Achieving Goals

Zohra Sarwari


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You mentioned visions and your dreams and everything. And there's actually a chapter in your book that says, envision your dreams. How important is it to dream? What what comes out of that? Subhanallah? If you don't dream, how do you know what you want? It's vital. I mean, you know, one of my biggest dreams was to help orphans all over the world to help build hospitals, must jets and schools. And then I kept thinking, How can I do it at the salary of a master's degree? You know, I can't, I can't do everything I want because I can barely survive and my salary. I mean, I can help a little here and there. But if you the bigger your dream, and goal is, the bigger your y gets, why

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you can do it, and the bigger you are, now you have this idea, okay, I want this how do I get inshallah so now you start to find ways to help you obtain it. And it's not going to be one way two weeks. I mean, I always say multiple streams of income, not one stream. That's what the majority of us we rely on one stream of income, which is our paycheck, I'd say build your businesses have multiple streams of income where you have five to six incomes coming in. If one dries up, are you worried, you're not sure if the second one dries out and you have now you have enough stability to build more streams, even if they dry out because you still have something supporting you. And not

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only you but you can help do what you want to do because of those income.

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