Islam Has The Upper Hand

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Muslims should not concede or compromise with people when we have the higher ground or we have the upper ground. And there's actually an amazing eye on the Quran. I 139 Surah Emraan Allah subhanaw taala. He says, Well, that's a you know, well attacks no and Tamil alone in quantum what I mean, and the specific context of this area is in the context of warfare, but a lot of words, this idea, generally enough to apply to more than just warfare is that don't, don't be weak. Don't be weak. And don't be sad when you have the upper hand if you are believers, or if you're people who believe, right, so we see this all the time when it comes to interface stuff, right? It's like Islam. We're

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not like other religions out there. Because we're not a quote unquote, just another religion, we are that we have the truth, right, as long as the truth, the Koran, or the actual words of Allah, Spano, dada, it's preserved from how it was sent, we have the we know more about our Prophet Mohammed, Salah Saddam, and anybody knows about their prophets, right? And it's been authenticated and attested, and, you know, all this sort of thing. And then somebody comes in there, their, their tradition has been less preserved, and they've had problems, they've lost the original book, and you know, they've had problems, you know, maybe even, they don't have, for example, Christianity, they

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don't really have legal, very much law to speak of, they don't have guidance when it comes to legal issues, and various things like this. And then from that position, they want to come to us and tell us, Oh, well, we're all the same, or we're all equal, or we're just as valid as you guys. The Muslims can't bite on that. And say, like, you know, we can respect each other, like, we can treat each other like we're going to treat you fairly, and we're going to, you know, honor you because you're a human being, and you're, you know, lucky to have your people who adhere to some sort of Revelation, you believe in God, right? But don't tell me that you're the same as me. And don't tell

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me that Christianity is the same as a snap, and that we just erase all the differences between us. No, no, there's differences. There's differences. And those are there are differences in process. There's differences in substance and to be honest with you, Islam has the upper hand, we're not going to give you that concession and play this sort of thing like oh, yeah, well, there's multiple truths and we're not really sure and you know, like, well, we just throw up our hands and again, we can respect you and we can honor you and give you your due rights while realizing that we have the truth that Islam is the truth. The Koran is the truth as soon as the truth and the other faith

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traditions don't really have a lot to stand on.