Moutasem al-Hameedy – Short Talk Aug 1st 2011

Moutasem al-Hameedy
AI: Summary © The speaker discusses the importance of fasting during the night to improve behavior and achieve better results in Islam. They emphasize the need to avoid distracting oneself and to focus on one's actions. The speaker also mentions the success of praying during the night to increase one's chances of achieving the ultimate outcome.
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was Al hamdu Lillahi Rabbil Alameen

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Allah has granted us. This is the second night of Ramadan. And that's another gift from Allah subhanaw taala.

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The more time that we have in acts of worship, the more time we have in seasons like Ramadan, that's another blessing from Allah subhanaw taala. The time of the Prophet SAW Allah when he was setting up. There were two brothers from an unsolved they became Muslim. They embraced Islam.

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One year, one of them died

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and he died in the battlefield as a Shaheed as a martyr.

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His brother lived one year more than his brother,

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and then died.

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The Prophet SAW Salem indicated to the companions that the second one who died who did not die in the battlefield, died one year later.

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He's in a higher rank in Paradise, and in his first blur.

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The Companions exclaimed,

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that died in the battlefield, and this man died a natural death. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, Did not he live one year extra more than him?

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How much did he pray, how much did he fast and that prayer, all of this is written in his only scale. So that actually granted him a rank higher than his brother. So every night Allah grants us in Ramadan, every day in Ramadan, Allah grants us, that's a wonderful opportunity, it could actually transform you, and it could take you to a higher level in paradise. So don't underestimate the value of one night. Something I would like to point out, because I know that's a common issue in massage, especially in Ramadan.

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People are busy, people have work to go to people have certain commitments, family commitments, and so on and so forth. And especially in some of the night, the days long and the night is short, and people need to go back to their homes to get enough risk quickly. Now, as I said, this is the only month of the year where Allah Subhan Allah gives us this wonderful opportunity. And it's impossible to find a prayer colorwave Prayer that is tailored for each individual's need needs impossible.

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You might want to go early back home, there are people who really wish that the prayer could last for two or three hours. We have to respect each other's

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wishes and even I say aspirations and doing more acts of worship. So when I say Inshallah, all the brothers here, we've met a few times, and we've discussed the issue and we always try to make sure that we provide a balanced prayer, throwaway prayer that is almost in the middle. On, obviously, you're not going to get what you want, if you get 50% of what you want. I'm telling you fortunate, and we are very much alive, I say we are very skillful at choosing the time, although the length of the prayer. So please put up with us and put up with your fellow brothers and sisters. The Prophet sallallahu sallam said, in blue because we hold off the damage at the same time imagine with good

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character, the way we treat our brothers and sisters and the way we treat people in general. If a person has good character, he reaches the stage, the high rank of a person

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who fast all day and he prays all night only with good conduct with good manners, with being easy to be easygoing with your brothers. So listen, sha Allah keep it especially Ramadan when the Prophet salallahu Salam says, when it's the day of one of you is fasting, and someone argues with them, someone quarrels with them.

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Your response would be tell them in nice if someone even wants to fight with you. In Nissan, I am faster or a faster today.

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And it's not befitting of a fasting person to get involved in arguments. So no matter what happens, even if you feel you don't feel comfortable, if it's a bit hot here, a bit warm here. You don't feel comfortable. If sometimes you need to leave, why not leave early?

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Why do we have to get everyone to pray only when we pray.

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The tone with prayer this is voluntary. I'd say the night you need to go early. Pray as much as you can, and surely you can still go and if you if you have the intention, or if you had the intention to pray the whole prayer, then surely you get the reward of that intention. So let's keep an inshallah easy. And let's get the most benefit out of these nights. So don't distract yourself. In all of these issues that are besides the point, your focus, your focus should be getting more Hassanal getting more deeds and not causing any Muslim anyone any harm.

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insha Allah by means that we get we bought from Allah subhanho wa taala. And

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just one thing I wanted to share with you, the Prophet SAW Selim said la Hulu femicide in me applicable and Allah He made a mistake. When you fast there's a smell that comes out from your mouth actually comes from, from inside it doesn't come from the mouth itself.

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So even if you brush your teeth will still come back.

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This smell

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is dear it is more pleasant Allah subhanaw taala than the smell of the best perfume on Earth

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is more pleasant in the sight of Allah than the sweetest smell on Earth.

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Where did it get this privilege privilege, the same smell could come from a fasting person and a hungry person who is not fasting. Things are weighed in Islam by means of the outcome, the ultimate outcome, someone is hungry, this smell comes out of his mouth.

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It's disgusting, despicable.

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That's common sense. But when the same smell comes from the mouth of the person who is fasting, because of the nobility of fasting and the high station of fasting in the sight of Allah subhanaw taala

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this bell in the sight of Allah becomes more pleasant than the sweetest smell of perfume on Earth.

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So imagine how much or whatever you do for the sake of Allah and whatever you do, to perfect this act of fasting, even if it's small, it will be so huge insha Allah put in store for you with Allah subhanaw taala if a bad smell, occupies this high position so what about the good things that are the little things little good things that we do? That's how fasting is due to Allah subhanaw taala so these are just reminders to show us remind ourselves and dessert for your patience and for your support as well.

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