Taimiyyah Zubair – Taleem al Quran 2012 – P03 042F Tafsir Aal-e-Imran 31-32

Taimiyyah Zubair
AI: Summary © The importance of showing love to oneself and others is emphasized, as it is crucial for building a connection with Allah and avoiding mistakes. The speaker discusses the use of the Prophet salallahu har for love and building a connection with Allah, as it is crucial for everyone to follow guidance and not do anything wrong. The importance of following the Sun waking and not conflicting online is emphasized, as it is crucial for everyone to follow the guidance. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of following the Prophet sallahu Sun and not obeying people.
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equal to two shipborne Allah say a Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, to, to the people. So say in control if you to have been Allah, if you love Allah, do you love Allah?

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Do you?

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Why don't you say anything?

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So, according to Hibben, Allah, if you love Allah, Everyone claims to love Allah. Everyone says, they love Allah. Why? Because we're supposed to love Allah. You ask a person who refuses to pray salah. They will say yes, I love God. But this is just a matter between me and him. But I love God. You ask a person who was beating someone up? Do you love God? Say yes, of course we do. You ask a person who has a very high level of iman, a very low level of iman, you ask a person who is a Muslim, or even not a Muslim people of all faiths. What do they say? I love God, we love God, those who believe in God, love God. Is that so? Yes. Because it's a very, very easy claim to make.

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But the fact is, that love means nothing. If it's not both sided. Do you understand? Love means nothing. If it's not both sided. You can claim to love someone but if they don't love you back, then I'm sorry, that's not love that you have, you're gonna suffer a lot. Isn't that so? That a person loves someone and that someone doesn't love them back. They're living in constant torture, constant pain. There is an incident we learned about in the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu something about this couple, but era and relief, but he was a woman and relief was the man and there were slaves and they were married. Okay.

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But the thing is that when a slave is freed, then they can even leave their slave spouse. Okay, so burrito was freed and will eat was to the slave. So what did that mean that Buddha could just walk away from her marriage even. She was a free woman. She didn't have to be married to believe anymore. So she said, That's it. I'm gonna leave her alone leave everything. I'm a free person now.

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But Molly's loved buddy.

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He loved her so much that he used to cry.

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And he used to, he'll go in the streets. Walking after Videla, though please don't leave me begging her.

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And she'd be like, No, gonna leave you. She didn't love him. But he loved her.

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It became such a big deal that even the Prophet salallahu Salam requested but he wrote that please, you know, stay with movies. And but he said that is an order from you, or is it an advice from you? He said it's an advice. He said, I'm sorry, I don't need him. I don't want relief. I do love him. But he loved her. So we see that when that love was not both sided. What happened then? One was free and the other one was in pain and in torture.

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So we think that if we say we love Allah, you know, we're something so great. But the fact is that love means nothing. If Allah does not love us back,

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that claim is useless, if Allah does not love us in return.

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So greatness is not in this loving Allah but it is in being loved by Allah. Canal is not that to hit boo that you love Allah, but that to help boo you are loved by Allah.

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So many people make this claim we love Allah, we love God, we love Him, because He created us he gave us so much. So Allah subhanaw taala says in condemned to hipbone Allah, if you say that you love Allah, then you have to prove it. Then what do you have to do? You have to show it

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because every love demands watch. Proof.

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You say to your husband, I love you. He says, Okay, make me a nice dinner.

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Or if somebody says to you, I love you, I love you. And then you ask them, Can you please do this for me? And they say, No. Then you start asking yourself What rubbish does he say? He says he loves me but look at his actions. I don't care for him, or her or whatever.

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So long

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Have demands What proof

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so, Allah also demands proof of his love from us

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in quantum to hipbone Allah, if you love Allah, then you have to show me

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this is why some scholars they have said that this idea is a a tunisiana it is the idea of the great test, the great test,

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people claim to love Allah, but do they really? Are we true in that claim? Or is it just a statement that everybody says it of Allah so we also follow them in saying that

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in content are hipbone Allah, if you love Allah, then what do you have to do? Fat Toby Rooney, then you better follow me, me as in group, the Prophet sallallahu Sallam because at the beginning of their muscles, all the prophets of autism is being told to say to the people, that if you have another new follow me as in follow the Prophet sallallahu sallam, it will be only from the word etbr. The iron tuber what does that mean to follow? A particular is to follow someone's footsteps when it snows, and somebody has walked on the slope, and what do you see on the slope?

