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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim

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We are now in the blessing month of Ramadan, the first 10 days and these 10 days. We should be asking Allah as I mentioned before, for the mercy of Allah subhana wa. And there's two names I want to share with you, your man, your Rahim

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call upon Allah with these names. Yeah, Allah, yada, yada he and you can add your how you are feeling better medica as the Wraith. You're asking Allah for his mercy. Shibuya Allah Yara manyara Rahim, Jelani one a karamja. How you Yakubu. They are motyka as

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you're asking Allah Spano Matata for his mercy you're calling Allah subhanho wa Taala by his name, the Most Merciful, the most compassionate and so on. You're asking Allah that Oh Allah grant me Your mercy.

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The minute it comes that the minute a person

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you know the minute a person takes a step towards Allah, Allah walks to you you run to Allah you walk to Allah, Allah will run to you. This shows you that Allah loves us. You know in the Quran, Allah says fine, tada Boone, where are you going with it? is Allah say this to Allah says this to me, you and all of the Muslims, the Where are you going as an? Why do you think that you're going to get paradise somewhere else? Why do you think that Mercy is somewhere else? Why do you think someone will be merciful towards you when I am the one who created you, I am the one who brought you to existence come to me and I will be merciful towards you come to me and I will forgive you my doors

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are never closed for you lost one of his doors and never closed for a Muslim to such an extent that you know when you feel lonely you feel disconnected with Allah you feel that you're not getting the spirituality you feel as if you're not you know, you're not getting the shoe and Salah you're not getting the you know the you know, that can have that spiritual boost.

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Don't blame that, you know, you're not feeling it from a spiritual sense.

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You should realize that you are doing something that you are turning away from Allah.

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Turn back to Allah and Allah is there.

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Allah is always there that Allah that does not sleep, that Allah does not wake up that Allah is there. 24 hours Imagine you're in government. Hell, I'm in Danny. He's in pollokshields. He is in Paris, Spain. He is in America. He is in Pakistan is another guy. He's in India. And we all wake up at three o'clock. Everybody's got different times, right? And Spain is going to be a different time. Pakistan is going to be a different time. Everyone's gonna be different time. But we are we are blessed to say at one time and we say raise your hand say yeah, Allah yada, yada. yada Jelani Holy Quran, yeah, how you yaka Yun barrack mitica, as the read, Allah will answer to you and I

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straightaway Allah will and answer to all of us once.

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Because a lot is every

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Allah can hear all Allah can see all Allah knows what's happening in privacy and secrecy. Allah knows everything. And Allah having such power.

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That look at you, you were nothing. We were nothing we came. And the whims of our mother. complete darkness. Yeah, it was dark, wasn't it? Can you remember? When you were in your mother's womb?

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Did you know how to eat?

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Did you know how to breathe? How to keep alive? You didn't know anything, did you? But it was you. It was us me it was you, you you it was all of us. But we were in our mother's womb in the darkness, who fed us

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a laugh at us through the umbilical cord

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who kept us alive in the darkness. Allah kept us alive in the darkness.

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Who made sure that your face became as it is today? Who made sure that your hands formed your hands form. You didn't know anything for nine months. And then when you seen light, that was the day that your journey has became begun in this dunya and now you're going towards the affair.

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You know Who taught you how to speak? Who taught you how to walk? Who taught you how to eat? Your mother didn't? Right.

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And your mother is that person that all of you know. Right? All of you know that if you go to your mother

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And if you can't get something from your father, you say I'm Meiji, please, can I go? Oh, please. And you will say once, twice, thrice and you seem like, you know what, go but don't tell you that. Sometimes it happens, right? Your dad may do. Okay, you can go about a Ouija board again trouble to get me right. Because they have mercy upon you. They feel sorry for you, they love you so much. Now Allah is the one who looked after you when you were in complete darkness. Allah looked after your mother when she was in that state of pregnancy. Allah is saying that I love you more than your parents love you.

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Do you think that Allah wants to put you in Jannah Allah is saying to you, that I love you come towards my mercy and I will grant you mercy. Meaning that in these 10 days, call upon Allah and say, Allah, I am here. I'm sitting here, thinking of you, I'm speaking to you. And all I seek is your mercy and your forgiveness. And this to be saved from the punishment of the Fire of jahannam and the grave and the pulsera and so on and karma and everything.

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May Allah subhanaw taala give us a correct understanding. May Allah Subhana Allah bestow His mercy upon us. I mean, you're a billion I mean, Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuh