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You can be walking in the street and earning much reward and making more friends. What's the secret behind this? Stay tuned.

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All praise is due to Allah, we praise Him, we seek his aid and we ask for his forgiveness. We seek refuge in Allah from the evils of ourselves and the evils of our actions. Whomsoever Allah guides, non Camus guide, and whomsoever leads to go astray, non can guide and I bear witness that no one has the right to be worshipped except Allah alone, who has no partners and I bear witness that Muhammad is His servant and His Messenger Dear viewers, salaam aleikum wa Rahmatullahi wa barakato Welcome to a new episode of your show. For the sake of Allah, I'm your host matassa mohammedi. Today we have with us our brothers, Brother Mohammed and brother Abdul Rahman. Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah.

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Today, we have inshallah beautiful subject in hand, we are still talking about the rights of brotherhood, the rights of brotherhood, these things, they are obligations upon the Muslim towards his brother in Islam, and they are considered to be means of strengthening that brotherhood, they strengthen the Brotherhood, and they strengthen that beautiful love that we have for one another for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. Today, we are dealing with something called giving gifts, giving gifts we know this is an art and human relations, this is an art, what to give what gifts a gift, when to give it and how to give it and who to give it to. So it is a very beautiful way and

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direct way to the heart of your brother. And this is the nature of human beings. We all tend to like people who give us things or give us gifts. Have you had an experience Abdurahman? Maybe in terms of giving gifts? Do you remember how you feeling was when you were given a gift? Maybe by a brother? Or maybe someone who's related to you? Can you tell us how you felt when you I mean once I had a close butter to me. And it was still like we were still in?

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got to know each other. And it was like maybe a month passed. And we were still like brothers and friends. And me given him a gift. It even made the relationship get bigger or deeper, in a way. So you remember, especially maybe the time when when we are young when we were children. Yeah, the best time is when you are given a gift. Do you recall anything of the past? Of course, that

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is, especially in late when I was a young kid. I used to get gifts, new clothes. I used to get money as a gift. And he used to like to collect money any I used to see all my uncles and I'm very happy to see them for the fact that I'm gonna get money from them. Yeah.

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Yeah, that's a nice feeling to have a presence in both sides.

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So it happens a lot in families with the kids give out some money or a gift and it brings cheer mister.

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Do you recall anything Hammad determined you were given a gift how it made you feel will happen the actually a couple of days ago. I was like the doorbell rang. And I opened up. It was like a little kid.

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elder family member gave him a kid, give him a gift to give it to me from he was a he's a brother from the Muslim. But he's a bit older than me. Actually, I was like surprised because I didn't expect expected, but it was like really cheered me up that day. And I felt for him very deeply when I met him alive, thanked him a lot that

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smell the sense of gratitude is ingrained in the human soul. We tend to be good to those who are good to us, and especially with gift. It doesn't matter whether the gift is precious or it's cheap is just a symbolic thing. The physical, yeah, its value but

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the brother said because it was unexpected and it was an unexpected gift and honor

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expected time

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usually gives this big, nice feeling. tend to love the butter. Yeah, maybe you notice some brothers, sometimes they give gifts, maybe they give a miswak if you work over a mosque, or Yeah, some perfume they give perfume really touches your heart and you appreciate it. Actually, it's like

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it's very nice when people go to ombre or something like that. And they come back with these gifts from Saudi Arabia, like a little bit of gems. And that happened to be also a friend of mine went to ombre. And when he came back, he brought me a little bottle of Zamzam water. It was very nice touch

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and brings cheapness a lot. Yeah. And you know, the this one of the profits are low.

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And, you know, with dealing with children, children, they always like those who given gifts.

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The old like, if you see a person, sometimes they say, Okay, why is it with this person that all children love him? He always you know, when he goes to his friend's house, and his children, they come closer to this man, they always like him, they have relationship with him. Why would mean to discover that this person will find out that this person gives gifts. So it touches the child's birth in the person

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who is older. So it's like there's a child in every person. Yeah.

