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moon and Venus

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Assalamu alaikum dear viewers from around the world Welcome to our new and exciting series nation of goodness you guys already know who I'm joined by in the studio he's back I'm back you're back We're back for this exciting new series you've seen him on guidance TV as well you can check him out on YouTube at Islam way 71 as well as Abu one of the law in check him out on his own websites you can catch his latest thoughts and sermons which is www dot that's three dots dot three Ws cream abuse a.com so without any further ado Assalamualaikum welcome sicker into ourselves or you can Salaam ally Malik I'm excited about this episode nation of goodness the series in the first episode you

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laid out the roadmap for all of our episodes. What about this second episode? Can you take some time to tell the viewers in these these difficult times where Muslims are facing all around the globe? Why are the Muslims the nation of goodness because as I said somatic

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as the viewers heard in the intro to this verse is amazing. And you know I like to hear it within min Chow is I wish a famous Egyptian reciter right yes I love to hear for them and show is amazing.

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to hire our own matin ohare Jacqueline Sita moon roofingwhat and

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carry with me

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lol kita de la Cana.

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Minho, moo moo, moo,

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moo moo, coo coo. You are the best.

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Allah saying that, you know there is a difference between a human praising and other human and a lot bracing for of course, because you may praise someone based on the appearance that you see but you know, Allah knows the inside out, of course.

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There is a hadith Salah brasada Saudi feast al Bukhari, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was sitting with a companion of his and a very wealthy, good looking prestigious man passing riding a horse. And he asked him, What do you say about this man?

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This is an oval. If he speaks people who listen to him if He intercedes his intercession will be accepted. And if he goes and ask women for marriage, the guardian of this woman for sure will not say no Rasul Allah, Allah wa sallam did not comment. hour later, a very poor looking Muslim passed by humble walking on his feet. What do you say about this man?

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This is from the pool of the Muslims. If he speaks, nobody's gonna listen to him.

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If He intercedes, nobody even is going to accept his intercession. If he asked women for marriage, The Guardian, I think he will think twice. You know what the prophet sallallahu ala says, had this poor one, how you mean a lot of women had this one in the side of Allah is much better than Earth filled with the other ones.

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Why Allah? So when Allah subhanaw taala says about us that we are the best oma truthout for mankind that means we are the rest of mobile without for mankind. Because when Allah Subhana, Allah briza someone, then it's over. But before I go and expound a little bit more on this verse, Malik, you know, who was addressed with that verse to begin with? Know Who?

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The Companions, this verse was revealed first, and who, who is the first generation who's the first generation from this?

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Again, you know, and I know unofficially before the show, we're talking about the companions and how a lot of people now are going after after them attacking them right and left and the fact that we need to defend them, we need to bring them out. We need to present them to the Oman's once again as role models, Qatada and the breed assessors the students of the companions they say, this verse was revealed in Abdullayev Nemesis Oh, you are the best armor ever. Both Alpha Omega Abdullah hypnotoad Nordic Nigel Naka, Salim Southern Nevada, have you heard this verse was revealed regarding the speech, and Omar said something similar to that. So who a lot breezed first who

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Libraries first was the first generation that can bind us. Look, Malik, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says in a beautiful Hadith, and I quoted the Hadith in the first episode, and I quoted once again Hadees bezieht and Hakeem and Avi and JD, who his grandfather is more aware, if no Hadith and he has a companionship, the Prophet sallallahu hanifa Muslim, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, and tune to a fullness of the aina oma, you're number 70 but you compared with the 69 nations before you are Crum wife, you are most honorable, most dignified in the sight of Allah than the 69 nations before you. All of this is a generic

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Okay, I'm going to give you a logical for those who you know, like logic,

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like logic, okay?

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Before I

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say that Mohammed sallallahu alayhi wa sallam, Allah would send a message. And then he would revive the way the oneness of Allah, people submitting and people going back to doing good things leaving corruption. And then after the messenger of the defaults, what happened? The people go back to the previous way, then Allah does what he sends what before say the Mohammed said would send what another message, resurrect another message. That's why Allah subhanaw taala uses in the Quran, so modaf net, then we resurrected from them, as if they are dead, we are dead, because they are not into heat, right, they are dead because they are not worshiping worshiping idols or watching other

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objects in earth or or in the universe, and they are causing corruption in earth. And then Allah would resurrect, as if they are dead, they here is a rock from them what another messenger who would work, revise things again. And then things stay well for a while. And then what returns down again and then what? reviving our message of schools What?

