Choose carefully who you surround yourself with

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You should pick out your closest companion to be the exact image you want to be.

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Does that make sense? Because the prophets I send them said that you will be like your closest companion, you'll be the same same dean. And Dean doesn't just mean religion by the way, Dean just means a way, the way that they are. And that's why you find that when people are like, BFFs they're really, really close. They actually start to even have the same mannerisms. They pick up they pick up the same gestures, they make the same faces, you know, I'm saying they they laugh at the same stuff. Do we start to actually morph into the people that were close to yes or no? Yeah, you do. You do. You just start to become almost like the same person. This is what the prophesy sell him. He

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understood psychology before there was something called psychology. Right? And he's telling us you will be on the way of your closest friend. So what does that translate to? It means that I should pick my closest friend to be someone that I want to become