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Zohra Sarwari
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the difficulty of working for profits and the need for people to take care of their own lives. They suggest that working for profits is a way to build stronger and secure personal and professional lives, as it is crucial for society to make it work. The speaker also mentions the importance of working for oneself and helping others, as it is crucial for society to make it work.
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There's a chapter in your book that says working for private profits and not for wages. Tell me about that. I know like a lot of our, you know, we see, you mentioned the Afghans I came here the first generation, mostly, we see them struggling so much here in America. Tell me, you know what your thoughts are on that? Or what your thoughts are on the new generation working here?

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Mashallah, that's a very good question. I think what I've learned and what all my education has enabled me to learn from not only just school, but going to seminars and different experiences that I've seen, I've seen people struggle for a paycheck, I have seen people struggle for getting dollar the dollar the dollar and for wages working for a salary. I'm thinking, why don't we business people why businesswoman? I mean, the most successful people are business people, and why aren't we using our talents to the highest we can to be able to get that. So I see stories of people who are on welfare. And one idea just makes them millions. I've seen people many times I've seen kids 14 years

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old, make a million dollars. So if these people can do it, what are they doing that we're not doing? So I think what happens is so often that our, we're so stuck on, we can't do it, I can't do it. I can't do that we don't even allow ourselves a chance to explore, or can we do to explore what else do we want to do? To explore what what is that? And how did they do it, and to figure out how to do the halloway. And so what my biggest problem the generations before is, and I even right now with the Muslim population in America is we like as Muslims financing the most over everything. I mean, we need it for to help with anything. And I think we got so into, okay, I want a job and feel secure

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and safe. And I'm thinking now, take it this way, take it to the route where you go out there and you become, have your own enterprise and feel secure and safe. And that because whose job is secure? Is anyone's job actually ever secure. You can get fired like that you can get laid off. So where does the security come from? It's done mentally, or blocking ourselves. Because we don't want to put give ourselves that extra benefits that we could do it this way. You feel like okay, I got the skill. And that's, that's all I'm gonna do. And I'm saying, take that skill and make it 1000 times more empowering. So that's why when I say working for profits, and not wages, work for yourself,

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make it build stronger. And you could do this, anyone who's working nine to five, I mean, most of us are, you know,

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an hour a day, if you follow what I'm telling you in my book an hour a day, and you actually start to implement and you start to see a new way, and you start to give this new knowledge for an hour a day. Just say for retirement for for anything you make you get that commitment, you're gonna change your life and shelter. Yeah, you know, you mentioned welfare. And it's so common, not just in the Afghan community, but in many other communities. And it brought something to my mind that you wrote in your book, which was the people that we hang out with, for example, you mentioned that, you know, we hang out with people that have Muslim on welfare, chances are that we ourselves will be as well

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can tell me a little bit more about that, yes, of the five people that you hang around most with their income will be a reflection of your income. So say, if you're hanging around with people who are making 50,000, and they're all about 50 60,000, your income will be right around that range. If you start hanging around people who are making 100,000, your income will be around their range, it's so vital, because you can be much better, you can be much lower, that's your companion that becomes your source. So I always tell people, raise your bar, raise the bar, make your companions at a higher rate, not to let your mom go as long ago but raise it to a higher bar to push yourself up to

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have you know, people that really you can associate with they have bigger dreams, bigger visions, bigger goals, because, you know, honestly At this rate, and being an American seeing the economy, who can make it off a 50 60,000. Nowadays, even two family homes working full time cannot survive at that. So we need to think beyond that. We need to think of how can we do it in a censorship Okay, not only we help ourselves, but we help the rest of the world because we have the resources. America is giving it to us, America's teaching us. Why aren't we using it? It's out there and I'm telling you every time by putting it in my book going you could do it shallow Why not? Okay, does that

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qualify for that?

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