Importance Of Reading For Muslims

Zohra Sarwari


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The first chapter of the book is actually

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what is it? The power of reading? There you go. And I, when we were speaking previously, you mentioned that your own daughter read about 500 books, Mashallah, that's a lot of books. I mean, you mentioned from biographies to fictional books as well. So tell me what is the importance of the power of reading? support, I think when you can read, what happens is I think you can take your imagination, your creativity, your knowledge to another deeper level. And you can start to think of things that usually you didn't know. And what has happened so often is that we,

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you know, we let like everything else run us and tell us and all of our energy goes through all these other ways of learning, which is not bad. But I think reading is the deep true level of knowledge, how it can expand and make us and for us to feel something, there's like this feeling that you get, when you read some words, instead of someone just telling you, I can tell you, you know, every experience leads you to greatness, not great. But when you are on that page, and you're at that moment, and you read it yourself, you something wakes up. And that's why I think the power of reading is so vital. And of course, the power my children do. My daughter is five in about two

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years. I mean, who's eight upon in less than two years, she's read 500 books and why was because I really wanted her to open her eyes to books and understandings. And she started with fiction reading. And I think after about 200 books, she said, Mom, these are all fake. Where's the true stories, or stories that really happened? I really want to see those. I want to read those. And that's when you start reading biographies of different authors of you know, American civilization as well as you know, the Muslims backgrounds and she just fell in love with that.

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Does that work and for that? We're going to take a short break inshallah, and we'll be right back. Remember, you guys can give us a call. If you have any questions. We are here. This is a live program. Stay with us. We'll be right back after a short break.