Nadim Bashir – Khatira – Duaas to Prepare for Death

Nadim Bashir
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of reciting the Prover of the Prophet for preparation for death and shares a personal experience with death. They also mention reciting the Prover for a long time and encourage the audience to ask for more recitation. The speaker emphasizes the need for taking action and staying prepared for life.
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Subhanallah you know, this is what life is, you know, we hear you know, you know how many times we've given hot buzz hot was we've heard or hot buzz we have given hotter as we have been. We've heard about death, preparation of death. But wala it's a totally different situation when it's when it's really close to you and it's so close to you that you have no idea what to do at that particular situation. And so that is why first of all we ask Allah subhana wa Tada he gives him Shiva, may Allah subhanaw Make it easy for his parents. May Allah Subhan make it easy for his relatives. And if that is written in this for him, we ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to grant him a

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hostel hotma We ask Allah subhana wa to make it easy for the family. And today inshallah I don't want to take a long time, but I just want to share a few things that we have learned from the Syrah of Rasulullah sallallahu. Ala sunnah sunnah of Rasulullah Salaam. In terms of us what can we do to prepare for death? Where are some doulas that we can recite from the Sunnah of the Prophet that salam to prepare for death? First of all, is there's a very beautiful dua the prophets of salaam Allahumma Heaney, mad Kyneton hire to hire only what the word funny either candidate refer to federally, which means that Oh Allah, that give me keep me alive as long as life is good for me and

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give me death when death is good for me. Many times because we go through the challenges of life, we feel like we want death. We ask Allah subhana wa at times that we want death. We don't want to be part of this life anymore. We don't want to go through the day to day struggles of life and so forth. And we all have different struggles. But once again, what we have been learned from what we have been taught by Ross was Salam is to make this dua, another dua the United We should recite every single day is there's a long do I have a part of that that long dua there is one part of that dua that I want you to memorize, and that is rubrica. And yet the hot button in your shaytaan or in

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the mouth, Oh Allah, I seek refuge in You from being misled, or shaytaan, coming to me and deceiving me at the time, my death. This is one this is one time of our life where shaytaan comes and he tries to deceive us, He gives us full force and does whatever he can to deceive mankind. So this is why this is a dua that we have also learned from Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, and the last dua that I will share with you today in sha Allah is another beautiful dua is Allah Who madonn Hydra Ahmadi.

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Oh Allah make our last the last of our man or the last of our times of time in this dunya make it good Oh ALLAH will hurry Rama li Huwa tema and make the best amen our last our man will hire a yummy Yeoman aka fake and make the best day the day I meet you Oh Allah subhanho wa Taala so this is a dua Allahumma JAL Hydra Ahmadi aka make the last of my life the best and will Hydra Amani Hawa tema and make them my armor. The last armor the best armor will hire a Yummy yum al kaka fig. These are just three doors that I want to share with you today. Remember rises do all these wires, recite them every single day Wallah he does is going to come to us at any time. And this is why you know how

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many times I've given talks about Maha Sabha. I've talked about this on a day to day basis. And I because I truly believe in this that every single day, we need to take out five minutes away from our phones away from our kids away from our spouse away away from every single thing that is dunya related. And you sit down for five minutes and ask yourself if I were to go away from this dunya today in my prepared or not? How many times have we had this difficult discussion with our own kids? Yes, it is needed. Yes, it is difficult. But sometimes it is very necessary that we sit down with our family and we talk about the what happens if I were to depart from this world? Do I have an

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Islamic world created? Have I taken care of all my debts, I tell my wife, I tell my children, anyone who might be alive after me that if I pass away, then what happens to my debts make sure you pay my debts and how you take care of my affairs afterwards. We don't want to have these conversations because they're difficult. But if we keep on sweeping these matters under the rug, than when death actually comes and when the family is not prepared, then they're gonna have they're gonna you know it's gonna be very difficult situation afterwards. That's why it is always good to sit down and have this conversation with your family. Have this conversation with your kids. It's a difficult one no

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doubt, but it is absolutely necessary and needed. Ask Allah subhana wa Tada all those who have passed away. May Allah enlightened their graves May Allah subhanho wa Taala give them please in Jannah and we ask Allah Subhana Allah all those who are sick, all those who are in the hospital, all those who are who needs Shiva, O Allah, we ask you to give them Shiva. And finally I do want to just remember I remember that right before it's not the right shot, but their face will say it. He came to me right before he shot he informed me that his uncle has passed away overseas

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In that Ilahi we're in the illegal Rajon, we ask Allah subhana wa Tada given place in Jana May Allah subhana wa Taala inline his grave May Allah subhanho wa Taala give them give the family sobre Jimmy, we ask Allah subhana wa Tala to grant his uncle a place in Georgia for those who are in the companionship of Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa sallam amenable Alameen this akmola hate

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