Hindu Sadhu Says, Peace to Humanity has been Seeded through Dr for Hindu Muslim Unity

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AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of peace and unity in India, as there is a lot of political and cultural activity occurring. They thank the previous speaker for their work and mention their own research topics. The speaker also talks about their own experiences with writing about Islam and the similar article spoken about in their studies.
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This was name is Yogananda

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this opportunity this all takes to pay the thanks to Almighty Allah for today, peace to humanity has been seeded through Dr. Zakat night

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peace to humanity for the

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Hindu Muslim unity. So, thanks very much for your very great effort he has taken by going through all the way across and other things daily big task he has done. But still more is the annual report of in India is some there is he has touched the matter of Vedanta, there is siddhanta is another one is there that also if we concentrate still more he can give very good evidences and it will be very good for the peace to humanity for the future. Okay, thank you very much thankful

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and thankful to the previous comment,

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my lexical effort, and I'm aware whether there are many things more we can talk. Normally my talk is for one hour to one hour, 15 minutes. Today I requested with as accuracy for one and a half and I spoke for one hour, 40 minutes

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and I'm aware that whatever we do whatever we do research, it's just a drop in the ocean.

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And for more information you can refer to my cassettes on concept of God in major religions, muscle loss individual, the scriptures, and the many books I've written on these topics as well on Hinduism. inshallah, if a person goes through them, they get more knowledge on the similar article Hindus and Islam problems