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Zohra Sarwari

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Go back to some phone calls inshallah sound like that He further you live on air

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are salaam aleikum, I wanted to ask

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what was the inspiration? The like, right behind the book? And how did you come up with the

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inspiration behind the book was obviously Allah subhanaw taala is I wanted to make a change and show a difference and be able to impact not only Muslims, but non Muslims all over the world of truly what a Muslim woman's role can be. And because we always have everyone calling us and telling us well pressed and we have all these issues with it, and I want to show we're not a humbler, we're not oppressed, we have the abilities we have the guidance of how to like make it happen, you know, so last month, I was my inspiration idea, we think it's fun and I pray my intention is all the time feasable Allah for the sake of Allah, because the reward is not for dunya the reward is for aka

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inshallah the nine steps upon Allah. Yes, your question was the nine steps basically had they come up with more or less I, when I started writing the nine chapters, I was thinking, How can I do it in a way where people are really going to use it? And how can that title be empowering to people?

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So I thought of that many different titles and my brothers helped me along the line family members, and I thought this title was most empowering to everyone to read and to be able to understand and say, okay, there's only nine steps, there's only nine steps. So it doesn't make it seem difficult. It doesn't make it seem extremely hard. It just there's only nine stops. And if I keep following this rule, and I keep doing it a little bit every day, throughout time, these nine steps will help me I think that's the key a little bit every day