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Yeah. And do you know it is? Well, gift always is a manifestation of love.

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As you said, it's not a manifestation of love. When we who do you give a gift, someone that who isn't.

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That's it. That's why you touch the hearts of kids, because kids, they're usually innocent. So sphere is rare. There's still people that do it for interest. They say I'll give them a gift so that he may be helped me out in this stuff for that. But it's rare, usually gifts that come really from the intention from the near a pure intention to chew. If it's like, for instance, for interest, it would show on the person and you would know, but still, brother giving you a gift, it's something special and touches the heart.

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Let's see how the messengers allows this issue. Well, we can see the one who told us that was the Prophet.

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And he set a rule for human relations. When he said to her do have give gifts to one another, you will love one another. So gifts bring love some people, they don't really realize that. And they look at some people, they have the habit of giving gifts. So some others look at them. And they say, Well, this is hypocrisy, really.

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Some people but they don't like they don't really understand the beauty of gift. And the influence that it has on people say they tend to justify their position or their mentality. Yeah, by saying oh, this is hypocrisy. Well, if you love a person, then it will show if you respect him, that's the best gift. Well, that's why the best gift is to respect a person. But when you give him a gift, that's material, something material, something tangible, physical, he will really appreciate that because this is human nature.

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Yeah, yeah, we can't say okay, we are we are not angels. We are human beings. So we have our physical side and we need to satisfy that we need to satisfy that this is why gifts symbolizes love, symbolizes love. And it's, as I said, it's a manifestation of our love. When I give a person a gift, that means that he, I have a special love for him. I have a special love for him. Now the process allows me

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to have both. So it doesn't only symbolize love, but it also increases love to have to have both give gifts to one another. You will love one another more. So it brings about love when someone gives you a gift, you will never forget that for him. No. And you will always I mean wait for any opportunity to pay him back or to do something in return to show your appreciation. And usually the the people that gave me gifts in my life till now, till this moment I remember them. Yeah, cuz it doesn't happen that much. Yeah. And it was the prophet SAW. In his own life. He gave us the best example in terms of gifts as well. Everything that used to come to him used to give it out to

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Sometimes he will, for example, some kind of cloak would come to him he would give it to somebody else. This is a gift straightaway, he would give that gift anything that for example some food come to him he would advance and invite somebody else. That was the habit of the prophets allow and he will celebrate and gift doesn't have necessarily to be for example gold or silver or jewelry, or something precious as we said, Maybe well, some food. Yeah, that's a gift. That's a gift. I've heard that story about the Sahaba

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One of them had a gift, like it was a part of a goat. So he gave it to another Sahabi as a gift till it came back to him. It happened to be like seven. So Hobbes gave up this gift to each other Taylor came accidentally to the president is giving the other candy, comes back goes in a circle comes back to the first one. That's really amazing. That's really because they understood that giving gifts brings love. So they were concerned about this brotherly love more than they were concerned with this life without they were concerned with having having a gift and enjoying it yourself. So they were concerned that morning, tune us to the others that Subhana Allah and the Prophet of Allah. As

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de la Massoud mallow, please with him the rates so that the Prophet sallallahu Sallam said to them answer the invitation, when it comes to you from your brother and accept the gift. Some people they will they say, when you bring them a gift, they feel shy to take it. Now why? Why did you do that? There was no need for that. They would say they have this kind of reaction. There was no need for that.

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But I can't take this. No, accept the gift is the advice of the Prophet salallahu alaihe salam. And for example, if I come to you with a gift, Mohammed and and you accept it. This is going to leave a very good feeling in my heart as well. Yes, you accepted my gift. So you appreciate it. And you share with me the same love the same brotherly love. So it's accepting the gift as well as the manifestation of that love that we have. But if I refuse it brings back that feeling. Yeah. Imagine when you come with a gift, for example, to Mohammed, Mohammed says to you, no, I can't take that. Just put yourself in that situation. Tell me how would you feel? I'll keep on insisting. And if he's

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still say, No. Of course, I'll feel bad. And I may turn red. I feel humiliated. Yeah.