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footprints? It the bar is that wherever they have stepped, wherever they have walked, you walk on the exact same footprints.

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Is it easy to do that when you're walking across a big field?

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Come on, you're walking across a big field. There's so much snow, let's say one foot deep, and somebody just walked past and you can see the footprint. So the snow is less over there. Wouldn't you rather walk over there? Won't you? Yes, you will. Because you won't be in much Northern, right? It'll be easier for you. You won't have to struggle through the snow. So we have to follow the Prophet salallahu Salam, if we claim to love Allah. The question is, why do you have to follow the Prophet salallahu Salam?

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What does it have to do with loving Allah? What's the relationship here? What's the connection here? Here's your mind. Think quickly. What's the connection? Yes.

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Because the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he told us what Allah likes.

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You see, love, what is it?

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It's basically a force that pulls you. Right? That pulls you towards what you love. So for example, you love your phone. It's sitting on the desk, you have to go to the washroom and you say,

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let me take that phone with me. And people use your phone even in the washrooms which I believe is extremely disgusting. So why because they love that phone. They're so attached to them. So love builds you towards itself meaning the object of love. Now, if you love Allah, automatically, your heart will be drawn towards you, towards Allah. But can you see him in this life? No. Can you follow him in the slide? Of course you can't follow Allah, Allah is God and we are creation, there is no resemblance between the two. Do you see what I mean? But if there is a person who love what will you do, you will follow them you will imitate them, if they wearing a particular kind of hijab, you will

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wear that same color and that same style, isn't it? People even get their hair made in the style of the person who they love. Isn't it so?

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Is that true or not? What else do people do if they love someone?

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The dress like that.

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They think they look like them. They want to be like them. I saw a video of this woman who was so attached to her daughter. They were such good close friends, that the mother she said she wanted to be like her daughter so she underwent plastic surgery to become like her daughter even physically.

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So when you love someone, then what happens your heart takes you there again over the heart is the king. So the heart is attached somewhere in the limbs will follow. Now who should we follow? The Prophet sallallahu Salah Why follow him because he was the one who Allah sent. He is the one who walked and talked and lived the Quran. So he was the one who walked lived doc the Quran I should have the lower on how what did she say kind of finical Quran his character His manner was the Quran right? He was the one who Allah loved

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the best of the Prophets the last of the prophets so this is why for today only follow me follow me In what respect are the prophets Allah was and in what way? In Deen to have the same Deen as is same religion as is in your creator in faith in beliefs are the same fate as his in statements wherever he said you say that to inaction whatever he did you do that too. And also in leaving in leaving

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In what he left, so in these five things we have to etbr Indien in our Qaeda in faith in action, in statement and leaving what he left. But what happens are people who claim to love Allah, but yet they will not pray, they will not read Quran, they will not do Umrah, you know, they will not give charity, they will not dress the way Allah wants them to. They will not do what the Prophet salallahu Salam did so, is that a true claim? No, it's a false claim. Like I mentioned earlier, it's very easy to make that claim but you have to prove it. So factory Rooney, follow me. Follow the Prophet sallallahu sallam, what's the benefit of that? Your bit come Allah, Allah will love you.

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Allah who love you, you follow the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and Allah will love you. And when he will love you than whale fear, Allah come the Aruba content, he will forgive you your sins, the newbies apply enough RAM and RAM is a sin. Because when someone loves you that what happens they forgive you your mistakes, is in itself. So earlier in the previous verses, we learned about sins and how no person will be punished for them and they will be displayed on the Day of Judgment. So what's the solution then? Not commit sin. Is that the solution? Yes. But can we actually do that? Can you say that I never do wrong, and I will never commit a sin. Can you claim that? No, you can't.

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Because all the children of Adam are sinners. We all commit sin.

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Right? We all make mistakes, even the Prophet sallallahu sallam, he made mistakes as well. Sometimes, like we learn that when the blind man came to him, he got upset and turned away.

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And Allah subhanaw taala did not like that.

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So we all make mistakes, then what's the solution?

