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Bismillah al Rahman al Rahim Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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wa Salatu was Salam ala Shara filem BIA even more saline Muhammad Rasulullah sallallahu alayhi wa ala alihi wa sahbihi wa sallam, this demon cathedra

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Yara Karim, you're here you're here in St. Louis when I heard you,

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I never thought

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that I would

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be saying these things.

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In a further reminder that I would have

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mentioned this universe a reminder Allah He Allah is with us.

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I never thought that I would see this day

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my dearest friend,

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constant helper,

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the backbone in the work of establishing the masjid of my mother, the

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Islamic center masjid

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and then my mother

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has passed away

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and then was my age

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and so

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I really have no words I like

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so first of all, we make

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the dua to Allah salAllahu Salam

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which is in so you muslim

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and we make the same dua for our dearest friend and our dearest brother.

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And then my whole

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Aloma fellow

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Warhammer who IV vive one who worked in Missoula, who was Sarah Mahara who said Who will he was selling jewel Bharat or not to him in alpha commander up later so love your demeanor Dennis was the killer Hola, Jana. Our eyes who mean other will covery while they've been not.

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Allah forgive him and have mercy on him and give him strength and pardon him and be generous to him and causes entrance to be white. And wash him with water and snow and hail and cleanse him of his transgressions, as white cloth is cleansed of stains

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and take him into Jannah and protect him from the punishment of the grave and from the punishment of the Hellfire, having

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we have the greatest hope with Allah subhanho data.

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We have the greatest

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hope in his generosity in his forgiveness in his mercy.

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We have the greatest hope that Allah subhanaw taala

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will accept our deeds

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and forgive our transgressions and we have the same hope for our dear brother Nan, my hood.

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As I always keep reminding myself

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when somebody passes away

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with the man

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without committing shear

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and working and doing

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the work of the deen of Allah subhanho data and trying to please Allah subhanaw taala in whichever way

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no matter how small and big

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then this person inshallah is entitled

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to forgiveness from Allah subhanaw taala and is entitled

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to the Mercy of Allah subhanaw taala

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and that Hamdulillah

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this is what we must try to do. And this is what

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I know that a nun was a man of Tawheed he was not a man of shook.

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I know that his he tried his best in his life, to please Allah and to do things to please Allah.

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And we ask Allah subhanaw taala to accept

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all the good that he did.

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And to reward him in keeping with his majesty and grace

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and to forgive his sins

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and to forgive anything wrong that he did.

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We are all human.

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We all make mistakes we all do wrong.

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And we all ask for giving us

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and that is why it said khulumani Adam kata own

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Colonia them, every son of father and daughter of Malaysian

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colonial without exception, every child of other Malays, Ramana hawaiiusa. Hatha own, they make mistakes

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they commit since colonial motto

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I gotta own the wavy. And he said The Best of those who made mistakes are those who seek pardon, or those who make our stuff.

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And under law, we know that this is true. This was true for our brothers. And we ask Allah to make it true for all of us, that we always seek the Mercy of Allah and we always seek pardon from Allah subhanaw taala that will always make us so far.

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And Allah subhanaw taala in his infinite mercy

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gave us this Bashara

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give us this good news

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where Allah subhanaw taala said

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call ya Abadi, Allah de la Surah for Allah and fusi him la takana to me Rahmatullah in Allah yo federal the mobile Jamia in the whole world of oral Rahim

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Allah said say my bad my slaves, Allah drew them close to him, My slaves and who are these Allah did not say those who will not commit mistakes. Those who do not commit crimes those who do not commit sins, those who are pure those who are snow, Korea everybody and Allah defined it simply saying cool, yeah, everybody was sufficient. Yeah, by the covers everybody, everybody the good or the bad. The sinners and the and the pious everyone. Allah did not leave it there. Allah subhanaw taala divine and specified and pointed out and named. Alia Abadi.

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Alladhina Astra for Allah unforeseen.

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Who are my slaves?

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Who am I speaking to those who have transgressed against themselves?

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Yeah, yeah.

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How can I ever thank God last one?

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Or give me a friend like

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those who transgressed against themselves, the Tekna to be robber dilla Rahmatullah.

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Do not despair, of the Mercy of Allah.

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Do not despair of the mercy of Allah. Do not let that come into and say,

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Oh, you cannot be forgiven, or at work, so of course, he will. Die Kanika

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Allah says me,

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Joe Vickery, Joe Vickery.

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And specific to people who have graduated since Subhan. Allah I one of them

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and everyone listening to this is one of them without exception.

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And why am I saying that? Because our sorrows are a subset khulumani Adam courtown couldn't know any other

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smart Allah

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la doctrina Toby Rahmatullah Do not despair of the mercy of Allah.

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And my Robin is glory and His Majesty

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never leaves things have done

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this is

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I could spend my whole life thinking about this.

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With this, I would have been ended array type.

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Allah would have said cool Yeah, buddy. Latok Motomura

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Oh, my slaves. Don't despair of My mercy. He didn't do that. He said, Cool. Yeah, buddy. Hola, Dina. So for

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those who transgressed specific to them. Law document.

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Do not despair of the mercy of Allah.

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I couldn't be rendered here. Allah did not do that.

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Unless I did the law, young federal law by Jimmy

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do accept

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Verily Allah forgives all sins,

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all sins.

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The only thing that ALLAH does not forgive if a person dies or that and dies with that and dies declaring that it shall uncover

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it everything is forgiven

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when Allah young fiddled with me in the whole world photo Rahim, the crowning glory of this

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the crowning glory of this in the whole world was a full Orion. Why does it forget to say

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that because we deserve it? Or because this is a sham?

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This is a grace.

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This is what lies Oh is Allah who I will go for or I hate?

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How will you how would you introduce her? Home a photo here?

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That is why when our mother say that Aisha DeCarlo Laura, the Beloved of Rasul Allah is.

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asked him about that

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blessed night the most blessed night of all the rights of the witches lady.

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And she asked him, he said, Yasser Allah Azza wa sallam What must I ask? What do I was I bake if Allah grants be ready to color

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What did he say?

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Hola me Nick awful

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do I have bull af

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510 Allah you are the Forgiver

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you will love to forgive so forgive me Don't forgive me because I think I deserve forgiveness forgive me because you will have to forgive. And let me jay Inslee a math but he's taken by a mafia monster for by today who

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will you slay a basket of Africa pasanda Abra chakra can

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walk home for my year was kept gobble DJ just shut up who's who are up buff kerkia Who's

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loving it

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guys get

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out of this we'll just add the oil we'll call

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it Alaska

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year last year our cup that was

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here last

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year Last

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Jedi Kirby

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school than it used

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to be here today but covered symbolically here

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after the

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robots whatever it

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is do you have to say Cavalier

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or there is a 100 Deliver liquidity or last quarter the publisher

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yeah Rob

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could have been a little bit over coffee like that so yeah

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yeah yeah can you wrap medical history is asleep

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what's on the law and I had a beautifully while early he was happy as

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we wrap

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up that request all of you

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can have the level listen to us as everybody does all over the world. Please make dua for the forgiveness of my dear brother my dearest friend at that level

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and anybody who is it

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with the hara, please be right.

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And wellness word Allah give you the trophy. If you are able to pay for rap or hip shall not do that.

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C'est la vie liquid