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Kamil Ahmad


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The speaker discusses the current state of many Muslim countries, including India, where many people are afraid and fearing a pandemic or a war. They encourage people to pray for Islam and to not forget about their families and health. The speaker also emphasizes the importance of praying for the healing of one's health and well-being.

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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala Rasulillah ala Alihi, wa Sahbihi Ultramarine and ADAD, Salaam Alaikum Warahmatullahi Wabarakatuh.

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We're coming live to you.

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From Mr. Double Herrera, even though there's no one here.

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It's a very, very sad day for many of our communities.

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In fact, for many of our Muslim countries as well, where entire masajid have basically shut down and they're no longer having Salah to Gemma and Salah to Juma India.

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And so this reminds us of many things. And I just wanted to, over the next few minutes, just share a few a few pieces of advice for all of us on how to cope

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with our current situation, how to deal with it. First of all,

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look at how

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nations and

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powerful people and nations have become humiliated and subjugated by something so small and tiny.

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A virus that cannot even be seen by the naked eye has brought the entire world to a halt. What does that show us? It shows us that no matter how powerful you are,

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no matter who you are,

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you are tiny

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in the grand scheme of things in the sight of Allah subhanahu wa taala and what Allah is doing is that he's showing us that he SubhanaHu Attallah is the only one who's in control of everything.

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And so, look at how entire markets have crashed, the economy has gone down. People are afraid to leave home they're not allowed to leave their home and their countries

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all fearing what

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not fearing a natural disaster or an earthquake or a war even but something small and tiny like this one may Allah Ma Jun Arabica Illa who knows the soldiers of your Lord except Allah.

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In times like this, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam gave us a very very beautiful piece of advice.

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And so he said a laborer to fill horridge Cal Hijra to realize

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that a bad in catastrophic times times a fitna like these

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is like making Hijra to me.

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Meaning in the reward of very bad in times like this, in times like this, the reward of a bad is so great.

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In these times, in these times when everyone is afraid,

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and everyone is watching the news, everyone is following different things that are going on around them. It is in times like this, that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam advise us to be busy in our time, in getting closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala in the IBA of Allah subhanahu wa taharah

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it's not about this epidemic and this pandemic, coming to an end, that will happen. There's no doubt that that will happen.

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Because we believe in Allah subhanho wa Taala bringing relief

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to the world and ending this catastrophe. It's not about ending or when it will end, but rather it's about what will your state be when it comes to an end?

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Has this event gotten you closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala

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or are you the way you were before?

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And so it's in times like this that Allah subhanho wa Taala is testing us.

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It's in times like this that Allah subhanho wa Taala wants us to turn to Him

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and turning to Allah means that we wish

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with him, and that we do different kinds of acts of very bad for him subhanho wa Taala whether it be personal activity badda, Salah, vicar fasting, or whether it be helping others, extending your good and your help to others, all of this comes comes under a bad and so now is a time for a better and getting closer to Allah subhanho wa Taala seeking the forgiveness of Allah turning to Allah in repentance, now is not the time to be busying ourselves with following what's going on in the news, because whatever is happening,

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it's going to continue to happen

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and the stories that we're following, they're not going to ever stop. And so when are you going to get time to turn to Allah subhanho wa Taala in a bad

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one last point that I wanted to mention here, as most of our masajid have shut down.

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And many of us when we heard that, you know my messenger is closing down, it was

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a very, very sorrowful moment for them.

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And that is because

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for such people, they used to pray Salah to Jana regularly and these to come to the masjid regularly.

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And so it's very difficult for such people.

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But remember that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam

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promised the one

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who has to miss

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coming to the masjid and salatu Jamar, he has to miss it because of a sickness or because he traveled.

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The prophet the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam said, there's such a person while he is away, and he's traveling or he's sick, then he gets the reward for the his his reward does not diminish. So be rest assured of the reward of Allah subhanahu Attallah you are not missing salatu Jana in the masjid because of your whims and your desires, like other people who were doing so they were missing Serato Jamara before all of this happened.

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And so that's why for them, they don't feel what you feel a pain. And so rest assured that Allah subhanho wa Taala does not

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allow your war to go to waste. And finally, concerning salatu Jamal, even though

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we are not praying in many of our masajid we have to make sure that we do pray wherever we are, whoever we happen to be with in these days. And so if you're at home, don't abandon salatu. Jana, pray your pray with your family members. Pray have your neighbors come over or whoever else is around, don't neglect this symbol of our deen and so, if you can pre salatu Joomla wherever you are, and many people are also asking about Joomla The same applies to Joomla. Because although the scholars different concerning what number is required, for Salah to Joomla

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the correct opinion in sha Allah is that so how to Joomla is valid with three people and above. So wherever you are, if you happen if you happen to have a group of people

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then pray Salah to Joomla and have somebody to give the hook but there's nothing wrong with that. It doesn't have to be in the masjid. We ask Allah subhanho wa Taala to

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bring relief to this owner and to protect all of us and our family members from every illness and from every disease. And we ask Allah subhanahu wa taala to allow us to witness Ramadan while we are all in a state of Eman and health. And while our masajid are all open in the Hollywood Erica will call the rally was Allah Allahu wa salam ala Nabina Muhammad while early he was certainly he dramatic