Hatem al-Haj – Control Your EGO

Hatem al-Haj
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mcrt Hill Ebrahim is Jeremy Corbyn said he,

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you know all of this, we're not really all of our troubles will not be fixed unless we have a sound heart. And unless we talk more about, you know, hearts and the purification of hearts

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How are all of our legal talk and

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it is will be

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drowned by our self centeredness, bye by our egotism

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the ego when

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vain your heart invades your mind

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and that's

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NFC can can basically grow

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to cover your heart first

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and then it grows even larger to cover your mind. The art is very easy. If you don't take care of it to be veiled covered overtaking suppressed by the enough's the ego.

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The ego is your sense of self.

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Which you find in the dictionary that ego does not necessarily mean the arrogance or the arrogant knifes it just means the enough's right. So in this case, a Muslim is not necessarily required,

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is not necessarily required to starve his ego.

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But he is required to put it on a strict diet.

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not starving because of the sense of the self does not need to be completely crushed. The Prophet sallallahu Sallam said in

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the miracle herbal genetic Hebrew bottle hop to Hampton ness, when a man came to the Prophet sallallahu Sallam and said to him, Roger, Hey, buddy, I couldn't

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ha Santa.

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Every man likes his garment and his shoes to look good. And the prophet SAW Selim said the Himalaya is beautiful and he loves beauty. And Gabe, Harrigan here, is both are happy who jumped on us. And what are the top 200 analysis to be biased against the truth

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or to reject the truth, and to despise people

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and not not take their advice or nothing the truth coming from them because you despise them because you've been lifted, because you think that you're better than them.

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So the ego in the sense of the sense of self does not need to be completely crushed, like if we want to look good, that is part of your ego, that is a part of your sense of self. Otherwise, you would not necessarily want to look good.

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But once it grows, to start to cover your heart, and your intellect, that is when it needs to be put on a strict diet, so that we can shrink back to its limits. The limits of working to acquire Aaron money,

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accumulate some wealth, permissible, look good, live comfortably. All of this is

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within the limits. And certainly, people may want to be safer and safer, and shrink it more and more, but you don't need to crush it where it doesn't exist. The sense of self, you don't need to do this, you're not required to do this, you should not do that.

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The Sahaba did not do that. This is a form of basically mystic idealism. That is that has not been the way of the Sahaba. So to maintain some sense of self that will make you go out and work and try to earn money in and sort of live comfortably to some extent and look good. All is fine. Once it grows beyond this, and starts to cover your intellect and your heart. So now you're being biased. You have aversion to the truth because of your ego. You don't have a prompt acceptance of

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truth because of your ego, someone comes and talks to you and you

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feel like

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about anything

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that causes us some level of discomfort, and you're rejected, that is your ego, your ego, you know, that your ego had grown beyond the acceptable limits. And now what you need to do is put it on a strict diet, Don't Starve it, don't crush it, just put it on a strict by shrink it back to where it belongs, you know, this, within the bounds within the limits, so that you still have a drive.

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But at the same time, a drive for for life, for the enjoyment of life, which is something that Muslims are not really forbidden from, to have this drive for the enjoyment of life, to live a good life, and enjoy the blessings of Allah in this life one, Arabic of Hadith. So Muslims are not forbidden from this.

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The ego

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most of us, you know,

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this is not just most of us.

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I don't know who escapes from this. But nowadays, you know, we're just made of ego,

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there is very little part there is very little intellect.

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The intellect works only if it is working

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along with the ego, not against

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the heart is working on the when it is going along with the ego, not against the heart and the intellect. Rarely, you know, randomly every once in a while someone's heart will sort of bloom or intellect and finds their ego and stops their ego.

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So for most of us that we're with, you know,

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we have obese egos

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that really need to be put on a very hard, sort of, like Atkins diet.

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And all of this, all of the legal discussion will be pointless if people have not basically rectified the arts and purify their hearts, because at the end of the day, you know,

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the Paladin said he came to his door with a heart that is sound.

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If he does not come to his Lord of the heart is sound No matter how much he knows, no matter how wise he is. It just not is. It's not gonna make any difference. It's not a saver.

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So it's time to start the walk. He said in the variable nelarabine. Dean, I'm going to my Lord, He will surely guide me.

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So, start to start that journey.

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I'm going to my Lord. He did not mean to my worldview with my feet.

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With my heart. I'm going to my Lord. So the journey is a journey of the spirit the journey of the heart.

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