Naming of Quranic Chapters #09 Chapter of al Anfaal

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Bismillah R Rahman Rahim al hamdu Lillah wa Salatu was Salam ala rasulillah. While he was,

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in this short video is going to talk about why did the loss of Han Thailand named Saul atella. In fact, the way he did Surah amfar.

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For those of you who have read it, and indeed for those who haven't, is about the Battle of better, essentially, Solitaire and fire is

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mainly about the Battle of bed, in which our last panatela talks about the incidences before and after enduring. And also giving a summary overall of what happened there. But also loss pantile refers to some things which are not directly from the battle, but they are accompany the whole topic. Now the word m fan actually is what comes from the word nefyn, which means extra. And in this context is used to mean the extra things that are going to be gotten from the battle. So when you're in battle, usually what happens, two armies meet, they clash. The losing army is obviously defeated, they can either retreat and run away. And whatever they leave behind in the battle is usually very

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precious stuff. So swords, shields, maybe even horses, maybe there's you know, they carry with them, money, food, whatever it is with them, that is considered a spoils of war. And that's what's known as M fan. And so that is all collected.

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And then it is distributed according to

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certain proportions. Now Allah subhanho wa Taala starts this surah in like, I mean, the Quran is a beautiful way so Allah, Allah sets the scene, if you like, is a summary is an on a candle amfa. So it's almost like the battle has happened. It's ended, the whole scenario has finished. And now the starting point is that they're asking you now about the spoils of war. So the the, the it's like a colossal, everything's happened, the victory is occurred. And now you're asking about the spoils of war. And then the the soldier talks about the different aspects of this, of this specific incident and so on. Now, when you read this, what are you also seen

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that this surah is full of Allah Subhana Allah reminding the believers, even though they were the people who are fighting the battle, remember that the Muslims and the Muslims in battle were 313 people or 314, there were very few in number compared to the 1000 man army in British and all along the battle all along the incidence prior to it and during the battle. It wasn't them who are actually fighting. It was a loss of Hannah Tata who gave them the victory. And Allah makes that makes that clear throughout the surah. That if you think about all the things that are left here are lost Hunter is the one who sent down the rain on you, so that he would give you that steadfast and

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He will give you that purity. Lupo Hara can be with the Banco de shavon and to give yourself as he sat down the angels to fight with you and in fact the angels were fighting with you and they were, you know, they were attacking the Cabal and they were killing them and they were hitting them. And Allah subhanho reminds the believers that it was he who helped them it was he who support them, even his prophet sallallahu Sallam it was he, Allah who helped the Prophet when the Quraysh were trying to kill him. They were trying to imprison him, they were trying to exile him they were trying to do all these different functions. Allah is the one who protected the prophet and he is the one who

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saved him. And you are literally number you are nothing you are small number and you were defeated. But Allah subhanho wa Taala was the one who gave you the support and gave you the help and the victory. So if when you look at the whole story, it's talking about the near more loss of Hannah Montana. So in fact, it wasn't you who fought him better. It was a loss of habitat. So when you ask who To Whom belongs there and file a law says, Call and family law. They belong to Allah and His messenger. Because in in reality, you didn't do anything. It's all for Allah. And that's why even it's more prominent in one verses of Allah says, fell on top to whom we're lacking Allah katella

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home. It wasn't you who killed them, but it was Allah Who killed them. One hour Amita romito like Nova la rama and when you threw on Mohammed Salah lice and because the Prophet threw some sand in there in the reading one hour it wasn't you who through when you through, but it was allaahu through. So in fact everything was done by a loss pantalla so why did you come now asking about the spoils of war

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If like you're wanting to get and material because in fact everything is from Allah, Allah will return to Allah. So you should be happy with what Allah has given you of Nam and as well so this surah so was engaging the whole context of the human life. In fact, because wherever you have is an AMA follower you have is a blessing one that goes back to what we spoke about before the tarawih which is that we have to be grateful to Allah and even our gratitude to Allah is a NEMA from Allah as well.