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You might feel something.

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Yeah, I feel like when someone got his heart broken, it's something similar even. Yeah, yeah. It's sort of when you come with a gift and someone ends it, he lets you down. If you exactly is letting him down. It shows that there's something wrong with the relationship. That's it. That's it. That's it. But some people out of Chinese they can't just take it. So they have to understand this prophetic etiquette, except the gift the messenger sallallahu Sallam said, anyone who gives me a gift, I will take it from him. And they used to give gifts actually, will they used to use the things available their time, mainly that was food, or they used to cook for example, the promises

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I'm used to like the shoulders of, of the sheep whenever it was cooked. And he said, If I'm invited or if I'm given a gift, any part of that sheep, I would take it I would accept it for the sake of Allah. So if you aren't shy, don't I mean don't refuse the gift of that brother accept it because it will hurt him.

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Well, that might leave a scar on his heart as well. So accept that gift when it comes to you from your brother. And as as a manifestation of the love that we have for one another. And shall This is a beautiful etiquette. We'll we'll elaborate more we'll take as well for your contributions and you experience in life but this will have to stop for a few minutes and I say to our viewers, stay with us. We'll come back shortly inshallah.

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panatela choose whom he wins Subhana Allah Allah for his mercy for his messenger ship for the revelation to be revealed. This is not for the human beings. To make that decision. A person would turn to our last panel, Alison Seeley, truthfully, asking for forgiveness. Allah Subhana Allah promised to forgive, we have as Muslims a duty and that is to recite the book of Allah to ponder over the verses, the words of our last panel to add and to act according to the diversity of our last panel dialogue encompasses everything, but it who would this mercy will be for and the Prophet sallallahu Sallam was sent to all mankind. So the oma or the people of the prophets of the largest

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celeb, are all mankind since the time of the prophets, I send them till the Day of death. Why waste our life without getting to know every verse in the Quran, what Allah subhanaw taala wants from us

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Salam Alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu Welcome back. So the gift is one of the prophetic etiquettes that we should really abide by and benefit from in our relationships with our brothers that we love for the sake of Allah subhanho wa Taala. And there are etiquettes, when we give gifts, will, when you give a person a gift, it shouldn't be for the sake of showing off, has to be for the sake of Allah Subhana Allah to Allah. So it's better to be done privately. Yeah, you don't gather the people. And I mean, you give the gift just for the sake of them seeing you doing that. So because this is an act of worship this brotherhood, so we do it for the sake of Allah penalty had no

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intention only is to increase that love that is for the sake of Allah. And sometimes, it might cause the person embarrassment, if you give it to him in front of people, or people, they really feel shy if you do this in front of others. And maybe it will even affect the brothers who are around. Why do you give this person this brother only a gift? What about the rest of the others? It creates jealousy? Yeah. Somebody else may may or may not like you anymore, they'll be like, he prefers this button. Yeah, why not? Why not us? Maybe you bring in all of them some gifts. And so you can show it. You can give it all at one time.

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Only one

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project privately will be more convenient and better.

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What do you think there are other etiquettes when you give a gift, what things you should

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take into consideration you give a gift to a brother, giving him a smile. This is just not giving him the gift and not any way or something like that. Yeah, so so fast, it should be like a bit of smile and take your time with a few good words. So you give him the feeling that you're giving him a gift, you're not just giving him a charity and you're not happy with exactly.

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And we will also it would be nice also. For example, I know what he wants or what he needs. Or, for example, it's in Ramadan. And he's not in Saudi Arabia, maybe he's in the West, in another country. And he needs some some.