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The last seal? You know what? Allah subhanho wa Taala knows that in this oma will always be followers of Mohammed, not prophets nor messengers, who will reform

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who will keep things straight in earth.

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You understand the amount of trust that Allah subhanho wa Taala placed in us that he trusted us to do the work of the messengers and the prophets before us. Things would go down. But we come back not as messengers we're not messengers, we're just students of knowledge we take from the existing revelation we take from the Quran and the Sunnah, and revive bring people back. And this is what the prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, if you had a small we have Navy, Sophia and rhodiola han

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Muslim letters Hello Paul, if at all mean Oh Matthew Bahia de nada always agree with my alma will be on the truth, holding the truth, teaching the truth, knowing the truth, preaching the truth is erecting the truth. Louder woman Hala. They will never be affected by those who you know let them down leaving them while I'm an either home and those who have animosity against them. until Allah subhanaw taala brings help to them and they help is Satan Isola his Salah. So shadow The important thing is in this dunya Allah subhana wa Taala entrusted of us with maintaining the truth with keeping the truth. But look at this. And the difference reduction, Malik the Prophet sallallahu

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alayhi wa sallam told us

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first of all one of the scenes of the difference that Allah subhanaw taala will ask the messengers whether they conveyed the message to their people or not.

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And then Allah subhana wa Taala will ask the people that people have this messenger, whether the message of conveyed delivered to you or not, because at the end of the day, Allah Subhana Allah says one couldn't be in a hat and a bottle of soda. I'm not going to hold anyone accountable unless or until I send a message to them. That is the hole here. Now, before rocking Allah who established the evidence against the people I sent you this message of Did you deliver? The messenger will say yes, of course. And Allah subhanho wa Taala will ask the people have has he delivered to you? They will say yes, well, unfortunately they will say no. Oh yeah. Oh yeah. Well, and as Alan and Latina or

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sila la Jimenez l&l masari We shall in the asker in the defense election, we shall ask the people without the messenger delivered or not, or whether you delivered or not. Right now the messenger will say what I delivered and then Allah will ask the people have you ever eaten hungry?

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Allah subhanho wa Taala will ask

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The people have no

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did he deliver?

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No, he did not. Yeah, a lot. He did not. Well aka the new Han Illa Tomi fella with a fee him and for sanity in LA from Siena. We have sent Noah to his people. And he spent amongst them just calling them to Islam 950 years and yet in the day for resurrection, they denied the fact that he was even said.

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Now Allah subhanaw taala will ask you, Holly solemn,

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who can witness for you? Who can bear witness that you have delivered? You know what, no, who will say? Muhammad sallallahu alayhi wa sallam and his home and his followers when? Why and how? Why? Actually in the wording this hadith Sahih al Bukhari beside the wording of a man of Nevada.

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Allah will ask us based on what are you whenever witness is your Allah we added the Quran. We also knew he had a story of Noah Azur over the Quran in surah de Shara in Surah. It's all over the Quran with all this Koran. We believe that this is your speech, Oh Allah, you testified. And directly You're the one who testified that you say no, and no has conveyed just reciting surah. It explains to you all type of styles that no Holly Sallam he called his people openly secretly, and so forth. Now, here is our status. And this is by the way, this particular Hadith in the wording famous net document that we will do this with the rest of the nations all the nations will deny the fact that

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messengers were sent to them to warn them regarding the resurrection. And we as an oma, we will testify will be witness against them in a different direction. And this is the explanation of the verse worker, the leaker john

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Martin was offered masaka Lita qu shuhada

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Siva, coonawarra sudwala yquem shahida and thus we have made you a middle nation, so that you will appear with Miss Agnes you will be a witness against mankind and the day for selection. So this is our status. I really want to say this to our youth. A lot of our youth are backing off from their names or backing off from their identity. They feel like associating yourself with Islam and Muslims is a crime now. merely the fact that this is what Allah you are in the dunya the best oma ever put out for mankind because you will help humanity This is number one. Number two in the Day of Resurrection, you will be witnesses against the nation's not only this Malik, not only this, and the

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Dave resurrection as a matter of fact, the first oma the first nation who will be called for reckoning is us and this is a sign of us being the best nation devestation all of this is an indication why we are the destination. The fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala before he begins rocking efficiently ribbon imagine beautiful Hadid Allah who will ask a no metal omiya whereas the illiterate oma

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wishes let them come first for reckoning sake we have to take a short break. I want you to continue to start in the second segment also speak to the youth and convince them like you said that we are the nation of goodness if you guys want to hear from more from me and crew members as well then stay tuned.

