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collection of these mail except our weather. And everything marble is equal to Panama.