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What's the solution? Have your sins forgiven? How can that be? You follow the Prophet salallahu Salam, Allah will love you and when he loves you back then everything is fine. Yeah, they've come a long way off good luck with the Nuba con Allah has a photo Rahim and Allah is Forgiving and Merciful. He forgives and he is very merciful. Then Allah says quote, say, a dear Allah obey Allah from afar or follow. And it all means obedience. It devout is to follow an ATAR is to obey what's the difference between following someone and obeying someone?

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If you follow someone on Twitter, is it because they've told you to follow them? If you like something or someone is it because they've told you to? No. But it Ah,

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if our obedience is when someone tells you to obey them,

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so if the bow is following someone, even without being told, and ethos is to obey the instruction, the command so are to your word Rasul obey Allah and the messenger sallallahu alayhi wa sallam.

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People say it's enough to obey Allah, we don't have to obey the messenger. No, you have to obey.

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And not just to be, but you have to follow, because the person might say, What did the Prophet sallallahu Sallam say? Did he say that we have to do this or we cannot do that? Even if he did not say if he did it himself, we have to do it. If he left it, then we have to leave it to this is etbr.

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You understand? Like, for example, in prayer, in this one,

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let's say a particular dua that the prophets of Allah didn't read. You might find in the reports in the Hadith of the Prophet salallahu Salam did not tell the people that when you are in this position of Salah, then you should say such and such, but that a companion narrative, the Prophet sallallahu sallam said this in this position.

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But do we have to follow him anyway? Yes, we do. Whether he commanded us or he did not.

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So call to our pursue, for him to wallow and if the terminal is meaning they don't obey Allah, they dominate the messenger. For in Allah lay your head will carefully then indeed, Allah does not love the caffeine. Caffeine is a plural of caffeine, and who are caffeine, those who disbelieve, but remember the meaning of coffee doesn't just mean disbelief. It also means coffee. It also means I heard something from the side in gratitude, being ungrateful.

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So Allah does not love the ungrateful ones, those who refuse those who disbelieve

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who are the caffeine. Those who don't love Allah.

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Those who don't obey Allah, those who don't obey the messenger, those who don't follow the messenger. So you see all people

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claim to love Allah. Some people are true in their claim and others are false in their claim meaning they don't mean it. They just say it.

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Who are those who are true in their claim? Those who follow Allah and His messenger?

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What happens to them? Allah loves them and he forgives them who I felt in their claim. Those who just say that they love Allah but they don't obey Allah. They don't obey the messenger. They don't believe in Him. They don't follow him. They don't listen to him, nothing.

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So what's their end result? Allah does not love that. And when Allah does not love a person, than imagine what his end will be, imagine that Allah does not love a person, what can he do? How can he be saved? How can you ever be successful in this life or in the next he can never be so for him the Mahalaya will care for it in.

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So what do we learn in these two verses? What do we learn?

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That we have to follow? The Prophet sallallahu wasallam

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and that is proof of loving Allah subhanaw taala.

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In a hadith we learned that a person's Eman is not complete lie you mean who or how to calm a person's Eman is not complete unless the prophets of Allah Islam becomes most beloved to him more than himself more than his children more than his wealth, and all of mankind the Prophet sallallahu wasallam should be more beloved to him. Why? Because Allah loved him his life was a sweat on Hassan, the best example that we can follow. So let's listen to the recitation. We'll

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go to him more now.

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The Emir O'Neill memo come along while

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watching me

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so I'm going to share a couple of Hadith on the love of the past i Salam and following the Sunnah. This hadith narrated in even matter. Now Abdullah bin Mohammed Al Radi Allahu Anhu. He narrates that his nephew was sitting beside him throwing pebbles. Abdullah forbade him, and he said that the messenger of allah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam prohibited us from doing this, that means throwing pebbles. He further said, by doing this, you cannot hunt an animal, nor will your enemies suffer any loss. Rather, someone's tooth could break or someone's eye could be impaired. His nephew resumed throwing pebbles. And Abdullah said, I told you that the messenger of allah sallallahu Newson and