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And it's nice to have zones and of course in Ramadan, so why get him Zamzam or get him tumbled. That's a very good point, you will if a person needs something, imagine you give him the gift. Give him that thing that you'd be so happy. Or he needs a jacket for example, in winter, yeah. And I noticed that, so give it I bought I bought him a nice jacket, he was very happy. Yeah. And maybe this will be inshallah double reward that you I mean, give him something that he needs. And you have the intention of giving a gift. So it's a very good point as well. And there may be sometimes you give as well, a gift, there are certain things you have to observe as well. And the gift itself. Do

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you think that, for example, it should be very expensive, very precious when you give a gift, not at all. Sometimes, as I said, it's, it's needed, like a brother is getting married, maybe he needs something for the house or something like that. kitchen equipment, maybe it was something like that?

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Well, it shouldn't be expensive, but it should be needed. And maybe you can avoid the expense, maybe you can collect something for, for him as a group of people who could share and give him that something that that that is in need. So it helps a lot. Usually, these days, things are a bit high in prices and things like that. So sharing,

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collecting some money to get the one gift is something

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is really symbolic. It could also depend on the situation. For example, if he For example, He finished his studies, I'll give him something may be more valuable than a normal day. Try to get him something more valuable to make him feel like that. He

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will we can summarize that by saying you should be observant as your brother needs what things he likes us. That gives some people I mean, if you for example, give him a car as a gift, or you give him some a bar of chocolate is better for him than a car so it's not in value depends. You see what people like?

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Really, sometimes some people if you give him a car, it doesn't really leave that much beautiful feeling in his heart as much as when you give him a

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chocolate bar. Or some candies, of course, because this is why you have to see what kind of character the person has what things he liked. He got to also see like, for example, if we're gonna buy him a shoe, a shoe, we got to know his size. We won't just buy anything. Yeah, well, here's the present butter and he finds it

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It's a half worth it for his kids buy stuff for him.

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Something, sometimes that happens when you're like, really close to the brother, you know the stuff, you know what sizes, shoe, what sizes, clover, so you should be

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elected in the way that is, of course, like brothers accept gifts, because they have to accept it, like you said, inshallah, what the prophet SAW said.

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And he didn't like the taste of it still has to accept it and hamdulillah. So it's

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important to know what the taste of the brothers, what do you think some brothers, for example, they have clothes, and well, they are worn out, they want to throw them away. So he says, okay, instead of throwing it away, let me give, give it as a gift to that brother. And he gives it to that brother in a very bad shape. How would you feel towards this? I've done.

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I believe that. And he shouldn't do that. At least he could give us For example, to these organizations that give close to orphans. Because it is known that sometimes they could give us use clothes, it is known, but borrow against something used to a butter. It's not let's not look at it. Well, yeah. What do you think of that? Sometimes brothers, they give the gift. And it's really in a very bad shape. Yeah, this is give it to you. Okay, this is my gift to you. I think it's so good as well, because he wouldn't accept a gift like that. And the person giving a gift like that, I guess I'm sure he will accept having a used gift would have been better than he doesn't give a gift at

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all. Because it may make the broader field that he's disrespecting him, telling him

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that take this really creates that feeling that

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you didn't have any respect for me, you just want

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some kind of obligation, or you just do that

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the Brotherhood

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might have

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caused a reverse effect. Creating love will bring bring hatred. Yeah, and this is this other problem. Also, nowadays, this virus, they have the mentality that if they get a gift or an invitation, they have to give it back. So for example, here here, I gave a gift to Bernie is is going to some financial problems. So he refused it. Because inside of him, he he's like, I won't be able to give him a gift now. So if I take it, I won't be able, that that's also something that we found out was one of the

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things that the messages a lot of them told us. So he directed us in an authentic hadith to accept the gift. And to pay back the person who gives you a gift. The things that people mean, they really, I mean, took too far. And they have took to an extreme, which is if someone gives you a gift, you have to give him back a gift of the same value. No, no, just give him a gift according to your means.