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whispers of Satan

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peer pressure

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leading you to a dead cat.

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But there is a way out

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leaving hearts

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Assalamu alaikum Welcome back. mm crema was a brand new series nation of goodness this is the second episode you guys want to catch every single episode. Say Kareem, we're talking about why the Muslims are the nation of goodness in the first episode. Can you continue those thoughts in really submitted home for all the viewers in the youth all around the world?

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You know, like I said, Bismillah salat wa salam ala rasulillah Chateau La ilaha illAllah

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Muhammad Abdullah so I'm so excited about it because I love by Oh man. You know, I'm so excited that I'm a Muslim. You know, I'm, I'm happy and proud and happy everyday Muslim Allah chose why I let me interrupt you shake but I will tell people a lot took me as a non Muslim in the army and medium Muslim and I'm happy every day.

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Malik if there is something that you place your head in the ground and say Al Hamdulillah for this is for Islam. Alhamdulillah Allah and Islam waka Fabiana and it's an it's a bounty. It's a bounty and the oma commanded to inoculum Deena como, tu RA, ma T or Avi to La comun Islam Medina, I have perfected my volunteer bone You and I have. I am pleased with choosing Islam to be your religion. So it's a bounty that you are a Muslim. And the fact that Allah subhanho wa Taala is telling you in this world, you are the best.

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You are the best oma in the Day of Resurrection you will be bear witness against other nations in favor of the messengers because we believe in all the messengers. You see before the break we said that every nation disbelieving nation will deny the fact that a messenger was sent to them to warn them regarding this day, every nation every nation and guess who will stand in front of Allah subhanaw taala we will witness and now allow and ask us how did you get received the information what am I overcome? How did you learn about this? We read your speech here Allah the Quran, Yara is your speech of course everything in the whole art is through because you spoke it. You spoke it. And

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in the Quran you told us that sorry, delivered. who delivered knew or delivered delivered, Brahim delivered Allahu salatu wa sallam. Add to this Malik Bala here. This scene is out of this world. You know the day for selection is 50,000 years.

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And some of the wording that people will be standing for half a day some of the wording there are others where they say 300 years, but there will be an extended duration of time where people are stranded standing in the place of gathering in miserable condition. Soaking their sweat. The sun is one mile away. The Hellfire is in front of them, anxiety and fee

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and the people who will go to the messengers, one after another. The Hadith mentions five of them polis, starting with no, I'm sorry, starting with Adam, the new then Ibrahim, then Moosa, then Isa, then Mohamed Salah. Well, five of them is strong willed, Adam is out of this list, but they will begin with Adam because Adam is the father of can you intercede for us? intercede for what for Allah subhanho wa Taala to begin judgment to begin recording, for rocking to begin to start our move forward from that condition to another condition, regardless of whether we go through an X ray, or I don't want to go through the Hadith because it has to be explained. But each one of them will say

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no, no, no, no, no. Until Muhammad Allah, Allah will say, Angela

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and he told us, he told us visa a Muslim had it iv hurayrah or Viola Han, the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam says, and our lumen 10 Chakra will be open, and the first one on whom earth will split open. So I arise when I want to share fear in one hour Lucia and I'm the first one who will be granted the privilege of interceding of enter for intercession and I am the first one whose intercession will be accepted. Allah subhanho wa Taala. When the Prophet sallallahu alayhi salam proceeds to his to the throne of Allah and prostrate in front of the throne, Allah will say to him, raise your head and intercede. You will be interceded for here is our messenger, our messenger, here

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is our status. Our Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam told us Malik and I said this before the show that the first oma will be cold to

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rock it is the Muslims. You know what Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam also also in another Hadith, he says, You know what? You're gonna be having

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Half of the people of gender we are half of the people of gentlemen. In Nila Urdu and the cool new shop for a little Jenna I have of the people of gender and another wording of this howdy female standoffish when he says that he will have gender or 120 roles, we're going to be at rose. So we're going to be the majority of the winners of the agenda. In the Day of Resurrection. Our messenger will have a bond just for us, you know, just for us. Yeah. Is it? Isn't that sufficient that our messenger cannot wait until he sees us? So panela the Hadith says I'm a Muslim, have you heard about the law on the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wa sallam one day he went out to the backyard to visit the