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prohibited us from doing this and you were doing it again. Henceforth, I shall never speak to you. So he told his nephew, the commander pastor salaam, and he ignored it. And he delivered them often on the line we he took the command of process and I'm so close to heart that he said it to me and you will there's nothing anymore. So we see that the Sahaba they don't just love Allah. They prove their love. They showed their love how, by following the Prophet sallallahu sallam, and they didn't follow him either when just a few things, but rather they held on to his sunnah. They clung to his sunnah. They believed they were certain of the fact that if you follow the Sunnah only then you are

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successful and if you oppose us online in any way, if you contradict in any way, then you are unsuccessful, you will be a big failure in this life and the next. So this is why even if it was something smallest throwing pebbles, they took that so seriously, if I were to ask you tell me 10 Sooners right now, maybe you can come up with 10 If I asked you tell me 50 Tell me 100 I see surprise and shock on the faces of some of you. Yes, there are more Sooners than that many, many more.

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But we claim to love Allah and yet we are ignorant of the Sunnah.

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You know, like I mentioned earlier, that gray area in your life. If you lived your life properly, then that gray area would actually be good deeds. And you know how you can make that proper by following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam. For example? How much time do you take in dressing up

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and getting ready? How much time 15 minutes maybe let's say you're ironing your clothes, everything during will do everything you know, washing yourself up shower, whatever, half an hour, let's say

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every day you spend half an hour to 45 minutes getting ready, A to Z okay.

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That time if you got ready in the proper way, according to another Prophet salallahu Salam, that time would actually be what arriba How?

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How can you do that? By developing

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suna habits, how that if you pick up a pair of clothes that you want to wear, you pick them up with the right hand. Why? Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to love to do things with the right hand. Okay, you took the clothes now you're ironing them. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam instructed us that when we do something important that we do we should say Bismillah So, we are always afraid of ironing clothes and white burn them out during their mind whatever. So, this may Allah

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your ironing the clothes that whole time we will be can be spent together. If you said Bismillah Okay, in following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu you're ironing that time could be spent just ironing and complaining about why do I have to iron my clothes myself? Or why do I have to iron anyway?

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Or you could spend that time using your mouse in saying something that the prophets of Allah said them said, ie,

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right? When you go into the shower, you could step into the washroom with your right foot or your left foot if you step in with the left foot that could be following the Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu sallam, then you could brush your teeth again or not brush your teeth. You say why brush in the morning? No, but you brush your teeth again. Why? Because the Prophet sallallahu Sallam used to continuously clean his teeth throughout the day. And then one is that the user toothbrush and the other is that your user miss work. And believe me if you do miss work properly and floss and use a mouthwash after you don't need a toothbrush, you don't need it. It's much better for your teeth and

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your gums because the miswak is much softer. What we do is we take a very strong toothpaste and the hardest toothbrush we can find and we damage our gums. And with that strong taste in your mouth, you know, we think that our teeth are clean whereas they're not in reality clean when you do miswak then you have to routine your teeth to just floss and use a mouthwash at the end. So you're doing this work following the similar those 10 minutes spent on cleaning your mouth or gada when you're taking the shower, you could take a shower in a small way. Which is when the Prophet saw all the sudden we took a bath. You know first he washed himself and he did we'll do then pouring water on the head and

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on the body beginning from the right side on the left side. So we could do that the entire shower could become rabada Do you see what I mean? So this can only come if we love Allah

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it's two sided. You love Allah then only can you follow the Sunnah when you follow this, then Allah will love you. So what is the connection between your love and Allah's love for you? The Sunnah of the Prophet sallallahu Sallam he is between those who follow me except to follow Him. They get the love of Allah and those who try to skip him avoid him ignore him. Do they get to Allah? No, they don't. So we can only follow the Sunnah if we love Allah. And if we know what the Sunnah is, what is important then to study this, because if we don't know we can't follow

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because lesson until we study the Hadith, we cannot get to know the Prophet sallallahu. So when we don't know him, we can't follow him if we don't follow Him, through our claim of loving Allah is not true. Allah doesn't accept it. Allah rejects that claim. May Allah subhanaw taala make us of those who are truthful in their claim who follow the Sunnah and who deserve the love of Allah so that our sins can be forgiven Subhan Allah who will be humbly going to show you a La ilaha illa into the stock little corner to be like a sinner molecule

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