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That's it, if you what you can afford, he just bought him that is a true butter and a Muslim butter, you will accept it. He won't be like, no, I gave you this, you should give me this. Yeah, I gave you a watch, I need to watch some people have this attitude. This is something a will, which is not from Islam. I mean, if I give you a gift, you have to give me back a gift of the same, I mean quality or the same value. That's not the case in Islam. As we said, gift is a symbolic thing, this symbol, it's not about the values and about how much it costs. What's about, it's an expression of your feelings towards that brother. So those who have this attitude that I gave you a gift you have to

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give it give me back to the same value. No, the message is lost and I'm sad and happy that we know if someone

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does some favor to you. Or he helps you in something then pay him back and if you find nothing to say to him to Zack allow halen then this is more than enough. May Allah reward you with good this is more than enough. And we should be content with that as Muslims. And yeah, not be really. I mean materialistic. See, okay, I'll give him a gift will give me a Christmas gift. So I see what he's going to give me.

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story that happened.

00:24:16--> 00:24:25

I gave someone a gift. I had been on a trip and I bought like, a lot of gifts for the brothers, the brothers I know.

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And I gave one one of them this gift abroad to him.

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But actually, he said something that really affected me. He said, This gift is for me. I told him Yes. So what surprised me is like he said, Did you remember me when you're on your trip? I told him Yes. That's why I brought all of you guys gift and I remembered you. So it's like

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he's impressed me like, I wanted to express that. I remember you all thought. Yeah, it's not like I didn't forget you. It was nice. Yeah.

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Really, as a professor creates and brings about love, I want to share a story with you one day a brother gave another a pair of shoes was really beautiful, and made of good leather. So when they were invited to a big feast, so many people that were present, well, he looked at him and he was wearing the shoe, the pair of shoes. So he said to him, Well, that's the one I gave you. He said that in front of everyone. He said, How is it like, Is it good?

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So maybe he said, that are good intention? Do you think that's the right kind of behavior? that's showing that you're doing it for your own interest for the desire of showing off? Not the desire of creating love?

00:25:49--> 00:26:13

For the sake of Allah? No, you're if you were in that situation, how would you feel will be embarrassed? It's so embarrassing to take them off. Of course, it's like, I have to notice if if he has intention of showing off, it will be a bit obvious. So I'd be like, yeah, another beautiful etiquette we can use. Sometimes you find items with labels in them, or the price label,

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take it off. Yeah, it's for sure. Take it off, don't give it to the person. Because if you got it for cheap, it's not good to me to show that you got it really cheap. And if it's precious, it will cause the other brother embarrassment.

00:26:27--> 00:26:48

Well, you really paid all that money to give, give me a gift, and he would feel some sort of burden on him that he will have to pay back or I mean, give it get you a gift, the same value. So take it, take that label off, don't keep it some sometimes people, they get fake labels, and they put a really, really price on them. Just to show his brother that paid a lot of money for you. That's a trick.

00:26:50--> 00:27:29

We shouldn't do that. So we can see that in Islam, there are beautiful etiquettes with regards to given the gift. And the prophet SAW Selim is the best example. That was the best thing. I mean, the best character that we could follow, as the last time that tells us so inshallah from now one will observe this, some people they maybe they'll heedless of that. They don't really use this beautiful Avenue, which leads them to the hearts of the people, which is gifts. So benefits from that initial let's create brotherhood and make it for the sake of Allah all the time. So Hamlet is soon and this is how is families, we see how beautiful it is, in social life and in everything it occurs for the

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society because for the individual for people's feelings and people's hearts, it's about all that sort of hamdulillah Shall we try to apply this in our lives? And I say just for your contributions, and I say to our viewers, Jazakallah heyland for listening, and we ask Allah subhanaw taala to make us benefit from these beautiful etiquettes that we are learning from our Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, we take them directly from the Quran, and the Sunnah, and I say, may Allah bless us all, and until we meet next time, I say salaam aleikum wa rahmatullah wa barakato.