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the people who are buried

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and he said to his companions, I cannot wait till I see my beloved Tibet

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Sahaba his companion said to me Rasul Allah, we thought that you are, we are Your Beloved. We are no good. No, those are people who will come after us. me a new Malik, me a new brothers and sisters. The messenger cannot wait till he sees you. But he will see you as a Muslim. The youth. If your name is Mohammed like his name, don't switch it. Don't turn it into move.

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If your name is faulty metal, don't turn it into fool or fall or all these things Lana, keep your Muslim identity. Keep your Muslim name. Be proud of it. It's part of you am proud of it. I love it. I love it brothers and sisters in Islam, and you should love it too. You should be proud of it. Now. Rasul sallallahu alayhi wa sallam was asked on messenger of Allah, those people who will come after us, how will you recognize them? How will you be able to recognize them? How brothers and sisters in Islam? He said

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that traces of the widow, the ablution, which we made, the limbs which we wash, every Salah that we pray, and I say this to the viewers, whenever you make, we'll do what did you have that intention, that you're perfecting that photo, so that the messenger can recognize you. Because these body parts will illuminate will shine actually will be shiny in a way that the Prophet sallallahu alayhi wasallam will will will also we'll be able to recognize you in a different direction and He will give you a drink with his hand from El kouta but be careful keep up with his soon Kiba following him because something very interesting in this hadith Amharic that was also Lola Salam with see Muslims

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having these signs. This marks the photo and the limbs. But yet the angels will drive them away. Get out. They want to come and get a drink. But yet the angels will kick them out. We'll say

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we'll say to them snow, angels, those are my followers, I can tell because they have the traces of Hulu.

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I can tell you don't know what they have done after you they change the religion. They introduced new things into the religion with us. They introduce new concepts into the the change the religion after you they don't deserve to get a drink from your hand. For this is our status in this world. This is our status in the hereafter. This is our status engine. That is who we are we are a nation of goodness. Enough Malik that Allah subhanho wa Taala interested entrusted us to deliver his final message to humanity.

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Allah subhanho wa Taala entrusted us to deliver his message to humanity. Yes. You see, a Muslim has two duties. Duty number one is to become a servant of Allah to worship Allah to learn the deen implemented, but there is a duty number two, which is to convey to deliver value only while I convey after me even if it is a verse, Now within the Muslim Ummah, also that duty of enjoining good and forbidding evil. I want to conclude by saying Malik, yes, we are the best oma in this world for humanity. We are the best oma in the day for selection. We are the best oma in general are the majority of the dwellers of gender. But you know what? It's a conditional best on a conditional

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nation of goodness, we must come up with these three, we must enjoy and God forbid evil, believe in Allah. And this is what our series is about. You see other nations they say that we are the best people who are the chosen people of Allah, because I am this and I am that. No, we are not. We are the chosen people in the sense of the best oma

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A nation of goodness because of conditions. Unlike horrible hombre de la Han says, if you want to have the beginning of the verse, you must fulfill the end of the verse going to hire our own Matt in a hurry Jacqueline, as you're the best ever good for mankind. Why? You enjoy what is good? you forbid what is evil and you believe in Allah. If you do not come up with those three, you are not okay. I think I think you clarified very nicely and meet any Muslim walking in the streets of Denver, San Francisco or Cairo to feel that we are the nation of goodness and to hold his head up and be proud to be Muslim other you mentioned there's some conditions to this nation of goodness

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there's three conditions that you mentioned. I hope that you can get into detail in the in the in the next episodes as to how we can fulfill those conditions. That's our goal. I'm looking forward actually the series will begin this episode inshallah, officially thank you so much for your time. As always say Kareem, it's truly an honor and a pleasure to be with you. So thank you for your time. And you guys at home Don't go anywhere. You heard it from you, man crema boozy, the program the series is starting officially. In the next episode. That's Episode Three, where the shake is going to outline the three conditions for enjoying the good and forbidding the evil that's enjoying the

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good and forbidding evil. You don't want to miss it. So don't forget to watch nation of goodness. So until next time, we leave you in the care of Allah Assalamualaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh

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Min. Min

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