Why Muslims Celebrate Childbirth With Aqeeqah

Muhammad Alshareef


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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of sharing joy and experiences in social media. They share a video of their first baby girl and the Islamic ritual, and encourage others to share their happiness through giving to others. The video also includes a deep lesson on shaving their dog for a photo shoot.
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When people feel joy, they share pics and videos of that joy. They get a few likes. Congrats someone comments and that's about it. When my first baby was born girl and Islamic ritual marked my socks off with its amazingness it's called Dark HCA. It's where you slaughter a sheep or to then distribute the meat to the community on behalf of your newborn. Here's the wellness, the whole community elders, men and women and family gathered from my baby girl, like the whole community gathered to honor and welcome her and she didn't even know it. Of course I love my baby girl but to see the whole community come out and show their collective love is something else Masha Allah,

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sharing in the joy long before social media exploited our desire to share everything. Even that ice cream latte we're currently drinking is slam gave us a way to share our happiness. Are you happy? Yeah. This is how you share the joy IRL in real life setup.

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And I love this deep deep lesson. I pika teaches us that when we receive good we should respond our happiness by giving to others. Are you happy right now? Yes. Then give to others to magnify that happiness. Allahu Akbar. This Muhammad to shave my dog for you to see you and your children succeed at the highest level. If this ritual of our pizza amazes you as well type Wow in the comments