Become A Man In Your Marriage Brothers! Short Reminder

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Salam aleikum wa rahmatullah live recap the biggest child in a marriage between a husband and a wife and today's society unfortunately is the man rather than woman we get told before we get married every man gets taught by anyone that's religious. By getting married you completely half your deen my brother and they don't give no explanation after what he's just said to him. So now what happens is the brother thinks you know I'm gonna get married half my Dean's complete because you know I'm not going to do haram anymore, or saved myself from haram as in having relationships with other women. But that's not the only reason why you're in mind is complete through manage. That's one of

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the reasons the actual reason is a women's created to test the patience of a man to the next level. She will cry for reasons you don't know. She will get angry for reasons you will never be able to figure it out. She will say things to you that will make you furious. She will she will confuse by you are the one that's in the test. You have to be patient with her. What I find in today's society Subhanallah Mendes still baby doll babies. The woman cries odor. Why are you crying? You know, I'm getting confused. I can't take this anymore. Celia go home. But what happens is she gets angry too quickly. Rather than being patient, showing her love and affection to lock the lock the lock as if

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it's a child's play as we became children. Number one, if you're a mommy's boy, don't get married. Right? Don't get married because even at work, because you're still a mama's boy. Number two, if you are in between your family and your wife, you need to realize that your wife is your priority. You need to do things now to keep her happy because she's going to be looking after your lineage. The children that are going to come from her, you're going to be the father, she's going to be the mother, she's going to be looking after them. So we forget to be patient with our wives in particular, we just rush to rational decisions. And we speak about our lives to everybody. Like

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everybody, like for example, there'll be a man who will discuss everything about him and his wife with his family. This is wrong. You want a successful marriage. Do not discuss your matters with anybody within the family, look for someone external, an email someone that's going to become a person in the middle, someone that's going to give you a genuine look at yourself from shaytan breaking you up and men really need to become men. And they really need to realize that being married means to have patience. And to put up what you've been what you decided to get money to, not to let it go if you don't like it after a week.