Zohra Sarwari – Finding Good Friends

Zohra Sarwari
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses three types of people and their behavior during the pandemic. The first type of person is a person who is around people who give us a social impression, while the second type is people who are around who are not. The third type is people who are around who are not. The speaker emphasizes the importance of letting go of people who are not good for us and the need to be around everyone who is trustworthy and honest.
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Bismillah Alhamdulillah wa salatu salam ala rasulillah. In today's times, it's really tough finding good friends to be with. I read this story, and I really thought about how true is this? So I wanted to share this story with you guys. It's called three types of people. A teacher once showed a boy three type three toys, and he asked the student to find out what is the difference between them. So all three toys look exactly alike. They look identical in the shape, size and material. After keen observation, the student finally observed, there was holes in the toys, the first toy had a hole in it's both ears, the second toy had holes in the ear and the mouth. And that third toy had only one

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hole in one of its ears. So then, with the help of the teacher, the student took a needle, and the student was told, put the needle through the holes. So the student first put the needle in the toy of the whole width of the, the toy with a hole of the ears. So the needle went through one year, and it came out here in the second toy when he put the needle in the one in the ear, and it came out of the mouth. And then the third toy when he put the needle in, it didn't come out.

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So what does this represent? Well, the first tour represented those people that are around us, who give us an impression that they're listening to us. And everything we say that they care for us. But they just pretend to do some, after listening, as the needle came comes out the next year, what tends to happen is, we can't really count on that. They're. So you're we have to be really careful when we're speaking to these types of people where they don't really care. They're just there. And they're nodding. And they're saying but they don't really care. The second two represent the types of people who listen to us and everything that we say, and they give us an impression that they do

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care for us. But as in the toy, the needle comes out from the mouth. These are the people who will use the things that we've set to them the words against us by telling either what we've set to them to others, or bringing it out for their own purposes and confidential issues for their own purposes whenever they feel that it's needed. And the third choice, which was the needle that went in the air, and that did not come out from it. These are the types of people that will keep our trust, we'll be there fast and shallow, we'll be the ones who can count on. So what's the moral of the story that we should always be around the type of people that who are going to be trustworthy and

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honest and good people show up. They're going to not only because there's so many people who listen to what we tell them, but Cipolla, unfortunately, it comes back out of either their mouth or you know, they don't care for one year and the other right. So what is the purpose of aligners themselves, he said a person is likely to follow the religion of his friend. So look who you were. So look at home, you be friends, and this is in the book without interleaving. So at some point, if we want to be with righteous people, that we hang around righteous people, if we want to be with honest people, we hang around honest people, if we want to be a better person than those other types

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of people will look for inshallah.

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And the ones we have, we have to let go if they're not good for us, if they've got too much poison enough, and too much drama in them, and too much, you know, badness in them. Just let them go. So Paula, so jacquela heijden Salam alaykum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

Finding Good Friends can be hard, but it’s not impossible! One good friend is better than 50 people who aren’t up to no good. This is a short talk teaching you what to look for when finding good friends!

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